The engine washing machine that can be done useful

Homemade engine from washing machine (video camp, photo, schemes)

How to connect the engine from the old washing machine through the capacitor or without it

Not all “washed” engines will work with a condenser.

There are 2 main types of engines:. with condenser start (permanent condenser). with launcher relay.As a rule, “condenser” engines have three winding outputs, power 100.120 W and turnover 2700. 2850 (Engines centrifuge washing machines).

And engines with “start relays” have 4 outputs, power 180 W and turnover 1370. 1450 (Machine Activator Drive)

Connecting the “condenser” motor through the start button can lead to power loss.And the use of a constantly included capacitor in the engine designed for starting relays. can lead to winding windings !

Homemade emery from the engine washing machine

Homemade engine generator from washing machine

Today we will talk about the alteration of an asynchronous electric motor from the washing machine to the generator. In general, I have long been interested in this question, but there was no special desire for reworking the electric motor, because at that time did not see the field of application of the generator. Since the beginning of the year, it was working on a new model of the ski lift. Your lift is good, but to ride music is much more fun, so I quickly ripe the idea to make such a generator to use it in winter on the slope to charge the battery.

I had three electric motors from the washing machine, and two of them are absolutely good. Here is one of these asynchronous electric motors, I decided to remake into the generator.

A little run forward to say that the idea is not mine and not new. I will only describe the process of alteration of an asynchronous electric motor to the generator.

As a basis, an electric motor was taken with a capacity of 180 watts produced by the PRC of the early 90s of the last century.

Magnets ordered NPK “NPK” Magnets and Systems “, before I have already bought magnets when building a wind power station. Neodymium magnets, magnet size 20x10x5.

The remission of the rotor was to remove the core layer (deepening). Neodymium magnets will be installed in the resulting deepening. At the beginning on the lathe 2 mm of the core was shot. the protrusion above the side cheeks. Then the recess of 5 mm for neodymium magnets was made. The result of the rework of the rotor can be seen in the photo.

Measuring the length of the circumference of the received rotor, the necessary calculations were performed, after which a strip pattern was made of. With the use of a template, the rotor was divided into equal parts. Between risks, neodymium magnets will be incurred.

8 magnets were used for one pole. In total, the rotor turned out 4 poles. With the help of a compass and marker, all the magnets were marked for convenience. The magnets were glued to the rotor “superclaim”. I will say, it’s terrible. Magnets are very strong, they had to keep them tight when gluing. There were moments when magnets were broken, pinned their fingers, and the glue flew into the eyes. Therefore, glue magnets are needed using safety glasses.

The cavity between magnets decided to fill with epoxy resin. To do this, the rotor with magnets was wrapped in several layers of paper. The paper is fixed with scotch. Furies for additional sealing of plasticine. In the shell carved hole. Around the hole made of plasticine done neck. Epoxy resin floated in the hole of the shell.

After soaring epoxy resin, the shell was removed. The rotor is clamped into the cartridge of the drilling machine for subsequent processing. Grinding was carried out by sandpaper of medium grain.

4 wires left the electric motor. Found a working winding, and the wires from the starting winding cut off. Installed new bearings, since the old rotated tightly. Bolts tightening the case are also installed new.

The rectifier is assembled on diodine d242, the “Solar” controller is used as a charging controller, bought a few years ago on eBay.

Generator tests can be viewed on video.

To charge the battery, 3-5 generator revolutions. At maximum turnover of drill from the generator, it turned out 273 volts. Alas, a decent glance, so there is no point in the windmill such a generator. Except the windmill with a big screw or gearbox.

The generator will stand on the ski lift. Tests in field conditions already this winter.

Source www.konstantin.IN

Connecting and adjusting the revolutions of the collector engine from the washing machine

Circle of washing machine

Lathe of washing machine machine

How to make an anterior woman with a lathe on a tree from a motorcycle from a washing machine. and power regulator with power maintenance.

Woodwrobe with an engine from a washing machine

The smallest single-phase, screw coil with an engine from a washing machine with a capacity of 600 W. With a stabilizer turnover: 1000-8000 rpm.

