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Stretch ceilings. one of the easiest and most convenient ways to arrange the kitchen. But the requirements for its decoration and design are the highest. There are often disputes among the inaders, is it possible to use stretch ceilings in the kitchen with a gas stove. It is worth walking on the main misconceptions about the use of stretch ceilings in such a room.

The kitchen is the most dangerous place for the household room in the house, therefore, the requirements for it are special

one.Film coatings are very thin, they can easily break, even from the usual champagne cork.

This common judgment is able to scare not only from the installation of such a coating in the kitchens, but also in the living rooms. In reality, film PVC ceilings are very dense and durable. They can suffer only from sharp and cutting items, as, however, and any other canvas. After all, even plasterboard and spotted ceilings are enough just to scratch such objects.

2.If the plane and oven work in the room, the coating may be saved from temperature drops or deform.

The problem is that when installing the ceiling, a construction hairdryer is used, heating coating up to 70 grams. It is at such a temperature that the film becomes elastic and easy to stretch it. If the temperature is below this indicator, the cloth decreases, forming a flat, one-photon plane. What is a very important characteristic.

Of course, in the kitchen there can be no temperature above 70 grams, unless the domain, gas or electric furnace is used. Yes, and hot air most often accumulates only near Burning Comfort.

3.PVC film is able to ignite

In fact, the canvas refers to the class M1 on fire safety, which implies that it is not able to light up itself and maintain burning. So that it is tolere, you need to bring fire to the canvas itself.

4.The canvas will easily burst and lose the complexion

The comfort of the stretch ceiling in the kitchen with the gas stove is that it is very easy to care: it is enough to wipe with a dry flannel rag or with strong contaminants with alcohol-containing solution, and the surface will return the original appearance. In extreme cases, if the coating is fading or sweating, it is possible to wipe it with a 10% solution of ammonic alcohol, which will return the shine.

If the surface is strongly contaminated, you can purchase a special polyrolol for stretch ceiling in a construction store.

5.Due to condensate falling out, a fungus may form in the kitchen, because the main ceiling, practically does not breathe.

As not strange, such problems are not entirely characteristic of tensioning ceilings, on covering condensate is not able to form, unlike whitewashed ceilings. Mold, if and may appear, then only on the wall. But to solve this problem, it is necessary to simply ventilate the room.

By the way, the breath of the ceiling is not at all the main function. His destination consists in the insulation of the room. Another amazing ability of which should be mentioned. moisture resistance. In case of flooding, the film perfectly will allow to save furniture, equipment and other interior items from moisture.

Therefore, it can be said that the stretch ceiling in the kitchen with a gas stove or a column is not only possible, but must be installed.

Damage to stretch ceilings have a property quickly and even emergency to grow, so they should be urgently localized and correct

Summing up, you can separately emphasize:

Should I install stretch ceilings in the kitchen with a gas stove

Stretch ceilings, due to the variety of textures and colors, are becoming increasingly popular. Traditionally, they are installed in the bathrooms and residential rooms. But when finishing the kitchen, fears fairly occur, whether the material will damage the high temperature from gas equipment: plates, columns or boiler. We will understand everything in order.

Does stretch ceilings in the kitchen

When food is preparing in the room, heat is formed, humidity increases, sedates particles of fat and soot, especially when using a gas stove. Finishing materials in the kitchen are selected taking into account these conditions.

Stretch ceilings are well tolerated humidity, condensate does not accumulate on the surface. In case of flooding, they will protect the kitchen from leaks. Water will hold back to the web, in the future it can be accurately merged, while the appearance of the ceiling will not suffer.

Materials do not absorb smells, are easily cleaned of contaminants, do not crack and do not require updates. But it is advisable to set the hood to make the combustion products less sedied on the finish.

But the most fear arises, whether the stretch ceiling will be providing over the gas stove. Do not worry about this. When installing film stretch ceilings, a heat gun is used. To pull the cloth, the PVC film is warmed up to 70 ° C. Under normal conditions in the kitchen, such a high temperature is possible only above the burner zone, which are located quite far from the ceiling. Oven and microwave stove, especially do not affect the material. Such temperature differences on it absolutely will not affect.

Conclusion: stretch ceiling in the kitchen with a gas stove can be used. over, the material has a high class of fire safety and is best suited for this room.

