What to do if the buttons on the slow cooker stopped working?

Having bought a new kitchen assistant in the form of a multicooker, people most often do not think about the fact that she can someday break. And only then questions arise what to do if for some reason a slow cooker does not work, how to fix it. This article will tell you about the main frequent malfunctions of these devices, ways to correct them, the causes and operating rules.

To fix any device, you need to know the principle of its work, how it is arranged. The slow cooker is no exception. Any of the models of these devices contains two sensors, on which the direction of their work depends.

Several wires are connected to the sensors themselves, which associate them with a software board (special microcircuit), usually located under the control panel.

If such an indication panel does not shine, this may mean that the power supply is faulty or not connected.

Important. And although multicooker can be under sensory or mechanical control, which does not affect the quality of their work, failure of the power supply, it causes the malfunction of these devices. The principle of operation of the multicooker

Inside the memory of the chip itself, manufacturers are laid:

If we consider the functions of sensors that allow you to make an algorithm for its action for the device:

  • On the main button of the first instrument sensor, on the back, you can see the thermoresistor, which most often requires a careful attitude of service specialists.
  • The second sensor is usually located inside the power cover, which is also better not to touch without specialists of service repair services, trying to find a malfunction.
  • The sensors of these sensors are connected to the terminals of controls from the control board with a set of microcircuits located under them. If the indication panel does not shine, then the power of the power supply malfunction.
  • One of the wires of the power supply leads to the control relay, which gives the signal to Ten, including or turning it off. Another leading to the anchor of the relay does not allow the contacts to exceed the voltage and closes the heater circuit.
  • The control board meters calculate the total number of presses on the control panel, according to which the program selects certain information for its work.

The slow cooker does not turn on: reasons and solutions

Studying the question of why the slow cooker does not turn on, it ceases to prepare what to do in such cases, you need to pay attention to the causes of faults. The reasons for these can be a most diverse nature and properties.

Checking whether the fork is inserted into the outlet

If home multicooker does not turn on, do not panic immediately. The reason may be the most banal. they were incorrectly connected to the network or just forgot to include the fork in the outlet. Often it happens on the eve after the next cooking, the fork is disconnected from the network (perhaps the outlet was needed for another device).

Incorrect operation

Before the first turning on the slow cooker, you must definitely study the instructions for its operation in detail. Because even such simple actions as incorrect connection or incorrect installation of a bowl can cause incorrect operation of the device. The device when detecting incorrect actions can:

  • drop the settings;
  • Do not respond to commands;
  • Submit sound signals;
  • show error codes on the display;
  • Switch the modes yourself.

Sometimes it is enough to turn off the device, check the correct installation of the bowl, turn on and the device will safely work. But there are reasons for the incorrect operation of the device that have a more complex nature, for example:

  • determination by the device of the presence of breakdowns, as a result of which its protective functions are triggered;
  • improper operation, the bowl does not fit the device or incorrectly inserted;
  • the hit of bulk or liquid products inside the mechanism;
  • non.compliance with the established temperature regimes between different types of cooking (if the “frying” mode has worked, then when switching to “cook”, the device must be cooled), otherwise protection against overheating will turn on;
  • In case of cooking or extinguishing mode, steam supply is required, even if the water is not required according to the recipe, it must be added (at least a little) to create a steam, otherwise protection against overheating will turn on again;
  • non.compliance with the proportions of the products included in the recipe, closing the valve regulating pressure, can also cause incorrect operation of the multicooker.

Low voltage of the mains or its absence

If the slow cooker does not warm, then often the reasons for this depend on the voltage drops in the network. The device can give an error of incorrect operation or simply do not turn on due to lack of voltage. You need to check the presence of light in the apartment, wait for its supply.

Problems of wiring

Miller wiring is usually designed for small power (not more than 3.5 kW). If the wiring itself is serviceable, and the device does not work, the problem needs to be sought elsewhere. But if the network is a jumping voltage, then the wiring of the device can issue an error on the display under the corresponding number (all error codes are usually indicated in the instructions).

