Causes of breakdowns and ways to eliminate them

A significant part of the problems that lead to the fact that the Cycle of washing after a water set does not start in the PMM, you can solve it yourself. Usually they are associated with improper operation and failure of individual parts.

The spray of water

This part can still be called a sprayer, impeller or rocker. In most models, there are two of them. upper and lower, but in some there is one more. average.

They are a plastic element similar to a propeller or a helicopter blades, in which the holes for supplying water under pressure are located. The most common problem of sprayers is clogged nozzles.

It is easy to clean them yourself:

  • First you need to remove the sprayer by unscrewing the mounting nut.
  • With a careful examination of the holes, you can notice that they are clogged with particles of food or a lime coating. But it is also possible that at first glance there is no dirt.
  • The next step is to substitute the input hole of the sprayer under the stream of water. If a stream does not come from the nozzles or it goes weakly, then they are clogged with something.
  • Using toothpicks, you need to carefully and carefully clean the nozzles, and repeat the test with water. When successful the procedure, the pressure should be the same of all holes.

In addition to blockage of nozzles, the problem may be a poor rotation of the impeller. In this case, the bearing replacement can help.

Laying the upper sprayer

This is a circle of rubber, which is located inside the mounting nut. Its wear can lead to water leakage and a decrease in its pressure, as a result, the water will gain more slowly, and PMM simply will not begin to work.

The only thing that can be done in this case is to replace the gasket with a new. How to do it:

  • It is necessary to remove the sprayer and gently remove the gasket from the nut;
  • Before installing the new one, you must carefully inspect the part on the presence of traces of food or other contaminants, mechanical particles interfere with the tight fit of the parts;
  • Having inserted a new gasket, you need to attach the sprayer to the PMM again and check the operation of the device.

Clogging of the drain filter

Manufacturers of dishwashers always indicate that before loading all the dishes must be cleaned of large pieces of food.

Small particles in the process of washing together with water merge into the lower part of the unit, where they are delayed by a drain (drainage) filter. According to the instructions of most models of machines, it must be cleaned monthly.

Some firms supply the filter with the function of This allows you to slightly reduce vigilance, but if suddenly the car stopped working for an incomprehensible reason, it is worth checking, including this part.

Fat, dirt, garbage and scale can lead to the fact that draining water will be blocked, PMM will refuse to wash the dishes.

Wonder scenario. through a faulty filter, solid particles can fall into the internal nodes of the machine, which will cause more serious breakdown.

  • The drain filter is located at the bottom of the raging chamber. It can be easily twisted from the nest.
  • The part must be disassembled and thoroughly washed in warm water. You can use the detergent and brushes to better clean the nets and small filter cells.
  • If there are damage. cracks and chips, it remains only to replace the part with a new. Otherwise, dirt can get into the pump.

Damage to the impeller of the pump

The pump provides the desired water pressure in the dishwasher. Its malfunction leads to interruptions in the supply of water, as a result, the lack of washing dishes by PMM.

The impeller is a rotating part, the breakdown of which causes water flow or stop the pump. To get to it, first of all, you need to unscrew the bottom of the PMM.

To do this, the car must be de.energized, disconnected from all wires and pipes and turn over on the side or on the “back” (back wall).

When access to the bottom appears, it must be removed using the screwdriver. Next, you should carefully disconnect all the wires and nozzles connecting the circulation pump to other parts of the machine. After that, you can start examining the impeller.

The pump device may have differences from different manufacturers. Despite the fact that the general principle of operation is one, the nuances of fastening the parts should be clarified in the instructions so that there are no problems with subsequent assembly.

The impeller in some dishwashers can be easily removed by simply unscrewing it along the thread. In others, she is firmly applied to the shaft, and in this case, attempts to remove it should be made at its own peril and risk.

If the part is disconnected without problems, then it must be inspected and the garbage is removed, if it is there. Cracks and broken blades. an indication for replacing this spare part.

Dock station

Dishwashers, in which there is an average spray, have t.n. Document station. This part directs the flow of water to the average impeller.

