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Safety valve for water heater: Recommendations for the choice and installation

The use of safety reinforcement is governed by national and industry standards, rules of operation and technical guidelines.

The following regulatory documents are used for blood vessels:

  • (PB 03-576-03). Safety Rules for Vessels and Pressure Settings.
  • GOST 24570-81 National Safety Standard for Safety Valves.

Systems protected by emergency reinforcement, in the case of their abnormal work or accident, are a significant threat to industrial and public safety. Therefore, their design, equipment, installation, operation is supervised by authorized bodies following compliance with the requirements of the rules and standards at all stages of the equipment life cycle. It is entrusted to Rostekhnadzor.

Principle of operation

Standard water heater fuses consist of three independent valves:

Safety valve includes a rod of metal, a cap at its end, a powerful spring and a fusion plum fitting. As soon as the pressure inside the boiler exceeds the value specified in the documents, the device is triggered, the rod will burn the tight spring and it will open access to the fitting, through which the exemption. It happens so much smoothly that the flow of water is just a large number of droplets.

Check valve includes a plastic rod with a rubber plug at the end and weak springs. Unlike plumbing, the return valve of the boiler is not intended to keep the pressure pressure of a large pressure and serves as an ordinary damper, so the spring is so weak. He just does not allow water to be found in the pipes in case of emergency or turning off the water in the central water supply.

Last but very important valve is a descent. It consists of a stock valve rod and a small spring. He works “on the suspension” safety. When the pressure is suitable for critical quantities, but does not cross them, the drain valve is able to normalize the pressure inside the heater during the turn on the tap or drain in the toilet. When water in the pipeline slightly lowers its pressure, the drain valve opens, and excess almost boiling water go back to the pipe.

For boiler indirect heating

Many apartments have indirect type water heaters. Indirect heating occurs not in the boiler itself, but in another device, most often. in the boiler heating. Thus, the work of an indirect boiler and the boiler is closely interconnected. For this type of water heaters, you need to select a suitable safety valve.

All the characteristics we need are listed in the device’s technical passport, so before buying, be sure to study this document. It is important to know the permissible working pressure of the device. it is necessary to navigate on it, and not pressure in the plumbing pipes.

Mounting instructions on the strapping boiler

Installation of a protective safety valve is one of the steps of the boiler strapping. Minimum set of parts for supplying a line of a rh3 line. polypropylene tube and safety valve.

But we will consider another option in which, except for the named elements, a tee, drain crane and an American participate. In addition, PP fittings will be required to shift the water supply trigger to the wall.

The first part is the brass tee on ½ inches required for mounting the shut-off valve. It is joined by packle and special paste, twisting on 3-4 turns

The shut-off valve is necessary to organize an additional drainage of water for repair and preventive work. Without a tee, it is impossible to install it

Metal valve is taken from the starting kit, as the boiler is new. It is necessary to carefully examine it from all sides, check the presence of springs and the function of the lever

On the surface of the case on one side, the arrow is knocked out, showing the direction according to which water should move. The device must be fixed on the pipe so that the arrow watches up, and the hole for the drain. down

Pin the valve with a threaded connection, using all the same pacles and assembly paste. If there is an emergency discharge of excess water from the tank, it will flow from the directional down hole

Directly to the safety valve screwing “American”. Skit valve. For fixing uses a precipitant nut with a rubber liner. On the second pipe of the boiler also establish an “American”

Adapters are needed to remove water lines closer to the wall. If they do not interfere, the polypropylene tubes are fixed directly to the lower valve. “American”

Plastic, most often polypropylene, pipes are attached to the weld and by fittings. It remains to connect a drain tube to the fuse

Why dripping water from the crane

Dripping water signals a malfunction of the part, but even if water drips under high pressure, you should not panic in advance. This may be provoked by several reasons:

In the first case, the malfunction could arise due to the fact that the installation was carried out non-professionals. Many check valves are manufactured with the ability to change the factory rigidity settings of the spring. Customize hardness should a specialist. If the settings did not change, then most likely the spring weakened, in which case it is advisable to replace the new.

How to Pipe 2 Water Heaters in Tandem Water Heaters Now

If the reason for the breakdown lies in high pressure in the pipeline, then before installing the safety valve, it is recommended to install a reduction.

When expanding in the pipeline, you can install a reduction valve at the entrance to the apartment, so you will protect all the devices in your home.

For the purchase of a safety valve, you will spend quite some of the funds, and get the security and long service life of the water heater.

What happens in the absence of a valve

The absence of PKV leads to an increase in pressure inside the electrical heater above the norm. If it exceeds the permissible limits, the tank is simply torn. It all depends on the strength of the capacity than it is less, the earlier the. But, the thicker the tank, the more excess and the stronger the explosion will be. The only way to prevent the destruction with catastrophic consequences is the presence of a fuse, which will reset pressure on time.

The dangerous situation is in the boiler and with a rapid pressure drop in the water supply. It often happens at night, when operating services produce cold water shutdown. Because of the complete drain, the TEN will blown (tubular electric heater).


To prevent the heater brave, many Mount-crafts perform the installation of conventional check valves, instead of safety. Such a decision, from a technical point of view, is unacceptable, since the safety standards violates.

In the boiler, deprived of the PC, can easily happen an explosion even with a simple discovery of the crane. In a hardened pot, no boiling occurs, as it is shifted in it, the boiling point is shifted above 100 ° C. If he is continuing, the opening of the crane can lead to a sharp drop of pressure in the tank. As a result, the boiling point returns to 100 ° C, while the stream of a steam causing is rapidly growing.

Feebility of the safety valve, its correct installation and matching the characteristics of the boiler. security deposit. Before assessing the locking and protective reinforcement, it is necessary to study the technical documentation of devices and read the recommendations of specialists. If there are doubts about your abilities, it is better to turn to professionals.

Conclusions and useful video

In order for the installation process of shut-off and safety reinforcement proceeds exactly, without errors and misunderstandings, read the experience of the experienced owners of boilers before installing the valve and other devices.

Once again about the design and principle of operation:

A few moments that can be taken on:

Like any fittings for the strapping, the safety valve is a necessary device for the proper operation of the water heater. It does not need to be confused with the check valve and should be installed only according to the instructions.

If there are difficulty choices or installation, please contact experienced specialists who for half an hour will bring your boiler to complete readiness.

Want to deal with the appointment of the safety valve and the subtleties of its installation? Maybe you have questions after reading our article? Do not hesitate. ask the advice from our experts in the block.

If you specialize in the installation of boilers, their maintenance and repair, and noticed inaccuracy in our material or want to supplement the practical recommendations that are said. write, please, your opinion under this article.

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Safety valve for boiler, adjustment

Having bought a safety valve for a boiler, the adjustment of which is performed manually set the mechanism described above.

valve, safety, water, heater
  • Complete installation, connection and filling of the water heater.
  • Turn on the device in mode close to maximum in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Immediately by reaching the specified temperature parameter, turn the adjusting screw or the handle, depending on the valve model, until water begins from the fitting.
  • Drain from the tank part of the liquid. In the tank, the space is free to be filled with cold water. Accordingly, the temperature inside the heater will fall. Turn on the timing of the boiler. Now water from the dump channel will flow automatically. If this does not happen, loosen the spring before the appearance of a fine trickle. Check for another drain and reheat cycle.
  • Set the operating mode of order 60o. It is not necessary without the need to constantly use a higher temperature regime. It can provoke elevated heat exchanger wear.

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In the process of use, depending on the intensity of the cost of hot water, it is required to rinse the safety valve for a boiler from scale, fragments of rust from pipes and other foreign suspenders in water. To do this, simply sometimes open the channel of emergency discharge of excess fluid using the lever.

You should not use this mechanism for emptying the water heater. The particles settlement at the bottom of the tank passing through the spring spring will be stuck and create interference to her further normal operation.

Observing all the rules for using the water heater and following the serviceable safety valve, you will confidently and safely enjoy hot water.

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