What is always in your refrigerator?

I only have milk there, and wine in case of guests from permanent. and all. In the freezer breast kilo, and a mixture of vegetables. The rest is what is bought. preparing immediately and eaten. But the parents. they seem to fit all the grocery

Soup Ready, Meat Hot Dish, Frozen Mixtures Vegetable, Frozen Meat, Homemade Frozen Cutlets and Meat Broth Concentrate. Eggs, loaf, milk, fruits and vegetables, cheese, children’s curds. Before the birth of the child did not have anything 🙂 just purchased semi-finished products by mood.

I have a maximum lemon, oranges and food for 1 day, kefir for dinner and cottage cheese in the morning.Fsee.I do not prepare 5 years already.Flakes are preparing and coast with yoghurt or fruit, I dinner at work, for dinner-kefir.Cucumbers and tomatoes on the table, strawberry, apples, blackberry.

In the freezer, usually meat, also all sorts of usefulness frozen on season, and necessarily ice cream can! True, now she is completely clogged with meat (familiar sold farmers, grown for themselves. sin was not to take), but in the refrigerator itself. Right always accurate oil, Ashanan dried sausage, broccoli and avocado. And vinichely, of course. The rest is bought in the mood and preparing, soups do not like, fish and salads take fresh only and is rarely kept in the farm

Milk, sour cream, eggs, oil, cucumbers, greens. It is always. In the freezer in case of a sudden hunger mince, a piece of meat and dumplings.

Milk, cream, yogurt, cheese, ham, eggs. Strawberry rubbed with sugar, which I bump out in the summer and harness all winter later. Depending on the year, frozen mushrooms and broths from them, frozen berries.

Conventional and almond milk, eggs, oil, hard cheese, jams. Everything else for a week ends in some period

Meat, fish, dumplings in the freezer. We usually buy once a month kilogram of 5 meat and 2 fish. Vegetables we buy once a week. Cottage cheese, milk, sour cream every 3-4 days. Well, prepare usually for 2-3 days. So pans with soup and the second always stand. Juices in packages so that cold. We have 2 refrigerators and both are not empty.

eh not blockade you pethers in me in freezers you all die and I still zenit after the atomic war will feed

Eggs, milk, meat and chicken. Sometimes sometimes vegetables, but they usually do not keep it and immediately eat)

I have a scan of moldy, and you say food in the refrigerator!))) From constant there is only vinegar yes ketchup.)

Permanent I only have a sweet cooker. And I myself can rummand, for example, from morning to evening, when I’m a beast from hunger and I go to the store.)) But it really headals, it seems to me, sometimes I even like it.)

recipes for ambulance hand when there are almost no products in the refrigerator

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With several ingredients and a little effort can be done something really great. /

With each of us it can happen so that being at home, we remember that products are not purchased. It is necessary to cook, and in the refrigerator almost nothing remains. In this case, it is not necessary to go to the store, you can simply use the relevant selection of recipes from the editorial office of Novate.RU and fantasy. There are a lot of varieties of delicious dishes from just a few interchangeable ingredients.

Spicy french toast

If there is a loaf, croissants, cookies or English muffins, as well as eggs and some spices. this is a good reason to try an unusual French toast. Instead of adding familiar sweet spices, such as cinnamon or nutmeg, it is worth choosing seasonings, usually intended for dinner. It can be garlic, red pepper or cumin. Also improving the taste will help a small amount of cheese, greenery, something meat, fried vegetables. everything that may be in the refrigerator even in small quantities.

Useful advice: so that the taste becomes more organic, it is worth come up with a refueling for a dish. Any sauce is suitable or even just adding a pair of vegetable or olive oil drops.


Any greens will be the basis of salad. Then, without hesitation, it can be supplemented with residues of rice, boiled or fried potatoes, chopped into pieces of crispy loaf, grated or sliced ​​cheese, any fresh, canned or fried vegetables, which will be found in the refrigerator or storage room. For refueling, you can use oil, any acid ingredient, for example, a little citrus juice or vinegar, as well as salt and pepper. Optionally, favorite spices, mustard or garlic are also added to make a salad fragrant.


Soup is one of the most simple dishes that can be prepared when there are not so many food in the house. For him, it does not need a recipe, almost everything that is missing, you can easily replace with other components. To begin with, it would be nice to find some bouillon base. It can be frozen broth, cube broth or any piece of meat, fat, which is added to the water for Navar. After that, everything is sent to it to taste. Suitable vegetables, pasta, rice, nuts, lentils, beans, mince or any cereals, fish, fresh and dried herbs. Boil.

Outragia oat porridge

For dinner, too, you can quite cook the plate of this nutritious and delicious porridge. In order to make a present dish from oatmeal, it is better to deliver it with spicy herbs and spices, as well as salt and pepper, add cheese and vegetables, and on top of putting a roasted egg. All this is preparing very quickly. The dish is obtained satisfying and appetizing.

