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Why rides and cracking the microwave inside: what to do?

Crack in microwave

  • If in some way the enamel of the inner chamber was damaged, then in such a situation, as in the previous, the origin of sparking is also not excluded.
  • I spark can occur when the plug of the wire or the socket itself is due to the loose adjustment of the contacts. Here is not far to short circuit.
  • If the stove works on insufficient loading, overheating can occur, which is also able to lead to a cod or spark inside the microwave.

Ries microwave inside: cause of malfunction and repair with your own hands

It is difficult to find a modern kitchen on which there is no microwave oven. Even without using all its capabilities, but applying only for heating dishes, sooner or later you can encounter one unpleasant breakdown. sparks microwave inside. The reason for this is often the incorrect operation of such equipment, which will be set out in more detail below.

The heart of the microwave oven is Magnetron. This electronic lamp uses a magnetic field to generate the waves of a centimeter range, which are capable of separating water molecules. With an active fluctuation of liquid microparticles, heat is highlighted, due to which the entire product is heated.

The process is provided to be carried out in a special chamber that does not allow radiation to penetrate its walls. For a more uniform distribution of heat over the entire surface of the food inside a rotating table. Additionally, hot air is used for heating, which is formed when the magnetron is cooled and the fan is supplied to the chamber.

Also, in order to enhance the action of waves, the drama can be used, which is installed at the top of the thermocamera. Externally resembling a fan, the device creates certain waves, also contributing to the uniformity of the product heating. Couples and hot air surplus are outwarded with the help of ventilation holes, chiseling microwave radiation.

Advice! As waves created by magnetron, act on the human body. not yet fully studied. But they are violated at a distance of 30 centimeters at a distance of up to 30 centimeters. Therefore, people who have such an implant, be close to the working device extremely undesirable.

The main causes of sparkling

You can see sparks inside the chamber, if used for cooking / warming food Kitchen utensils made of metal (this applies to any other metal objects, for example, foil for baking or from chocolate). Even the presence of decorative metal edging on a plate is a sufficient reason for the furnace to spin. Therefore, all the utensils for the microwave must have a special tolerance.

When cleaning the surface inside the chamber with means containing abrasive, the internal protective layer is broken over time. From this can also stove start to spoke.

Important! The main reason that the microwave is cracking and sparkles, lies in the following factor. no saliva plate. Or rather: the old insulator burned and does not fulfill its functions.

With regular cooking or her heating on the walls begins to accumulate fat. It also falls on the hot surface of the waveguide cover (mica), which performs the role of the protection of the antenna of Magnetron. Rolled fat particles can completely destroy the properties of the mica plate. And without mica, the antenna sama.

Summing up the above, it can be noted. if, when the microwave has gripped and makes an unpleasant cracking, then the cause of the malfunction is usually one of three:

Diagnostics and troubleshooting

If a microwave burned, you should not immediately contact masters. Repair with your own hands forces even novice craftsman. It is only necessary to correctly determine the cause of sparking and perform simple actions to troubleshoot.

Unfortunated dishes

When metal dishes fall into the chamber, then when interacting with it centimeter waves, an arc of electricity is formed, which provokes the occurrence of sparking. To obtain such an effect, even a gold spray. If you remove an extraneous object from the thermocamera, then the problem will disappear.

Slyudyaya plate

Dutch does not tend to carry out an electric current, but it does not interfere with the passage of the magnetic field. Plate of such a material evenly disperses microwave radiation throughout the microwave chamber. It also serves as protection for the electronic lamp antenna, performing the function of the waveguide cover.

When the furnace is running, the fat, accumulated on the walls and on a mica insulator, can ignite. If the plate caught fire, then the plasma from which the fire consists will play the role of the conductor and the electric arc will occur. Because of this, the device shoots sparks, which contributes to even greater extinguishing of the wavelength cover. It is clearly visible, especially if the oven smoked.

Advice! Without microwave plate, the microwave can work for some time until the electronic lamp antenna itself fails. The cost of magnetron is a little smaller than the ovens itself. Therefore, it is better to repair the lid on time so that I don’t have to buy a new oven.