Damage to the thermostat

Stress surges almost always have a negative impact on the work of fuses, which can result in a result. If this happens, it is enough to replace the blocked fuse. For this:

  • Open the insides of the multicooker;
  • Find the heater;
  • Having dismantled the button, you can see two colored wires, next to which a fuse is located under a special insulating tube;
  • Cut the clogged fuse with nippers, insert a new element.

Do.it.yourself multicoars repair. What to do if a multicooker broke? :

Currently, most hostesses know about the convenience and efficiency of using multicoars in the kitchen from their own experience. The use of multicillas in everyday life has become an integral part of the life of a modern housewife.

The purpose of this electrical device is the preparation of a large number of various dishes. The universality of the device allows you to simmer, steam, fry, cook, steam and so on. This household technique functions independently, and there is no need to control the process of preparation.

However, despite the rather high reliability, like all electrical appliances, the slow cooks break over time.

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Problems in the functioning of multicoars

touch, panel, multicooker, does

Product device

To carry out repairs, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the principle of operation of the electrical appliance and its device. All multicooks resemble an outwardly ordinary pan with a side or upper display and buttons for installing cooking modes.

It closes with a snapping sealed lid on top. A multicooker bowl is enclosed in a thermally insulated case and is located inside. It contains a direct process of preparation. There are heels, control units and power supply blocks under the bowl and on the sides.

The bottom is closed with a plastic lid. This is the bottom of the multicooker.

Repair with your own hands or.?

It is recommended to repair the slow cooker yourself only after the warranty period.

Когда случается поломка, некоторые умельцы решают выполнить ремонт мультиварок своими руками. Is it possible to carry out the procedure at home?

Repair of such a device is conditionally divided into three categories:

Some consumers, faced with unscrupulous or poor.quality service in the service center, come to the idea of ​​- not to try to repair multicoars with their own hands?

Below in the article we will consider several typical breakdowns. We also describe how to repair a multicooker at home.

The cover of the device

Today we will tell you how to make the repair of the Redmond multicooker. With our own hands, we will try to fix the lid.

This is a standard breakdown for most types of multicoars. Damage to this cover refers to the planned aging, that is, the manufacturer specially makes it unreliable. The finger has broken on the button The lid led as a result of the temperature exposure The rods reach special grooves and the lid is inserted, but there are not enough several millimeters.

We will need small magnets and we will make a magnetic cover, which closes, holds on magnets and is opened under the effort. You need to glue 4 magnets. two per lid and on the casing of the multicooker itself. The cup for multicooker is pre.taken out.

Choose the points where we will glue the magnets. Degreasing the surface with alcohol. First, apply high.quality glue to the selected points of the case and press the magnets. Wait until the glue dries.

Now, not forgetting about the observance of poles of magnets, we glue them on the lid. In this case, it is more convenient to apply glue directly to the magnet. If there is a need and the height of the magnets is insufficient, it is necessary to glue two magnets on each other.

This, of course, is not the most common way to solve the problem with a broken clamp clasp of a multicooker cover. Basically, experts solve it by replacing the handle, if the mounting places are not damaged, but the handle itself broke. Or as an option, they drill holes in the handle and fix it on screws. Choose you.

Valve for multicooker

We will carry out another repair of the Redmond multicooker with our own hands.

So, the model RMC-M110. Problems: multicooker does not gain pressure.

Turn on the device. After about 5 minutes of work, steam starts to go from the lid valve. The pressure is still not gained. The working valve is closed. The cause of the malfunction is the lack of rubber valve laying. The first sign that you do not have a valve elastic band, this is if you can open the cover of the multicooker in the preparation process.

Reset the program, lower the pressure from the working valve. Disconnect the multicooker from power. Let us cool down. Open the lid and install the missing valve gasket. Loss of this gasket is one of the most common causes of malfunctions in a multicooker.

Cleaning multicooker valves

Problems with a multicooker pressure can occur due to clip clogging. In the operating instructions, it is recommended to wash the inside of the multicooker cover. Remove it, having previously unscrewed the central nut, and my gum valve, which was mentioned above.