An additional advantage of stretch ceilings is the ability to embed point lights. So light and simultaneously distinguish the cooking zone. At the same time, the minimum indentation from the overlap is 2-3 centimeters, that is, the height of the ceiling almost will not decrease. Visually, it can even be enlarged if you select a glossy coating.

Selection of material

Two types of materials are used as a web for stretch ceilings:

Film canvases can be matte, glossy or satin. They are easily cleaned, affordable, but they are damaged when contact with sharp objects. Synthetic fabric is only matte and in appearance resembles a plastered ceiling. Care behind the tissue web is a bit more complicated (although it’s easier than for painting or whitewash) and the price is essential above. But polyester is stronger.

By type of surface, the ceilings are divided into smooth and textured. For kitchens are suitable only first, especially if there is no hood. They are easier cleaned, because there are no microenflows in which dirt and dust would accumulate.

In small kitchers choose a film with a gloss effect. so the room seems above. And for spacious, matte or satin. Fissure ceilings are combined with more luxurious or classic interiors.

Color can be any, most importantly. to suit the rest of the materials and furniture. Light colors, like a glossy surface, visually make the room above.

There are quite a few manufacturers in the Russian market, but the main. from China and France. Chinese cheaper (on average 260 per square meter), but also the quality below. French will cost more, about 450. But will serve the ceiling longer. In any case, when buying it is worth checking the hygienic certificate and a fire safety class, and before paying the contract.

Installation oriented on the SP 41-108-2004. The chimney pipe along which combustion products come out, should be located no closer than 50 mm from the stretch ceiling. Otherwise the canvas can deform or melt. In some cases, thermail stirmers are additionally mounted.

In the pipe you need a layer of heat insulation. Corrugated chimney and stretch ceilings are not combined with each other, since the aluminum surface is strongly heated. Coaxial chimney is chosen in the kitchen with a gas column. These are two pipes of different diameters, inserted one to another. On the inner comes smoke, and on the gap between them the cold air comes from the street. As a result, the surface does not overheat.

There is one more option. to make a chimney on the principle of a sandwich: from a metal pipe with a layer of thermal insulation. The outer surface also does not overheat.

Stretch ceiling and gas column in the kitchen require regular ventilation, since the vinyl film does not allow the air badly. Mold or fungus on the ceiling with insufficient ventilation are not formed, but it will be more difficult to breathe in such a kitchen.

The stretch design in no case should not overlap access to ventilation mines.

Features of the ceiling finishes in rooms with a gas boiler

Usually heating gas equipment is located in the utility rooms (boiler rooms). There are massive floor boilers, which are mainly used as flowing water heaters, sometimes. and for heating. If there is gas, it costs cheaper electricity. But when using a coaxial chimney is allowed to install hinged gas boilers in the kitchen. This is due to the fact that the surface of such a pipe is less heated.

Why exactly the stretch ceiling?

Glossy cloth for stretch ceiling

Stretch canvas is distinguished by impressive amounts of benefits. This makes it so popular. We highlight the following advantages:

  • Easy installation and availability of installation do it yourself.
  • Pre-preparation of the surface is not required, eliminating alignment.
  • The ability to exclude the flow when flooding neighbors. The canvas are withstanding up to 100 liters per square meter.
  • Ability to restore external appearance when using PVC film.
  • Ability to hide wiring.
  • Service durability, reaching 20 years with proper care.
  • Fire safety.
  • Many column selection options.
  • Easy replacement subject to use PVC film.

We note and disadvantaged the choice of such a finish option. Tissue ceiling is unable to maintain the original view when flooding neighbors. And the ceiling from PVC is easy to damage with sharp tools.

Stretch structures take an average of 5 cm from the height of the kitchen. For low ceilings, this is not the best option, so you have to look for an alternative. Polyvinyl chloride canvas sometimes unpleasantly smell. But usually the smell will disappear for 3-4 days on their own.

Glossy and matte cloth in the kitchen interior

Do not forget about the joints of the crafts, if the tension canvas is mounted in a spacious room. In this case, you have to think about the selection of decorative elements to hide the seams. For fabric cloths, this is not a problem, since their width reaches 5 meters.

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What is this in the kitchen, because of what is not worth mounting the stretch ceiling?

