GenShin Impact. Echo ANEMOCULA and GeokUL. Genshin Impact Ekha Echo Echo

To create an echo-stone, you need to get a tool design. After passing the 8th level, you will know how to create a stone. To strengthen your reputation, perform daily tasks with lightning. You can get the necessary information from conversations with Madarame Hugubei.

These are special tools that will help you find wind turbines and geoparas in your region. Recall that the windbreet is located in Mondstadt, and geoparas in Liuv.

As soon as you activate these tools, the location of the nearest chickenpox will appear on the screen, which facilitates the search.


How to get a

First you need to open a tool project. This allows you to create a tool. To get a suitable design, you need to achieve the level of reputation 2 in the Mondstadt region. The reputation system becomes available after reaching 25 degrees of adventure. Reputation tasks can be obtained in the city of Mondstadt by Hertha, a local knight. Hert will inform you about the details of this system.

After you receive the project, you will need to study it to find out how to create an echo stone on an alchemical workbench.

How to scrap the stone of the Echo ANEMOCULA

To create this tool, you will need a certain number of resources, such as

Dandelion and sedentary eyes are found in some parts of the Mondstadt area, and fragments of crystals are abundant in the retreat of the Stromeller region.

Благослови песней, душа. Ноты. (Soul, bless with song)

How to use Echo ANEMOCULA stone

As soon as the mechanism is created, equip it on the Tool tab in your inventory.

Then follow him in the Mondstadt area (where the anemocula should be located) and activate the Echo stone using the standard ‘Z’ key. This action notes the round area on the map. In this area, you should look for a windmill, which is indicated by the white arrow.

Follow the arrow until you see a star, after which the marked circle will disappear. The star indicates the wind turbine that you are looking for. Please note that if there are no windproof stripes on the selected area, you will not spend a large amount of breed. However, if a circular region is marked on the map, this Echo-stone will be exhausted, and you will have to create another tool to continue the search. Fortunately, you do not need a lot of resources to create them.

GenShin Impact. Echo Dendrokula’s stone guide

This tool greatly simplifies the search for dendroculs in the pounder region. With it, you can notice a trace that reaches for the nearest dendrocul, if it is at a certain distance from you. Next, we will tell you how to get this tool and how to use it.

First you need to open a drawing for the manufacture of this tool, which can be obtained for reaching the 8th level of reputation in the region to a pile. You can start pumping this reputation after receiving 32.ranking adventure and opening the region to a poute. A more detailed guide for reputation is presented in an article in the neighborhood.

The main one in reputation in the manner is a character named Effendi, who can be found in the capital of the region. It is from him that you can pick up the desired drawing after reaching the 8th level of reputation to the pile.

Now it remains to go into the inventory and use the drawing to learn how to crash the desired tool. After that, use an alchemical workbench and create a stone of the echo of Dendrocul from the following materials:

All these resources can be found during the study.

How to use the stone of the echo of dendrogula

When you create this tool, go to the inventory and equip it into a quick access slot.

Уличный электрический обогреватель Hügett Taket EcoSteel. Видеообзор.

After that, go to any part of the punch and use Echo stone. By default, the PC for this uses the Z key. After that, the area will appear on the map in which you need to look for dendrocul. Next, we will show how it looks like an example of a similar device from Inadzuma.

You need to go to the marked area and follow the white arrow to find a white mark on a mini-card there. After the oculus on the mini-card is detected, the marked area will disappear. It is in the place with this mark that you can find a dendrogul. It remains to decide on the height-often the okuluses hang high in the air or hidden somewhere in the cave, which is why they are visible on a mini-card, but not visible around you.

By the way, if you apply a search instrument in the area where there are no dendrocs nearby, then you will not spend its charge. If the OKULUS is noticed nearby, then the tool will mark the area on the map for you and spend its charge. If you are going to thoroughly take up the search for fences, then we recommend that you stock up in advance with a few stones of the echo.