Redmond RMC-M11 multicooker do not react touch buttons

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In my opinion, E4 error, I understand that the temperature sensor has broken down. Yes, under warranty, they did it, for free. I still drove. since the first time they did not finish)))

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I need advice on how to change the display on a slow cooker.

On my brand new multicooker Polaris PMC 0517AD, the display melted (my husband put an electric kebab and the display near the entire curve), it is not possible to buy it freely in the store. In the service center we are only promised to call, we have been waiting for more than a month. Maybe someone has come across a similar? Maybe someone knows where you can order? Or maybe you know where you can see at least the wines of the part number?

Copy the code and insert the post on LiveInternet into the window of creating the entry, first turning on the “Source” mode there

Hello!I need help, I have trouble. On my brand new multicooker Polaris PMC 0517AD, the display melted (my husband put an electric kebab and the display near the entire curve), it is not possible to buy it freely in the store. In the service center we are only promised to call, we have been waiting for more than a month.Maybe someone has come across a similar? Maybe someone knows where you can order? Read completely

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http: // Privatcomline.ru/ come in, write to managers, we buy the whole city spare parts there. Write on Avito that buy a broken multicooker exactly a model, maybe someone is lying around.

You were in one of these centers? Hnoservis IP Udaltsov St. Svoboda, d 12 (4855) 220-477 (4855) 253-860 BT / Water heaters / Conditioners

Technoservice IP Udaltsov St. Motor Builders, D 21 (4855) 243-121 (4855) 251-488 BT / Water heaters / Conditioners

If not, go there, if so then this panel does not supply. Or comes but it is not in the warehouse, in this case you can wait for months. And never wait. The number of the part will not give you anything. if the manufacturer does not have it, then it does not at all.

This is the same service, if in one it was already in both. And what did they tell you? They ordered something and wait or how?

touch, panel, multicooker, does

Yes, I already read that one IP. They say we will call you back, there is no information like information yet. But it seems to me they stupidly forget about us. The girls there are constantly different (oh and I don’t know, we’ll clarify you and call you back) although they clearly asked even if you don’t find it. It is useless at all

touch, panel, multicooker, does

Well, so it is necessary to finish them off, they are an authorized SC and carry out obligations to the client, even if the repair is not warranty. Call again and immediately demand to connect you with an employee who is engaged in ordering spare parts. Warehouse manager or who he is there there. And explain to him what exactly you need, while agreeing to so, he calls you back and informed whether the spare part is supplied or gave a direct number that you can contact him. Well, here’s another hotline phone. 8-800-700-11-78

I don’t know how much this is established there, I worked with more serious firms, and in theory, in theory, they should help you there. But at first, nevertheless, through the SC, you need to achieve it and if there is no. And put pressure on the fact that they are obliged and extra.guaranteed service to conduct.

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I am a citizen and I, with awe, recall my house, the beauty of Siberia, school, kindergarten, but time goes and life unfolds its events in its own way and you need to move and live on. Next year, January will be 9 years old, as we have immigrated to Australia

Here I read the posts frequent, girl’s tears that life is not going well, that the family is not attached, and every day there is more and more discord, but quarrels and resentments appear. And our ancestors knew our secrets, ancient experience, centuries.old, how to live right. But we just forgot the experience of the ancestors, forgot the instructions, and then we go off, they say the man became frail. I decided to share with you. Simple tips for family happiness, which many now neglect.

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The reasons for the breakdown of multicoars

However, any technique can break. Let’s look at the main types of multicarnery breakdowns:

  • The device does not turn on.
  • Turns on, but does not warm.
  • The control panel does not work.
  • The lid opens spontaneously.
  • An extraneous smell.

The causes of multicoar malfunctions can be divided into two groups: improper operation and wear of parts (low.quality details).

touch, panel, multicooker, does

If the control panel has stopped working, then most likely the cause of the breakdown is wear or poor quality. The best option in this case is to transfer the device to the masters from the service center.

However, experience shows that most often malfunctions arise due to improper operation.

Multicooker. a very sensitive device. After each use, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the bowl, the inner cover and the removable valve, and also ensure that the remaining food does not get on the heating pallet. If outsiders still hit the pallet, then the smell of Gary will appear during cooking. In this case, the heating surface may darken.

