Washing machine LERAN WTL 46106 WD

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EAN 4680043752270
Loading Vertical
Laundry loading 6.5 kg dry / b
Max. Spin speed 1200 rpm
Control electronic
Delay start Yes
Height 87.5 cm
Width 40 cm
Depth 61 cm
Display No
Colour white
Protection against children Yes
Energy Class A
Experience class Aprach B
Bio-phase No
Noise level 78 dB max
Delicate fabric washing program Yes
Tank material plastic
The weight 56 kg
Washing modes cotton, wool, delicate, paste, children, sports, jeans, mixed, synthetics, fast, casual
Cellular drum No
Eco Bubble No
Reservoir No
Ability to connect cold water
Production China
Para Function No
Warranty 12 months

Main Images / Icons

The principle of the designation is simple. they are located next to the button by pressing which, for example, launch the washing program or around the handle, the rotation of which is selected by the desired function or mode.

In the photo you can see the buttons with the on / off icons, as well as the start and pause

There are icons whose values ​​users can decipher intuitively and those that are the same for most aggregates. These include:

  • The circle with a vertical feature at the top is the on and off icon;
  • Triangle and two vertical features that indicate the launch of the program and pause in its execution (start / pause);
  • Snail or twisted spiral. spinning icon on a washing machine;
  • Snowflake, which is commonly used to designate washing or rinsing in cold water;
  • Tasik with water, as a rule, corresponds to the most washing and can be complemented by other symbols, for example, manual mode is depicted as a basic with hand, pre-wash. a container with one vertical line inside, the main one. a pelvis with two vertical lines;
  • The rinsing icon on the washing machine, which is often depicted using a container pattern filled with water;
  • The pelvis with a vertical arrow directional depicted next to the button responsible for draining water.

Often, in various models, the designations of the main modes of washing and tissue types are coincided:

  • Cotton fabrics are depicted in the form of a box of cotton, synthetic. test tube with spout, woolen. yarn motor, denim. pants pattern;
  • Intensive wash can be identified by the image of things with stains;
  • Delicate wash is often indicated by the image of a flower, and the economical. wood.
washing, machine, lera, vertical, loading

In the photo. decoding the most common and universal designations used on the panels of washing units

It should be noted that the digit that highlights the scoreboard, as a rule, means the number of minutes remaining until the selected washing program is completed. In modern models of the aggregates, most designations are also highlighted on a liquid crystal display: looking at it, you can learn about the parameters of the selected wash mode (the number of spin speed, temperature indicators and some additional functions) and on which stage is the program being executed (for example, if it burns Spiral icon, it means that the machine performs a spin).

The display shows the icons for which you can determine which wash mode is now running

In older models, virtually all information about the selected mode and its current stage can be obtained from the signals of small light bulbs on the dashboard (indicators). the light bulbs will burn near the corresponding images.

The button with the image of the thermometer allows you to select the desired water temperature

Button with the words ECO / Eco Perfect or Letter E launches the program of economical washing

The main functions of the overwhelming majority of washing machines are the same, therefore their designations mainly coincide, but differences still exist.


For a large amount of time, a certain view was formed, having a positive side (unfortunately, at the moment there is a single plus).

Beautiful, modern design

In fact, the design of Technique Lera is very attractive. Above the appearance worked for five plus. All new developments are introduced into the technique as soon as possible. Even famous brands can not boast of the presence of such technologies that are used by Leran.

For example, a refrigerator with the NO Frost defrost system uses blowing not directly aimed, and along the walls. Thanks to which the products are not tested.


Each medal has two sides, where there are advantages, there will be a cons. In this situation, I will attract those options that somehow affected me:

Cheap, low-quality material

Leran is actively experimenting and producing new models, but in pursuit of modernity, they do not neglect using less high-quality materials.

No components

I can not say specifically, but I get a lot of questions: where to buy? Where to find? And leave here such here’s reviews.

Lack of instruction manual.

