Thermal guns on the diesel fuel of indirect heating

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Diesel gun heat: characteristics of heating devices

With the arrival of the cold season, the problem of heating of premises arises. And this applies not only to residential rooms, but also spaces of industrial, warehouse and trading type. If there is no centralized heating system in the building, the lack of heat is replenished with alternative heating instruments. As such a replacement, you can buy a diesel thermal gun of indirect heating with suitable characteristics.

Mobile thermal guns are equipped with wheels and handle for convenient movement of the device

Device and principle of operation of diesel heat gun

Thermal gun is a universal device for heating rooms. The principle of action of such structures is quite simple: diesel burns inside the heater, resulting in a heat metering, which is supplied to a powerful fan.

Usolarket is used as fuel. Some models are able to work on spent and filtered oil or kerosene. Thanks to the progressive internal device, these structures have high power and efficiency, which reaches almost 100%. All heat guns on diesel fuel are dependent on electricity. Some low-power modifications can operate from voltage 12 V or 24 V, but most models are required for normal operation 220 V.

Electricity is used to start the burner. In addition, it is necessary for the transportation of heat due to the rotational motions of the fan. The burner not only sprays fuel, but also contributes to air supply. As a result of this process, a mixture is formed, which is easily flammable. Thanks to this, the flame is sustainable.

thermal, guns, diesel, fuel, indirect, heating

The principle of operation of the thermal gun of indirect heating is that the air injected by the fan passes through the combustion chamber and enters the room already heated, and the waste products of diesel fuel are output from the chimney indoor

The affordable price of diesel cannons and the possibility of effective heating of rooms devoid of the central heating system made these structures with such popular. This type of equipment is able to generate a large amount of heat, due to which its area has expanded.

Important! Cannon running on diesel, can not be used to heat residential premises.

Scope of use of diesel structures:

  • Warehouse type heating;
  • Reserve heating to weakly warmed objects in cases where uncharacteristic frosts are occurring;
  • Heating of construction sites at which heating has not yet been listed;
  • Organization of heating in the hangars used for storage of technology;
  • Installation of ceilings of tension type;
  • Heating of greenhouse structures used for crop cultivation.

In addition, you can buy a diesel gun of indirect heating for the organization of heating in the garage.

Device diagram of thermal diesel guns of indirect heating

Why it is profitable to buy a diesel gun: the advantages of the designs

Guns that heat the room by burning diesel fuel, possess many indisputable advantages. They have compact sizes and low weight, while have excellent technical specifications. These designs are convenient in operation. The launch of the mechanism is carried out with only one click. The user has the ability to control the temperature in the room.

Many diesel designs have a built-in system for connecting. The principle of operation of this mechanism is very simple. Before starting the gun, just just set the required parameter. When the air temperature in the room reaches this indicator, it will automatically shut down the equipment. When the temperature drops below the level of the specified mark, the design will independently start.

Diesel guns are economical, fuel consumption depends on the technical indicators of the device. Equipment, the capacity of which is 20 kW, and productivity. 550 m³ / h required about 1.5 liters of diesel fuel to heat this volume. Using such a gun, you can achieve rapid results. According to the information made by manufacturers, diesel devices instantly warm the room. Air temperature 10 ° С Indoor with a capacity of 120 m³ cannon is able to raise up to 180 ° C in 15 minutes. And this speed is not the limit.

Small thermal guns on diesel fuel are convenient for use in closed unheated rooms

Diesel devices are safe in operation. If the room is well ventilated, inhalation of the burnt air does not cause such unpleasant consequences as headaches and dizziness. High-quality designs are capable of working without additional refueling. Guns are equipped with large volumes of large volumes, so that they are able to work continuously throughout the day.

note! The building body is heated to a temperature of 30-35 ° C maximum. Therefore, a random touch to the cannon will not cause burns.

Disadvantages of operation of diesel heat guns for the garage

Leaving about diesel heat guns for the garage Reviews of buyers not only reflect the advantages of these designs. Sometimes there are also disadvantages that were identified by users during the operation of the device.

Advantages and disadvantages of diesel equipment

Although the modern market offers a fairly wide selection of heating devices, diesel guns are not losing popularity among consumers.

After all, despite the fact that the cost of similar gas and electric units is significantly lower, the operation of diesel devices is much cheaper due to the affordable price of diesel.

In many cannons, not only DT, but another fuel, such as diesel, kerosene, or filtered oil working, but this moment must be clarified when buying

The advantages of the diesel heat generator can be attributed to:

  • The high indicator of the efficiency. even taking into account the ventilation and supply ventilation, the device quickly warms the air and distributes it throughout the size of the room.
  • Easy to operate. To start the system, it is enough to send “Blow” guns to the center of the room or the building element and click on the power button.
  • Security. Modern devices are equipped with various sensors and thermostat, thanks to which the device itself does not overheat. Also excluded random decays of the flame, and when the air is heated to a predetermined temperature, the gun temporarily stops working.
  • Low cost of fuel. even devices, demanding of DT quality, will be much more profitable in operation than electrical or gas appliances.
  • Convenience in transportation. the heat generator is compact and sufficiently easy (a simple device with a capacity of 10-22 kW weighs about 11-13 kg), so it will not make it problems to ride it on the object or move from one room to another.
  • Efficiency. for heating the room you need a small amount of fuel, and the device can work for a long time without refueling. For example, a direct heating unit for 22 kW and a tank capacity of 20 liters in average spending about 2.5 liters per hour of work.
  • Long service provisions provide wear-resistant materials, standard replaceable components and simplicity of the structure itself.

Of course, it was not without flaws. In addition to the health of diesel fumes harmful to health, the problem with which can be solved using a chimney or a well-established ventilation system, to the cons of the device, you can attribute the need to connect to the energy session, noise when fan operation and fuel level control.

In addition, the cost of the gun itself and its repair will be higher than that of similar devices operating on gas or electricity.


Two large groups of diesel heaters are distinguished:

Device and diagram of the diesel heat gun direct and indirect heating

The device operating on the principle of direct heating is equipped with an open combustion chamber inside which is located a pump with nozzle. responsible for the generation of torch. Behind him posted a powerful fan.

Frameable heat, together with combustion products, enters the room. The design does not provide a separate chimney, in connection with this, the heat gun of direct heating is very harmful for the human body, so it is extremely dangerous to use such a device in an unbelievable room. Yes, and in places, with equipped good ventilation, the smell of Gary will be present.

In residential premises strictly forbidden to use diesel thermal guns direct heating.

Diesel heat gun of indirect (indirect) heating. a device that has become an improved alternative to the previous type of diesel heaters. The device resembles a boiler operating on liquid fuel. The difference lies only in the fact that the gun is not a coolant. and air. The main link is the nozzle. Placed in a closed combustion chamber, equipped with a combustion product removal system (chimney). Thus, removal of exhaust gases beyond the placement. And the rest of the design is no different.

GPmp. Indirect gas/oil-fired heater

Due to the fact that the combustion products are discharged out, similar devices are successfully used to supply the heat of the premises that are not ventilated.

In diesel, indirect heating airborne heating, the injected air does not contact with a burning torch. The formed soot and the harness are sent to the slump and do not fall into the room. It is at the expense of these characteristics that the diesel thermal guns of indirect heating found their active use in almost any conditions.

note! Even the fact that in the process of operation of indirect heating units, combustion products are discharged out, does not cancel the need for ventilation arrangement, since the oxygen required for the burner is closed from the room.

Heat guns on diesel fuel (diesel or diesel engineering)

Assortment “Asam Trejd” is represented by products of several well-known brands:

  • Neoclima. Under this brand, diesel thermal guns are produced at Russian factories. Devices of this brand. the most inexpensive in our catalog.
  • Kroll. German company with more than fifty-year-old experience. Kroll products are represented by small and medium-sized devices (from 14.5 to 115 kW). The most important advantage of this technique is its reliability and durability. Only German Diesel Kroll Guns are able to work with maximum reliability.
  • Ballu and Ballu-Biemmedue (Italy). Produces guns of the middle price segment. They are more expensive than the devices of the domestic producer, but cheaper Kroll aggregates. Buyers are available small and medium power models. from 10 to 100 kW.
  • Master. American company manufactures equipment for more than 50 years. Thermal guns of the brand are represented by a large number of models with a capacity of 10 to 220 kW.

Diesel heat guns Neoclima diesel thermal guns Kroll

German company Kroll was founded in 1963. It is one of the largest European thermal equipment suppliers.

Direct heating Kroll units can be used on construction sites, in warehouses and areas used in agriculture. They will create the necessary working conditions. For example, with their help you can achieve a temperature at which the cement will be fastened faster. These devices are not suitable for use in residential areas, since there are no fuel combustion products.

Thermal guns of indirect heating of the German company Kroll can be used in rooms with a weak ventilation system. Most often such aggregates are installed in garages, workshops, warehouses, industries and hangars. They have a special chimney for removal of combustion products, so do not pollute the air indoors with harmful gases.

Guns are characterized by high performance. This equipment is the most reliable in the market. You pay for real German quality and durability.

Diesel Heat Gun Ballu and Ballu-Biemmedue

Ballu has been working in the profile of more than 25 years. She deserved confidence in professionals from many countries.

We have presented small heating guns BHDN and direct heating device BHDP. The first are distinguished by the presence of the combustion product removal system and can be used in rooms with poor ventilation. In both series units, a convenient thermostat to maintain the temperature of the air supplied. A three-step security system has been established, which reduces the risk of failure of the equipment and makes it minimal.

Master is an American company. Production experience is over 50 years. We have three series of heat guns: B, B and BV. The first consists of direct heating devices, the second and third. from indirect heating units. The company’s products are characterized by high performance characteristics, durability and ease of use.

In assortment. cannons with a capacity from 10 to 220 kW. This means that the products of this brand can be equipped with both a small room during finishing construction work and a spacious hangar.

Air Heater Diesel Zitrek BFG-20

Heater diesel Zitrek with direct heating function applies in rooms with good ventilation. The fluima control system is built into the heater.

Three varieties of heaters on a diesel population

The burning of diesel fuel for the heating of the rooms is practiced for a long time. Remember even the air stoves of the O-65 type, installed on the Army closed trucks of the “Ural” brand and “ZIL”. New diesel heat generators use a similar principle, only made from modern materials and equipped with electronic automation.

Predecessor of modern heating cannons. Car diesel stove, placed on a stationary frame

Solar thermal gun burns diesel and heats air, driven through cylindrical combustion chamber with axial fan. By the method of heating and emissions of flue gases, the products are divided into 3 groups:

  • Punches of straight heating emit smoke into heated room. Accordingly, apply similar air heaters inside the housing is unacceptable.
  • The heat generators of indirect heating are equipped with a side nozzle for connecting the chimney and removal of combustion products.
  • Infrared heating devices also pollute air, throwing out spent gases into the room. Difference from previous models. increased area of ​​heating plate, isolated radiant heat.

Reference. Among the producers of heat guns will highlight several proven brands: Master, Aurora, Ballu, Elitech, Zubr. The range of heating capacity of household aggregates. 10 30 kW, industrial models of thermocouos develop performance up to 150 kW.

It is possible to find out the type of heater in appearance. the displeasement devices are equipped with chimney, and infrared. peorned poly diameter reflector

Consider in detail the device of each type of heaters, then analyze their pros and cons.

Principle of direct heating

The gun of this type consists of such elements:

  • To the metal frame (usually equipped with wheels) the cylindrical body of the heater and the tank with diesel fuel is attached;
  • In front of the case, a stainless steel combustion chamber is installed or ceramics;
  • On the back of the chamber there is a fuel injector, a glow candle and a photovoltaic flame sensor;
  • From the front side of the furnace, a plate reflecting the open flame is provided;
  • In the back of half of the case there is a fan. air blower, a fuel supply system and an electronic control unit with a thermostat.

Note. The second function of the reflective plate is the transmission of radiant heat subjects in the area of ​​the line visibility at a distance of 3-5 m.

Railway Circuit Scheme. Longitudinal section

The air diesel heater connects to the 220 volts of 220 volts by a regular cable and runs literally at the touch of a button and adjustment of the room temperature controller. How the gun works on the diesel fuel:

  • The user pours to the tank diesel fuel or purified kerosene includes the device to the network and sets the desired air temperature.
  • The fan and fuel block are started, the diend is fed from the tank to the nozzle where it is mixed with air.
  • The fuel-air mixture in the form of a fine fog is injected into the chamber and is set on fire of the electric candle. The photocell registers the appearance of fire and after a few seconds the controller turns off the power electrode.
  • The bulk of the air mixture, the fan, is washes the wall of the combustion chamber from the outside, then the heated flow comes out of the “trunk” of the gun. A smaller part of the air burns along with diesel and is thrown in the form of exhaust gases.
  • When the liquid fuel ends or the burner will get out for other reasons, reacts the photo sensor and inform the control unit. The latter will stop the pump and block the supply of diesel fan, the fan will stop work in 15-30 seconds.
  • Burning automatically turns off when the thermostat fixes the heating of the environment to a predetermined temperature. After cooling the room, the burner will resume.
  • Heaters of well-known brands are equipped with a tipping sensor of the device that tears the power supply chains.
thermal, guns, diesel, fuel, indirect, heating

Clarification. If an emergency shutdown occurred, the heater will not automatically start. According to the instruction manual, the user must identify and eliminate the cause of the stop, then repeat the ignition procedure.

In primitive or old models of liquid-fuel cannons, there is a manual launch system with piezoelectric ignition. Similar devices are equipped with safety / overheating automation, but not equipped with a temperature regulator.

Indirect heating air heaters

Diesel fan heaters of this group are somewhat different:

  • The combustion chamber is completely closed, the refractory plate is embedded hermetically and is the front wall of the furnace;
  • The injected air is heated only by the outer wall of the chamber, heat exchanger and reflective plate;
  • combustion products are displayed out through the upper vertical nozzle;
  • The thermocouple needs to be connected to the chimney pipe.

Reference. Two- and three-way stainless steel heat exchangers are used in heaters. The air flow removes the heat from the walls of the chamber and additional channels for which hot burning products are moving. Depending on the design of the heat exchanger, smoke makes 2 or 3 stroke before going to the pipe.

The output of exhaust gases to the street allows the use of a diesel apparatus for heating closed rooms with insufficient ventilation. But it is still unacceptable to snap off the gun of indirect heating, the reason is the lack of a traction sensor and the corresponding automation that protects people from the Ugon.

What is the difference in indirect heating from straight?

The leading difference between the thermal gun of indirect heating from the device with direct heating is the presence of a closed combustion chamber. From the served air it separates the special partition. Due to this, fuel combustion products do not enter the room together with the air jet, and go outside. To do this, the owner of the cannon will need to connect its nozzle with a chimney pipe or ventkanal.

You can also select a few more differences between two heaters: