Temperature adjustment in a gas boiler. The boiler does not gain temperature

Such problems happen both in new, newly installed units and those that have served several years. The reason is external and internal factors. Often users complain that the boiler is turned off and does not turn on after prolonged downtime. For example, in the country you launch the device only upon arrival, which is why the system may freeze.

  • Incorrect power selection.
  • Heating or hot water supply system (DHW).
  • Smoke removal block.
  • Gas line.
  • Electric part.
  • Inappropriate adjustment.

Both wall.up and floor boilers are subject to problems. What to do to eliminate them? Find the reason and try to eliminate it.

Causes of frequent inclusion of a gas boiler

It happens that the installed new device after setting, commissioning begins to turn on too often and off. Such a device, although it should automatically regulate its work, however, such a process clearly indicates failures in the system. This can adversely affect the deadline for using the device, because the working elements begin to wear quickly, and the device itself will fail.

There are reasons why a heated boiler is often triggered. In any case, it is better to contact a specialist if there is not enough professional experience, because when manipulating blue fuel, you must be careful. The main reasons for turning on-off heating equipment with frequency frequency:

  • Incorrect selection of the device. The power is provided for a large room, and the installation of the unit was carried out in a small room;
  • incorrect installation of the circulation pump;
  • the temperature range is incorrectly set;
  • There is no thermostat in the room, for this reason the adjustment of the operating condition of the device occurs according to the temperature indicators of the coolant.

Important! This problem is quite simple, but there are times when you have to replace the device with another model

The reasons for poor heating and methods for their elimination

Consider what the reasons for the gas boiler are not gaining temperature.

First you should properly set the temperature on the unit. In different models of boilers, this indicator may differ. Typically, the maximum and minimum values ​​are indicated in the instructions. In most boilers, the largest temperature is 80ºC or 85ºC, but experts recommend setting no more than 60ºC. Since with high indicators the water heats up greatly, and the scale begins to appear. Deposits cover the walls of the circuit, and its heat transfer worsens. This leads to the fact that the heat exchanger overheats, and the liquid does not have time to warm up enough. As a result, the heating system does not give an optimal temperature. This problem can be solved by cleaning the heat exchanger from scale.

In modern models, the level of heating of the coolant can be set not only a person, but also an outer temperature sensor. Depending on weather conditions, it automatically regulates fluid heating in the circuit. If you have this device, adjust the temperature on it.

The power of the unit is incorrectly selected

When choosing a gas boiler, attention should be paid to determining the necessary power. If it is less or more than necessary, this will lead to low heating quality. With a lack of power, the unit will work at the maximum, but the heat will still not be enough.

If the gas boiler has too much performance, then the problem often arises as the unit clocking: the gas boiler quickly gains temperature and turns off, and then turns on again after a few minutes. The room under this mode of operation is poorly warmed up.

This problem is solved in several ways:

Mainfour 24, does not hold a given temperature

Re: Mainfour 24, does not hold the given temperature

Re: Mainfour 24, does not hold the given temperature

Re: Mainfour 24, does not hold the given temperature

Re: Mainfour 24, does not hold the given temperature

Re: Mainfour 24, does not hold the given temperature

Re: Mainfour 24, does not hold the given temperature

Re: Mainfour 24, does not hold the given temperature

Re: Mainfour 24, does not hold the given temperature

So you yourself installed. the channel in the near tube of the heat exchanger is clogged.

Re: Mainfour 24, does not hold the given temperature

Re: Mainfour 24, does not hold the given temperature

Re: Mainfour 24, does not hold the given temperature

Re: Mainfour 24, does not hold the given temperature

Re: Mainfour 24, does not hold the given temperature

Re: Mainfour 24, does not hold the given temperature

Of course. certainly! Mount it much longer!

Subject to the water regime, this would not have happened.

Re: Mainfour 24, does not hold the given temperature

There is Baxi Luna Duo-Tec Mp 1.50, which from birth incorrectly shows the temperature of the coolant on the display, overestimating it by about 12 degrees. That is, in order to achieve a temperature of 60 degrees, on the boiler you need to set 72. The same situation with the return shows 58 degrees, instead of approximately 45-46. Changed the supply temperature sensor, nothing has changed. What could be the problem? It is possible to somehow calibrate the sensors?