Nourishing Lavash

A pair of footers and a bit of grated cheese. this is the foundation from which the excellent meal will be. An important component of delicious snack is sauce. It can be made of ketchup and mayonnaise, sour cream, acute sauce or tomato paste. The ingredients are perfectly suitable tomatoes, corn, pumpkin, boiled chicken, onion, toasted mince, crab sticks, egg or something else, which is found in the refrigerator. The lava lava is smeared with sauce, then sprinkled with stuffing and turns into a roll, which is then cut into portion pieces. Before use, it is better to laugh. Additionally, you can fry pieces in a frying pan.


If there are eggs in the house, then the family without a delicious dinner will not remain. Fritat. this is one of the pretty simple and fast cooking dishes. A mixture of vegetables and herbs, a bit of milk and half an hour of time. everything you need for cooking. Fritatat can be prepared absolutely with any ingredients, with potatoes, pasta, zucchini, tomatoes, onions, sausage, cheese or meat. This Italian omelet is usually prepared on an open frying pan, and then goes into the oven or insisted under the lid.


If at home there are the most basic ingredients for baking, you can cook pizza that loves almost every. An excellent option for cooking will be like a large pizza, and a few small portion pizzas for everyone who will eat. First we prepare a simple dough: mix about 2.5 cups of flour with a teaspoon of salt, three teaspages of a baking powder and three thirds of the cup of water. We knead, roll off and cover the existing ingredients. First, any sauce, and then ingredients that were lying in the refrigerator or freezer. To make a dessert pizza, you can use a mixture of cinnamon and sugar, as well as any fruits and berries.

Fried rice

A small amount of rice is already a good start. Make this porridge a variety will help a simple and universal recipe. Preparing boiled rice. In a frying pan, fry vegetables or meat ingredients and add rice, Tomis together. Perhaps in the freezer there is a bag with frozen vegetables or in the closet of fresh ingredients, for example, peas, corn, carrots or broccoli. Delicious fried rice with egg. Original combination give walnuts or peanuts. For fans of spicy food useful components will be acute pepper and soy sauce. Experiments are welcome.

Why not try to remove ice yourself

Remove ice from the wall of the camera independently. First, it is meaningless because the reason that caused his appearance was detected. So even defrost will solve the problem for a very short time. Secondly, mechanical removal of land can damage the inner coating of the refrigeration chamber. Trying to split the ice to be a strange thing, you can pierce plastic. And this entails additional costs for its recovery.

Faulty refrigerator at a modern pace of life can be equated to a catastrophe. Therefore, it is clear to repaired it as quickly as possible. But, at the same time, it is necessary to understand that dubious private masters, “guaranteed” to restore everything and immediately do not carry any responsibility. over, no recommendations or advertising on the Internet do not guarantee the required level of experience and knowledge. The only correct solution will be in the event of a breakdown to contact the service center. His experts will complete the diagnosis of the unit and identify the causes of the fault. Then a qualified repair will be performed. When performing work, only high-quality components and a certified tool will be used.

From Russia do not leave, but goods may end

Swiss Nestlé and French Danone suspended all investment projects in Russia, but promise to continue to “provide consumers with high-quality food and drinks”.

faster, your, refrigerator

It is Nestlé that produces, for example, Chocolate “Russia. Shridly Soul” and Kashi “Bystrov”, and under the leadership of Dunon in Russia, there are many dairy plants and products of such brands, like “Prostokvashino”, “Tyoma”, Bio Balance are supplied other.

These companies produce baby food. and here there is a serious risk that soon dry mixes and puree may disappear with shop shelves and grow strongly in price, learned “Kommersant”. The reason is in the breakdown of the logistics supply chain of raw materials from Europe. May have to limit baby food in one hands like it is now occurs with sugar, vegetable oil and croups. So far, large manufacturers, including Nestlé, raw materials left for a year and a half.

Causes of Ice Binding in the Refrigerator with NO Frost System

If in the refrigerator that supports NO Frost technology is increasing an impressive “snowy hat”, then the human factor may become factor. In other words, housewives most often reduce the service life of their aggregate. The main reasons for the formation of land in the refrigerator NO Frost are:

  • Selected mode “Superzarozki”. Many No Frost refrigerators support superflowing technology, which automatically turns on through a day after connecting the device to the network. Such a mode of operation helps to keep the freshness of a large amount of products. If the refrigerator includes the “superflower” mode, it is not surprising that it is formed in the main compartment and the freezer. In order for the ice to disappear, you just need to disable the “superflower” mode.
  • Improper installation of the refrigerator. Household appliances manufacturers recommend leaving the free space between the refrigerator and the rear wall of at least 5 cm. Otherwise, in the refrigerator will be the wrong air exchange. In other words, heat will not be removed from the rear wall of the refrigerator. Consequently, the refrigerator will freeze badly and badly distinguish heat. This can lead to the appearance of land.
  • Incorrectly selected cooling mode. As mentioned above, many mistresses mistakenly set the maximum freezing regime. As a result, the bottom of the refrigerator is formed. This is especially true when in the room where the refrigerator is installed, too high temperature is supported. Thus, the heat exchange of the condenser with the environment is increasingly difficult. And with the selected mode “Superzarozki”, the capacitor is forced to work on a complete coil.
  • If all the settings of the refrigerator are chosen correctly, its installation is also performed according to all the rules, but FART is still formed, this indicates a breakdown of a household appliance.
  • Finding in the refrigerator NO Frost can form not only as a result of a defrost system defectory. Sometimes masters can identify other breakdowns of household appliances. The most common of them are:
  • Clogging of the drainage hole intended for water removal. The drainage channel plays an important role in the freezing department. The drainage hole is periodically clogged with dust and mud, sometimes crumbs from food. As a result, water does not circulate as needed to drainage and accumulates at the bottom of the freezer, then it freezes. In order to eliminate this malfunction, you need to fix the block as soon as possible. This can be done with a fringe of warm water. If it does not help, you need to fully defrost the refrigerator. If this measure did not bring the result, it is necessary to eliminate the zoom with the help of submitted means (cables or cables).
  • Temperature mode sensor failed. This device regulates the cooling system. Therefore, if the sensor broke, its complete replacement is necessary. Long-term refrigerator operation with a faulty temperature sensor leads to premature compressor disconnection. As a result, the freezer “polls” and forms Far.
  • Door tightness disorders with main refrigerator chamber. If the door of the refrigerator closes loosely, warm air goes to the main chamber. As a result, condensate is formed, and then ice. In this case, you need a speedy replacement of the door sealer to the new. It will help restore the tightness of the refrigeration and freezer and return the temperature inside the refrigerator to the previous level. Also, if necessary, you should check the reliability of the fitting of the main door to the refrigerator chamber and replace the loops.
  • Refrigerant leakage. The usual one malfunction arises as a result of the tightness of the cooling circuit. Consequently, in the refrigerator chamber it is impossible to achieve a given temperature, the motor is forced to work on an ongoing basis. As a result, the main working mechanism of the refrigerator is practically not turned off, overheats and also fails.

Type refrigerator device

The compressor for its pressure is injected by Freon (cooling agent) into the condenser assembly. There, the refrigerant gas is condensed into the liquid fraction. This process is accompanied by heat release, which is given through the rear panel of the refrigeration cabinet.

Liquefied freon is supplied to the system of thin tubes, after which he again takes a gaseous state, and being in the evaporating unit boils. Evaporator and generates cold. Freon completes its circuit, returning to the compressor.

The cold appeared primarily to the freezer, and it is already fed to the refrigeration. forcibly or naturally. It gives the freezer the possibility of maintaining cold temperatures even when breakdown of some elements of the unit.

In two-componer refrigerators, one compressor serves a freezer, and the second. refrigeration. It is convenient to the fact that, if desired, you can turn off some of the cameras and use only one

Spray THIS on your FRIDGE and WATCH WHAT HAPPENS �� (Suprising) ��

As soon as the lack of cold is seen in the cooling compartment with a working freezer, you need to try to analyze the situation yourself.

User actions when suspected a malfunction of the unit must be as follows:

  • establish by observation, which exactly the cameras do not get cold;
  • To clarify whether there are no sources of heat close to the refrigeration cabinet, for example, heating batteries, heaters, kitchen stoves, etc. D.;
  • Determine whether a rubber door sealing gasket is whether there are objects (pieces of food, crumbs and t. P.) impeding the dense closure of the door.

Also, it will be useful to inspect the rear surface of the refrigerator for mechanical damage, and all nodes and systems. for the presence of rye, oxidized.

Retailers explained why salt, sugar and cereals disappeared from supermarkets

In several stores of large retired networks, shelves with salt, sugar and some croups. Simultaneously with this, hypermarkets began to introduce restrictions on the sale of goods in one hands. over, this noticed not only in Samara, but also in other settlements of the region. What is the reason? And is there really a shortage of these products? We understand with retailers and authorities.

Concerns about increasing for products and reducing goods reserves appeared in residents and experts after the start of the special operation in Ukraine and the introduction due to its sanctions against Russia. March 9 to the editorial office 63.RU came several messages from citizens that there are no salt and sugar in Samara supermarkets, some croup. They reinted their words with photographs of empty shelves in the stores “Magnit” and “Pyaterochka”.

So the shelves look in “Magnify” on Dimitrov, 110g

Shelves with salt devastated and in “Magnify” on the partisan, 146

But that in the “Pyaterochka” at Dimitrov, 110g

In the area of ​​empty shelves there are announcements about the introduction of restrictions on the number of goods sold in some hands. This is how the retailers themselves explained.

