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Features and advantages of the cabinet over the washing machine

Stationary or built-in wardrobe for washing machine can be purchased in the store, order its production in a specialized company for individual sizes, or try to make it yourself. Properly chosen furniture allows not only to hide household appliances from the visibility zone, but also gives the room aesthetic appeal. When choosing a suitable model, you should follow certain recommendations:

  • Furniture must correspond to room dimensions;
  • In some cases, if the washing machine harmoniously fits into the interior, it is better to choose a locker without anterior door;
  • If there is free space, you can use furniture with shelves and boxes, which will solve the problem with the placement of detergents, laundry baskets, other useful items;
  • The material used for the manufacture of the cabinet must be durable and durable, the wooden surfaces are impregnated with water-repellent means;
  • The design must comply with the existing interior of the room;
  • The size of the locker depends entirely on the dimensions of the aggregate itself, as well as the method of loading linen (the gap between the walls and the body of the machine is 2-3 cm, the distance to the rear, where the supply and drain hose is connected. at least 10 cm).

Advantages and disadvantages of this interior solution

Washing and drying machine in a cabinet with comfortable and functional shelves and drawers

    First, the wardrobe covers household equipment from moisture (if the washing machine is in the bathroom, it is naturally water), protecting, thereby its corrosion body.

A comfortable wardrobe for a washing machine and a washbasin looks stylish and beautiful, and also protects the washing machine from external influences

The wardrobe for the boiler over the washing machine well closes it from foreign eyes and serves as an additional storage location

A built-in wardrobe can only be installed in large rooms. For him, it is necessary to have a lot of space, so this option is unfortunately for small apartments, unfortunately.

Rack with open shelves over a washing machine in a small bathroom

The only negative is that you can not notice to flow in time if the washing machine is installed inside. Also, the cabinet may be short-lived, but it will depend on the material that will pick up for its manufacture.

White homemade cabinet over a washing machine installed in a niche

Minimalist bathroom with placing a washing machine under the cabinet

Varieties of cabinet designs

Like any other furniture, the cabinet can be: outdoor, built-in or attached. We tell about each model Read more.

The cabinet installed in the bathroom, by type of placement, can be built-in, attached and outdoor (pencil case).

Outdoor models

Remind part of a kitchen headset. It can be a high wardrobe, in which, in addition to a niche under the machine there are upper shelves. Behind them you can hide boiler, communications. It is also suitable for storing household chemicals, tools and another.

The most common type of cabinets in the bathroom is considered to be placed on the floor.

The advantage of high cabinets will appreciate families with young children. On the upper shelves you can hide things and means that should not come across the kids.

Also a wardrobe can be wide, with several departments. This option is suitable for spacious bathrooms, as it will take more square.

They differ in convenient use and are perfectly combined with additional modules.

Hinged cabinet over a washing machine

The easiest and safest option. Closed cabinet or open shelf attached over the washing machine. It is perfect for storing household chemicals, tools, other little things. The advantage of such a design is that it is easier to assemble it alone, and it will not block access to communications. So, if the hose goes away, you do not have to move or disassemble the furniture to eliminate leaks.

Highlighting a small-sized bathroom, it is important to save the useful space, the mounted cabinets will help.

Built-in options

Visually save space and hide from the view of household appliances. But the built-in wardrobe is suitable only for a spacious room or for the bathroom, in which there is a niche under the typewriter. That is, in typical apartments of the old way to install it will not work.

Most cabinets that are installed above the washing machine are made under the order by individual sizes.

Ways to design facades

The design of the locker depends on the taste of the owners, as well as from the stylistic solution of the bathroom. But it should be borne in mind that there is high humidity in the room, so not all options for decor and manufacturing materials will be suitable. For example, the lacquered board will quickly come into disrepair.

Narrow models are chosen in the case when the space on the sides above the washing machine is limited.

wardrobe, outdoor, washing, machine

It is better to pay attention to natural wood and coating with hydrophobic paints or laminated materials. Laminate can be any shade, as well as a photo printing perfectly on it.

A bright furniture or locker with mirror flaps is suitable for a small bath.

In small bathrooms, you can accommodate only one outdoor locker, in the spacious premises, a whole headset is usually installed.

Important! Due to the vibrations of the machine, unreliable mirrors can fall and crash. Therefore, it is important to think about this moment. Mirror doors are better to do on suspended cabinets that are not connected to the washing.


Quite often, the cabinet, inside which the washing machine is worth, is ordered individually on the desired size, but there are ready-made options. For example, the popular company IKEA offers a convenient model of such a cabinet made of wood-stove with a protective film. The model is called Lillongen and is represented in white and black and brown.

This is a high narrow closet 64 cm wide, inside of which two shelves are installed (they can be adjusted in height) and two towel hangers. The product is also characterized by the presence of adjustable plastic legs for greater stability of the model and the protection of the cabinet from moisture.

The hinged model of the cabinet for washing machine produces Russian company VOD-OK. The width of the product is 60 cm, and such a wardrobe made of fiberboard. He has two shelves and upper compartment with swing doors, supplemented by closers for smooth closing.

How to make a washer/dryer enclosure

Features of the washing machine and difficulties

Any wardrobe with a washing machine in the bathroom provides its further connection. You will inevitably need access to:

This rule is valid independently of the placement site (kitchen, corridor, bathroom).

For connecting to sewage, a special hose with a siphon is provided. It should be sealed with very dense adjacent. May cause the following difficulties:

  • The length of the hose is missing. You can certainly increase, but it is better to purchase a new one;
  • Siphon proceeds. Unambiguous replacement;
  • Passes smells. You yourself understand the flavors will be dubious. Most often leakage accompany this process. Replace the siphon without thinking.