As a rule, it is located inside the camera on its back wall. Docking valves can flow, or, conversely, for some reason to block water.

To inspect it, it must be removed from the pipe and check if there are foreign parts or tears, as well as cracks in the plastic part. In the first case, it is enough just to clean the part. If it is damaged, then you do not have to change.

Inlet valve

Through it, water enters PMM. It is located in the back of the lower part of the case (clarify in the instructions of its model). The essence of the work of this spare part is to open the water flap for water and close it when it ends.

To get to the valve, you need to disconnect the hose from the car, and open the rear or base panel (sometimes it is more convenient to turn it on its side for this). If the part is located on a pouring hose, then you do not need to disassemble the case.

Differences of dishes of different manufacturers

To eliminate any malfunction should be based on two things. an understanding of the general principles of the work of dishwashers and the features of the device of models of different brands.

So, for example, Bosch dishwashers have a heating pump built into the pump, which complicates the diagnosis and makes repairs more expensive. In the Hansa PM, the input valve is connected to the Aquastop system and is located on a pouring hose (its breakdown is a common cause of water, but a lack of washing).

Its repair and replacement will be much more expensive than for the models in which the valve is in the car body. old models of any brands do not have a display on which you can see the error code, and find out what exactly has broken down, you will have to independently.

The conclusion follows from this. you can not begin to repair your device, without having previously studied the instructions, the name and location of the parts.

All you need to know about water for a dishwasher will find in this section.

The dishwasher does not turn on. the reasons and solutions

What to do if the dishwasher does not turn on? Sometimes breakdowns occur, which can be eliminated with your own hands, the main thing is to know how. Do not rush to call the master, read our article and try to correct the situation yourself.

You are trying to turn on the Bosch, Electrolux, Siemens, Gorenje machine, but nothing happens? Light bulbs and indicators do not burn, the control panel does not respond to keystrokes. What to do: first to check the availability of electricity on the network.

To do this, connect another device to the outlet. If it does not work, then there is no voltage. this happens in houses with an old wiring. Sometimes stresses are simply not enough to turn on the technique, so it is recommended to install difavtomats and stabilizers. Wait, perhaps electricity will appear soon.

Also inspect the network cord, often it suffers during transportation of technology. The heavy case can be put on the cord, and it is transferred or interrupted. As a result, a dishwasher may not only turn on, but also a short circuit when connected to the network. If the machine is knocked out, then the reason is also in the contacts of the network. Therefore, before starting installation, carefully check all the components.

The network cord during breakdown cannot be repaired. A complete replacement is required.

If there is no damage outside, you can check the insulation as follows:

In addition to problems with an electrician, the reason that the PMM “Whirlpool”, “Siemens”, “Electrolux”, Beko and other brands may not turn on, maybe:

  • Failed door lock. Until the door is tightly closed, the sink will not begin.
  • The start button (flooded, fell) broken).
  • The capacitor burned out. This happens with a strong voltage jump.
  • Problems with the control module. If the block breaks or burned out, the technique will not turn on.

How to find and eliminate a problem, read below.

The dishwasher turns on, but does not start

Another type of problem. the technique turns on, but does not work and does not start the washing process. At the same time, you can see the error code that the self.diagnosis system highlights on the scoreboard. Also PMM “Bosch”, “Indesit”, “Hans”, “Ariston” can squeak or buzz. There were probably problems with water fence.

If the program begins normally, the “brush” indicator burns on the control panel, which means the washing process.

If it’s not a sucker, then the problem may be in the filling valve. Why does the dishwasher do not get water and what to do with it, read in our article.

What to do to eliminate a problem

Problems in the dishwasher of any brand (Ariston, Hansa, Beko) can be eliminated independently. The main thing is to act consistently. Immediately check if the camera door is normally blocked.

Checking button “Start”

Visually inspect the control panel. If the traffic key or the detergent got into the connectors, you will need cleaning and replacing. Disassemble the panel and check the contacts of the button multimeter. If necessary, replace the part.

