Boilers for baths do it yourself. step-by-step insight

The quality of the wage depends on the set of factors, including how correctly heating equipment is chosen. You can build a boiler for a bath with your own hands or buy ready-made, cooked from Chinese thin metal, with a minimum safety margin and a lot of shortcoming. The first option looks more attractive, especially since it is possible to realize the most interesting ideas noticed in industrial samples.

First of all, you will need to find or plan the most optimal option of the boiler-heating installation. To assemble a bath boiler with your own hands is easy, only the minimum set of plumbing tools, welding machine and cutter, sheet metal and steel pipes. difficult to the problem will be the selection of the drawings on the boiler in the bath. At this stage of work, there are always difficulties with characteristics and a boiler installation device.

The heating furnaces of two types can be used as a sample of a bathing boiler for a bath:

    A low-power boiler-bourgeitake on a 4-5 kW of heat, designed for heating a small steam room with an area of ​​4-5 m2 and producing 40 liters of boiling water;

Note! Cotelers of intermediate power, from 5 to 12 kW, for any bath, including for the cottage or country site, can be obtained by simple scaling, increasing or decreasing the model you like. The following two schemes of boiler-furnace installations differ from each other by the device, layout of the case, organization of the process of burning and water heating for the needs of the bath. Therefore, before making a boiler for a bath with your own hands, it will be right to thoroughly understand all the details, determine how much the selected option is suitable for the concrete planning steam.

How to improve metal stove characteristics

We are confident that these knowledge will help you minimize the negative consequences of too strong heating of the metal furnace. This can be done in two ways: special preparation of metal and features of the furnace.

Pre-preparation of metal

After all the individual furnace elements are cut out, the most heating parts are pre-release. The strongest is the sink and tops and the door of the furnace. Heat them in any way to red and slowly cool. After vacation, the sheets can break a little, it is not scary, push them with a hammer to the initial state. Check out the sizes once again if they have changed at a noticeable limits, cut to the desired parameters. This simple way will exclude the stove warker during its operation.

An example of a installed metal door

Features of the design of the metal furnace

Most metal furnaces issue a maximum amount of heat for the minimum time, the firewood is very quickly burning, the surface is heated to high temperatures. It is impossible to maintain a normal and stable temperature in the steam room. it is necessary to put firewood often. In the room it is too hot, then cold. Why is this happening? Such furnaces in most cases have grate grilles. Their presence is justified in stone furnaces, we have already mentioned that these ovens need to quickly heat. Strong flame burning is ensured by a large amount of air falling through the grate of the flame.

Metal oven with a grate grid

stainless, steel, their, hands

Copyrights are made from metal rods, sheet metal with numerous drilled holes or cast iron, differ in the sizes of the holes and T. D.

Firewood lie on the lattice, the air intake is not regulated by anything, on the contrary, all measures are taken to increase the thrust, which automatically speeds up the combustion process. The top of the oven is most heated, a little less sidewall, and the bottom and the frontal part are heated slightly.

Steel Prices

Such a combustion regime is extremely negatively affecting both the duration of the operation of the stove and the comfort of stay in the steam room. There is a fire to periodically fill with water, if there is little water. the flame quickly flashes, if a lot. the burning may stop at all. In short, a bath day instead of pleasure brings a headache.

What we offer? The solution is very simple. do not make grate with a confusion, let the firewood lie at the bottom of the stove, and not on the grate. The door of the furnace maximize the seal as possible, you can use asbestos cord around the perimeter or mineral wool.

In the door of the furnace, do the holes with an ordinary movable flap to regulate the amount of air supplied. One cupmark of firewood in such a furnace will burn more than an hour, it is possible to adjust the heat heating temperature. In addition, it will warm up the entire area of ​​the stove. Works on the manufacture of the furnace due to the absence of graft and the ash bar simplified, and the efficiency and convenience of use increased.

Example of a furnace door with adjustable damper

As you can see, all knowledge came in handy, they can be used not only during the manufacture of stoves for the bath. With theory, we figured out, it’s time to go to practice.

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Types of wood stoves for a bath

Bath stoves are separated by manufacturing material. Most often stove for baths make bricks. Sometimes. from boob stone. For them you need to take exclusively granite, especially for the Kamenkov of the Russian baths, where water is possible on a hot furnace. Other stones are scattered from thermal influences. Also use metal.