Next you need to crash into the plumbing. The pipe must be blocked. Connection is performed through a special crane tee. This is a simple device will help close water access to the car during breakdowns. You do not have to cut the water in the entire apartment. Special flexible hoses are summed up to the tee. One for water and another emergency. Water filters are installed at the same stage.

Poor water quality without due filtering can cause damage to the heating element of the machine.

The last step is mounted socket and wiring. Do it only from the shield. Do not use screws with cables for other devices. Mandatory grounding conductor. Power cord equipment should get to the outlet. In this case, it can not be lowered too low.

Options for facades

The frontal part of the cabinets can be completely or partially closed, or fully open (for example, in open racks). The last option will cost inexpensively, and in general such a wardrobe performs its functions. But all things will be in sight and that the room looks carefully, you will have to constantly maintain perfect order. In addition, open shelves are polluted much faster.

Partially open cabinets for washing machines are most often found. Usually leave an open section for a washing machine. It is advisable to leave one or two shelves for frequently used objects (so as not to open and not close the wardrobe dozens once a day). If there is a model of a model with closed facades, sometimes complemented by open side shelves. Partially open made combined cabinets. for example, a closed penalty and an open rack or dresser with open shelves and a tabletop for a washbasin.

Facades, fully closing equipment and storage system, choose for built-in wardrobes or in cases when you just want to hide all objects that distract attention from the interior.

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Re-equipment of laundry less than 100 dollars

Laundry repair should not cost thousands of dollars. Learn how to transform your laundry, with the help of these simple storage tips and decor.

You need more storage space? Would you like to update the unused and unloved laundry? What holds you down? Laundry repair does not take much time and money.Sometimes you just need to show a little creativity. Learn how we completely transformed our laundry less than 100 dollars.

Collect! Image up to what you are going to see a little ugly. In our laundry, there was always a mess and Belmo to the eye. Insufficient storage space. Things usually accumulated on the dryer.

I had a very little space for storing things on the shelf over the dryer, and I rarely took out the step to climb such a height.Most cleaning products were not used and did not be treated for years.

At first I had an idea to add floating shelves over the washing and drying machine, but I do not want to see all my stitch accessories all the time. In addition, I would like to have additional space for other things. A few weeks ago, my husband and I were engaged in a savings, and we came across the old cabinet for 20, and it inspired us to do the laundry. Everything cost us less than 100 dollars!


  • sealant
  • Paint ribbon
  • Plywood case
  • Nails 1 inch
  • Tree screws 2 1/2 inches
  • Putty for wood
  • Coolboard paint
  • 2×4 board
  • White print paper stickers

Required tools:

When using tools, follow safety measures, protective equipment and guided common sense.

Step 1

At first we removed the shelf, which was already there, with the help of scrap (very neat). Amazing but when we removed the shelf, the walls were not injured, and it was really good news. I painted the wall with one layer of paint, and everything ended. New cabinets and bedside tables in any case will cover most of this area.

Step 2

Then, using the device for finding nails noted the racks in the wall with a pencil. It is very important because the cabinets are very heavy.Make sure you use hairpins to attach it to the wall.

Step 3

Then we used an align to make a linge for trimmer where the bottom of the cabinets will be. We wanted to make sure that the lid of the washing machine cleans the cabinets, so we decided on which height to hang cabinets.

Step 4

With the help of screws hung cabinets on the wall. In fact, it was the work of three people. It took us two people to keep the wardrobe directly and firmly until the third screwed it.

Step 5

Then we used Faneru, which remained from another project to build two cube. I will not tell you the sizes, because they can be adjusted so that they fit almost any space. We collected them with nail gun. We also used a nail to attach them to the already silent closet. Landing was very dense. These cabinets will not go anywhere!

Step 6

As long as we did not have power tools, we decided to make a folding table over the dryer.We simply made the support frame out of 2×4. Again, attach these two parts to the wall with the help of screws and the alignment to make sure they are straight.

Step 7

On the other hand from the wall, we made a support from a piece of plywood.

Step 8

Then we put a piece of plywood on the top of the housing and knocked it into place with a gun for nails.

Step 9

We added a finish along the front of the boxes, and then a little crown on the top of our cabinets.We also provide a folding table, as well as the rear and side sides of the folding table.

And now the most interesting! All sharpen. Fill in any place where the wooden finish is found with another piece of wood, close the seal along the wall and under the cabinets. Also fill in any dents or small holes from nails putty. Give everything to dry. If necessary, polish.

Step 10

Now it’s time to draw. To cover everything, it took about 3 good paint layers. Probably, I should have used primer, but I did not.

Tip: When I paint cabinets or furniture, I love to use white roller brushes. They work perfectly and always give a beautiful smooth result without any brush smears.

Step 11

Between layers, giving paint to dry, I decided to organize my laundry. I threw out things that I don’t need, and grouped what I really needed. I made these pretty shortcuts so that everything was organized. You can get these labels right here.

For the manufacture of these labels, I printed them on paper for printing stickers. Then I cut them with a trimmer for paper herbs.

Then I just removed the substrate and glued it to the front of storage containers. I like that they are not constant, and I can change them at any time when I need.

Step 12

On the door of the cabinet had to apply several layers of paint before they were finished. However, I could not get started to organize. Here’s what my cabinets look like.I like it all in my place.

While I was waiting for everything he dried, I also decided to add a rear panel in the form of a blackboard. Everything that I needed is a little paint for the blackboard, which I was at hand. I have a cool board in the kitchen, and I really like it! This is an interesting way to write notes to each other and add a little fantasy in the interior of your home.