Replacement of the capacitor

As we already wrote above, unstable tension can ruin not only nerves, but also the technique. Due to a sharp difference, the capacitor could burn out. It is necessary to check and replace the element:

  • Remove the decorative lower panel under the door.
  • Remove the fasteners of the pallet.
  • Open the hopper door, unscrew the drainage filter and pull out the sprayer.
  • Put the dishwasher on the back wall.
  • Remove the screws and remove the pallet (simultaneously disconnect the wiring, if any).
  • Find the capacitor. The part is attached to the circulation pump.
  • If you do not see the traces of the bog externally, then check the element with a multimeter.
  • Also inspect the wiring and make sure that the contacts are in good condition.

Electronic block problems

Management malfunction. serious breakdown. At the same time, the technique either does not turn on at all, or works with failures. The module can break after water leak. For example, when transporting, you did not remove the remaining water from the car, and it got on a fee. Voltage surges also affect electronics.

You can only inspect the part on your own, but only the master can talk about repair or replacement. How to get to the control unit:

  • Open the camera door;
  • unscrew all the bolts around the perimeter;
  • Cover the door and remove the outer panel;
  • Disconnect the wiring from the module, first photograph all the connectors.

If burnt parts are visible on the surface of the board or wires, it means that repair is needed urgently. Take the detail in the service for diagnosis.

So in stages check all these details. If you can’t find a breakdown on your own, it is better to contact a specialist.

Assistants. codes of faults of washing machines Wesser

In models equipped with an electronic display, you can understand the causes of one or another breakdown by deciphering digital codes. These codes appear on the scoreboard after each self.diagnosis of the machine.

Most often, Vestel cars give out such errors: E07, E01, E02.

Washing in the Vestel machine does not start

With the indicated failure in 4 out of 10 cases, the UBB sensor is broken (hatch lock device). Because of this, the controller believes that the hatch is open, and does not give the wash to start.

On the scoreboard, there may not be breakdown codes.

What in the end? The door of the machine is locked, you click on the “start”, but the process does not think to start. Where to start the search for the causes of the breakdown and how to repair the Vestel washing machine with your own hands, we will consider below:

  • Disconnect the machine for 10-15 seconds.
  • Turn on.
  • If the problem is still with you, turn off again and turn on the smell.
  • Nothing changed? Then act differently.
  • Disconnect the machine from the power supply.
  • Open the hatch cover.
  • Arm yourself with a cross blade, unscrew 2 bolts holding uble.
  • Give it carefully, take it off.

Attention! The sensor wiring is brought to the locking mechanism. do not tear off the wires.

  • Take the usual tester and measure the resistance on the contacts of the UBB sensor.
  • If the thermoresistor is serviceable, then the indicator will be at a mark of 900 Ohms.
  • In the case of a breakdown on the tester board, you will see 0-1.

So you found the reason that washing does not start. Your task is to replace UBB, then all the processes in the brush of Wester will pack.

If you have determined that the mechanism of the hatch is not broken, then the problem needs to be sought in an electrician. for this you will need an electrical circuit of the Vestel washing machine. Each model has its own scheme. you need to look for it in the manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

If there is no scheme, act based on elementary logic: disassemble the control panel and call the chip.

Experienced experts do not recommend independently conducting such work. they require certain knowledge.

What could be the problem?

The lack of heating can be caused by several factors:

  • Ten was burned out. This is the most common malfunction that is first checked.
  • Incorrect installation or connection of the machine. Because of this, it can constantly drain water, which simply does not have time to warm up. Other violations of the water preparation regime are possible.
  • The heating element is covered with a thick layer of lime deposits. They play the role of a heat insulator, which is why the heater cannot heat water, although it works at full power.
  • Problems with the thermostat. He does not give a command to heat the water.
  • The electronic control unit fails or firmware failure.

Most often, the problem is recorded by an electronic control unit, and a certain combination of characters is highlighted on the display (usually, this is a letter and one or two digits).

In addition to the standard cause (malfunction of the heating element), Bosch dishes may have a problem with a water filter. If he is clogged and does not pass water well, the circulation mode stops.

The control unit can give a command to replenish the water level, which is why heating will become impossible. Determining such a malfunction is quite simple. during operation you need to open the door and look at the tray. If the filters are clean, there should not be water in them.