The stone of the echo of the geokula

How to get a

First, you need to open a drawing of this tool that will make it to scrap it. To get the desired drawing, it is necessary to achieve 2 levels of reputation in Lee Yue. The reputation system becomes available after reaching the 25th rank of adventure. Tasks of reputation can be obtained in the harbor of Lee Yue, from Xiao Yu, a local secretary who will devote you to the details of this system.

When you get a drawing, it will need to be studied in order to learn to create an echo stone on an alchemical workbench.

How to scrap the stone of the echo geokula

To create this tool, you will need a certain number of resources, namely:

Cor Lyapis and Glazourka lilies can be found in certain parts of the Lee Yue region, and the fragments of the crystal in large numbers are represented in the area of ​​the horror of the storm.

How to use Echo Geokula’s stone

When the mechanism is created, equip it from the Tool tab, which is in your inventory.

After that, follow some area in Liu Yue (where in your opinion there may be a geokul) and activate the echo stone on the Z key by default. This action will celebrate the round area on your map, in this area you need to look for geoculars, with which the white arrow will help.

Follow the arrow until you notice the star, after which the marked circle will disappear. Asterisk will indicate a geokul that you were looking for. Note that if there are no geoculars in the selected area, then you will not spend a charge of Echo stone. If a round area is marked on your map, then this stone of the echo will be spent, and for further searches it will be necessary to create another tool. Fortunately, not so many resources are required to create them.

Island of Kannadzuka

Screenshots above show the location of electric fires on the island of Kannadzuk. Next, consider each of them separately.

Electric circle 0

Here you need to go beyond the barrier using an electrogranum, which is located northeast of this place.

Electric Culing 1

To pick up this item, climb into the tower.

Electric circle 2

Located near a wooden staircase near the houses on a small island.

Electric Kul 3

Another item hidden behind an electric barrier. Here you will have to solve the riddle with the relay, using the electric crystal not far from here.

Electric circle 4

With the help of thunder spheres, fly to the right place and take the item hanging in the air.

Electric Culing 5

This electric fire can be taken from the water. Swim there, or create an ice track using cryo characters.

Electric circle 6

It can be found in the air. An electric grain will help here, which can be found nearby.

Electric Culing 8

Find the flooded ship and climb on its mast, where the desired item will be.

Electric circle 9

Can be found near the sanctuary. To break the barrier, you need to take the quest “Tales from Tatars” and go through it.

Electric circle 0

Located in a tower hidden behind an electric barrier. Get inside with an electrochedral.

Electric Culing 1

Here we recommend using food that restores endurance (or reducing its consumption), so make it in advance. Then make your way to the indicated place in the images below and find the road leading up.

Next, climb the rock. At a certain moment, you can relax on a ledge. At the very top you will wait for the desired item.

Electric circle 2

Near the entrance to the cave, you can find in the air.

Electric Kul 3

He is under a cliff of the cliff. Here you have to break the barrier during the quest “Tales from Tatars” (world mission of Inadzuma).

Electric circle 4

Another electric cul that can be obtained during the mission of “Tales from Tatars” (world mission of Inadzuma).

Electric Culing 5

And again you will need the task of “Tales from Tatars” to get this subject.

Electric circle 6

Right in the barn, you will be enough to bounce.

Electric Kul 7

He is located under a cliff, use the glider and carefully inspect the rock while you fly down.

Electric Culing 8

Another electric fire located near the cliff. To open the barrier in this place, you will have to go through the quest “Tales from Tatars” (world mission of Inadzuma).

Electric circle 9

When you go the quest “Tales from Tatars”, and also find three “keys from something”, you can get an object in this place.

Electric circle 0

This item should be sought among the foliage, it will be given a purple glow.

Electric circle 2

Look in a cave in this area (recall, an image with a global arrangement of electric fires is given above).

Electric circle 4

Electric Culing 5

You can pick up this item after you open the Dange “Pavilion Syakkei”.

Yasiori island

Screenshots above show the overall location of all electric cups in this area. Next, consider each of them separately.

Electric circle 9

Can be found under an arch made of stone above the water.