In no case should you wash the body of the multicooker under the tap and in the dishwasher.

Another cause of breakdowns is non.compliance with the proportions of the ingredients. In this case, during cooking under pressure, the cover can spontaneously open spontaneously. The spring fixing the lid is deformed, and the lid will constantly open in the future. This means that the replacement of the spring is required. They will easily cope with this business in the service center.

  • Incorrect operation
  • If the user left the slow cooker unattended without installing the cooking time, the thermal fuse can burn out.
  • Repair multicoars

If pieces of food hit the heating panel, and after that the panel darkened, you can try to independently clean it with fine sandpaper. In other cases, it is better to entrust the repair of multicooker to specialists.

Remember that careful operation, compliance with proportions and proper care. guarantees that the device will serve as a faithful assistant in the kitchen for a long time.

Do.it.yourself multicoars repair. common errors and options for their elimination

Multicar is cooking in automatic mode thanks to the computer program. In it you can fry, stove, stew, cook, steam and deepen. This is a rather reliable device that can last decades without breakdowns. Multicular malfunctions are rare, in addition, in many cases, the device can be fixed with your own hands.

Device and principle of operation

Before fixing a home multicooker, you need to understand its device. The design includes:

  • External case (usually from plastic or aluminum). All other structural elements are connected to it.
  • A cover with a steam valve is located on top. The tightness of the connection is provided by a rubber rim and a locking mechanism.
  • The control panel is installed outside. It often has a display. Buttons can be sensory or ordinary.
  • The microprocessor is controlled. It is he who is responsible for turning on and off the heating element. Its work is regulated by the control panel.
  • Inside the case is an electric heating element, usually one below, but there may be several. It is mounted in the case, is able to heat up to 40-180 q.
  • Right above it. a metal or ceramic bowl. It has an anti.stick coating. Complete with it is a sieve with large holes. this is a plastic liner for cooking.
  • In addition, the design includes a temperature sensor and pressure. It is installed between the bowl and the case, usually at the bottom of the structure.

The principle of operation and basic structural elements:

The bowl stands right on the heating element that creates an electric current temperature. Mattering is noisy in the process of work. over, due to tightness, increased pressure is created inside, which can be adjusted using a special valve for steam. A plastic sieve is above the bowl, on which it is permissible to extinguish meat and vegetables. The temperature can not only be chosen, but also configure its automatic change in the cooking process.

The most common principle of operation is the heating of the bowl from the electromagnetic coil. This method has a high efficiency, and the design itself is reliable.

A more modern warm.up system is that not a heating element is heated, but a multicooker bowl itself. This happens under the influence of electromagnetic waves.

Because of this, the multicooker bowl looks more massive to better maintain heat.

Common causes of multicarne breakdowns

It is better to protect the structure from breakdowns, so you should know the common causes of malfunctions.

The rarest problem is a production marriage, but still defective products are sometimes found. The most common mistake is to lay dishes in the bowl when it stands in a slow cooker.

In this case, there is always a chance that fat, moisture or pieces of food will fall into the internal space of the case.

Before going to the service center, try to establish the work yourself:

The root of all troubles is non.compliance with operation rules, so read the instructions for use carefully.

Of course, the product is forbidden to beat, drop, use for other purposes. You can not put a slow cooker near the battery or gas stove. This can lead to overheating of the case during operation, which is why internal electrical elements sometimes spoil. Also, the device often does not work due to connecting a multicooker to a high.voltage network.

Program errors multicillas

Usually, if the slow cooker suddenly breaks or refuses to turn on, a code appears on the display, which signals the reason for the failure. As a rule, the cipher begins with the letter E and the number from 0 to 5 after it. The code indicates the possible cause of the malfunction, so further repair actions depend on this index.

