How to make the washing machine did not go on tile

It often happens that the machine when washing starts to vibrate and shake, as well as heavily noise. This can be due to both a balance of the balance and a dangerous breakdown of the device. Therefore, many people are interested in information about why the washing machine jumps and what to do in such cases.

Use the correct mode

The washing machine has many modes, and they are not needed just so. If you are constantly using the same mode, you have to change your approach, otherwise you can spoil your things. Do not give in to the temptation to throw everything at once and wrap at the maximum temperature to quickly complete with this task. It harms and car, and clothes. Erase delicate things separately from very polluted if you want to get a good result. In addition, check the label instructions.

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Important external factors

When independently installing and connecting the device, external factors are taken into account as the flooring at the installation site and air temperature.


As mentioned above, the surface in the place of placement of the car should be durable.

We list the main types of flooring and their advantages and disadvantages in terms of the installation of a washing machine.

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Not the best basis for installing the device. First, the wooden flooring rarely happens perfectly smooth, secondly, he “plays” when loaded and, thirdly, it flies under the influence of moisture.

If still you have to install the car on the wooden floor, then it must be pre-strengthened to reduce the vibration. An erasing device is installed on a tree at least 45 cm.


Laminate, as well as a parquet board, laid on a waterproofing or noise insulating base. Such a substrate of elastic and will cause the vibration of the floor covering during the operation of the unit. In addition, parquet and laminate are spoiled under the influence of water.


Installing the washing machine on the wooden floor-covered linoleum. the least preferred option. It contains all flaws: soft, slippery surface, hidden unevenness. When installing the device, only a complete mining unit depth 60 cm is chosen into such a surface.

Ceramic tile

Floor coated with ceramic tiles. good base for erasing device. It is smooth, durable and good extinguishes vibration from the working drum.

The only drawback of this coverage is its smoothness. When working the machine can slide by this floor and move. Special rubber rug or lining under the legs of the machine will help to solve this problem. You can purchase such accessories in the home appliance store.


Concrete is perhaps the best option for installing a washing machine. He is hard, even and at the same time not slippery. At this coating install the device of any depth.

Ambient temperature

Another important external factor. air temperature in the installation site of the machine. It should not be below 10 ° C. Choose to the device such a place as an unheated garage, loggia or veranda is not worth. The problem is the absence of ventilation premises and low temperatures in winter.

When working, the washing machine highlights heat. If indoors are cold, moisture condenses on the inner parts of the machine, damaging electronic nodes. Also condensate causes the appearance of black fungus and rust.

Abundance of water

When washing on a gentle mode, the machine travets things and does not merge all the water between rinsing. The product can jump simply due to elevated weight.

If this does not happen during operation in other programs, it is impossible to correct the lack. it remains only to monitor the device and put it in place after each washing.

Wood floor and level

For example, we bought a new washing machine, and she jumps like an eaven. What to do? Especially in private homes, the cars put on the wooden floor. that is not correct! Often, the instruction says that the car must stand on a solid (preferably concrete with tiles) floor, and it should be made by level. Wooden sex will not give you this. it needs to be understood! Tree in any case will contribute to vibrations

Level. if you have a concrete floor with a tile and made exactly. Then you need to set the very washing machine by the level (it should stand straight). Then there should be no problems.

GoodFoot stands

The first way is to install special anti-vibration coasters under the bottom of the washing machine. If you put such devices under the legs, the glide and jumps of the unit can be forgotten. Stands designed to prevent the vibration of the automaton look stylish, so they will not spoil the appearance of the interior.

Such steps are made of very durable polymer. Product material does not heat up, not deformed, it is not terrible moisture. Manufacturers argue that the relief on the surface of the stand does not allow the machine to arbitrarily move along the floor, and the stuffed stones are well absorbed well, simultaneously distributing the load.

Install anti-vibration supports are easy enough, it will not even be necessary to disconnect the washing machine from communications.

To set special stands, it is necessary to lift the machine on the right side and gently put under the legs of the technique of polymer products. The same actions are carried out with the left side of the unit.


Permanent “moving” of the washing machine, swinging and “bouncing” are unlikely to come to the user. Most of the frontal models “run” along the floor covering, thus overcoming considerable distances and knocking out the power cord from the outlet, to protrude the items standing nearby. How to fix the washing machine on the tile, let’s talk below.

Installation requirements

Before starting installation work, you need to figure out where and how the washing machine should stand.

As a rule, the typical instruction recommends adheres to the following requirements:

The greater the foundation, the more reliable installation

note! The absolute majority of models are equipped with adjustable legs, which make it possible to adjust the position of the vertical apparatus. However, these legs rarely exceed 20-30 mm, because the preliminary leveling of the field is very desirable.