The main factors in the absence of heating in the Electrolux PMM are:

Most often the reason lies in the fault of the heater. On the Electrolux PMM, it is combined with a circulation pump, so you have to change the entire node.

Replacing one heater is quite possible, but they are very rarely sold separately, only ready.made assemblies assembly.


Korting dishwashers, like all German equipment, are very sensitive to water quality. Due to the appearance of deposits, the heating elements quickly fail.

The heater operates in normal mode, but it cannot provide a given water temperature, since it is covered with an insulating layer of lime plaque. Because of this, the control unit gives the command to increase the heating, the element overheats, and fails.

Another risk factor is temperature sensor. With him the same problem is a scale that reduces the heating of the thermoresistor.


The design of PMM Indesit is not much different from the analogues of products of other companies. Her water heating problems are also a consequence of the failure of the heater, sensors, and control module.

Often the cause of the filter clogging is, due to which the pressure relay does not give a command to execute the work program.

How to determine what exactly broke?

Before starting the repair of PMM, it is necessary to accurately determine the source of the problem.

First of all, you need to check the heater. This is the most loaded node, which refers to consumables requiring replacement when failing.

As a rule, they measure the resistance using a tester. If the device shows an infinitely high value, then the heater has burned out and it must be changed.

If the resistance is within the normal range (its value is usually indicated in the passport or instructions for PMM), the thermostat and the control unit itself are checked.

Checking the thermostat (temperature sensor) is carried out in accordance with the design of the element. Usually these are thermoresistors, so you need to measure their resistance at room temperature, and then heat the element (it is enough to hold it with your hands). If the sensor is a worker, the resistance will change.

The malfunction of the control module is easiest to determine. It is never expressed only in the absence of heating, the failure gives almost all the functions of the machine.

Errors begin to be displayed, programs are launched and immediately dropped. These signs speak of problems with electronics.

How a dishwasher is arranged and what breaks in it will tell

Recommendations for operation

The uninterrupted operation of this household appliance is impossible without compliance with certain rules related to the operation of the device. In order for the quality of washing the dishes to be as best as possible, it is necessary to place ceramic and glass products in the upper basket, put dirty pans, pots and plates in the lower zone. The dishes are installed tightly in special racks. For free rotation and washing on all sides of the cup, put upside down. A spoon, forks and knives are loaded in a special tray, which are sharply put upward.

The dishwasher is loaded completely. If you need to wash a small amount, then in order to save energy and detergents, they set the economy wash mode. After each cycle, it is advisable to clean the filters, wipe it with a damp sponge. It is necessary to regularly remove blockages, scrap on the walls of the camera and internal details.

If the dishwasher does not turn on, first you can perform diagnostics itself. When there is no self.confidence, it is better to entrust the identification of the cause and repair the master. Why complicate the problem when the specialist will carry out everything quickly and at the end will give a guarantee for restored details.

Bloodplain and disconnecting key is broken

Often the problem when turning on the dishwasher is the breakdown of the power button itself. Since it is precisely it is most used in work, it is quite possible that she could worry. Use a dishwasher with a broken button will not work.

To check the button, you need to remove it from the car and check the performance by a multimeter. If it is broken, then it cannot be repaired. The button is subject to complete replacement assembly.

vestel, dishwasher, does, start, conclusion

If the button’s body is shown that the contacts are burned, then the diagnosis can not be carried out. Obviously, the problem of inclusion in it and the car does not work precisely because of this.

Spoiled network voltage filter

If the machine was connected through the network voltage filter, then it really failed. Its task is to take on all the loads and interference. If the filter broke, then it changes to a new. It is impossible to repair it, since after the repair it will cease to be guaranteed to protect the dishwasher from dangers.

Ремонт телевизора. VESTEL не включается, сгорает предохранитель

Blocked the control unit of the dishwasher.

The most difficult problem is the failure of the dishwasher control unit itself. With its breakdown, the car may not respond at all to inclusion. But may turn on, but not start. And there may also be other manifestations of the malfunction.