But, in addition to the release of phenol, you need to think about more practical and real things that can be an obstacle in the installation of the stretch ceiling. Relieving, install it, you can in any case, but how much will it be used. another question.

Here are things that can cause quick damage to the ceiling surface:

Is it possible to make a stretch ceiling in the kitchen with a gas stove? Gas stove cups and smoke, even if it is not visible to the naked eye. But but, after some year, there is quite noticeable yellow and sticky raid on your ceiling.

Wash soot not as simple, but it is impossible to put pressure on the stretch ceiling, because there is a risk of stretching it and deform.

In principle, from this situation there is a way out: wipe the ceiling often until the indelible layer of soot. But, if you are not ready to wash the ceilings, although it is every three months, then it is better not to take them, because, without washing, they will lose sight of literally on the third year.

Of course, we are talking about bright shades, which perfectly visible soot.

You can say everything the same thing as a gas stove. Soot. Of course, the burning of the gas column or boiler is less long than the plates, but still. And if you and the stove and column, then the ceiling will be polluted will be much faster.

With frying meat, for example, splashes fly very far. Including the ceiling. At first they are not visible at all, but how to get higher, then the frozen drops are very viewed very.

And how do you remember, rub them quite not easy.

Therefore, if you are not accustomed to use the lid, it is better not to take such ceilings. True, this recommendation is irrelevant for those whose ceilings height from three meters.

If, suddenly, you love to drink in the kitchen, while preferring champagne (unlikely, but you never know?), then you must be aware of all possible risks. The plug that fell with a sweep in the stretching. will leave there holes there. And it will remain with you forever.

Here, in general, and all the problems that may arise due to the fact that the stretch ceiling is made in the kitchen.

And now, let’s talk about concrete materials and find out which material of the stretch ceiling is better to choose for the kitchen.

Two most popular material for stretch ceiling. cloth and PVC film. The fabric is considered an more environmentally friendly and expensive option, but in its user characteristics loses film.

The fabric is not suitable for the kitchen, because absorbs dust, dirt and fat, clean which will be difficult. And with emotional smells to fight will be even more difficult. In addition, the fabric will not save from the flood, if the neighbors break the pipe. and in this case, the whole kitchen set will be spoiled.

PVC film wins this contest because it is cheaper, and more practical. For washing such a coating requires an ordinary rag and soap water. It does not absorb fat and smells, so you just need to wipe the surface.

Due to the material, the ceiling is able to withstand a huge amount of water. it will save furniture and repair from the torn pipe neighbors. Then you need to call masters, which, through the hole for the lamp, salt water and dries the ceiling for the prevention of mold.

PVC film ceiling is considered an optimal solution for the kitchen, because it is easy to care for it, it does not absorb dirt, durable and stable.

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�� Stretch ceilings in the kitchen. 30 Ceiling Design Ideas

Prohibited tricks for disguise

Methods for masking a gas hose or pipe in the kitchen a lot, but not everyone can be used in a specific situation. As it is categorically forbidden to cut or transfer the pipeline parts. Such work must be performed only by a qualified gas industry from a service that carries out the maintenance of this house.

According to the requirements of SNiP on the device of gas supply systems, it is prohibited:

  • hide gas pipes under hermetic trim or borne;
  • close up
  • Fix the lockers on the gas pipe, and not on the walls using mounted loops;
  • start the pipe in ventilation boxes.

Follow these rule is necessary, first of all, in order to safety.

If the zone around the gas pipeline is completely closed, it will accumulate gas in it in case of his leakage.

What stretch ceilings in the kitchen can not be installed, and which you can?

As you know, there are only 2 types of ceilings. PVC and fabric.

Fabric stretch ceilings in the kitchen

So, fabric stretch ceilings put on the kitchen can not. No, clean physically mount them, you do not interfere with anything, but the service life of such expensive and high-quality ceilings in the kitchen will be to the offensive short.

Fabric ceilings due to their porous-breathable structure. very marked and at the same time do not wash

In the kitchen for them, too aggressive medium, after 3, such a ceiling will absorb so much fat and odor through steam occurs when cooking and warming food, which will have to change it to a new.

Even the finest hood in this business will not help.

The fabric is designed for bedrooms and children’s rooms, it is revealed from the best side.

Read more about fabric ceilings.

PVC Stretch ceilings in the kitchen

But PVC stretch ceilings feel in the kitchen perfectly. Their waterproof structure does not absorb smells and well resists pollution. over, PVC stretch ceilings can safely wash.

As you know, PVC stretch ceilings have 3 major textures: matte, glossy and satin.

PVC glossy texture PVC ceiling in the kitchen

The glossy stretch ceiling reflects 30 light percent, which falls on it, as a result, looking at the glossy ceiling, you can see the reflection of what is happening in the room. which is undoubtedly his unique dignity.

On the picture. Glossy ceiling reflects the objects in the bathroom

But in the kitchen, the glossy stretch ceiling reflects, including what is located on the top boxes of the kitchen headset: dust, wires, fastening of boxes and other little things that are usually hidden from eye height. such a state of affairs suits little.

stretch, ceiling, kitchen, stove

If you wish to use a glossy stretch ceiling in the kitchen, you always need to keep this moment in my head.

Plus, when washing a glossy ceiling, it will be the most difficult (in comparison with the rest of PVC ceilings) remove fat, which during cooking rises to the ceiling with steam and settle on its surface.

To be completely accurate, it will be difficult to get rid of divorces that will remain after washing.

Satin texture PVC stretch ceiling in the kitchen

Immediately note that in the satin ceiling your room will not be reflected, and the stains (or rather divorce from the cleaning agent) from such an invoice to clean is noticeably easier than with glossy.

So, satin ceiling is a decent option for your kitchen.

Matte texture PVC stretch ceiling in the kitchen

Matte PVC stretch ceiling. does not reflect the light as glossy and not even glitters, as the perfectly smooth surface of satin ceiling.

A little rough surface of the matte ceiling hides like small contamination and divorces after washing.

Color matte ceiling with: chandeliers, lamps on suspension and soaring illumination

In other words, a matte stretch ceiling is an explicit leader when installing on the kitchen because of its practicality.

But, if you want to make notes of individuality on your kitchen, then satin, and the varnish ceilings will be a good solution.

Note that the presence of good exhaust in the kitchen will strongly reduce the required frequency of the ceiling, up to the point that the ceiling is not necessary at all.

, we are asked: “Doesn’t the stretch ceiling damage the presence of a gas stove in the kitchen?»Reply: PVC Stretch ceiling. does not hurt. But hood, it is still better to have!

Features finish

In everyday life, the kitchen can be considered the most dangerous in the house. There is a risk of random fire, there is an elevated temperature and humidity. Material for finishing the ceiling must withstand the effects of evaporation and heat without changing its initial properties.

Regardless of whether the electric cooking panel or gas stove is used for cooking, emanating from the pair saucepan contains fat particles, and in the air there is soot and soot. This means that the ceiling in the kitchen will have to wash or update more often than in other rooms.

Which ceiling to choose?

Choosing ceilings for the kitchen, are determined not only with color, texture, decor elements, but also with the material of the canvas, first of all. Consider all options.

Film materials

Film from PVC for the kitchen can be both matte and glossy or similar to satin. Distinctive characteristics of the film coating:

  • they are resistant to pollution and easily clean;
  • carry high temperatures and resistant to moisture;
  • cost cheaply compared to fabric canvases;
  • do not have extraneous smells, do not distinguish harmful substances;
  • Easily damage to sharp objects.

Fabric cloths

Fabric bases are made of polyester impregnated with polyurethane, similar to the plaster, so the surface has a matte. Here are their main characteristics:

  • Unlike foams, they are not so easy to damage. they are more resistant to mechanical exposure;
  • can carry low temperatures, which you can not say about PVC films;
  • breathable;
  • cost more film coatings;
  • more complex in care.

What ceilings to choose? Among other things, it is necessary to take into account the size of the room, the level of illumination and similar moments. So, in small kitchens with low ceilings it is recommended to pull the film with a glossy surface. it visually raises the ceiling, make the room higher, spacious. If the kitchen room is spacious, then you can use a satin or a matte surface. The fabric canvas looks expensive because it is worth choosing where all other rooms are just as luxurious.

Stretch ceilings allow you to embed point lights in them without any problems and not only modern lighting, but also zonate the working area and food intake zone. At the same time, the ceiling will have to retreat a very small gap, so the visual premises will not be below.