Electric circle 0

It can be found behind an electric barrier. You can get inside with an electrogranum nearby.

Electric circle 2

Look for this electric cul on a rock with a sharp top.

Electric Kul 3

It can be found under an electric barrier, where an electric grain will also help, which should be south-west of this place.

Electric Culing 5

Electric circle 6

This item will be located quite high in the air, so you should use thunderous spheres to climb higher.

Electric Kul 7

This electric fire is located in the aisle. You can climb from below or go down from above.

Electric circle 9

In this place, you need to use an electric grain that will allow you to climb under the barrier and pick up the item.

Electric circle 0

Hangs in the air in the middle of a couple of trees near a cliff.

Electric circle 2

In this place you will have to use thunder spheres on which you can climb higher and get item.

Electric Kul 3

Here you need to install electric spheres in the eye to gain access to bars, where the electric cul is hidden, which we are looking for.

Electric circle 4

Not far from the fairy, which is in the cave underground.

Electric Culing 5

Get into the cave, which is located next to the cliff. There you will find this fragment.

Electric circle 6

Get higher and jump in a captive to choose this item in the air.

Electric Kul 7

On the hook that can be found on the ship.

Electric Culing 8

Under an electric barrier. You can go inside with the help of a familiar way.

Electric circle 9

In the middle of the water, quite high. You can get it using electrical grain.

Electric circle 0

With the help of thunder spheres, take off higher and with the help of a glider fly to the subject.

Electric Culing 1

Take it higher and jump on the planner. Take the electric fire in flight.

Electric circle 2

It can be climbed on the stump, which is located on the hill.

Electric Kul 3

Located on a stone sticking out of the water. You can get there in any way: in a boat, swim or create an ice track from the nearest shore, using the abilities of the hero of the hero.

Electric circle 4

It is easiest to get here by water transport.

Electric Culing 5

This item can be obtained when you decide the riddle with the platforms. you need to activate the platforms nearby, and then go to the selected platform.

These are all the current electric cups that will allow you to pump the local statue of seven archons.

Comment 4

5 electric fires cannot be crossed by the barrier

Most likely, this is because the level of electrochedral is low. Exalt the sakura on the island with chips; 3

Location 95 of the electric fire and then look at the interactive map

Echo Echo Echo in Genshin Impact: how to get

In the Genshin Impact, Echo Echo is a special tool that greatly simplifies the search for the corresponding spiritual particles in Inadzum. During use, it shows the exact location of the closest electric fires to you. In this guide, we will indicate how to get this gadget, and give advice on its use.

Hello! In this article I will tell you about the electric crystal. For some elevations it is not needed, but it will come in handy for:

Creating potions Thunder oil and insulation potion in alchemy. It is also useful for Sukhpayka (menu 0) when forging, which you will receive at the 5th level of Mondstadt’s reputations. Also, do not forget that the character Lisa can, when creating potions of 20%, a chance to restore part of the materials used.

The location of the electric crystals.

Electric places are indicated by the marks in the form of a pick. For the convenience of being in the screenshots, I circled the tags in red circles.

The crystal can be collected at the peak of the petrel and near the lake of starships.

A label circled into an orange circle indicates a crystal after which a conventional chest appears.

Also, in search of an electric crystal, you can dig a thousand winds near the temple.

Crystal gathering is located on Cape Vera and Dadup gorge.

They are also near Springweil and Dawn Vinokurni.

The most strewn place in these crystals is the lair of horror of the storm.

A little more in the den of the horror of the storm and the canyon of the bright crown.

How to break an electric crystal.

Actually this is what an electric crystal looks like. It cannot be broken with a sword and it inflicts electrics if you are close to it.

But there is a way to get it. You just need to use the skills of the character’s pies against the crystal, this will give you the status of “overload” (electricity).

Then a small crystal will fly away, which can already be taken to the inventory.

Midnight nephritis

Midnight nephritis is used to elevate Bay DOW, the execution of the “large transaction” quest and, perhaps, in the future will be applied in crafting of any useful things. To collect enough midnight nephritis, go to the dungeon Labyrinth Lyanshan (see. the image below).