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Metal bath oven do it yourself

The types of furnace equipment are abounding: someone prefers a brick chamber folded by a professional master, and someone soul designed by his own hands a metal furnace.

The latter option is economical, as it can be made of girlfriend with their own hands.

Advantages of the aggregate

You can highlight the following main positive points. which are endowed with a metal furnace for a bath:

  • Compactness, small parameters make it possible to install such a design even in a small room.
  • No need to build a special massive foundation. For such a stove, a lightweight form of foundation will fit. And this greatly simplifies the installation of the furnace equipment.
  • In a metal bath, you can maintain a permanent combustion process, which allows you to keep the temperature on a given value over the entire bath procedure.
  • Economical option of furnace equipment, the possibility of execution of the construction of existing materials.

Disadvantages of a metal bath furnace

Despite the presence of positive sides, the metal furnace for the bath has its own minuses:

  • very quickly cools, because there is no accumulation of thermal energy. In order to keep a high temperature in the bath, you need to maintain a permanent combustion process.
  • Low ability to heat a large room;
  • The need to ensure special protection from the fire situation, since the fire safety of the metal construction is low. It is recommended to install an additional enclosure.

Selection of metal bath furnace

Many will seem such a parameter as a form of construction, insignificant. In fact, the configuration affects the performance of the equipment, convenience when using it during operation. The oven aggregate happens:

The latter species is the most common, convenient to use. With this configuration, the furnace has angular zones that are subject to minimal heat. That is why many believe that in a rectangular design, the shape, the furnace frame, is best maintained.

The furnace shape also affects the uniformity of heating both the design itself and heated room. With maximum heating of one element of the equipment, a decrease in the heating of another. This, in turn, ensures uniformity of the heating of the room, the steady balance of heat fluxes.

Proper heat heating affects its mechanical stability. So, a round or cylindrical furnace is characterized by a low degree of resistance to heating, so it makes more dense walls. Rectangular furnace is considered to be resistant to heating, as it has cold corners.

Options for furnace facilities made with your own hands

Metal bath furnaces, can be said, have a long history, so for such a long period, the craftsmen developed and proposed various types of performance.

The easiest option is a metal stove, made of iron barrel. For this, the barrel is cut off the bottom and the lid, the result is a cylinder. In this cylinder, up to half, load bricks put on the edge. The grate grille is stacked on them on top. The remaining half of the barrel on 2/3 parts fill the stones. After that, the chimney is removed and installed on the furnace. Such a method of manufacturing a furnace, though simple, but inconvenient to use.

For a small bath area, you can build a stove of a compact size, using a sheet steel. The inner surface of such a design is laid out by brick. The furnace, its walls are laid out in Polkirpich, chimney. in one quarter. This type of furnace is easy to make, use in work. To warm the room, it will take some fuel raw materials. Comfortable room temperature will be provided after a short period of time.

Manufacturing process

Whatever execution option is selected, the following material will be prepared:

  • Sheet steel whose thickness is at least 8 mm;
  • Metal pipe with a wall thickness of 10 mm, a diameter of 50-60 cm;
  • rod with a thickness of 10 mm;
  • grate;
  • Lumps and doors for the furnace chamber, Kamenka and pissed;
  • water crane;
  • Two meters pipe. 90 cm will go to the furnace, 60 cm. on the tank, and 50 cm. for the manufacture of secondary parts.

By the way, the doors for structural elements can be made independently.

As for the tools, we will use the corner grinding and a welding machine.

Chimney with closed stainmark type

stainless, steel, their, hands

In this form of the structure, a closed type of heater is assumed, so to splash water to supply steam, you will need to open the door.

This design, like a metal furnace for a bath with your own hands, has the following steps:

  • take a large piece of pipe, the diameter of which is at least 50 cm, and cut out the opening in it for pissed. The size of the latter is 5×20 cm.
  • Inside the pipe from the side of the opening, we weld fastening for a grain, using for this any metal plate with eyelets.
  • Go to the arrangement of the furnace: cutting the opening of 25×20 cm, weldings for rods for rods. We use the rods, 1 cm in diameter, or specially selling grateful grids for a round configuration furnace.
  • On the opposite wall of the heater cut the hole through which steam is served.
  • Fill the stones with stones suitable for this type of construction. Good properties combined with a metal surface, has talco chlorite, diabases, eliminate flint, granite, mica-containing stones.
  • In the lid for the oven cut the hole under the chimney pipe and install it.