The package includes a universal book (several leaves), which does not contain detailed instructions.

Illuminated characteristics.

If more correctly, then a wide range of capacity (corridor). For a visual option, consider two blenders, one from Leran, the second Bosch.

Power Leran Bosch
Nominal 350 W 600 W
Maximum 800 W 800 W

According to the table, we see the maximum power at the first and second 800 W, but for grinding the average hardness of products requires 500-550 W. According to the data we obtain the following result: the blender leraner when the nominal power of the 350W will switch to a maximum of 800 W, as a result of which the load and wear of parts increase. And the reserve of nominal power in Bosch will be enough for comfortable work.

Interesting fact! The earlier models wrote the advantages like this: Max. Power (maximum power) Now the information on the box sounds so “high power will allow you to quickly crush any vegetables and fruits”.

Review: Washing Machine LERAN WMS 1267 WD. Quite a pretty machine

Hello! My parents recently broke the washing machine, and without it, unfortunately, in the modern world can no longer do. Here they did not bother with repair, but decided to buy a new. over, the machine served for them more than 6-7 years.

I did not hear about my surprise for my surprise. It turns out that it has recently appeared on the market, sell them in the store technology. Manufacturer country: China. What to hide, now almost the whole technique is produced at China’s factories. While a little time has passed since the purchase, but I hope this technique will last long and high quality.

The appearance of the washing machine LERAN WMS 1267 WD is quite cute, not bulky. Pleased enough large number of modes and electronic display.

Maximum volume allowed in laundry laundry: 6 kg. On the middle family is a good volume.

Advantages from this typewriter a lot: fast washing program 15 min, Aquastop, laundry, down jacket mode.

Display. Very convenient, you can see the remaining time, temperature and spin. everything is clear clear. By the way, the machine after washing is about a minute beeps, notifies that you can hang underwear. And the same happens sometimes: I put it on washing and forgot, the underwear can half a day lie in the drum.

LERAN washing machine my parents (and me too) liked. Erases qualitatively, fast, spin good, not noisy. For its price, the machine is quite good.


After breakdown the old machine, I went to the hypermarket, with an eye to take a normal modern washing machine. The stock of money was small, so I had to choose between brands Beko, Indesit and Leran. I stopped at LERAN WMS-1066WD. She has a big hatch, a stylish design, and she erases it perfectly. I am satisfied like a cat who poured a basin sour cream. Recommend to buy!

LERAN WMS-1066WD stands for its money, believe. Machine without unnecessary bells, but if you think well, why do they need. For a long time he chose a “home assistant” and found out that the cars were alone among the cheapest, despite the fact that their assembly is quite and very old. A year and a half already worries my assistant, no failures or breakdowns were, let it be further!

This model has a super-speed spin of 1200 revolutions per minute, I am afraid of them, but maybe someone will come in handy.


Peter, G. Moscow

This machine did not buy this myself, she was already standing when we moved to a removable apartment with a girlfriend. I first encountered this brand, I even wondered what it was for Leran. LERAN WMS-1267WD works fine, not noisy, powder takes any, but erases well. Again, she has a simple and affordable. I think it can be purchased!

In early 2017, the husband pleased me with a new washing machine. She turned out to be quite good, although the firm is unfamiliar. The spouse said that he was consulted with specialists, they say brand promising, assembly and details are good. Indeed, nine months have passed, and the machine continues to erase five with a plus, no problems creates. No extraneous smells or sounds recommend!


Took the washer LERAN WMS-0850W three months ago. Immediately there was a problem with the closure of the hatch. The master arrived rapidly. I did not take the machine to service, I replaced Ubed. Repairs took 20 minutes, now the washing machine works, everything is chic. I think that for this money I took just awesome technique.

Many are afraid to buy Chinese techniques and they can be understood. But I ask you to believe me for word, Leran is just a shocked washing machine and refrigerators. I have nothing else yet, now I plan to take the microwave from Leran. The very first in my house there was a lake LERAN WMS-0850W, which I am satisfied with madness. It disrupts purely, stitches carefully, and presses dry. It is no breaking yet, and judging by the assembly there everything is cool. From my point of view, this technique can be trusted, so I will put five points!