Opposite the entrance to the dungeon, you will find a cave in which it is full of midnight nephritis.

How to use Echo Echo Stone

After creating the necessary little thing, open the inventory, go to the “Tools” section and equip the Echo Stone to the character.

Now go to the area where you have not yet assembled electric cups or still cannot find them, and then click on the Z key to use the gadget. A huge glowing zone will appear on the map. Go to her. When you enter it, the approximate location of the electric cul will be displayed on a mini-card in the form of a white arrow.

Move to the point indicated by the arrow. After that, an asterisk will appear, and the luminous area will disappear. This icon indicates the exact coordinates of the fragment you need. If the stone fails to find electric cups in the nearest areas, then its charge will not be spent. Otherwise, it will be spent, so you will have to make another pebble.

Genshin Impact: Ruda Guide and Crystals

Genshin Impact has many different minerals that are used in crafting weapons, some potions, tools, etc. D. All of them are divided into two categories. ore and crystals. In this guide, we will list all types of ore and crystals to Genshin Impact, and also tell where to get this or that material.

  • one. Iron ore
  • 2. White iron
  • 3. Ordinary crystal
  • four. Electro crystal
  • 5. Cor Lyapis
  • 6. Midnight nephritis
  • 7. Star silver ore

White iron

White iron refers to the main materials that are used by a blacksmith for forging 4-star weapons. From it you can create useful and rare objects of equipment of any type. spear, sword, onion, catalyst, etc. In addition, pieces of white iron are processed into the material of experience for weapons.

Please note: you can break the clusters of ore using a one.handed/two.handed sword or spear.

Below we have listed the main places where it will be possible to pick up a lot of white iron.

How to get to the Mask Reef?

If you are going to farm the white iron on the island of Reef Mask, you first need to solve the riddle of the wind. Go to Cape Vera, Mondstadt (see. Image below) and go east from the dungeon of the gates of the eagle. There you will see a purple sphere in the sky, and under it. three gardens for fairytresses. Find the fairys nearby and take them to the gardens. After that, an air flow will break out of the center of the site. Use it to go up to the purple sphere. The sphere teleports you to the Mask Reef.

Description of the video guide

In this video, you will learn about how to get drawings and how to use the stones of Echo ANEMOCUL and Geokula in the game Genshin Impact. Watch this video guide to find out about what Echo stones are for and how they work in the game Genshin Impact.

If you think about whether you need to collect anemocks, and indeed what it is? Then the answer to the question is very commonplace. ANEMOCUL. an object with a large amount of ANEMO energy, and to use it as intended, just present it with the statues of seven archons.

How to get the drawings of a stone Echo anemocula and geokula

  • You will receive a drawing of Echo anemocula’s stone when your reputation in Mondstadt reaches level 2.
  • You will receive a drawing of Echo Geokula stone when your reputation in Li Yue reaches level 2.

After using the drawing, you can create tools on the workbench using suitable materials.

How to use echo stones

Use the stone of the Echo of Okulus, and then open the card. On it in blue will be highlighted the area where the fenger is located.


  • After using the stone of the Echo of Okulus, you can not use one more for 300 seconds.
  • Echo ANEMOCULA stones can only be used in Mondstadt.
  • Echo geokula stones can only be used in Lee Yue.

Text video guide (subtitles)