This is completed on this process of manufacture of furnace design. But still the masters offer to improve the design by adding a hot water tank.

To do this, take a piece of pipe, large diameter, and we screw the water crane. We prepare the cover for the tank with water: take the lid of the desired size and cut it into 2 equal parts. In one part cut out the opening for the chimney, and then weld it on the tank. Consider the second part removable, so we weld the loop and handle to it.

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Composition and properties of stainless steel

In order to make a corrosion-resistant alloy, alloying components are added to the composition. The main one is chrome. Depending on the steel grade that needs to be obtained, it is added to its composition in the corresponding number of nickel, manganese, titanium, cobalt, molybdenum, and other elements.

Thus, steel resistant to corrosion in ordinary household and industrial conditions. For use in aggressive media, for example, in the chemical industry and metallurgy, stainless heat-resistant steel produce, which are not subject to corrosion at elevated temperatures, and heat-resistant steel, which at high temperatures show high mechanical strength at high temperatures.

Buying a finished stove in a bath of stainless steel, or materials for its manufacture pay attention to chromium. Heat resistant stainless steel in their composition have at least 13% chromium. In these steels, the temperature of the beginning of the formation of the scale is within 750-900 ° C, which exceeds the temperature of the combustion of birch lane.

Welded works with stainless steel are carried out by electrical contact welding with tungsten electrodes in argon medium, as well as so-called pieces (or coated) electrodes.

Peredalted stainless steel with sharp temperature drops becomes fragile, although it does not lose an external commodity view, so the manufacture of stainless steel furnaces can be assigned only to proven professionals, and buy ready-made, even branded furnaces need reliable, authoritative manufacturers.

Requirements and recommendations for the installation of the furnace are the same as for other metal aggregates.

  • On the concrete tie, these relatively light designs can be installed without foundation.
  • If the floor is wooden by lags, you need to pour or lay out a strong base out of blocks.
  • To reduce infrared radiation from a hot metal and reduce the risk of burns, you can set a stove for a bath from a pipe with bricks or simply separate it with a brick screen.
  • The distance from the furnace to the walls should be at least 20 cm.
  • At the point of passage of the chimney through the floors, it is satisfied with the cutting in the form of a metal box filled with non-combustible material, for example, a stone cotton.

How to build a firefoot

For the coat of the bath furnace be sure to use refractory brick. You can take chamotte material, but it is combined only with chammed clay. In no case can not combine the stone of two types, for example, ceramic and refractory. They will expand differently from heating.

When arranging the combustion chamber brick need to be put with a gap in 5 mm. After heating, it will expand and takes all this space. Places for the grate grille must be enough with a margin, because the cast iron is also expanding too much. Put the grille on the solution is not worth it, because it will have to be changed through time.

Important! Flash door frame need to be built back at the stage of brickwork. It is advisable to cover it asbestos.

Briefly about the main thing

Brick and iron stoves for the bath bring even more benefits if they are executed after the corresponding calculations and the compilation of the scheme.

Bath stoves can have a different volume that depends on the magnitude of the wage and the battery type.

Metal stoves are good with their mobility, simplicity and ease of manufacture, and brick. aesthetic attractiveness, softness and security.

Each of the options for a bath furnace have their own negative sides: brickworks have a lot of weight, isolated infrared radiation and require additional fire safety measures, and bricks. need cleaning and uneven warmers.

The furnace for a metal bath is made of thick sheets, and for bricks you need to acquire a certain amount of refractory brick.

A device for heating water, steam for carrying procedures can be combined and include several different materials in its design.

Usually, the device for a bathhouse has a firebox in its design, a stove, a place for ash and a heating tank with water.

Thin metal used for a bath oven may fire after a few uses, and the non-combustible brick in the furnace. burst or crack.

Doors are one of the most important elements of a bathing stove, so they must be selected with special attention or independently.

As the designs of bathing furnaces are a lot, each master designs for home or giving your own unique option.

To choose a suitable stove for a bath, consider the features of the manufacture of each of them.