Homemade concrete mixer

Simple homemade concrete mixer, consists of: barrel 200 l, engine from washing machine, disc from Zhiguli classic, gearbox made from Zaporozhts generator, skipper Large from washing machine Fairy, small self-shot pulleys, ski drum made from the same disk.

Varieties and features of engines

In washing machines, 3 main types of engines are used: collector, inverter, asynchronous. They differ technically and functionally different, have their advantages, minuses. Consider each type in detail.

View # 1. small and budget collector

The collector engine is equipped with most styrals on the market. Its design is an aluminum case, inside the rotor, stator, tachometer and two brushes.

engine, washing, machine, done

The latter are placed in the device in order to ensure contact between the motor and rotor. Through them are fed by an anchor, a magnetic field is formed, which starts the rotation. The voltage in the network significantly affects the speed of this rotation.

The collector engine is located at the bottom of the machine design, with the pulley of the drum it is connected by a belt. Brushes and belt refer to disadvantages. Brushes are abrase over time, the belt needs to be replaced, because with time it wear out and stretched.

The presence of electrical brushes is distinguished by this type of engine from the rest: they are peculiar to rustle or rustle during the work of the washing

  • It works from direct and alternating current;
  • small in size;
  • simple repair if the breakdown happened;
  • Non-flat control electrical system.

To overcome the power of the belt friction, the whole mechanism spends more energy. This leads to a low efficiency due to increased electricity consumption.

But the statement is rather controversial, because the main consumption falls on the TEN, and not on the engine. Real savings in comparison with the following type is 2-5%.

View # 2. Innovative and Compact Inverter

Inverter engines began to equip Washing in 2005. Development of this variety belongs to the company LG, for a long time innovation provided the manufacturer leadership in the market.

Later inverter engines began to use samsung, bosch, aeg, whirlpool, haier.

The inverter is embedded in the drum of the washing machine, is a cover with permanent magnets (rotor) and climbing with coils (stator)

What is the feature of the design? In the absence of a collector-brush node and direct drive. Such an engine is installed directly to the drum and costs it in its work without a drive belt.

Anchor in it is assembled on magnets, the voltage is fed to the stator winding in the converted inverter, so the speed of revolutions can be adjusted and monitored.

  • simple and compact design;
  • economy due to the absence of the need to spend electricity to overcome the friction force in the collector-brush node;
  • almost silent;
  • There are no fast wear elements (brushes, belt), so long service life;
  • Low vibration level during spinning;
  • Ability to set a greater speed for spinning.

In some models, the machines with the inverter have the ability to adjust the drum rotation modes. This advantage of the manufacturer LG provides 6 Motion technology. But such washers are more expensive, and the repair costs it was not suiced due to the price of components.

View # 3. quiet and simple asynchronous

Such engines are two- and three-phase. The first model refers to the category of outdated and in the XXI century it is almost everywhere removed from production.

The second can be found in the early stroits of Bosch, Candy, Miele, Ardo. The asynchronous engine rotor is located at the bottom of the washing, with the drum connected by the belt, so they work at the same time.

The design of the asynchronous engine of the washer includes a rotor rotating drum, and a fixed stator. Torque is transmitted using a belt

In the care of an asynchronous engine unpretentious. the main task of the user is to a timely replacement of bearings and motor lubrication.

But there are flaws in it. Because of its principle of work in its characteristics not to find high power. The torque can be weakened at any time, the drum will cease to perform complete turns, the wash quality will deteriorate strongly.

And one more feature. electrical strokes are complex in management. With all its advantages, an asynchronous engine has shown in the fly, the main competition in the market occurs between inverters and manifiers.

Comparative analysis of models

Data on the type of engine and drive can be found from the passport of the machine. This information is obliged to own and consultant. You can pre-compare which of the engines is better for each list of consumer requirements. But first, let’s look at the fraudulent maneuvers of manufacturers of a type of engine.

Parameter Lack of rubbing parts in the inverter. It is not true, bearings in the mechanisms of the same amount, but there are no brushes in it.