But what the representatives of PJSC Magnit said:

Therefore, Magnit decided to temporarily limit the sales of individual goods per buyer. In stores at home within the same purchase, you can purchase no more than 5 units of one product or no more than one weighing goods. In hypermarkets and supermarkets. up to 10 units and, accordingly.

Restrictions introduced in the hypermarkets of “Ribbon”. The limit applies to cereals, tea, coffee, sugar, flour, fast food products, seasonings, sauces, meat and fish conservation, oil, cosmetics, means for washing, toilet paper, children’s household chemicals, diapers.

Restrictions and in “Auchan”. Check out the announcement.

The situation was noted in the government of the Samara region. This topic discussed at a meeting of the headquarters to increase the sustainability of the regional economy. Officials confirmed that there is now an attractive demand for sugar and cereals. They also explained this desire for people to purchase products “About the reserve just in case”.

The federal authorities joined the question.

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Operation of the freezer

Consider each stage separately in more detail.

Installing and connecting

Install the freezer in a dry room that is well ventilated. Make sure that there are no thermal sources next to the device. But in what sense “next”? Consider:

  • The distance between the chamber and the electric furnace should be three centimeters.
  • Heating devices must be at a distance of five centimeters.
  • Furniture should be located at a distance of two centimeters.
  • Exclude direct sunlight on the freezer.
  • Ventilation holes must constantly be available.
  • Use the apparatus outdoors can not.
  • After you have completed the installation of the freezer, it cannot be connected to electricity 2-3 hours.
  • As an electrical power, use a socket that has grounding. Before connecting, check. The network voltage must coincide with the voltage that the manufacturer itself recommends that the manufacturer itself.
  • Before the first connection, the surface of the apparatus should be wiped with warm water. In this case, warm water should be divorced with acetic acid. If the moisture remains, it can be eliminated using an ordinary napkin.

Next, consider the rules of freezing and storage of products.

Defrost rules

  • If it is manually removal, it should be carried out using a plastic scraper. Finding should not have a thickness of more than three millimeters. Plastic scraper is included in the general set of apparatus.
  • If score has six millimeters thick, then defrosting.
  • To carry out manual defrost, carefully read the instructions.
  • Freezer, which has the above definition function, you only need to wash once a year.

Properly configured freezer. the key to its excellent functioning.

Regulation of temperature and modes

The temperature in this equipment is mounted depending on the temperature of the external environment, the number of products that are stored inside it. Also, the temperature depends on the door opening frequency.

To adjust the temperature, the regulator is used, which is located under the mask. Roller need to be installed on the required division. “Decision 1” is the highest temperature, “division 7”. the lowest.

There is a “storage” mode, which is intended for freezing and storing products, the mass of which does not exceed four kilograms. To achieve high-quality freezing a much larger amount of products, you need to use another mode. “freezing”. This mode must be included in advance per day before the loading of products.

Rules frost and storage products

  • If you make up fresh products, exclude its contact with the already frozen.
  • Fresh products must have a daily rate.
  • To ensure the safety of products, follow the download level. It should be three centimeters below the edges of the equipment.
  • Often open the freezer is not worth.
  • Conduct control of frozen products.

Compliance with precautions

  • Do not use extension suppliers as electrical power. Use a start-proof relay.
  • Do not allow children’s equipment.
  • If you have wet hands, in no case touch the stamped outlet.
  • Freezing is not subject to carbonated drinks or drinks in glass bottles.

Errors and misunderstanding

Even guided by templates, there is a possibility to please in an unpleasant situation. Sometimes emotions are forced to do something faster mind. But hurriedness can be smoothed by embarrassed, but real mistakes will undoubtedly lead to a break. For example, in the correspondence should not be grammatical, punctuation, photographic and speech errors. Yes, this is not a dictation on departure, but it will not be nice to communicate with an uneducated and rude man. The modern world presented too many resources to check their speech, you should not neglect them. In addition, it should be joined to read, it will increase not only literacy, but also expand the vocabulary.

The following taboo applies to abnormative vocabulary. Even for partners who have passed together for years, getting marrying messages (if it’s not part of the joke) unpleasant. Leave it at least outside the chat, and better do it at all from life. Also should hold questions about the innermost and personal things to a deeper dating. For example, many guys are intense relationships with parents, or they do not want to discuss past connections. The last point, by the way, has the opposite direction. Even if communication inclines to this, do not describe your former, especially in a negative context.

And finally, guys love when they are called by name, even when communicating online. But with affectionate words should be careful. For example, brutal alpha does not appreciate the kitten or a mouse. Not everyone like a cowboy or superman. Before declining the name diminitiously, it is also worth seeing to reaction.

faster, your, refrigerator