Hello everyone guys, you are on the family channel and in this video I want to tell you how to make an echo stone for finding anemoculas, and, accordingly, for a logical way for Kyiv whom the function is the same for them and the same is the same logical for obtaining these very Echo Stones we need to get the initial recipe how to get a craft recipe for this must be raised in my state and in Lewis to the second level of the level of reputation and pick up the recipes with you on the board of ads, they are instructions for minikh this anemocula, but also similarly and, also, similar Of course, you go with the squirrel after we get these instructions, we go to the workbench and craft these stones as they look now I will show you afterHow we received recipes, they are in our inventory in the tools section We go tools and activate their success in activation, we go on an alchemical workbench itself and on it we have a stone of their anime, and, accordingly, Gil Stone for the Echo Stone We need, on which they go to the macula 5X of dandelions of pixels and one single Obama Christ we create 500 units and the sea is a little differently creating a stone of the Second World War I show it now it is a craft of it, it needs 5 units of root for it from delivery I wrote 5 units of Lily Glaze K and 1 unit of crystal, and, accordingly, 500 units of the sea How they are applied to the method of application from them similar now, I show it to you how you can see me to find one anemocular,To pump the 10th level of the statue here is just the same anime of potassium and show how it looks to activate the echo stone, you can use them in any area, we go into our endo and we need a section of the tools, now we need a tab, and it needs it, and it is it Shark, on the example of a shark by him, I will show it on the belt all he is on our belt and activated by a button, but so far for the button for this in what way it looks like an activation of the stones, as you see in this area, our last anemoculus is in this area activate this zone.

And you can absolutely in any area and randomly on the stones that you stayed, it throws the area of ​​search, we are moving to it now, we have already walked around from you with you in the zone, I already went around and I have happened to the stone, respectively, where.The plus or minus, he still illuminates the white one on the map, we can notice this stone is on this side, most likely it is on that far island or somewhere below I just don’t see Hanuman below, where is it where I was about to show me approximately, and he’s all about the side.

Then, after we found it disappeared, they work in the same way and the biomekh to me now we are on the territory of Leia and work as I said and said the Bill Stones we put them on the belt in the same way and use the searches of absolutely the same area from the search for the same way Under the luminaries in which we are now, and here there is a geokul in this area now we’ll see where, but we are highlighting where the white backlight is going on on the map, we are not even hiding. We are missing geoculas, and they are very simple, they are very simple that you have to find at any point in the world we are activating and the search area highlights us all the very extremely just if some people eat questions, guys, write Комментарии и мнения владельцев and do not forget to put likes to comment on and subscribe to the channel until new meetings, guys, good luck to everyone.

Instructions for the use of Echo Ekholes Stone

In the first manufacture of this tool, you will see a notification on the screen with a request to open the inventory and look into the “Tools” section. There you will find a scraped item.

  • Select in the list of your tools the stone of the Echo Ekholes and click on the right below the “put on” button.
  • Close the inventory and find the outfit item to the bottom right.
  • To use it, click the Z (for PC) IIR1 button (forPS4).

note! After use, the subject disappears. Therefore, make several stones of the echo of the electric cul in advance and spend them wisely.

After the activation of the Echo of the Ekholes, you will notice that the marked area appeared on the map, within which there are one or more electric fires guaranteed to be one or more.

Alchemy is one of the main mechanic of the gameplay in Genshin Impact. With the help of an alchemical workbench, the player can create protective potions, potions to strengthen damage from a certain element, get rare materials for pumping heroes/weapons, tools and much more. In this guide, we will tell you about all the features of the alchemy in Genshin Impact and list everything that can be created on an alchemical workbench.

  • one. General information about alchemy in Genshin Impact
  • 2. Making items using alchemy in Genshin Impact. where to start?
  • 3. How to get an alchemical workbench for a teapot of serenity?
  • four. Heroes’ talents useful for alchemy in Genshin Impact
  • 5. What can be made using alchemy in Genshin Impact: List of items
  • 6. List of resources for alchemy in Genshin Impact

Alchemy is the main way to obtain:

  • Enhancing/protective potions;
  • Rare materials for pumping weapons;
  • Rare materials for pumping heroes talents;
  • Rare materials for pumping characters (required for ascension).
  • Create unique tools (for example, teleport);
  • Transform the original resin into thick resin;
  • Make fishing bait;
  • Transform materials for elevating heroes using the dust of nitrogen and solvent of dreams;
  • Get artifacts from specific sets.