What to do if you tried to start the car, it turned on, but does not start?

To cope with such a problem yourself, most likely, will not work. To do this, you need to carry out a comprehensive diagnosis of malfunctions. Firstly, the machine can give out an error, decrypting which you can eliminate the fault, and secondly, it may be required to connect diagnostic equipment to scan errors in the memory of errors.

If the dishwasher does not turn on, and there is no experience in diagnosing household appliances at all, then it is better to call a repair master to the house. Such a service will cost an average of no more than 300. 1000 (depending on the region of residence of the user).

If you have a display and indicators when you turn on the power button, you need to check the voltage at the entrance of the board. Find this place is not difficult. find the network wire and follow the power circuit. The figure on the left of the arrows shows the power supply connector, grounding. on the right.

If the Bosch dishwasher does not turn on, and all primary checks did not give a result, and there are no error messages on the display, then it is not recommended to correct the problem in electronics yourself. It is better to call an engineer to a house who will solve the problem without risk.

Causes of breakdowns and instructions for their elimination

With many problems that prevent the set of water into the dishwasher, you can cope yourself.

First of all, it is worth checking whether the water supply is disabled by just turning on the crane. If everything is in order, you need to look for another reason.

Errors in connecting to the water supply

On the system with which the dishwasher is connected to the water supply, usually there is a valve crane that allows you to block water when it is necessary. It is placed on the pipe, which is connected to the machine itself.

Ремонт эл.платы холодильника vestel.

It is worth checking this crane. perhaps it is blocked or faulty:

  • Transfer the valve to another position, try to include water in the car again.
  • Check if the rotation of the crane is not difficult and does it flow.
  • When you turn on the machine, check whether the water flows through the pipe to the valve and after it (noise, vibration of the pipe or hose indicate that the water is passing).

If the breakdown is still detected, the valve must be replaced. For this you need:

  • block the water supply to the pipe leading to the dishwasher;
  • remove the old valve and rinse the pipe;
  • install a new crane and test it for leaks.

Another possible reason associated with connecting to the water supply is a breakdown of the hose connecting the dishwasher and riser. Perhaps he is transmitted or damaged with something. In this case, he needs to try to straighten.

If the water flows due to a defect, it will have to be replaced:

  • First of all, you need to turn off the water supply to the dishwasher.
  • Next, it is necessary to remove the damaged hose, rinse the filter.
  • Connect the car through a new hose to the water supply, pre-wrap the joints to pre-wrap with a fum tone.
  • Check the operation of the machine, the presence of leaks.

If the problem is not related to connecting the dishwasher to the water supply, you need to check the water area.

Problem with the Aquastop system

Most dishwashers are equipped with aquastop system, which protects against leaks in case of malfunctions. Its failure or trigger for any reason can block the supply of water to the dishwasher. When the aquastop is triggered, the electromagnetic valve overlaps the hose.

It is impossible to repair and restore it, it must only be replaced:

  • It is necessary to turn off the water supply;
  • Remove the aquastop hose;
  • make sure that it is faulty (inside the valve blocked the passage);
  • put a new hose of the Aquastop system instead.

If we are talking about more modern systems, it is also necessary to connect the plug to the leakage sensor.

vestel, dishwasher, does, start, conclusion

How to replace the water area for a dishwasher with your own hands, tell

The filter clogged

If everything is in order with the hose, you should check the inlet filter. It prevents large particles from entering the machine. If the water is too hard, the filter mesh is gradually clogged.

To check, you need:

The need to change the inlet valve

An important element of the machine participating in the water supply is the inlet valve. Under pressure, it opens and allows you to fill the dishwasher with water, in the process of washing it closes.

The valve may burn out or worn out due to constant drops of water or voltage. It is not always possible to independently identify this problem, but if the damage is visually visually noticeable when unscrewing the hose, most likely the reason is in the valve.

The inlet mechanism is not subject to repair, it will have to be replaced:

  • First you need to block the water and de.energize the machine.
  • Next, it is necessary to remove the valve, remembering what contacts there were wires.
  • To the place of the old set a new valve.
  • Check the serviceability of the work, after resuming the water supply.