Replacing the plate does not constitute a special complexity and passes in several stages. You need to perform such actions:

  • Wash the camera thoroughly;
  • Capture a new plate under the desired size and do the mounting holes in the same places as on the old product;
  • Secure the lid with screws on the camera wall.

After performing an easy operation, you need to spend a test warming of any product to check whether the problem is eliminated.

Important! Make a microwave performance check with an empty camera is strictly prohibited!

Enamel in the chamber

If you use the dishes more than you need, size, then when rotating it will touch the walls, leaving scratches on them. Bare metal will definitely start to spoke.

Cut the protective enamel can be and improperly leaving the device. If the camera is not regularly removed and not to wipe on dry, the moisture will accumulate under the plate. This will lead to corrosion and, as a result, the occurrence of an electric arc. Such a phenomenon at a certain moment will break the operation of the magnetron.

Repair is to apply a new enamel on damaged areas. To do this, we need to process defects with sandpaper and degrease with alcohol. Special enamel is applied in 2-3 layers. After drying, checks. If there is no smoke. the problem is eliminated.

Power cable

Sometimes the causes of sparks may be hidden outside the camera: it can be in a defective network cord or a socket failure. With bad contacts there may be a short circuit. Detect it better even before turning the microwave to work.

Damage to the coating inside the chamber

Another common reason that the microwave is cracking and sparkles, there may be damage to the internal coating of the device. Camera where food is prepared and warms up, covered with special enamel. Turning food and scratches from dishes over time lead to the appearance of various damage on the walls.

Only special enamel is suitable for recovery. Ordinary paint does not have the desired properties. Of course, this repair is better to entrust specialists. The procedure is not so expensive, but to tinker with the search will have to. But if there is free time, then you can do everything yourself.

Before restoring the coating, from the walls of the camera you need to remove all pollution. In those places where old enamel moves, it needs to be removed. Damaged areas to blew acquired tool and leave for some time. After that, check the performance of the device. If you do not appear when the spark is turned on, then all manipulations are carried out correctly and gave a positive result.

So that fat and food do not accumulate on the walls of the camera, it is worth cleaning regularly. Fat and Nagar are easier to remove if you warm up the microwave to the camera at low power for 10-15 minutes with water inside. After that, wipe the walls of the chamber with a soft sponge moistened in a non-abrasive detergent with a fatty effect effect.

Too bulky dishes, which is placed in the microwave, can also cause enamel damage. If the plate even put in the camera does not concern the walls, then when the tray is rotated, it can go a little. With constant friction of the walls on the wall, the enamel will occur, which will lead to deep damage.

Careful care for the kitchen appliances long extends the life of the instrument, reduces the likelihood of expensive repairs. For a microwave oven, it is important to clean the camera on time, and use only the dishes intended for it.

How to fix a sparkling microwave: Step by step instructions

If the microwave is sparking, then it is absolutely necessary to seek help to professionals. Adhering to the recommendations of specialists, you can repair with your own hands:

Fix Your Sparking Microwave Oven For Only 5

  • Remove the power cable from the outlet, wait a few minutes. It is strictly forbidden to repair techniques connected to the network.
  • The inner walls of the thermocamera need to be thoroughly wash, remove the residues of food, splashes fat and t from the walls.D. The use of cleaning products with abrasive substances is strictly prohibited.
  • Gently dismantle the diffuser. Mostly, the lid is fixed with plastic plugs or several self-draws.
  • Remove Magnetron, observing several extremely important rules:
  • Make sure that the technique is not included in the outlet;
  • At the time of repair, it is necessary to navigate the condenser;
  • At the time of repair, joggnetron.
  • Check the performance of the magnetron:
  • If the cap is charred, it must be replaced by a new spare part;
  • The lack of a cap indicates the need to replace the entire device;
  • If the cap works, then you need to put it back.
  • Replacing mica. This stage can be carried out in two ways, much depends on the specifics of the breakage:
  • Full replacement of the part. from the sheet of mica need to cut a new workpiece. Folded components, use as a template;
  • Partial burning plate indicates that you can repair. Expand it and secure whole areas in the recess.

Repair sparkling microwave perhaps the main thing to adhere to the instructions. The easiest way to restore is the application of a new layer of enamel inside the thermocamera. Previously need to clean the oven from food residues and splashes fat.

Use the means on which there is an appropriate marking “Enamel for household appliances”. It is impossible to use ordinary household paint.

What could be the reason for the appearance of sparks

If you warm up food in metal kitchen utensils, then the microwave will take. This applies not only to dishes, but also other products made of metal. Therefore, it is impossible to warm up the products wrapped in foil. The reason that the thermocamera sparkles, even the metal decor will be in the form of edging on the plate. Therefore, it is so important to enjoy a special dish, which does not have a negative impact on the efficiency of household appliances.

Cleaning products that contain abrasive cannot be used to remove fat and other pollution of the chamber walls. It can also be the reason for sparking microwave.

The main reason that the microwave cracks and sparks is the lack of a mica plate. It becomes a consequence of the brave of the insulator. It is not tritely able to perform its functions.

Excessively active operation of the microwave oven leads to the fact that the inner walls of the thermocamera settles fat. It also penetrates the waveguide cover. This component is designed to ensure maximum protection of the key element of the device. Magnetron. Rassed fat damages a mica plate.

If you summarize all the above, you can select three key catalyst for the appearance of sparks:

Theoretical diagnostic aspect has been studied, it’s time to go to practice.


Let’s try to figure out the reasons of sparking in the microwave chamber. To do this, we just need to look at the working stove. The basis of any microwave oven is the electronic device of Magnetron. When the microwave is turned on, a voltage is applied to Magnetron depending on the purpose: 4 thousand volts for ignition and 3 volts for incandescent. Under the influence of the voltage obtained using an antenna, Magnetron begins to emit a short energy pulse. A small portion of this energy enters the waveguide, which is completed with a hole placed directly inside the microwave chamber. You need to know and do not forget that when working with microwave oven, products should always be. This will lead to the absorption of microwaves and, thus, they will not be able to reflect back to the waveguide. After all, it is the intensity of standing waves and causes sparking that can lead to a breakdown of a microtron.

It should also be remembered and strictly follow the following rule. If a small amount of food is prepared in the microwave furnace, it is necessary to additionally put a container with water to the camera so that it does not repair it.

With a frequency of 2.4 GHz (2.4 billion per second) water molecules begin to perform oscillatory movements, which causes water heating in the microwave chamber. To eliminate irradiation, the operating chamber of the microwave must be tightly closed and not to have visible mechanical damage.

How to extend the life of the device

The best prevention from most interruptions and breakdowns is cleaning the furnace from various contaminants. Follow the topic. so that for heating is not used forbidden dishes and that the microwave does not work in.

microwave, sparkling

Reference. Even a special dishes that does not break the work of the magnetic emitter, it is inappropriate if it is able to scratch enamel due to large sizes.

Reliable protection against splashes fat and water drops. Special plastic dome.

History of appearance

According to the legend, the microwave oven (in everyday life, the name “Microwave“) was invented enough randomly. You can believe it? According to the legend, it happened in the army of the United States of America, when one of the military forgot about his hamburger, who left the radar. And under the influence of radar radiation, a cold piece of meat in hamburger, turned into a juicy, hot and appetizing steak. Thanks to this case, scientists came the idea to create a device that can quickly warm up food, and at the same time not to occupy a large space. This was created a microwave, which, quickly gained popularity among all segments of the population.

Microwave ovens firmly entered our life and became an indispensable thing in the kitchen. With it, you can cook a variety of dishes using both fresh foods and semi-finished products. But, mostly, its main purpose is heated food. After all, just just a few minutes, and your dish will become more attractive and tasty for use.

However, along with a large number of positive qualities, the microwave has distressed places associated with frequent breakdowns. All this delivers inconvenience to their owners and requires additional financial investments and time for repair work.