  • E1. Means burning off the heating element, this occurs when moisture, fat, particles of food enters inside. Will have to disassemble the structure, clean it and dry it.
  • E2. On Polaris models, this means a short circuit in the upper temperature sensor, which is mounted under the cover. In addition, such a combination can report a chain break, so you need to check the wire that goes from the display to the sensor. To assess its condition, you must use an ohmmeter.
  • E3. First of all, you need to check the tightness of the cover. Also, perhaps the cause of the malfunction lies in the contaminated inner surface of the body. It is necessary to disassemble the product, clean it and dry it.
  • E4. The pressure sensor broke. Most likely, the problem is that he was clogged, but a chain break is also possible. In addition, such an error occurs with a malfunction in the microprocessor. This is the worst breakdown code, since you will have to check the whole product actually.
  • E5. The index is displayed when the system of protection against overheating is triggered. Perhaps you just put the device next to the battery or the gas stove turned on. But also the problem can be hidden in clogged steam valves. If the device smells of smoke, then you probably burned the wiring.

When you can’t do anything?

In the following cases, repairing a multicooker at home with your own hands is unacceptable. It is necessary to carry her to a specialized workshop:

  • There is no reaction to actions;
  • no temperature information;
  • Another error code was displayed on the display;
  • there is visible damage to the cable or body;
  • programming does not work;
  • The slow cooker does not warm;
  • There is no tightness of the cover.

What problems can be eliminated?

If you find messages E1 or E2, the following actions must be performed:

  • View the surface under the bowl. If there are drops of moisture or crumbs of food, then clean and dry the product.
  • If everything is clean inside, then you need to turn the slow cooker and unscrew the mount that holds the lower lid. In this way you can disassemble the design. Inspect all the insides, if there is dirt or moisture, then eliminate it.
  • If everything is clean inside, then you need to find a thermocouple. this is a tubular sensor with a connected wire. For cleaning you will need twice sandpaper with small grains To disconnect the contacts, you need to press the top plate from the adjusting screw so that there is a click. After that, you need to put the emery and release the plate (let the contacts get back). Then you need to carefully clean the terminals.

Why is the multicooker does not warm?

Home Information all about slow cookers why the multicooker does not warm?

Today it is difficult to imagine our kitchen without household appliances designed to facilitate the life of modern housewives.

To prepare with pleasure and significantly save the time spent by the stove, we are helped by a kitchen combine, mixer, blender, loaf.Oopeck, deep.fruit and, of course, multicooker.

This functional device recently appeared in everyday life, but very quickly managed to win the love and recognition of many housewives. The slow cooker allows you to not only fry or extinguish, but cook more complex dishes: a bit of baking, homemade cottage cheese or yogurt, desserts.

Like any technical device, multicooker can fail, while the breakdown is not always associated with violation of operating conditions. Devices can adversely affect the work of the voltage and production marriage.

Elements of the multicooker, of which it consists

To understand which of the units of household appliances failed, you need to know what kind of elements it includes. So, the slow cooker consists of:

  • plastic case and cover;
  • metal bowl with the finest anti.stick coating, in which a dish is prepared automatically;
  • heating element;
  • microprocessor.

Lack of heating and causes of malfunctions

The most common malfunction in the operation of the multicooker is the lack of heating. This problem may have several reasons:

Crock-Pot Express Crock Multi-Cooker Review and Demo

  • The fault of the thermal subject. This element performs the function of protecting against overheating and the occurrence of fire hazardous situations. The fuse fails as a result of random voltage interruptions in the network or frequent/long.term use of multicooker. The restoration or replacement of the heat.subject should be carried out by a qualified specialist.
  • Low network voltage is a common cause of errors in the operation of the device. If you notice that the electricity is supplied unstable, turn off the slow cooker from the network and wait for the complete restoration of the supply of electricity, otherwise the equipment may fail.
  • Products of products under the bottom of the multicooker bowl can also be the reason for the lack of heating. Before using the device, it is recommended to clean and prevent foreign objects from getting inside.
  • Contamination of contacts in the lower part of the multicooker-occurs due to fluids, bulk products or spices on them, which makes the heating process impossible. In such a situation, it is necessary to disassemble the body of the device, clean the microcircuits and board. It is better to entrust this work to professionals by contacting the service center.
  • Mechanical damage, soot and wear of small parts of the microprocessor completely disable the multicooker. In this case, the specialists of the service center will determine whether it is possible to restore the elements of the microcircuit or a complete replacement of the part will be required.