Such Комментарии и мнения владельцев are removed, but I will write constantly. The machine worked for 4 months and stopped pressing. Not good quality. When it was disassembled to me in the service, I saw how inside everything hangs on snot. All clamps are weak.

Brought the machine, began to wash. does not press. Changed to Novaya. Press over once. Washing time is constantly increasing, because it can not squeeze underwear. It turns out and electricity spends much more than stated in the passport.

Hello, as a result, tell me, the machine is good or not? Model 9714 K.

It is impossible to say unequivocally here! 100% does not happen. They bought alone and they worked for 20 years without complaints, in others after 2 days, weeks, it was broken and this is not only Chinese technology, but from all at all!

Bought 4 mini-laundry cars. We worked a month, in one of them there was a problem closing the door, the error F-13. We carry to warranty service. And so cars justify their cost.

Bought Leran to 7kg machine, terribly hammer the drum, it seems that takes off. And the machine itself does not hang out. It is exactly, and the drum goes to the walker. I do not know how much it will last. We live in your home. If they lived in the apartment, then the neighbors would have heard everything when I was washing.

Need to adjust the machine in terms of the level and follow the weight of the linen. In the instructions for any machine there is such a recommendation.

Transport bolts need to be unscrewed.

Unscrew the transport bolts and you will be happy!

Two days ago On the recommendation of the Seller bought LERAN 10622 WD. I’m just shocked, when rinsed and annealing, the drum is so shaking that the machine jumps on the floor. Disappointment no limit. For clever, I will say that the legs were adjusted.

Bought Styre Machine, very regretted. The quality is terrible! Sold an old samsung typewriter, which served for a very long time. And Lerara. just Chinese lots! When washing the noise is very. As a gift, Dali Teapot Leran, who was enough for a month. I do not recommend this firm. Better more expensive but not her!

I agree, we have leran 1267 worked for a year with a little. Flew bearings. Repair more than 5 thousand will cost. I do not advise. Do not buy, do not believe consultants.

I fully agree when the spinning starts, heard even on the street. We live in a private house.

Not yet passed the month, as the machine already during annealing issued an error F1. Pump works, but the drum does not spin. Things are wet. machine does not work very unhappy. Everything was a mustache 6-7.

washing, machine, lera, vertical, loading

Hello. Do not take this horror. Machine noise, shaking. Even if the water floods standing nearly it is impossible. SAMSUNG old car was 13 years old. I decided to buy a new one. Sellers in RBT just get this technique. Very sorry for the discarded money. Relatives bought a refrigerator and freezer of this brand. The knock is peculiar constantly, heats up strongly.

And I like Leran. I am happy with pleasure, no worse than the old samsung works. And appearance cute.

Bought today, noisy truth, not much I loved her. But see what’s next. In case of breakdown, I will decide the legal issue. Honest I did not really like it, but twenty thousand.

The car broke down, service. rubbish. Detail 5 months We are waiting.

Bought a LERAN 1065 car around a year ago. Already from the first styrica ceased to press. Not all programs work: gives an error. Came the master from the service really did not say anything, just shrugged. Very disappointed shopping.

This year they bought a leran machine, 5 months passed, the machine stopped pressing. The rest does. All output tubes clean. The same situation at my acquaintances. The same firm and the same problem. Their minus is that the guarantee has passed and will have to make repairs at their own expense. Do not take the washing machine of this company.

Expert opinion

Brief historical reference is not able to fully talk about the reliability of the brand. It is much better to know detailed information from first. For example, from Andrei, an RBT expert, which is the official representative of the LERAN brand:

“Worked in RBT for about a year, engaged in the spread of large goods, refrigerators, televisions and styras. When we got the first refrigerators from Leran, I was impressed with their low price and the proposed functionality. The fact is that the final salary has more influenced the sale of their own brand and configuration for it. Consultants called this group of goods “China”, and it was not sold well that at the end of the reporting period was poured into a salary decrease by 25%.

