Air conditioning or split system. what is better? Comparative Overview

If a person is thinking about how to improve climatic conditions in his housing, office, then the dilemma will fall about what is better. air conditioning or split system. So happens because each of the specified types of equipment has both advantages, as well as disadvantages. that is, there is no ideal version.

In the article proposed, the design features and the principle of operation of climatic equipment are described in detail. To facilitate the process of assessing the positive and negative sides, we led the characteristics in comparison. Our recommendations will help make the right choice.

Optimal air exchange in the apartment

According to statistical data, a person conducts in closed premises at work or at home from 16 hours a day, so the issue of ventilation and air updates is so important.

To prevent a healthy and comfortable microclimate in the house, several steps should be performed:

The correct functioning of exhaust channels can be checked by an elementary manner using a paper strip, with normal operation, the air flow attracts it to the ventilation grid.»Pulling” effect Signals about the presence of a reverse thrust.

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Experiment with a sheet of paper, should be done twice: with an open and closed window. In such an easy way, you can find out the cause of bad thrust a weak air flow to the room or the problems with the ventilation channel.

To eliminate the problem, it is advisable to insert a fan with a check valve. The next step is the installation of the supply valves in metal-plastic windows. In the case of wooden frames of the outdated type, the air inflow question is solved spontaneously, without valve.

And finally, the final step. For full comfort, t.E. obtaining coolness in the heat and heat in the frost, climate machinery is established (after having resolved the choice of the model and location of the air conditioner, The efficiency of work depends on the competent placement).

The importance of the compressor

Solving what air conditioning to choose should not forget about important technical details. a view of the compressor installed on the equipment. In modern air conditioners install inverter or non-digverter compressors.

For the first type, the control unit on the equipment converts an alternating current coming from the network permanent. Then there is a reverse process, but the current is issued with the optimal operating frequency.

Such an approach allows smooth adjustment of the temperature in the room because it takes control of the speed of rotation of the engine. However, for an ordinary consumer, an inverter compressor is attractive for two more important reasons. reliability and efficiency. Air conditioners with such compressors serve noticeably longer, and energy consumed saving can reach 40% compared with unconverter analogues.

The ease of operation of the air conditioner, its functionality and, most importantly, reliability depends on the choice of the supplier. To easier to decide, let’s make a list of the best manufacturers.

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Place # 1. Daikin sophisticated air conditioners

The company has been successfully operating on the market for more than four decades. During this time, Daikin has proven itself as a supplier of multifunctional and high-quality household appliances. Her staff pay special attention to manufacturing technology, as well as device maintenance after sale.

Daikin plants are located in Japan, Belgium and Thailand. Such a production base allows you to produce more than 2.5 million air conditioners every year

The manufacturer presented above has recently been the market leader, offering customers a good range of Daikin Split Systems. All brand products are distinguished by a worthy quality.

Therefore, making an order, you can count on the environmental friendliness of the device, its high quality and durability. But consider that such a set of advantages will be expensive.

Place # 2. Mitsubishi semi-industrial technique

In second place among companies producing household and semi-industrial climate techniques, Mitsubishi is located. Most of the devices of this brand belong to the elite class, but also in the assortment presented relatively inexpensive models. With the ranking of the best brand air conditioners.

If you decide to stay on this brand, then pay attention to the inverter units. As a rule, they are equipped with several automatic modes of operation, as well as the function of ionizing air purification.

Place # 3. Perfect midpoint Toshiba

For those who want to save, Toshiba manufactures middle class air conditioners. The company has been operating on the market for more than 120 years and it is its engineers who created the first split system for New York typography.

Distinctive features of the devices of this brand consist in an adequate price, high reliability, as well as a huge set of functions. At the same time, most of the models are equipped with an inverter compressor, which saves on electricity.

Place # 4. Innovative Fujitsu Split Systems

Fourth ranking ranked Japanese firm Fujitsu. Its assortment is full of semi-industrial and household air conditioners.

It is this company that the first introduces innovative developments, asking the trend in the climate technology market.

Fuudyzu technique refers to the discharge of dear. It is explained by the fact that air conditioners are equipped with a huge number of different sensors. Such an engineering solution helps protect the device from frost, voltage drops in the power grid and an overpriced current value

Place # 5. Reliable Technique Panasonic

Last place Top occupies another Japanese brand. Panasonic produces industrial split systems, as well as household level models. With each new device, it can be seen how the firm improves the quality of materials, increases manufacturability and increases the number of functions.