In fact, the craft of alchemical objects is somewhat reminiscent of the preparation of dishes by cooking or forging weapons from a blacksmith-you collect the necessary materials, go to the main city of any region and make the desired material, potion, artifact, etc. D. If you are just starting to get acquainted with Genshin Impact, you definitely need to devote time to acquaintance with alchemy. Potions that can be prepared on an alchemical workbench, greatly facilitating you and help you in the future to pass high.level content much faster.

Awards for the collection of electric fires

For all 10 levels of the statue, you can get more than 500 stones of the source, 5 keys from the tombs of the Inadzuma (4 more in awards for the elevation of the sacred sakura), 4 items for the traveler’s electric system, 90 electric seals (are needed to offer Sakura), 5 cows of insight and much more.

This statue of increased endurance will not.

Collection of all electric firms in Inadzum

Electricians on the island with Sharki (39 pieces). Details of the collection. Where to get a rusty key

Before proceeding to the collection of okulus in this location, fulfill several conditions.

Be sure to complete the entire chain of quests “Sacrifice” at the statue of a large fox near the village of Konda. For tasks, they will give an instrument of the lens of memoirs that can be used by statues with purple luminous eyes, and then hidden objects, including electric fires, will be visible.

Take a traveler with the elements “Ge” with you (the nightstand is useful!).

Understand the principle of the operation of electrogranums, thunder shield and thunder sphere (in this article).

So, on the island, 39 electric fires.

Some of them are easy to collect, and with others you will have to break your head, or they will become available after the next world tasks.

The card can be opened in the new window in full. We checked each electric fire, and in the coming hours we will describe in detail the collection of each of them.

In some places we collected electric cows before we made the screen, however, we noted all the necessary places.

On the roof of the house near the statue of the archont. Embell on a tree near the statue and fly to the roof, or climb the house using the geo “nightstands” of the traveler (holding the English “e”, you can put the cabinet aimed even on the walls).

Take an electric grain from the branches of Thunder Sakura, go through a thunderous barrier, climb on a rock and take the electric fire.

Get up for a ledge under an electric boiler, call an electric grain and with the help of thunderstorm spheres, quickly pressing the English t, reach the electric fire.

You can pick up on the assignment “A strange case in the village of Konda”. It is necessary to jump into a well in the village (it will be closed to the quest), he is behind the elder’s house.

Then run forward, jumping down in front of the thunderous barrier (you will come to it on the quest), do not go through the barrier, roll right and break the boxes, follow them to the entrance to a small dead end.

Now just go ahead and collect the electric cul in front of the fox statue. The fox does not need to affect the lens.

Also, you can pick up only in the process or after passing the task “A strange case in the village of Konda”.

After cleansing the next sakura root, on this quest, do not leave the room in the same way that you came.

Inspect the top of the room. There is a thunder barrier. Find Sakura under the wall, take an electric grain and climb upstairs on the vines. Go through the thunder barrier. Immediately on them in a small corridor under the ceiling hangs the desired electric fire. You can assemble it by climbing the wall.

On the side there is an exit on the coast (climb the ladder), closed by the grill, which opens with a lever right away, next to the grate. But do not rush to leave.

Go through this small corridor behind the thunder barrier until the end. Behind the next lattice (it also opens, without keys, a simple lever on the side) you will fall into the room where you will collect a rusty key, which is needed to collect a fenger 2, one of the ancient steles and a chest.

In the village, on a pole with paper fish. You can climb on it.

On a small rock. Get up and use the “nightstand” of the geo-traveler to get it.

Climb on a tree under an electric boiler, put a “nightstand” and jump behind the fenger. There is not a very comfortable tree

Hangs right above the water, under the cliffs of the island with the Dange “Fial Hall”.

Okul is under water. Use an electric grain of thunder sakura, take off in the fields (English t), and then click the attack in the air above the electric cooles. “Asseling in the jump” will allow you to plunge into the water and collect it.

In the air above the main building of the city of Inadzum. You can climb there on the left from the entrance of the stone wall.

Then you need to gradually climb the slopes of the roofs above and higher. Be sure to take the element of geo for the traveler. His “Tumbs” (the skill of the starship sword) helps a lot, they can be placed aimed (holding e), even sideways on the wall.