The key on the hob is on what to do?

To do this, you need to press the “Key” button and wait until the stove is unlocked. Most importantly, if you have a small child, do not show him how to do it. Reverse blocking is set according to the same principle.

To unlock, you must press and hold the corresponding button on the touch panel or put the switch in place. Cleaning-pause function is started by a separate button. Once activated, the touchpad is locked for 30 seconds.

Gorenje hobs errors

Almost all possible errors that occur during the operation of Gorenje hobs are described in detail in the instructions and technical data sheet for each type of panels, which are enough in the brand’s assortment. Gorenje produces electric, gas and combined (gas-electricity) hobs, glass-ceramic and induction panels. Consider the most common mistakes in their work.

Glass ceramic hob

  • Error: the panel turns off automatically, the symbols appear on the display. Cause: Panel obstructed by foreign object(s)/dirty/liquid spilled on panel. Remedy: clean the panel of foreign objects / dirt / wipe dry.
  • Error: sensors do not respond to clicks and other actions. Reason: system failure or panel overheating. Remedy: unplug the hob for 5-10 minutes from the mains, plug it in again, press the “on” button./off”.
  • Error: sensors do not respond immediately or skip the operation. Cause: Dirty panel / direct and bright or flashing light from outside. Remedy: clean the panel and wipe it dry / eliminate light from the panel.

Electric hob

  • Error: Surface turns off automatically. Cause: The surface is obstructed by foreign object(s)/dirty/liquid has been spilled on the surface/heating level set to “00” on all hotplates. Remedy: clean the surface of foreign objects / dirt / wipe dry. Note: the hob switches off automatically even if none of the burners is set to heat.
  • Error: sensors do not respond to clicks and other actions. Cause: overheating, pollution, fluid spill. Remedy: disconnect the hob from the mains for 5-10 minutes, clean and wipe dry if necessary, reconnect to the mains, press the “on” button./off”.
  • Error: panel turns off, “F” symbol flashes on the display. Cause: Sensor activated for more than 10 seconds. Remedy: connect the panel and continue working normally.

induction hob

Common errors in the operation of induction panels are partially similar to those already considered:

  • Error code: Er03 or continuous signal. Cause: Panel obstructed by foreign object(s)/dirty/liquid spilled on panel. Remedy: clean the panel of foreign objects / dirt / wipe dry.
  • Error Code: E/2. Reason: device overheating. Remedy: let the device cool down completely (without turning it off).
  • Error Code: E/3. Reason: the lack of ferromagnetic properties of the dishes used. Remedy: use dishes with the necessary properties.
bosch, does, turn, lock

Gas and combined (gas-electricity) hob

Trying to troubleshoot such surfaces yourself is strongly discouraged. In the event of any, even minor malfunctions or breakdowns of devices with connected gas, you should only contact the service center. The device is operating on a potentially hazardous power source. The above error codes are the most common when working with hobs. By thoroughly reading the instructions and technical documentation for your equipment and caring for your hob in accordance with the recommendations specified in its documentation, you can easily minimize the occurrence of such errors.

What does LO mean on the hob?

After connecting the hob to the electrical network, the control panel is in a blocked state (the “LO” is displayed on the display). To unlock the control panel, touch the “double / triple zone” and “boiling” simultaneously.

bosch, does, turn, lock

To connect such an electric stove into a home-name single-phase network 220V:

  • Put the jumper between the terminals L1 and L2, L2 and L3,
  • Connect to L2 phase wire. brown;
  • Leave the jumper between the terminals N1 and N2;
  • Connect to N2 neutral wire. blue;

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How to unlock hobs from different manufacturers

An induction cooker is an almost indispensable and useful device for any housewife. A wide range today allows you to find a model that fits perfectly into the design of any kitchen. When purchasing such household appliances, you should carefully study the instructions for use.

When purchasing an induction hob, you should carefully study the instructions for use

So, for example, the stove is equipped with special protection aimed at ensuring the safety of children. It is secured by blocking. Without knowing how to unlock the hob, it becomes impossible to use household appliances. Therefore, the hostess should study this issue thoroughly.

Unique panels from Faber

Faber induction hobs feature the highest quality glass-ceramic coating for a long service life. The body, made in black, features an original design. The hobs are equipped with powerful burners that allow you to quickly cook any dish, preserving the maximum of useful substances in it.

Built-in hobs have a wide range of adjustment of the intensity of the burners. each model is equipped with 9 power levels. The presence of the Booster function allows you to quickly increase the power of one burner at the expense of the adjacent. Faber hobs are equipped with an automatic pan detection function that activates the heating zone when pans with a special bottom are placed on it. The presence of a timer, residual heat indicator, child lock, overheating protection, simple operation using the touch screen ensures safe and comfortable use of the device.

Bosche induction cooktop child safety lock stuck on

What can not be done if your stove began to knock out the RCD

In some sources, you can find advice to turn the plug of the stove 180 degrees, which began to knock out the RCD or difavtomat, or plug the stove through an extension cord into another outlet. Masters of “RemBytTech” categorically do not recommend engaging in such “self-treatment”. By such actions, you “deprive” the electrical device of grounding, which can lead to electric shock when touching the stove (the force of the impact can lead to serious injury, even death).

Do not risk your equipment and your own safety! If your stove knocks out the machine or the RCD is triggered, contact qualified help by phone:

Masters of “RemBytTekh” have extensive experience in repairing electric stoves of all brands and years of manufacture. We arrive within 24 hours after receiving the application and promptly fix the malfunctions of household appliances with a guarantee of up to 2 years.

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Electric hob. common faults

During operation, equipment may malfunction due to voltage fluctuations, improper maintenance or manufacturing defects.

Repair of the built-in electrical kitchen cooking panel is relevant in the following cases:

  • hob does not turn on. The phenomenon occurs due to a lack of voltage in the outlet or malfunctions of parts. The socket is checked with a multimeter. If everything is fine with it, there are risks of burning a fuse, breaking contacts, rubbing or squeezing the cord, breakdowns of the heating element;
  • one or two burners on the hob do not work. Broken heater contacts that can be soldered. Burnt out heating element is replaced with a new one. The switch of the control unit is repaired or replaced when the contacts are broken;
  • burner does not heat up well. The problem is related to overheating of the heating element, thermostat, thermostat. Some parts are repaired, but the thermostat needs to be changed;
  • blown fuse. Failure occurs when voltage fluctuates in apartments without UZS on electric mains. The part is replaced, especially since its cost is inexpensive;
  • sensor not working. The element is checked with a multimeter. If it does not react to the device, the panel change completely. Sensor failures occur due to improper operation of the stove or burnout of the control unit after cleaning with saline solutions;
  • the hob gets very hot, works, does not turn off. The thermostat fails in 95% of cases. The part is not repaired, but only changed.

On the glass-ceramic surface, the glass sometimes cracks. The cause of the failure is a manufacturing defect or improper operation. Repair work is carried out exclusively by the master.

Important! Before inspection, electrical equipment must be disconnected from the mains.

Problems with the sensor itself

Usually problems with the sensors themselves occur on hobs that have been working for a long time: capacitors may fail. In principle, you can try to replace them, but, as our practice shows, this rarely helps.

Some other possible problems with sensors can define only specialists using diagnostic equipment.

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