How to extend the life of the device?

With a careful attitude and compliance with all operating recommendations, a multicooker can last several years. To guarantee long.term operation of the equipment and avoid breakdowns, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • periodically clean the device body;
  • Do not allow spying and fluids from entering the spinning;
  • Lay products in the bowl strictly before installing it on a heating element;
  • Be careful and do not allow mechanical damage to the device body;
  • Clearly follow the instructions and do not overload the slow cooker with an excessive number of products;
  • take breaks between the cycles of the device.

Why it is worth entrusting the repair of multicooker to professionals?

If the slow cooker has stopped heating, and the cleansing of the case on its own did not eliminate the problem, it is necessary to contact specialists with sufficient experience.

A professional will be able to quickly diagnose and determine the cause of the malfunction with high accuracy.

over, specialists in household appliances have a full set of tools, as well as spare parts and elements, which may be required to replace.

The reasons why the multicooker buttons do not respond to pressing:

Before you start using a slow cooker, carefully study the instructions and operating rules. Put the device from blows by other objects or falls. install it in a place inaccessible to children and animals. It is also unacceptable to get water to the elements of the device.

Diagnosis of malfunctions

In no case do not analyze the slow cooker and do not try to repair it yourself if you do not have certain skills and knowledge in the repair of electrical appliances.

Fuses in Redmond

What is thermal subjects for. The reader will immediately break through. protect the overheated device. We see the grounds to assert: thermal subjects are needed to repair the multicoars Redmond more often.

How are heterogeneous facts related. Here’s what the hostess writes to the forum users. an experienced multicooker user: “I accidentally turned on the device without a pot, noticed after 40 seconds, immediately turned off the device”. The woman wanted to know what would happen to Redmond M90, if not put the pot in place at all.

Kindly suggested: it will not happen terrible. Home button (see. above), located under the bottom of the pot, will not let the slow cooker turn on in the absence of dishes. The hostess conducted an experiment: with open (!) a lid pulled out a potted program. After 10 sec, the heating element has become hot. The result is staggering: there is no protection against incorrect inclusion in the multicooker Redmond.

What will happen, leave the cook for a long term of the kitchen assistant deprived of supervision. The conclusion tells the advanced forum user: to protect against overheating inside thermal.guidelines. Protective elements cope with the function only time. burning out. After the excess, the intervention of the “specialist” will be required.

Actually, for this we are considering Redmond Multicarriks on your own repair. when the reason is known, the repair becomes easy. If one day the multicooker left unattended refuses to turn on, the matter is probably in thermal subjects.

Now we read the service book issued to the Builder of the Redmond multicooker. Quotes are selective, so as not to tire the reader with excess information. Warranty repairs are not carried out if the “product with thermal, other damage that arose due to improper operation”.

Redmond multicooker, warranty repairs. are two things compatible. Only not in the case when the habit of leaving the included device turned up unattended! The main button under the pot is present to measure the temperature, withstand the correct cooking modes.

I would like to recall users who, having forgotten to install a pot, pour into the liquid, pour cereals pour out. Be extremely careful. If the irreparable happens, immediately pull out the cord from the outlet 230 in. The device must be cleaned. The following plan has been discovered: it is possible to simply wash with water, dry the microcircuits for 1 week at room temperature Naturally, you can apply the method to your own fear and risk. The official operating manual provides for nothing like this.


In a typical multicooker, two electronic boards:

First directly next to the bottom. To achieve the second, you will have to disassemble the slow cooker completely, remove the inner cylindrical surface.

The microcircuits are examined carefully. What malfunctions will notice the naked eye. Signs of problems will serve:

Faulty elements are subject to immediate replacement. Restoring the ration is easier. Repair of the paths of the boards are carried out by cleaning with a zero skin, pink damage. Sometimes jumpers are added, it is easy to make resistors from the legs. The result of the work pour varnish. Otherwise, the leak is bad for the slow cooker. Repair will become a severe necessity. Varnish protects the metal from water and oxygen. the main enemies of the conductors.