And how much is he from the clan, if not a secret.

The second season is at work, but also from the release date no more than two years.

Either you are wrong, or the ADC on the board is faulty-this is not calibrated.

And what can I measure incorrectly? Four pairs of analog thermometers on Meibas and one digital on the second electric boiler is a rubber, in chorus show a synchronous temperature with an accuracy of a degree. That is, in your opinion, you need to change the control board? And what threatens.

I make a boiler room on two Ecofour and Smartweb X controller from control methods-relay and 0-10 volts, the output is clear that room thermostat, boiler at fixed temperature, etc.D. But I want to try to force to work like a street sensor with modulation, are there any ways to transfer the boiler the required temperature?

So far, I think in the direction of coordination on Arduino with a submission of different resistances to the input of a street thermal sensor depending on temperature needs. AT.

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Incorrect setup of the gas valve of the boiler

On any gas valve you can make settings. Errors in the settings include the installation of the output pressure less than the permissible norm for your regulation system. In case of incorrect valve tuning, the boiler will not work at full power. Accordingly will not be able to dial the desired temperature. Valve tuning is usually performed by specialists installing the boiler.

Why does the boiler do not warm water

Most often, such malfunctions happen before the heating season, when after a long downtime the boiler is included. Two options for the development of events are possible:

  • The boiler passes an automatic check, lights up, but does not warm the water well or does not heat it at all;
  • the boiler just does not work, the batteries remain cold.

We remind you that in modern heating boilers, advanced automation is built, which is diagnosed with all the units of the device before launching. If the malfunction is found, then the security system will stop working the boiler, and the error number will be displayed on the display. You can decipher errors with instructions for the device or using our classifier.

The boiler power is incorrectly selected

It is very important that the boiler is selected individually for your needs. The following problems are possible otherwise.

  • The situation is the first. The low power of the boiler does not allow heating the entire volume of water. In this case, the device will work constantly, but the water will still not warm up to the desired temperature.
  • The situation is second. A too powerful model for a small volume of coolant was chosen. In this case, the water will not cool, still hot water will flow into the boiler. As a result, this will lead to a constant overheating of the boiler because of which it will “beat”-constantly turn on and turn off.

The first thing you can do is configure the boiler for optimal work, for example, reduce the gas pressure at the input or the power of the device itself. If this does not help, then you will have to either replace the boiler, or recall the heating system, for example, add or remove radiators.

The science of static electricity. Anuradha Bhagwat

The boiler boils and the batteries are cold

So, the boiler works at full power, and the batteries remain cold. In this case, experts recommend immediately checking the operation of the circulation pump. After a long downtime, he can clog or stick. Then the heated coolant will accumulate in the boiler, and not move through the pipes. The problem is easily solved by a simple flushing of the pump, or its replacement.

The heat exchanger clogged

With an increase in temperature in water, salts dissolve, which then settled on the heat exchanger. The resulting scale reduces the heating of the coolant (heat is simply not transmitted to water due to a layer of solid deposits), so the boiler, although it works, the water in the heating circuit still remains cold.

The second option is possible: as a result of constant combustion of fuel, soot accumulates on the surface of the heat exchanger. Because of such a thick layer, the fire ceases to contact the surface of the heat exchanger and simply does not heat it. As a result, water remains cold.

You can solve the problem by cleaning the heat exchanger or replacing it. To do this, you can use special cleaning tools.

Insufficient pressure

1.5-2 atmospheres are considered optimal pressure for private houses. For multi.storey buildings, it can reach up to 4 atmospheres. If the gas pressure at the entrance is less than the recommended, the boiler simply cannot heat water.

Be sure to check the system for leaks: due to insufficient fluid volume, the necessary pressure is not created. Check all filters, including gas. If it is clogged, then an insufficient amount of gas will come.

Check the boiler settings, perhaps the pressure gearbox is incorrect. Either a poor.quality insert was made to the gas pipeline: during the work, a smaller hole was made than necessary.

How to avoid the problem?