The market presents the Panasonic models of all price categories. But if you can afford to spend a little more, pay attention to split systems equipped with air iones and ionizers, as well as the catechino filtration system.

Common types of air conditioning systems

For a big house or cottage, not all conditioners are suitable. For example, monoblock or mobile installations are ineffective, and they will not be able to create a good indoor microclimate. There are only a few popular air conditioning systems that are suitable for private houses, and we will talk about them below.

The central air conditioning system is the best option for a country house. The Central Committee is a channel air conditioning, chiller-funkyla or multizonal VRF systems. This is a multifunctional system that is mainly installed in the houses of a large area. The Central Committee allows you to heat and cool the air, cleans it from harmful impurities, as well as moisturize or dry the air. After that, the processed air of the required temperature is evenly distributed in all rooms using air duct systems.

The main advantages of central air conditioning systems are:

Durability and reliability of equipment;

High performance and energy efficiency;

The possibility of using a multizone system. in the house you can create different climatic zones, each of which is controlled from a separate console;

Suitable for houses and cottages of any area and with any number of floors.

The main disadvantages of the Central Committee are the high cost of equipment, its installation and subsequent maintenance.

General recommendations for choosing

The power of the future air conditioner did you consider, it remains to choose the type of unit. Our advice: immediately start from selecting a separate split system. This is the best solution for any housing. apartments or a private house.

In what cases should be considered monoblocks:

  • If you live in an apartment building located on one of the central prospectuses of the city. Local authorities probably prohibit taking the facades of such buildings with airborne blocks.
  • With frequent move from one removable apartment to another. Dismantling / Installing Split in a new place will fly to a penny.
  • When you want to save, and the desire coincided with the time of the order of metal-plastic windows. At the factory will make a beautiful opening under the cooler body. Wooden frame upgrade yourself.
  • We need air conditioning for the country, where the owners live in summer. For the winter, the device will be held.
  • The budget does not allow to purchase 2-3 split systems into a country house, but you are ready to make plastic inserts under the air duct into three windows. Then without hesitation take the mobile version.

Tip Second: When choosing “Split”, immediately compress the models are cheaper than 300 US dollars. The products located below the specified threshold will also cool the air, but are able to present surprises:

  • increased electricity consumption;
  • the inconsistency of the real power declared parameters, in the heat of the cooler does not cope;
  • Beautiful white plastic corps quickly yellow;
  • Street module taut strongly, annoying you and neighbors;
  • Unexpected breakdowns after 3-5 years of operation, slow loss of freon.

Which split system to choose from a variety of options will tell the master on

If the power is chosen incorrectly

The consequences of an incorrectly selected climate system are unpleasant conditions in the room. The result is predictable. it will be either too cold in the room, or too hot. But there are other underwater stones of an incorrectly selected conditioner.

Excess power

Despite the Council when calculating the capacity to the biggest side, the stick in this question is not worth. Powerful air conditioner will quickly create the necessary conditions in the room, which means that it is not cold, it will have to turn it off. Frequent launches and stops of the instrument badly affect its performance. This means that with the next inclusion, the air conditioner may fail.

Second Unpleasant Party. Financial. The more powerful Split system, the more it costs and spends more electricity. As a result, it turns out an expensive device that will produce its resource ahead of time, which will again lead to excess costs.

Important! Powerful air conditioning will not help if the window constantly opened windows. In this case, it will cool (or heated) the street, and there will be no necessary conditions in the room. To combine venting and air conditioning, you need to do it at different times.

The third unpleasant effect. the more powerful the device, the more intense the moisture from the air is condensed. This means that in the room there will be a soul, dry, but at the same time cold air, in which bacteria easily spread.

Briefly about the main thing

Split system is a type of air conditioner separated into two blocks. internal and outdoor. This is done to improve the comfort of use, because the most noisy part of the device is located on the street.

Split system allows you to create homes comfortable climatic conditions. If necessary, you can cool the air or heated the room.

A convenient control system makes it possible to establish the appropriate mode of operation for a specific period of time.

If necessary, you can use air circulation mode. In this case, the air in the room will be distributed evenly, creating a feeling of comfort. Split system also allows you to lower air humidity.