Multicoarry repair. errors and malfunctions, multicooker broke.

Multicoarry repair. errors and malfunctions, multicooker broke.

Multicks perfectly complement the interior and functionality of modern kitchens, coping with dishes of any degree of complexity. You do not need to worry anymore about whether your milk porridge will run away, or whether your cutlets will burn. But if you want the repair of multicoars to be required as later as possible, or does not need at all, you need to know the basic rules of its operation, and in no case do not violate them. Regardless of the brand of your multi, whether it be Redmond, Panasonic, Polaris, Mulinex, Vesses, Philips, Scarlett, Smile, Ars, Kuko, Supra or some other company. We’ll talk about this.

The first rule is the need to comply with a certain sequence. at first the products are laid in a pan, after which the pan is placed in the device. Not vice versa! If you lay the ingredients directly in the slow cooker, then this may threaten with two dangers. Firstly, the poured milk or water can spill outside the workplace, on the “insides” of the device. Even in small doses, it is dangerous. Secondly, you can simply forget that you washed the pan, and they forgot to put it in the device, as a result of which you will pour the same milk or pour the groats directly on the contacts and boards. As a result, the slow cooker has broken, and in order to fix it, you need to completely disassemble the device and clean all the contacts. If the inside is contaminated, in no case do not include the device to the network until the end of cleaning, otherwise the contacts may burn out.

How to clean a contaminated device?

First, remove what it turns out to be removed without problems. As a rule, this is a plastic cover in the lower part of the case, fixed by a single self.tapping screw. After that, clean the board and contacts from cereal or spilled liquid. The cereal is easiest to shake with a banal turning of the device upside down. Next, unscrew the bottom, which is already fixed by three bolts. The lower board can be attached in the box, and before cleaning it you will have to remove the box by unscrewing the screws. Disconnect the cord leading from the lower board to the software board outside the housing. Fastening on latches, so there will be no problems with this. Next, disconnect the heating element for cleaning, attached with three bolts through the mounting plate. As you can see, it does not represent anything complicated at the moment with your own hands with your own hands. In the center you will see the thermometer wires, and if the cereal even got there, unscrew it with maximum caution, because it is easily damaged. Upon completion of disassembly, we carry out the assembly in the reverse order. My advice to you. As disassembled, take pictures of the process so as not to get confused with the connection of wires and installing elements. In general, as a result, you will get a perfectly clean multicooker. I would recommend such a cleaning at least once a month, because, as practice shows, food particles can get inside even with careful use. At the end of the assembly, do not forget to check the performance of the device.

Multicaps of multicooker type E

Sometimes a message occurs on the screen of the device about the occurrence of an error in which the letter E with the index appears. Such errors are corrected depending on which index shows you the technique. For example, errors of the multicooker E1-E3-this is most likely to get moisture into a pressure cooker. The correction is accompanied by the removal of the bottom and leaving the device at rest until the final drying for several hours. If you don’t want to wait, you can use a hair dryer. Correction of the E4 malfunction. cleaning the pressure sensor using a centimeter strip of office paper. As an option, you can skip small sandpaper between the contacts of the sensor several times. Read more codes of multicooker errors scheduled in the leadership. If the error does not disappear, you will have to contact the service center.

Sometimes a multicooker gives an error, and sometimes a malfunction can be seen without any information on the display. For example, if you notice that steam comes out from under the lid, this may indicate problems with a sealing ring. It either worn out or is outside the installed seat. If the reinstall of the ring did not help, then it will have to be completely replaced. This procedure is recommended for conducting at least once a year. If the limit pressure valve passes steam even in the “closed” position, then only employees of the service center can fix it.

Remember that the outer bottom of the hobs must be clean and dry. Moisture should not fall either on the heating element or on the protective casing. If you cook dishes with a large m of liquid, never open the pressure valve directly at the end of cooking. This can lead to burns. If you want the pressure cooker to cool faster, put a wet towel on top of it on top. The fallen internal pressure will allow the lid to open without difficulty.