You can avoid faults if you follow a few simple recommendations:

  • Be sure to contact professionals at the stage of designing a boiler room. The incorrectly selected boiler power or insufficient volume of the heating system will negatively affect the operation of all equipment.
  • Trust the installation of specialists. High.quality work on installing and connecting boiler equipment will exclude most malfunctions that may occur during further work. In addition, this is a mandatory point for obtaining a warranty period from the manufacturer.
  • Perform regular maintenance of your equipment. Once a year, a master comes, who will diagnose your boiler, clean all the nodes, control the working pressure, the lack of leaks and perform a test launch.
  • Follow all the manufacturer’s recommendations during the operation of boiler equipment. Carefully study the user’s instructions for your equipment. Follow the specified requirements.
  • Trust the repair of your equipment only to masters of specialized companies. Remember that independent repair of gas equipment is strictly prohibited! In addition, if you entrust the work of an unskilled specialist, there is a chance that the boiler is generally out of order or an emergency situation will be created.

Thus, you will not only extend the uninterrupted and safe operation of the boiler, but also do not lose the guarantee. A timely solution to problems will help to avoid expensive repairs and save your money.

Mismatch of the volume of water consumed and the power of the boiler used

If the tenants file a complaint that there is no hot water from a gas boiler in a private house, the reason may be the fact that significantly more hot water is consumed than the boiler can physically heat. Heating hot water in the boiler is not instant operation. Therefore, the volume in the coolant should fully correspond to the amount of consumption.

The heating of the room is carried out by water flowing in pipes (batteries). While she makes a full circle. cools down. Therefore, during this time a single.circuit or double.circuit gas boiler in a private house should warm water for the next circle so that the circulation of a warm flow is continuous.

How to avoid the problem and quickly eliminate it?

Reliable work of the boiler begins with its choice and installation. It is important to determine which boiler is suitable for you, what kind of fuel it will be comfortable for you, what power is required. And only after that order it, deliver it to its place, perform installation and make a strapping.

offers customers the installation, repair and maintenance of heating boilers in Kaluga and the region. If you see that the equipment does not gain or keeps a given temperature, contact Professorol. We will arrive at the place, conduct diagnostics and eliminate the problem as quickly as possible. We work with all types and models of boiler equipment. If you have questions and you need a preliminary consultation, call number 7 (4842) 75 02 04.

If your Zhytomyr boiler has broken down, then we recommend buying a new Zhytomyr gas boiler with an enhanced control board, an improved model without flaws (do not have to repair), or choose another wall gas boiler.

I have a boiler Zhytomyr 3 CS: GO-G-010SN with automatic Eurosit 630, the problem is that when releasing the thermostat handle, the pilot burner goes out,?Reply

The main reason for turning off the boiler is the lack of traction, but if we talk about the technical part, the following is most likely the following: 1. The compound of the thermopara-valve cable was oxidized; 2. The thermocouple relative to the pilot burner is incorrectly exhibited; 3. a pilot burner or tube (dirt, spider?); N 4. Faulty automation (coil). I would advise you to contact an authorized service center to install the exact cause of attenuation.

The boiler atem works for 2 minutes, then goes out with the wick. And so 5-6 times, after that the burners completely went out, one wick remained to burn, while it was impossible to extinguish it. I had to close the gas. Crane what assumptions? Reply

By 95%, the boiler is attenuation after 2 minutes of work occurs due to errors in the design of the chimney, that is, the boiler thrust sensor is triggered (there is no traction). On the second question. most likely foreign particles (garbage) got into the gas valve). So that this is not the case, when installing the boiler, it is necessary to put a gas filter, as well as maintain cleanliness around the boiler. This is described in detail in the operating manual.

Recently became the owner of the boiler atem at 12.5 kW, automation of euroitis 630 is a single.circuit and I have such a question. When the coolant (water) in the boiler reaches a given temperature, the burner goes out (the wick burns) and lights when the colder coolant comes from the “return” and so in a circle: he heats up, cools down, cools down and gets cool. This should be or the boiler should burn constantly? The batteries are warming normally. The circulation of the coolant occurs due to the operation of the pump. Reply

Yes everything is correct. This is his operating mode. When the set temperature is reached, the main burner is turned off, and when the water temperature drops by about 5 degrees, the burner again turns on.

The boiler atem Zhitomir-3 constantly rogues after a while. The master cleaned. They changed the thermocouple. Tell me what could be?Reply

If this was a thermocouple, the boiler would not have been launched at all. With your symptoms. 95%that the traction sensor is triggered. Check the traction in the chimney.

