How much should the refrigerator work without disconnecting. problems and solutions

In this article, we will analyze the question how long the refrigerator should work without turning off. Tell how to know his efficiency coefficient. You will know why the refrigerator compressor often turns on or for a long time, possible causes of problems and their symptoms.

Refrigerator Heart. Compressor. It is periodically turned on and disconnected by supporting the desired temperature. It measures the sensor installed inside the main and freezer.

When the temperature rises above installed (cold), the sensor gives the signal and the compressor turns on. Gradually the camera and products in it are cooled. When the temperature becomes below, the compressor stops.

You set the temperature in the refrigerator 4 degrees. When it rises to 4.5, the compressor starts working. The refrigerator chamber is cooled, the temperature drops to 4.25, then up to 4. The compressor stops.

Should be a hot compressor

Many users wonder if the refrigerator compressor should be warm. This element is constantly experiencing high loads. To achieve a low temperature in the main and freezer chambers, the device has to lock the refrigerant under high pressure. Compressed gas tolerate thermal energy, part of which is given to the compressor and evaporator. Motor of the refrigerator is heated and due to the production of heat allocated when the electric current is supplied to the winding.

If the compressor is hot, you need to try to measure its temperature. If the device works normally, the indicator should not exceed 90 ° C. With long-term operation of the refrigerator, the motor can warm up stronger. The replacement of the element is required in the following cases:

  • If the heating of the parts is accompanied by the early trigger operation;
  • In case of damage to the winding of the motor;
  • If the rear grille overheats, and the refrigerator does not freeze;
  • When strong noise appears during the operation of the device;
  • if the motor works continuously.
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The compressor of the refrigerator works, but does not freeze

If the refrigerator compressor constantly works, but the freezer and the main compartment do not frowse, there are several options. Consider breakdowns, faults in the work of the refrigerator that you can define and eliminate yourself.

Oblaged evaporator

This problem happens in single-circuit refrigerators, in which one evaporator is responsible for cooling the main chamber and freezer. To check out a guess remove the rear plastic panel in the refrigerator chamber.

If on the evaporator ice and snow. defrost an aggregate. In no case do not give ice! To prevent problems, set the operating temperature above 1-3 degrees. It will be useful for you to read the article on the reasons for the formation of ice and snow in the refrigerator.

Incorrect installation

For good work of the refrigerator, the condenser (the radiator on the rear wall of the refrigerator) must effectively give heat. He needs air flow for good circulation.

If the unit is installed too close to the wall or near heat sources (heating battery, kitchen stove), freon in the system is poorly cooled. To achieve the desired temperature, the compressor must be faster to drive it on the system.

In some modern models, the capacitor is on the back of the wall and partially embedded in the side. It is possible to determine this by documentation or instructions for technology. For such refrigerators, good air circulation from all sides is important.

Recommendations for all types of refrigerators:

  • Move it away from heat sources;
  • Ensure the distance between the condenser and the wall of at least 5 cm;
  • Adjust the legs so that it stands as high as possible;
  • Install it where there will be no objects of furniture (shelves, lockers and T.D.).

Breakdown fan

In the compressor compressor can be placed. It blows the engine for cooling and provides air circulation near the condenser. If he fails, Freon will be poorly cool and the refrigerator compressor will rarely disconnect.

Check the fan operation elementary. look into the engine compartment when the compressor works. If the fan does not spin, possibly:

Consequences of service

If the refrigerator does not stop and is constantly working after repair, maintenance or diagnostics, the malfunction is not in it. The problem is in the wizard who spent the work.

If the refrigerator does not turn off and is constantly working after maintenance, in 99% this is the wines of the master. The probability that after the work occurred random breakdown. minimal. Call the refrigerator and require troubleshoot. And better. contact good, proven masters. You can find them on the portal of the specialist search portal.

If you have not been able to determine the reason for the frequent inclusion or permanent operation of the refrigerator, following these recommendations, call a specialist. Diagnosis and repair of refrigeration equipment. a difficult matter. Need knowledge, experience, relevant tools and equipment.