But how many brushes serve that the collectors buyers are so frighten? 10-15 thousand. hours or up to 15 years of work in daily mode for 2-3 hours a day. At the same time, the guaranteed service life of the machine itself is 7-10 years. Yes, and the brushes are about 5 dollars. In the inverter washer, as in the collector may require replacement of bearings.

Statistics of repairs of styralic shows that the replacement of the brushes than the heating element, the bearings or the electronic unit is much less likely, and the cost of replacing the brushes below

Parmattetre Noise. Yes, the “brush” engine is more noisy, but the inverter also gives a characteristic squeak. The main sound is still not a motor, but a pump paired with a drum. During spinning the inverter and beeps, reminding mosquito.

Application of the operating engine of the washing machine

Consider some homemade engine from a washing machine. Today, with the help of the Internet, many homemade craftsmen are happy to share their own inventions, in the design of which spare parts from old washing machines were used. Consider the most sought-after.

Making concrete mixer

When repairing in the apartment, a private house may need a small amount of concrete solution. Rent for such a purpose concrete mixer. too expensive. You can build such a tool yourself, for which the case is suitable from the old washer (except for the machine).

  • First of all, it is necessary to close the drain hole in the housing (you can put an ordinary plug).
  • Of the two durable steel strips we make a blade, the function of which is mixing the mixture. For this purpose, a durable drum is also suitable, the core of which is left in solid, and the blades are cut out of the circle and bend to 90 degrees in one direction.
  • Through a hole intended for the activator, it is necessary to insert the shaft to which the pre-prepared blades are welded.
  • Last Stage. Installing the engine, connecting it to the shaft.

Simple concrete mixer for operating conditions is ready. With this device, you can easily prepare a bucket of solution.

Entry from the engine from the washing machine

Worker motor from an old machine machine can be used for manufacture with your own hands electric emery. This is done very simple. the sandpaper is installed on the motor shaft (sharpened). Such a tool will be very practical in the country, since it can be molded not only knives, but also shovels, axes.

Cormor, grainrink

Those who have a small plot of land, contains a household, does not prevent the grain mill made with their own hands, the borders. If it is used for this purpose an electric motor machine machine, then the homemade device will not work worse than the factory equipment.

Make in domestic conditions the bubble. In addition to the motor, you will need a housing of the top loading machine that can be found on scrap metal.

It is important to understand! The engine factor of the washing machine can be used to make a variety of different economic tools requiring rotation. Washing Motor Motor can be applied to manufacture homemade dough. Washing Motor Motor can be applied to manufacture homemade dough

Washing Motor Motor can be applied to manufacture homemade dough.

Emery machine

In any farming, it will be akin to the emery. This device is maximum simple to manufacture. It will be necessary to find only an electric motor from the washer and buy a grinding stone.

Sometimes a hole of the stone is not suitable in size to the shaft of the engine. In such a situation, you will have to prepare an additional adapter. it must be ordered specifically. Make a spare part of the suitable diameter will be able to any turner.

In addition to adapter, you need to prepare a nut, screw and washer. Motor movement directly depends on what carving on the coupling. To spinning the engine from left to right, left-sided thread will need, in the opposite direction. right-sided.

If necessary, the movement of the electric motor can be adjusted by changing the winding wire in places.

Next, it is necessary to put the grinding stone on the motor shaft and connect the operating winding of the engine voltage 220 volts. Two start cables are summarized to the coil.

How to make chopped or grinding machine from the engine for washing machine

Sharpened. one of the most sought-after tools for the house. With it, you can make garden tools, homemade knives and scissors. If you still do not have this. buy it in any tool store or make a grip of a washing machine. The most difficult moment. how to fix the emery circle on the motor. Easiest to buy a ready flange. It looks like this.

You can pull out a flange of a metal pipe of a suitable diameter, most often suitable tube with a cross section of 32 mm. From her you need to cut off a piece of 15 centimeters long, it is quite enough to fix the emery. The flange is fixed on the motor shaft with welding or through bolt. The video describes in detail how it works sharpened from the washing machine, made with your own hands:

How to make chopped or grinding machine from the engine for washing machine

Sharpened. one of the most sought-after tools for the house. With it, you can make garden tools, homemade knives and scissors. If you still do not have this. buy it in any tool store or make a grip of a washing machine. The most difficult moment. how to fix the emery circle on the motor. Easiest to buy a ready flange. It looks like this.

You can pull out a flange of a metal pipe of a suitable diameter, most often suitable tube with a cross section of 32 mm. From her you need to cut off a piece of 15 centimeters long, it is quite enough to fix the emery. The flange is fixed on the motor shaft with welding or through bolt. The video describes in detail how it works sharpened from the washing machine, made with your own hands:

How to make your own hands from a washing machine

Bird slaughter time. troublesome stage. Usually do it in autumn when ducks and broilers have achieved the necessary weight, and keep them in winter is already unprofitable. Talking several dozen, and then hundreds of carcasses need very quickly. You can get rid of the cautious work with the help of a perosnower, and it is easy to do everything from the same items.

The only thing that may cause difficulties. search for rubber fingers with threads. Bilov. They will have to order, so keep in mind that about the manufacture of the machine you need to think long before the bottom

For the device, you can not disassemble the washer. Especially convenient to use vertical loading machines. You just need to fix biles in the drum so that they look inside. Before the chicken, a carcass must be scolded with boiling water, and then just throw in a rotating drum. This is what happens:

Important! So that the water does not hit the engine of the throttle machine, you need to protect it with a plastic casing.

And the last moment. the perosorum must be firmly fixed, since the vibration when loading the carcass will be very strong.

Self-made washing machine

The vibrating plate from the electric motor of the washing machine does not make sense to purchase expensive vibrating plates so that after the end of construction, throw it into the distant corner. You can make an aggregate with your.

Electrocultivator from the engine of washing machine home “self-timeline” and in the head will not come to hand over the metal engine from the washing machine. You can collect.

Vibrotol from the electric motor washing machine Small home production of paving slabs is impossible to organize without vibrostol. Acquire this unit in the store is expensive, so it’s better to collect.

Where you can apply the engine from the washing machine machine? “Give a second life” can be a good engine from the automatic washing machine, making it the basis of a plurality of useful devices. How best.

How to make a cutting machine for metal with a washing machine? Make the simplest cutting machine for metal can be almost “on the knee” in my garage. The basis will serve the engine from.

Grilling of branches from the engine of washing machine grass, branches and other vegetable garbage can be turned into an excellent compost, if it is pre-littered into small parts

The grinding machine from the engine from the washing machine found “in the store” the work engine from the washing machine. Return it to the system, making on it.

How to make a motor-wheel from a washing machine? The tempting seems to be the idea to put on your old bike engine from the straightwater washing machine LG, turning it into the “Electrovale”.

How to make a focus of a washing machine drum? Parts served as a washing machine can turn into useful things in skillful hands. For example, from the steel drum.

How to run a washing machine (universal) motor off a 12v battery

engine, washing, machine, done

Babe washing machine is an old trigger machine, but the working washing machine of a baby can serve as its owner if he turns it into an extractive car with his.

Moonshine apparatus from the tank from the washing machine The factory moonshine device to buy today is easy, but it is much more interesting to make it with your own hands from parts of the old washing.

How to make a drilling machine from the engine from a washing machine? Many will say that it is easier to buy a drilling machine than to make it with their own hands from the engine from a washing machine, but.

The use of a drain pump from the washing machine Although the pump from the washing machine is rather small, it is very productive. You can make a submersible pump that is wide.

Homemade from the pump from the washing machine if you lack in the garage of a miniature electric pump for pumping fluid, such as water or gasoline, then you.

Connection and verification

Need to make sure that the selected motor works. To do this, determine the conclusions of the windings using the tester or multimeter. To check the operability of the collector motor, you need to connect one cable wire with a fork to one brush, and the other. to the winding output. Free conductors are connected to each other. If the engine is working, the rotor will start rotating.

Asynchronous motor is connected differently. First you need to determine the working and exciting winding. The first will have greater resistance. It is supplied directly to it, and to the exciting. through the phase shifting capacitor.