The problem is this. I kindle the smell burner. After about 40 second retention, I release. The burner is on. I put approximately 1 position or 1.5 positions. The main burner lights up then after 10 clicks and everything goes out. Subsequent attempts end in the same. 10 seconds of burning click and attenuation. What to do, tell me? Reply

Make sure that during the warming up the flame of the main burner does not blow the flames of the litter. The litter exists not only for arson, but also the heating of a thermocouple, which controls the entire valve group. You need to go very slowly for warming up. In my boiler for about 20-30 minutes. Only after reaching 60 degrees will there be a good craving and the problem will disappear. And another important note. There is a mesh through which air and gas is available on the fragrant. it should be absolutely clean. Flame of a wick with a clean mesh blue. With dirty. yellow.

A single.circuit boiler 20 kW. constant pops (almost explosions) when turning on automation. What can be done for smooth burning of burners? Reply

Cotton occurs due to excess gas in the furnace. Because of what it can be: the outgoing pressure of the gas (or the adjustment), or excessively excessive pressure at the input (more than 1860 Pa at a rate of 1300 PA). Unfortunately, in recent years in the fall, more than 2400 PA have been often pumped into the network! At the same time, even the SIT valve, which has a built.in gas gearbox, does not cope with such changes! The amount of gas supplied in the furnace increases by more than 25-30 %!, Therefore, the occurrence of cotton. To avoid this, it is necessary to reduce the outgoing pressure of the gas on the valve. BUT!: We must remember that in winter in the cold, gas pressure will drop to 1200pa, or even lower. Therefore, again it will be necessary to raise the adjustment of outgoing pressure. In addition, you can slightly cover a gas tap on the pipe with a working boiler (not completely, but 13. 12).

Why is the gas boiler boiling

Consider the principle of operation of the gas boiler. Under normal conditions, the coolant warms up inside the boiler to a given temperature due to fuel burning. Then the heated water spreads throughout the heating system, warming the radiators in the room. After that, the liquid returns to the boiler.

In case of malfunctions, the coolant is overheated, thermal attires are triggered, and the security system stops the operation of the heating boiler. It is good if the device is equipped with a display, then the self.diagnosis system will display an error number on the screen depending on the boiler model:

Manufacturer Error code
Ariston one
Baxi E02
Bosch E9
Buderus 4c
Electrolux E2
Navien E01
Protherm F.twenty
Vaillant F.twenty

If the technique is not equipped with a display, then overheating is determined by external signs: the device heats up stronger than usual, and the burner immediately stops working.

Several reasons for overheating of the boiler are possible:

  • clogging filters;
  • the formation of air traffic jams;
  • clogging of the heat exchanger (for example, scale);
  • a malfunction of the circulation pump;
  • improper operation of the smoke removal system;
  • equipment installation site;
  • High power capacity.

Low circulation of the coolant in the heating circuit leads to the fact that the water stagnates and boils. In this case, you can hear gurgling inside the boiler.

How to eliminate the malfunction?

We remind you again: if gas equipment overheats, immediately contact the specialists. If you tighten the repair and the security system will fail, then the boiler may even explode.

Filters clogged

First of all, check the filters. Turn off the boiler and wait until the water cools down. Cover all the taps and take out filters. If they are clogged. rinse in a solution of citric acid, can be cleaned with a soft brush. If the filters are finally worn out. better replace.

Air traffic jams

Boiling water can also occur when heating the heating system can occur. Air can not only slow down the movement of the coolant, but also completely stop it.

Touch the radiators with your hand. If they warm up unevenly, most likely an air cork was formed. Specialists use special equipment for this, which detects cold areas in the heating circuit.


So, in air traffic jams, perform the following algorithm of actions:

  • Put a basin or pan under the crane of a maevsky, and then open it;
  • The air will begin to go out with hissing, maybe water is pouring. Do not close the valve until all the liquid is merged and all the extra air is frightened;
  • Repeat until the air cork is disappeared.

Clogging the heat exchanger

Even when using high.quality coolant during constant operation on the pipes and walls of the heat exchanger, various salts are formed. Due to the scale, the passages are narrowed, the pressure is reduced, and the water boils.

That is why experts recommend conducting annual maintenance of gas boilers. During diagnostics, the specialist will assess the condition of the heat exchanger and wash it if necessary. If the heat exchanger is destroyed, then it will have to be replaced.