Error Kulibin

Some masters refuel not the freon on which the refrigerator system is calculated. For example, instead of refrigerant R-12 can use R-134A, R-600A. Freonov has different characteristics, when they are replaced, need to take into account the features of the equipment.

Using another refrigeration leads to improper operation of the system, especially in old models without air temperature sensor. At the same time, on the entire surface of the rear wall of the refrigerator, water will accumulate and freeze. Determine the problem and eliminate it can only specialist.

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The side walls of the refrigerator are heated when turning on

If the refrigerator has a regular compressor, then it periodically turns on and turns off. A slight increase in the temperature of the walls at the same time. a normal phenomenon. But heating should be no more than 1-2 degrees.

Strong heating when the compressor is turned on, means that the temperature in the refrigerator rose by 2 or more degrees. If the sidewalls or rear walls begin to heat up badly. there are several options:

Check the cleanliness of the sensor and clean it yourself. In the main chamber, it is usually in one block with a light lamp. In the freezer, the temperature sensor is usually located behind the rear panel.

But there may be options, so look at its location in the instructions. If the fruit sensor, we advise you to read the article about the causes of ice and snow in the refrigerator.

If it does not help. it is better to call a specialist. Find a good refrigerator on the search portal Profy Masters. There is a search in all cities and regions, and the level of specialists is quite worthy.

If the walls of the refrigerator are heated when you first turn on after idle. it is absolutely normal. The system begins to cool the chamber to normal temperatures. At the same time there is an active selection of heat. Heated Freon gives it through the walls, heating them.

What can be done yourself

Refrigeration plants. large household appliances with a difficult construction, and on their own to figure out what is not easy. In general, the process of identifying faults can be reduced to the following actions:

  • Check the voltage of the network.
  • Check whether the light is on in the refrigerator with an open door. If not, the technique is connected to another socket, which is checked. At this stage, visually inspect the plug and cord for the presence of mechanical defects.
  • If the light lights up, probably broke the thermal sensor. Checking the element: looking for two wires that goes to the sensor and closure. If it works, then the thermostat is time to change to a new.
  • If it does not matter in the sensor, then inspect the protective and starting relay, for which they are removed and the messenger. If the transclon does not do. change the spare part.
  • Much more difficult if the reason for the inoperability of the equipment is the compressor. Those who disassemble in electric motors can check whether everything is in order with the winding of the motor. It should be called three contacts, without closure on the case. If there is a closure and when the check shows less than 20 resistance, the compressor belongs to the service center.
  • Visually to identify the problem is difficult, moreover, the refrigerator electric power circuit can. In this case, you will need a master’s assistance.

With a lack of knowledge and experience, do it better do not do repair.

The reasons why the refrigerator can be stopped. a lot. Man, far from a device of large household appliances, can independently check except for the integrity of the plug and network cord. With the lack of experience, it is better to turn to professionals.

Should be a hot compressor and a motor in the refrigerator?

Obviously, the compressor performs a rather complicated function, which is why heating occurs. After all, in order to achieve the necessary aggregate state of the cooling substance, it is necessary to use a very large pressure. In addition, the cooling substance transmits a certain amount of thermal energy.

As for the engine of the refrigerator, its heating is also normal. To work the refrigerator, it is necessary to highlight a sufficiently large amount of electric current, which entails heating.

But do not forget that excessive heating is abnormally. And if suspicions appear on this, then the temperature of these elements is better to measure.

What to do if between the refrigerator and the freezer is hot?

No matter how high-quality a rubber seal on the doors, a cold leakage can occur through it anyway. If the T ° difference is essential, corrosion may begin, the mold appears, the rubber band itself will face and t. P. That this does not happen, the producers around the perimeter of the freezer also pave the capacitor tubes that have the property to warm when working. and often they are located in the inter-chamber partition. Like the cases described above, it is not a malfunction and should not cause user anxiety.

Fridge compressor heat up too much fridge not cooling what’s Problem How repair learn tips Tricks

Sometimes in some models of the equipment of the Atlant brand between the chambers, tape heaters are installed, fastening to the inside, so the heating of the gap between the compartments in this case is inevitable, but this is just a measure of protection against condensate appearance.