There were problems with the promotion of “China” and I. On average, the Chinese brand was to be 30% of my revenue, for example, for each product with a price of 30 thousand, it was necessary to implement additional goods (such as vegetable containers, the absorber of unpleasant odors, protective films) at least 10 thousand. It was impossible to meet with the first model of the refrigerator Leran CBF210IX.

During the month, I immediately sold 10 aggregates, executing the plan and receiving decent payments. Of course, worried that an unknown manufacturer could bring and return to us under warranty. I already had permanent buyers who trusted with my recommendations, and did not want to spoil their reputation and lose customers. Therefore, I honestly warned that the price is favorable, but the “filling” is unpredictable.

But sales did not fall. at the time to find a 22-25 thousand refrigerator with no frost, modern design, LED backlit and electronically controlled was almost impossible.

washing machine destruction


But soon came the first complaint. I was called personally, since each client I suggest my business card with contacts, and complained about the non-working light bulb in the backlight. Reacted to the claim immediately, phoned with the director of the company and sent to the former buyer of the service center masters.

Gradually, the range of goods from Leran was replenished, but with them the number of complaints. There were no major claims, but still consumers had to face some unpleasant moments. For example, people most often appealed with the following problems:

washing, machine, lera, vertical, loading
  • Incomprehensible instruction, more precisely, its complete absence. The manufacturer accompanied the aggregates of the universal thin book without specific algorithms and explanations.
  • Heating side walls. It scarecrow almost every second, but here there are no causes for panic. Many manufacturers mount a capacitor with both sides, which in operation is noticeably heated and transmits heat to the refrigerator housing.
  • Erbred Display. The electronic control panel often worked with interruptions or at all refused to respond to commands of the owner.
  • High noise level. Everything was too individual here, since all the large household appliances operates within 39-43 dB, which cannot be called a critical range. Therefore, I advised to reduce outgoing noise: align the unit with the help of adjustable legs and fill the refrigeration chamber, reducing the vibration force due to the increased weight of the device.
  • Unpleasant smell. In this case, there was also nothing critical. it is logical that the new thing has its own factory smell, which will pass with time.

Another “but” noticed. overestimated characteristics, especially in small household appliances. On the boxes and labels, the maximum possible power is indicated, but in fact the normal mode is designed to operate with a load at times less. For example, a Blender from Leran and Bosch is sold with a maximum of 600 W, but the latter will have a nominal power of 400 W and show a good result without special efforts. Budget Leran, having the same stated characteristics, to achieve a similar level will work for wear.

I can give my own expert opinion, which is supported by both the experience of selling large household appliances and feeds from the brother, more than 2 years of the refrigerator from Leran. I believe that buying these refrigerators and washing machines can, most importantly, remember some moments:

  • If the price of Leran is almost no different from the high-quality brands (LG, Bosch, Samsung), then it is better to choose proven brands.
  • Try to take the equipment without additional functions and devices, as most often they are failed.
  • Consider the characteristics of the entire budget range, for example, Chinese plants Midea washing machine manufacturers, Beko or Candy offer inexpensive, but better options ».

Household appliances from the brand Lerara has all the chances to stop long and trouble-free, but for this, the future owner should competently approach the choice of a suitable model. The main thing is not to try to buy a supernatural model and to explore the nominal power of the aggregate.

Two years worked and began.

For two years, only the filter was cleaned. to. often gave out an F4 error, now it started to issue F6, judging by the sound of pumping pump died, I do not want to repair, most likely buy a new. Yes, even buzz starts almost immediately.

Bought this typewriter on your trouble. 9 months worked fine, after which the time stopped normally. Very slowly walked countdown. Called the wizard of an authorized SC. The master said that the pump was not nicknamed. Such pumps in our.