If the problem has not resolved, you should look for another reason.

Replacing the water supply valve for a dishwasher, video instruction:

The door broke

The dishwasher will not start work until the door is blocked. If it is loosely closed (the castle does not snap, and it is impossible to block), or the key mechanism is out of order, the water will not be recruited. It should be checked whether something tightly close the door closure. The key mechanism itself could clog.

The replacement of the lock is as follows:

  • You need to turn off the dishwasher from power supply;
  • unscrew the front panel of the door, remove the supply wires from the lock;
  • unscrew the screws holding the lock, remove it;
  • screw the new lock into the place of the old, connect the wires;
  • set back the front panel, check the locking of the lock.

Independent replacement of the castle is dangerous, it is better to entrust this to the master.

It is necessary to repair the water sensor

Pressostat. a special sensor to which all dishwashers are equipped. He responds to a change in water pressure, so that the control unit regulates its supply.

When this sensor fails, information about the pressure level does not come, so the water is not gained.

It is impossible to fix the press, it will have to be replaced:

  • You need to turn off the dishwasher from the network.
  • Then you need to remove the pallet and disconnect the float sensor.
  • On the bottom of the machine is a box of plastic, from which the tube leaves. It needs to be disconnected. The pressure tank that is located in the box must also be removed.
  • Replace the sensor with a new one, install it back, then install the tube.
  • Set the pallet and check the serviceability of the machine.

Does the list of factors change depending on the model of the dishwasher?

The list of reasons is the same for all brands and models of dishwashers, because they work according to one principle.

Only design features may differ slightly, for example, the presence of a grid in a filter or mechanism of the Aquastop system. However, dishwashers can display an error code associated with the impossibility of supplying water to the screen.

Each manufacturer, as a rule, has his own:

The code indicates only a problem, and not a specific fault. Therefore, in any case, inspection and diagnosis of the machine is required.


If the dishwasher does not start, it is necessary to diagnose, which includes the following stages:

  • Primary inspection. Begin diagnostics by checking the integrity of the network cable and fork. After that, the cord is connected to the machine and the network.
  • Checking the availability of electricity. If the car does not start and does not respond to the pressing of the buttons, you need to test the sockets. Voltage drops often happen in apartments with old electrical wiring. The power supply system does not withstand the loads given by powerful household appliances, and the wires burn out. Multimeter is used to check the voltage in the outlet. A simpler way is to connect a desktop lamp.
  • The inclusion of a self.diagnosis system. This function is equipped with premium dishwashers. Before starting, a special program tests the main nodes and details. In the presence of malfunctions, a warning signal is given.
  • Power quality checking. The voltage on the network may be present, but is not enough for the operation of devices with high energy consumption. For testing the network, a powerful device is connected to the outlet, for example, an electric stove or iron. After that, measure the voltage. If this indicator decreases by no more than 5 V, the quality of power supply is good. In other cases, the wiring must be replaced.
  • Checking the door and water supply tap. The first should be tightly closed. If the dishwasher does not turn on, it is worth looking for problems with the lock. Starting may not occur due to a closed water supply tap.

Why are there problems and what to do

The main reasons why the dishwasher does not turn on are the following malfunctions:

  • violation of the integrity of the power cable (sometimes damage appears in inconspicuous places);
  • Damage of the door lock;
  • jamming of the “Start” button;
  • fuse combustion;
  • cessation of water flow into the chamber;
  • blockage of the pump or drain channel;
  • Motor or relay breakdown;
  • squeezing the water supply hose.

Damaged cord

To check this part of the machine, a multimeter is used. The device is transferred to an ohmmeter mode, the probes are connected to the damaged areas of the cable. If a burned.out site is detected, do not try to repair the wire segment. Any compounds increase the fire hazard and risk of the disorderly output. You need to change the cord whole.

The fuse burned

Fuses are located on the circular pump, so it is impossible to check these parts without dismantling the car. Before starting work, the floor is covered with a rag, which will absorb the residual water flowing from the chamber. The dishwasher is disassembled as follows: