Washing Machine Whirlpool. Operating Instructions

Washing machines whirlpool are reliable and easy to use. They are multifunctional and convenient to use. There are modes of delicate washing, wool washing, accelerated programs, washing sports shoes and many others.

WHIRLPOOL Washing machine which is located on our website, looks great in the interior, it is stylish and beautiful. This household appliance is very reliable, has protection from children.

Modes of use

Washing Machine Virrpur has a lot of necessary and convenient modes for washing. For the convenience of Russian-speaking users, they are written in Russian, the degrees are.

Cotton mode

It is clear from the name that cotton clothes are erased on this mode. Washing is conducted at a temperature of from 90 to 95 ° C, but it can be changed if necessary. Even a strong dried dirt launders. Spin delicate. Washing lasts from 110 to 165 minutes.


In this mode, you can wash different fabrics, the temperature from 30 to 60 ° C. Erases 85-100 minutes.

Wool mode

Current mode for cold season. Delicately disrupts things from sensitive wool or cashmere. Spin weak. Time. 45 minutes.


By properties look like wool. In this mode, gentle fabrics are erased: lace, silk and t.D. Low washing temperature. Total 30 ° C. Clothes will not spoil. Schigi Minimum or None. The process is carried out 45 minutes.

Preliminary mode

Assumes soaking. If you have to deal with very dirty clothes, you should first wash it in this mode, and then mainly. Soaking lasts 20 minutes.


The mode is designed for any (except capricious) clothing worn everyday. The process is carried out at 40 ° C. From 85 to 120 minutes.

Express mode

Fast wash, takes about 30 minutes.


The name speaks for itself. Washing is conducted on a weak heating, which saves light consumption. This is not reflected in the quality of washing.

The mode is selected on the control panel. The program and temperature is installed using a rotary selector. Additional features are included when you click on the keys. The running time depends on the selected program.

Main modes

Washing machines of WHIRLPOOL, and other devices from other manufacturers, have different designations and pictograms that differ in their own meaning. The icons caused by the manufacturer on the WHIRLPOOL car are divided into 4th categories, and each of their set is determined by the device model. The tuning elements are considered clear to consumers, which they can use or not, changing selectively parameters for their own solution. In the manual attached to the machine, the displayed signs are explained in more detail, the purpose of the keys and regulators placed on the screen or the control panel board of your car.

WHIRLPOOL devices are inherent in modes:

On the washing machine whirlpool contains:

The Whirlpool manufacturer is constantly making a symbolism, specifying its explanations. The signs of the first group indicates the program of direct washing. With their participation, the car turns on either stops. With the help of blinking in turns of the indicator lights, the user can track the intermediate steps of any wash program. Such indicator elements displaying the working steps include the characters that are indicated by:

The listed symbolism assists in the instant determination of the passing stage of washing, for which it is enough to pay attention to the line for the trimmer of icons and determine, opposite which the indicator lamp is on.

All modes on WHIRLPOOL washing machines are indicated by a pelvis with additional elements that determine the purpose of each symbol:

Things from dense tissues are pressed on high speed, and the wildest fabrics are better to remove with wet drum. Before starting the washing process, the temperature is exhibited. It is performed manually or automatically. depends on the machine model itself. The spin is determined by the rotational speed of the drum, which can be adjusted towards a decrease.

Repair of washing machines “Virrpoul” do it yourself

Start work with the preparation of technology. This also applies to your safety: Disconnect the machine from the network, break the inlet water supply valve. Now you can figure out the causes of the problem and decide what to start repair.

Eliminating problems with the drain

It is likely that you are faced with such a situation: Lingerie loaded, launched washing, and at the end the car refused to merge water. There may be three reasons for it:

You can check the system for a blockage without disassembly. Start by filter twisting:

  • Under the booty hatch is a small door.
  • Open it, substitute the container.
  • Remove the filter cork counterclockwise.
  • Wait for water drain.

Remove trash from the filter grid. In the opening hole, you can explore the pomp impeller. Sometimes it is blocked by hair, threads that are wound on its axis. Clean the impeller from the garbage.

Now check the hose. Direct connection to sewage often leads to its interface. It is much better to connect the drain hose with a siphon. It is easier to clean it if necessary.

Cleaning sewage is carried out by special means or needed sanitary equipment.

If the parts are cleaned, but the plum did not improve, it means that check the nozzle and pump. To do this, lay the hull of the eraseka side.

  • Remove the powder dispenser.
  • Put the old blanket or towel on the floor.
  • Turn over the case cow.
  • Sleep the clamp of the pipe. Remove it from the place, clean from the crowding. You can rinse the part with warm water.
  • Check the pump. When a malfunction is replaced: Disconnect the wiring from the pump contacts, unscrew the mounting bolts.

We restore the heating

Your things are well get rid of pollution due to heat and detergent. In cold water, the powder does not dissolve completely, so the stains are poorly departed. For heating in a washing machine answers TEN. Frequently caused by his breakdowns. To check or replace the item, do this:

  • Remove the top cover by reloading the back of the self-tapping screw.
  • Remove the bolts around the perimeter of the back cover. Remove it.
  • Under the tank is a TEN.
  • Turn off the wiring, pull the thermistor from the heater housing.
  • Check the heater for the serviceability (read details about the diagnostic process “How to check the TEN in SMA”).
  • If the element has failed, then twist the central nut and sell the bolt inside.
  • Remove the old Ten, clean his nest from garbage and scale.
  • Install a new heater.

Some are offered to install an old gasket for new ten, if she is. We recommend the gasket, too, change to eliminate the risk of leakage and new replacement.

DIY repair of the motor

Noticed the slow rotation of the drum? Things at the exit remain wet and not pressed? It’s time to check the condition of the brushes of the engine and the drive belt.

In the collector motors, the current on the rotor is served through brushes. They are installed on the sides of the case. Rods of elements made of soft material wear out, which leads to a stop of work.

  • Remove the rear wall.
  • Remove the drive belt. Look at it. When tensile and wear, the part is replaced.
  • With primary replacement of brushes, the motor is better to get out of the housing.
  • Disconnect its wiring, unscrew the bolts.
  • Disconnect the brushes terminals, get them out of the housing.
  • When wearing more than half a replacement. Insert new parts into the holes, secure the wiring.

Soup problems can be associated with bearing wear. At the same time, extraneous sounds are heard: Skyrp, Gul.

I liquidate leak

Washerpool’s washing family have an unpleasant feature. fast corrosion of the case. Some parts of the machine are made of metals that are quickly affected by corrosion, which can lead to leakage. Damaged panels need to be changed, staining will not help them.

Leak can arise from the hatch cuff. Rubber is sensitive to long-term moisture clusters. If you do not wipe it on time, the cuff is worn, cracks and gives to flow. Only a complete replacement will help.

  • Became the seal. Patty a screwdriver clamp, remove from the spot.
  • Sell ​​rubber inside drum.
  • To remove the inner clamp, you can dismantle the front panel or weaken the screw of the clamp through the top cover.
  • After that neatly remove the rubber.

Installation of new rubber is carried out in reverse order. To facilitate the installation, lubricate the edges with detergent.

Checking e-board

Problems with part of the electronics are manifested in braking modes, incorrect launch of programs, “glitches”. Repair requires a control module scheme.

This work is better to entrust the master. And you can inspect the fee alone:

  • Remove the top cover.
  • Remove the waste tray.
  • Remove the bolts around the control panel perimeter.
  • Turn off the wiring from the module.
  • Remove the upper defense, unbuttoning the latch.

Podign or oxidation on the surface of the board talk about the problem. Take the item to the service or call a specialist at home.

Table of programs WHIRLPOOL (Whirlpool): description and designation

As in other models, WHIRLPOOL washing and additional programs. Also included useful functions, thanks to which the high efficiency is achieved.

Main modes

Name Description Approximate time washing
Cotton Washing cotton things and linen with strong pollution. Passes in hot water, the temperature of which can be adjusted. Maximum spin allows you to carefully unscrew the underwear from natural fabrics. 110-165 minutes (depends on the selected temperature).
Synthetics The water temperature in some models is adjusted from 30 to 60 degrees. You can erase things from synthetic, mixed fabrics. 85-100 minutes (depends on water temperature).
Prewash This is a machine “soaking”. Using this mode, you can wrap a strong tightclosure. Long stay in heated water allows powder to better penetrate the fabric, after which the usual washing is carried out. 20 minutes to the duration of the main mode.
Wool Care for things from wool and cashmere can be even in a washing machine. Special program provides for the measured rotation of the drum and plenty of water. Schigi minimal. 45 minutes.
Delicate washing mode For delicate fabric: silk, organza, lace. Is carried out at 30 degrees, so the clothes are not deformed, does not lose form. The spin may be absent or be at a minimum mark. 45 minutes.
Quick wash Used for weakly polluted things, passes in cold water at 30 degrees. 15-30 minutes.
Daily wash Abbreviated mode is used to care for linen during daily sock. Water heats up to 40 degrees. 85-120 minutes (depending on the type of fabric).

In the table approximate data, the exact time is viewed in the instructions for your model whirlpool.

Washing machine Whirlpool How to enable fast washing

Whirlpool IS A Registered Trademark of Whirlpool USA.

Add detergents, close the door and select the program

Add detergent in accordance with the instructions,

given on the front page and in the manual

Set the program switch to the desired

Program. Diplet will be extended

programs in clocks and minutes, as well as predetermined

temperature. It will flash the start / pause button.

Meeting temperature can be changed by pressing the button

The indicator of the predetermined speed lights up

pressing; If you need to set another spin speed,

Click the Spin button. If after selecting the program you

It is immediately not allowed, the washing machine by min. 15-T

automatically turn off. To turn on the washing

Machine, rotate the program selector to the “Off / O” position, and

then turn it back to the desired program.

If a program combination, additional

Functions is impossible, indicator light bulbs

automatically turn off. The choice is incompatible

Combinations of special functions are automatically canceled.Button “Pre-Wash”

It makes sense to use for highly polluted things

(for example, in the case of sand or dirt with large particles).

Time washing increases by about 15 minutes.

Do not use liquid detergents if you asked

Additional feature “Pre-Wash”.

The amount of water is increased to ensure more

This mode is especially convenient for places with particularly soft

water, as well as when washing baby clothes and clothes of people,

Using this function provides a change to continue-

The program taking into account the degree of linen pollution.

The inclusion of this function also affects the amount of recommended-

the amount of detergent when using the function

The choice of any degree of pollution is not available in all programs.”Update” button (with a rinsing delay mode)

For each program there is automatically specified

Click this button to specify another press speed.

If the selected pressure rate value is “O”, then-

The pulp is turned off, and only water drain is performed.

However, during rinsing, intermediate

If the Rinse Delay function is selected, things remain

in the water of the last rinsing, their final spin is not

produced at the expense of what clothes do not mind and does not linake. For

Enable “Rinse Delay” Press Multiple

once the “Spin” button while the display does not light up the display

The washing program stops execution in the “Delay

rinsing “When the display flashes the” Pumping Delay “symbol;

The light indicator in the button “Start / Pause” flashes too.

In order for the operation “Rinse delay” to finish with

Lingerie, click “Start / Pause”. Laundry spin

will be carried out when on the selected, for this

Programs, revolutions. If you wish to change turns

press, install them by repeatedly pressing the “Fat” button, and

In order for the operation “Rinse delay” to finish

Pumping water without spinning, click the “Spin” button,

and hold it while the display will not appear on the display

Centrifuging “0”, then click the “Start / Pause” button

In order to start water pumping. Do not leave underwear

(especially silk) with the function “Rinse delay” included

Saves energy when heating water, while maintaining

During the washing of colored linen saves color.

Recommended for laundry of medium contamination without spots.

To achieve a good laundry result, with

This feature use washing powders

Designed for washing in cold water.

For cotton fabrics, you can not use the temperature

Consumption values ​​were obtained under normal conditions in accordance with IEC / EN 60 456. Call data from your home can

differ from the values ​​in the table depending on the pressure and the peepering of water supply, the amount of loaded linen and the type of washing.

Water consumption and energy concern the standard installation of the method of operation of programs; selection of special functions or change

Rotary Speed ​​or Temperature will change this consumption

The duration of the program may differ from the above indicators, as it depends on the actual applied

Working conditions (see “Troubleshooting Guide” in your service instruction).

To reduce the water temperature at the end of the main washing cycle, before the water begins to roll out, in the car

Some cold water is added.

Standard Cotton Program and Power Plate. In order to save electricity, the actual

Washing machine Whirlpool How to enable fast washing

If you do not want to press clothes, turn the program switch

Before launching and after the program is completed, the light bulb

Lights, showing that the lid can be opened

the work of the program the lid remains blocked, and it does not

Pre-wash cycle increases the duration of the program for approximately 20 minutes. Consumption data was defined in standard

Data on consumption in everyday life may differ

Depending on the pressure and water supply temperature, loading and washing type.

To reduce the water temperature at the end of the washing cycle, a little cold water is added before

Reference program for power memo.

The remaining time indicator may deviate from the values ​​in the table, since

The living conditions existing at a certain point are taken into account.

Each program has automatically pre-installed spin speed

Press the button to install another press speed.

The final expiration is canceled, and the program is completed by the drain cycle

The “Delayed Start” button allows the user to turn on the machine at a convenient time for it, for example, at night, when electricity is cheaper

Setting time delay from 1 to 23 hours

Run the program (see. “Running program”). After launch

However, it is impossible to open by force. In case you

urgently need to open it while working,

The “Service” indicator can light up due to malfunction

Electric Detail. See “Instructions for detection and

troubleshooting “in your instruction manual; if

The fault is not eliminated, contact our service center

No water supply or submission is insufficient. Open water

Load underwear into the car, close the drum door and check it out.

Push up in the tray detergent and additives in a volume not exceeding the mark


PR O R A M MAI B E C P R E D V A R I T E L N O Y S T and R K and

With me g h and t e l and k about n d and c and o n e r y d l i t k a n and

With the r e d with t in a d l i i d a len

With the reality of

Turn the program switch to the desired program and

washing, machine, whirlpool, enable, fast

Temperature. The timer displays the duration of the selected program (in hours and minutes), and the light bulb flashes near the start / pause button. The preset speed indicator lights up.

any moment during the program. Team

will be applied if the corresponding phase

Reduces water consumption, primarily during rinsing.

For slightly blurred linen and small downloads

With amended temperature mode and a bit

washing, machine, whirlpool, enable, fast

Extended washing time is achieved optimal

The combination of excellent washing results and even smaller

Blurred linen (for example, sand, grainy dirt). The cycle increases approx. for 20 min

Increases the volume of water to ensure more intense rinsing

In particular, this option is suitable for regions with very

Soft water, laundry laundry and for people with skin allergies

Lingerie remains in the water of the last rinsing without transition to the final press cycle to avoid formation of folds and to prevent changes in colors

In particular, this feature is recommended for programs

“Synthetics”, “delicate fabrics” and “Daily wash”.

It is useful if you want to postpone the spin at later,

When you turn on the “Water Stop” function

Immediately after stopping the car in the “Stop Water Stop” mode, the AntiCREASE lamp (“Anti-Lamps”) of the program running and flashing the light bulb near the button

Completion of the “Water Stop” function

Automatically with the final spin cycle for this washing program

Countdown of delayed time. After starting the program

Displaying the delayed time on the display disappears

And instead of it, the remaining time appears before the program is launched

You can cut the preset clock, by pressing the “Delayed Start” button.

Turn the program switch to another

Seconds. The deferred start indicator goes out

The program running indicator displays the current phase of the program, passing from left to right through the washing, rinse, spin / draining. After completing the phase of the program, the corresponding indicator goes out.

Disconnecting the machine from the power source during cycle the program will start again from its place of interrupt

Washing machine Whirlpool How to enable fast washing

Pre-wash cycle increases the program’s length of about 20 minutes

Consumptions were obtained under normal conditions in accordance with IEC / EN 60 456. Call data from you

Home may differ from the values ​​in the table depending on the pressure and the peeper of water supply, the amount

To reduce the water temperature at the end of the main washing cycle, before the water begins to pump

It’s outward, some cold water is added to the car.

Before starting executing the washing program and after its completion, this indicator is on, pointing to the fact that you can open the lid. During the execution of the washing program, the lid is blocked and it is impossible to open it in any way.If you urgently need to open it during the execution of the program, see. Section “Cancel (Reset) of the current program before it is completed”.

The “SERVICE” indicator The “Service” indicator may indicate a malfunction of any of the electrical components. Cm. Section “Troubleshooting” section of manual. If the malfunction remains, contact the service center.

“Closed water supply crane” No feed or insufficient water supply to the car. Open water supply faucet; If the indicator does not go out, see. Section “Troubleshooting” section of manual.

“Clean the pump” does not pump waste water. Check the drain hose on the absence of beggars; It is also possible that you need to clean the filter; In the latter case, see. Operation Manual (Section “Filter Removing”).

weakly polluted things and with small

last rinsing, their final

Leave things shorty for a very long time.

At the time of stopping the washing machine on

Completing the function “Stop with

Click the lock “Start (pause)”; program

Automatically end concluding

If you do not want to press things in the car,

Install Program Sector

Whirlpool IS A Registered Trademark of Whirlpool USA.

Open the faucet and click “Start (Pause)”. At the same time, the indicator light lights up, located next to the button “Start (Pause)”. The program execution sequence indicator shows the current stage of the washing program in the direction from left to right: washing, rinse, drain / spin. Upon completion of this stage, the corresponding indicator goes out. Note: If the feed failure occurred

Voltage or the machine was disabled

during the execution of the cycle, then execution

Program execution sequences

do not burn; Lights the “Open Door” indicator.

Turn the program selectors to “Off / O”.2. Close the water supply faucet.3. Open the lid and drum and remove things.4. Leave the lid some time open,

To dry the inside of the washing

Changing the program and / or additional functions after starting the program

Select if you want a new program,

Click the button “Start (pause) again”.

The program selected renews

Cancel (reset) of the current program before it is completed

The “Reset” button cancels the execution of the program before it is completed. Click the “Reset” button and keep it pressed at least 3 seconds. All existing water is pumped up before the door opening lock is removed.

Stain removers for removing scale

Close the cover.4. Check the program switch knob

Temperature. Flashing light bulb flashes

How to Start Using Your New Whirlpool Top Load Washing Machine

Setting or canceling functions can be carried out at any time during program execution. The function is performed until the relevant stage of the program is completed.