tefal, ingenio, suitable, induction

Tefal Ingenio pans

Is it possible to use TEFAL frying pan on induction plates?

Remember that you cannot use any pans and frying pan on induction plates, they must be compatible with induction plates. The base should be magnetized so that it can interact with the stove. Historically, these products were expensive, but Tefal has created an affordable set of five items, while maintaining quality standards.

Pans come with Tefal branded red heat for precise cooking. This set is suitable for electric, gas, ceramic, halogen and induction cookers.

I like that the handle is steel, no rubber coating. Easy to wash pan. I cook only on it, copes with any food with a bang.

tefal, ingenio, suitable, induction

A feature of the induction pan is the bottom, which interacts with a magnetic coil located in the burner of the stove.

Tefal Cook Right 20 cm

The pan is suitable for all types of stoves, except for induction. The cookware is made of aluminum and has a non-stick coating. The handle is comfortable, ergonomic, does not heat up. Lid included.

Excellent budget frying pan from Tefal. Small size, suitable for preparing small portions of food, breakfast. Washes easily too.

Tefal Tempo 04171126 26 cm

The frying pan has a non-stick coverage of high quality. The hull is made of aluminum. The fact that the dishes are ready for frying, the heating indicator will prompt. Durable bottom evenly distributes heat over the surface. Suitable for any kinds of plates, except inductive.

Cool skid. Great frills without butter, nothing burns. Washes easy, the coverage is reliable, does not bubble and does not get. Also the price pleases.


Will help to know when the temperature reached the right limit to start making a dish by changing the color of the indicator. The cast type of construction ensures the reliability of operation over the years, eliminates the possibility of a break on the junction of the handle with the case.

Tefal Tendance Chocolate

Allows you to feel like a chef of the famous restaurant, but only in its cozy kitchen. On the TENDANCE CHOCOLATE Pancakes, pancakes are fully similar to professional chefs. Thanks to the special bottom with the “rays”, pancakes are uniformly on each side and acquire a beautiful golden shade.

Tefal Extra

The optimal option for practical hostesses preferring quality for low cost. A high-quality anti-stick coating will protect against the burning and adhesion of the products to the surface of the case, and the cleaning process from food residues will not seem complex. Due to the special bottom, the uniform distribution of heat and cooking is guaranteed.