In addition to regular service, pour “soft” water into the heating circuit or install magnetic filters and change them once a month.

Falf in the circulation pump

If you use a closed heating system, then control the pump operation. With prolonged non.use, his parts could be stuck or clog. usually the problem is solved when it was washed.

Improper operation of the smoke removal system

Heating of the boiler housing can occur with faulty operation of the smoke removal system, and the heat exchanger surface from the side of the burner can be polluted or clogged with soot.

Check the presence of traction in the chimney, an air flow for combustion into the room. Let experts clean and configure gas reinforcement.

High power of the boiler or low water duct

The problem can occur with the improper choice of the power of the device. For example, with high power and low water duct. The coolant simply will not have time to cool.

It is best to exclude this problem at the stage of installation and purchase of equipment. Consult with specialists, they will calculate the needs and tell you the necessary equipment parameters.

If the heating system is already mounted. try to increase the water duct. Install a more powerful pump, buy mixers with larger cartridges, replace the watering can with a large number of holes.

Or contact specialists for help to adjust and configure the device. It may be necessary to reduce gas pressure.

Place of installation of boiler equipment

Make sure that in the room where the boiler is installed there is no high humidity or low temperature. Otherwise the metal will gradually deteriorate due to corrosion.

Why does the boiler not gain temperature?

Problems with a set of a given temperature and heating arise in different types of boilers. We offer to consider the main reasons why the boiler does not gain temperature, which causes such problems and how they can be eliminated.

We will see the reasons for the incorrect operation of the main types of boilers: gas, electric and solid fuel.

Gas boilers

There is a lot of factors why the boiler does not gain a given temperature: there is a lot:

  • The flame of the burner is not tuned. In this case, the most achieved temperature is only 60 degrees. And sometimes less. As a rule, the problem can be eliminated independently. It is enough to remove the screws holding the skin, turn the fuel supply regulator clockwise, thereby increasing the strength of the fire.
  • The system simply does not hold the water temperature. For example, at the output, the temperature reaches 70 degrees, and at the entrance only 15. Most likely, the speed of the coolant is incorrectly configured and it must be increased. Additionally, it is worth adjusting the radiator system. If everything is done correctly, then the temperature in distant radiators will increase. Sometimes a weak set of temperature is caused by an incorrect installation of the circuit with natural circulation. Most often due to the wrong angle of inclination.
  • Automation works with failures. Sometimes this provokes a constant shutdown of the nozzles when the temperature reaches a bar of 60 degrees. The problem is usually solved by adjusting automation.
  • The system simply does not support the given temperature. If you install the appropriate power, the system can work incorrectly.
  • The system has weak pressure. This is caused by excess lubrication inside the gas valve. Especially in old generation models. The problem is eliminated by removal of excess lubrication.
  • The diameters of the pipe and hose, which approaches the boiler, differs. The work is disturbed, the temperature set is incorrect.
  • The heat exchanger clogged. It must be periodically cleaned, otherwise the system will work incorrectly.

Among other common reasons, you can distinguish: leaks in radiators and pipes, incorrect control of the pump, incorrect installation, connecting the system, and delaying circulation air traffic jams.

Solid fuel boilers

Among the reasons why the pellet boiler does not gain temperature (or any other solid fuel), we can distinguish the following:

  • Lack of power for this area. Perhaps the capacity calculations were incorrectly performed when buying equipment. Or the house is very freezed. When it warms up enough, the boiler will begin to warm normally.
  • Violation of tightness. You need to carefully double.check all the elements of the system for depressurization. If even small defects are detected, they need to be chosen as soon as possible.
  • Chimney and chimney pipe are distinguished by diameters. The solution is to bring these elements in line with each other.
  • The chimney is clogged. Also, the damper can simply be covered or there is not enough oxygen for normal combustion.
  • Poor.quality fuel. For example, firewood can be poorly dried, and coal can contain an increased amount of rock. Because of this, the required temperature is not achieved.
  • Too small a combustion chamber. If you put too much fuel in it, there will simply be not enough space for normal combustion. A fairly common reason why the boiler is gaining temperature more than the given.
  • Chosen fuel that does not fit. If you use pellet or pyrolysis boiler, it requires special fuel. Using any alternatives is not recommended.

Often a rapid drop in temperature is caused by too long the length of the circuit. In such a situation, we recommend not using hot water supply during heating. It is more reasonable to install and use a boiler.

Electric boilers

Despite their manufacturability, such models can also work incorrectly. The reasons why the boiler does not gain the desired temperature is also a lot here:

  • One of the heating elements does not work. It may just turn out to be disconnected, burning or bad contacts are suitable for it. First of all, you need to double.check all the hets.
  • Inappropriate wiring in the house. In old houses, it may simply not match the power of the boiler. In addition, there may be just weak voltage or its constant jumps. To solve the problem, you can use voltage stabilizer.
  • Air cork was formed. It is not difficult to determine this defect. Usually in this case in the house only one battery does not heat up, and all the others. normal temperature. It is enough to open the maevsky crane, pour water into the system until full filling and close it back. Air cork will go away.

Frequent root cause why the boiler does not hold the temperature is clogging the heating ties. Some boilers are especially sensitive to this phenomenon and low water quality. Scale must be periodically removed from the heating elements so that the temperature is at the right level.

How to avoid the problem and quickly eliminate it?

Reliable work of the boiler begins with its choice and installation. It is important to determine which boiler is suitable for you, what kind of fuel it will be comfortable for you, what power is required. And only after that order it, deliver it to its place, perform installation and make a strapping.

The company “Profetelos” offers customers the installation, repair and maintenance of heating boilers in Kaluga and the region. If you see that the equipment does not gain or keeps a given temperature, contact Professorol. We will arrive at the place, conduct diagnostics and eliminate the problem as quickly as possible. We work with all types and models of boiler equipment. If you have questions and you need a preliminary consultation, call number 7 (4842) 75 02 04.

Optimal values ​​in the individual heating system

Autonomous heating helps to avoid many problems that arise with a centralized network, and the optimum temperature of the coolant can be adjusted in accordance with the season. In the case of individual heating, the concept of the norm includes the heat transfer of the heating device per unit area of ​​the room where this device is worth. Thermal regime in this situation is provided by the design features of heating devices.

It is important to ensure that the heat carrier on the network does not cool below 70 ° C. The indicator of 80 ° C is considered optimal

It is easier to control the heating with a gas boiler, because manufacturers limit the possibility of heating the coolant to 90 ° C. Using sensors to adjust gas supply, heating the coolant can be adjusted.

A little more complicated with solid fuel devices, they do not regulate fluid heating, and can easily turn it into steam. And it is impossible to reduce the heat from coal or wood by turning the handle in such a situation. The control of the heating of the coolant in this case is sufficiently conditional with high errors and is performed by rotary thermostats and mechanical shutters.

Electric boilers allow you to smoothly adjust the heating of the coolant from 30 to 90 ° C. They are equipped with an excellent system of overheating.

The effect of temperature on the properties of the coolant

In addition to the above factors, the water temperature in heat supply pipes affects its properties. This is based on the principle of operation of gravitational heating systems. With an increase in the level of water heating, its expansion occurs and circulation occurs.

However, in the case of the use of antifreeze, the excess of the norm in the temperature in heating batteries can lead to other results. Therefore, for heat supply with a coolant other than water, you should first find out the permissible indicators of its heating. This does not apply to the temperature of the radiators of centralized heat supply in the apartment, since such systems do not use antifreeze fluids.

Antifreeze is used if there is a probability of a low temperature on the heating battery. Unlike water, it does not begin to move from a liquid state to crystal.shaped when 0 ° C reaches. However, if the heat supply is included in the norms of the temperature table for heating in the larger direction, the following phenomena may occur:

  • Foaming this entails an increase in the volume of the coolant and, as a result, an increase in pressure. The reverse process when cooling antifreeze will not be observed;
  • The formation of lime plaque into the antifreeze includes a certain number of mineral components. In case of violation of the rate of heating temperature in the apartment, their precipitate begins to a larger way. Over time, this will lead to suction of pipes and radiators;
  • Increase in the density. Circulation pumps may be observed if its rated power has not been designed for such situations.

Therefore, it is much easier to monitor the temperature of the water in the heat supply system of a private house than to control the degree of heating of antifreeze. In addition, ethylene glycol compounds during evaporation, I release gas harmful to humans. Currently, they are practically not used as a coolant in autonomous heat supply systems.