What if the dishwasher does not merge water and stand: decrypt error codes

You downloaded the dishes in the home assistant, put the program, the unit started, and the process of ordinary washing began. But something went wrong. the dishwasher does not merge water and stands, and instead of the usual murmur of water, strange sounds are heard or obscure silence. The situation is unpleasant, but it is easy to cope with it. how?

In the article, we disassembled the probable causes of faults in detail, offered options for eliminating simple and serious breakdowns, and also described how to sign problems in the dishwasher drain system of different manufacturers.

Causes of breakdown

First you need to calm down and try to deal with the causes of the incident. Sometimes they are so simple that you can easily eliminate the problem without attracting masters.

No water supply or clogged feed hose

First, it is worth opening in the house of the cranes. it is possible that it has arisen with water supply. Then you have to wait when it is restored, and then you already include a miracle assistant so that she wash the dishes of the Duchist.

Sometimes water is not recruited either flowing too slowly if the inlet valve filter clogged. This is a special mesh, which prevents the penetration of impurities and abrasive substances, warning serious breakdowns and premature wear of parts. Then it is necessary to overlap water, unscrew the hose, get the filter and clean it. You can do this with brush and needle. Alternatively, the mesh is immersed for half an hour to a solution of citric acid, which solurate the resulting blockage.

Problems with door lock

Before launching water inside, the dishwasher is mandatory blocks the door. This is important to protect the leaks and to ensure user safety. Therefore, the technique will not turn on if the blocking system for any reason does not work. Sometimes it is quite tightly close the door to start the program. But sometimes the device breaks, and in this case can not do without the help of specialists.

Fault intake (fuse) valves

Each dishwasher is equipped with a special inlet valve that opens by a signal after the program is started, so that the water entered the car. This item is worn out with time. Premature breakdown can happen due to voltage jumps. In this case, after pressing the “Start” button, the valve will not work and, accordingly, the water will not go inside.

Worked the “Akvastop” system

Many modern models are equipped with akvastop system designed to warn leakage. Accordingly, if it detects leakage, it will close the inlet valve. Water supply is excluded until the problem is eliminated. Sometimes the protective mechanism breaks and does not work properly, not allowing the waterproof when there are really no leaks. In such situations, the “Akvastop” system is required.

Electronics problems or water level sensor

Refustion of recent generations. high-tech devices, stuffed with electronics for maximum user comfort, economical consumption of water and electricity, security in operation. If no above problem is detected, and the machine does not gain water, most likely a malfunction for this part.

For example, a water level sensor or press service can be output. It measures water pressure, gives data to the control module so that it analyzes how much it needs to be on a specific cycle and organized the feed in the appropriate volume. When the sensor breaks, the signal to the control module does not do. Accordingly, water will not run into the car before replacing the pressostat.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to quickly return the dishwasher in line, cleaned the filter or waiting for the water supply to work. If malfunctions occur in part of the electronics, the important details fail, you have to resort to the services of specialists. Sometimes the repair is so expensive that the question arises about its appropriateness. Not uncommon when the masters install doubtful quality items without giving warranty. This is a kind of mine slow motion: it is not known how long the technique will work.

What can cause breakage

In order to understand which item can lead to the fact that the device will stop producing heating, it is necessary to understand which items are involved in this process. Start standing with the fact that all the processes in the dishwasher manages the electronic control unit. When starting the program, it gives a command to block the door, on a set of water, to heat it and circulation. Depending on the selected mode, all these processes may differ in duration and intensity, as well as something may be absent or added additionally. If the control module begins to collect, then this may be the cause of incorrect operation of some functions, including heating.

To increase the temperature of the water in the apparatus, a special tubular electric heater is installed (TEN). It includes a control unit as needed. Over time, a raid is formed on the agent, which leads to the fact that the item begins to warm stronger. After some time in the high load mode, the thread in it burns out and the item fails. This is one of the most common reasons that the car ceases to warm water.

In order for the electronic control unit to control the heating and maintain the necessary temperature indicators in the tank the thermorezistive sensor is installed. This is a temperature sensor, the reading of which is based on the change in its resistance at thermal effects. If the sensor begins to produce incorrect indicators or stop working at all, the control unit fixes it and stops turning on the TEN. Next, consider what measures must be taken to eliminate one or another malfunction.

temperature sensor

At the failure of this element, many modern devices will report this to the user and will indicate a specific problem. In older and primitive devices for troubleshooting with the sensor will have to work with a multimeter. It will be necessary to perform measurements of resistance at the terminals of the thermistor at different temperatures. When identifying a malfunction, this item must be replaced. To replace, you will need to remove the device from the installation site and partially disassemble it. In different dishwashers, this item can be in different places, so you must first examine the device of the device or resort to the help of a specialist.

Tan Malfunction

As already described above, the cause of the breakdown of this part is often the fallout formed on it during operation. Also, the TEN can be subjected to natural wear after a long time. In some models of dishwashers, the heater is a separate item and changes independently without replacing additional spare parts. In such a device, a partial analysis is made, checking the details of the multimeter (whether it is true in it) and replacing it new. But, there are dishwashers in which the TEN is part of the circulation system. That is, the heater is changing along with the circulation pump, which is essentially overhaul of the device. In such machines, all this node at cost can reach half, and even 60-70% of the cost of the new apparatus. Most often, when leaving the heater in such a dishwasher, users simply change it to a new one and do not spend money on the repair and diagnosis of the old device.

Control module

When the electronic module fails, and in our case the part of it responsible for heating, the help of electronics specialist will be required. EBU. A rather complicated device with a processor in which the “sewn” program and the departments of the launch of a process. Most often in the block burns out or a simistor, or a relay of turning on. But despite the low cost of these radio elements, the repair will cost quite expensive. This is due to the complexity of dismising the dishwasher, and the expensive cost of the electrical engine. After all, he will have to take a fee in the workshop, connect it on the stand, detect faulty items and change them.

Eliminate problems with a set of water in PMM

If all that you can, you have already been checked, but the water is still not poured into the system, then you need to inspect individual details. Start with filter and hose cleaning:

  • shut up lock valve;
  • Unscrew the entrance hose;
  • There is a filter mesh;
  • Rinse the details under the pressure from the crane, you can use small rams for cleaning the hose.

Dishwasher Won’t Fill With Water — Dishwasher Troubleshooting

At the same time you can check the remaining details.

Bay valve

If water is not supplied to the dishwasher “Bosch”, the fence valve is examined in the first place. Visually see if there is no mechanical damage on the surface of the part. To check the electronics, you need to apply the voltage on the element, which will show, the membrane opens or not.

The electrical part is nicknamed by a multimeter, resistance is measured and the verdict is taken out.

The intake valve is not subject to repair. It will take the complete replacement of the element you can spend yourself. Disconnect the wiring and unscrew the fastening screw. The main thing. select the original spare part for the brand and the number of your car.

Door of the bunker

Until the camera door is closed tightly, the car will not start work. How to be if the door does not close to the end? Check:

  • Seal. When it is deformed or climbs out of the landing place, it can prevent normal closure.
  • Latch. The broken lock will not bring the door “to click”, and the system will not start starting.
  • Placing baskets and other camera items. Perhaps something prevents the door to close.
  • Installation PMM. Check the placement of the machine using the construction level.
  • Open the bunker door;
  • unscrew the bolts around the perimeter of the inside;
  • Remove the outdoor panel;
  • Disconnect the wiring;
  • Remove the mounting screws and remove the lock;
  • Install the new item and connect the wiring.
  • Spend an assembly in reverse order.

We do not recommend replacing individual broken parts, trying to repair the old castle. It does not allow long-term operation.

System “Akvastop”

First check if there is no water in the pallet. When the leakage occurs, the protection float pops up, presses on the switch. and the water fence is blocked. When the dishwasher works “Akvastop”, the Code of Fault E15 may be displayed on the scoreboard.

  • unscrew the housing hose (if you have a mechanical “Aquastop”);
  • Look at the valve inside: if it is close pressed against the hose walls, it means that the protection replacement is needed;
  • To do this, disconnect the old hose and install the new.

If you have an electromagnetic device, then you will additionally connect the wire to the sensor.

Level sensor

Incorrect testimony of the pressostat may also cause water. How to replace the level sensor, we wrote in one of the articles. Most often, the device is a plastic box that is attached to the circulation pump. Checking his mechanics is very simple. pour the pressure tube. If you hear clicks, the press service is correct.

Electronic module

Modern dishwashers “Bosch” are equipped with a management module. It manages all the processes in the car and gives commands to the nodes. For example, drain the water from the bunker or start the water fence. If one of the SIMISTOR fees burns, then some part ceases to function. Therefore, the module requires flashing or replacement.

Only specialist can be engaged in the diagnosis and repair of the electronic board.

With checks in the dishwasher “Bosch” you can handle yourself. Sometimes the causes of the lack of water lies in a small block, so before calling the wizard, make sure that the breakdown really exists.

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Dishwasher and water pressure

Question to residents of 5 floors: Whether water pressure is enough for dishwasher? Called and plumbers and kitchen assemblers, everything was checked, but the dishwasher still gives an error that lacks the pressure. It’s only my problem? At the same time, the washing machine works

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Checking the use of the dishwasher

Often the reason for many faults is to failure to comply with the instructions of the manufacturer. It is important to check the correct use of the dishwasher. First of all, you should make sure the water intake in the crane. In apartments, water into the kitchen is supplied with one stand. If water does not enter the crane, it will not get into the dishwasher. Water supply interruptions often lead to temporary disadvantages.

It is important to apply a suitable and high-quality detergent. The use of poor-quality household chemicals can lead to serious dishwasher malfunctions. Typically, the manufacturer gives recommendations regarding the selection of detergents.

Perhaps the water supply valve is closed. The mechanism is located at the location of the device hose to the water supply system. When the crane is blocked, the technique cannot dial water, so it should be opened.

Possible difficulties

Modern dishwashers are equipped with leakage protection under the name “Akvastop”. It consists of a special sensor in the pallet reacting to the water, and the double hose that can instantly stop the leakage at the connection site of the water supply. In such a system “Aquastop” ink valve installed on the hose, which complicates its check or replace it. In the event of a breakdown of the element, you will have to buy a new leakage protection system, which is much more expensive than replacing the conventional valve.

Sometimes problems with water bay are related to electronics malfunction. The dummy valve can be done, simply does not receive a command from the electronic board. In this case, the reason should be sought in the hardware or software part of the equipment. Failure in the operation of the control module. a serious breakdown, which is better to entrust the qualified specialist. Attempts to independently repair electronics, as a rule, end in the purchase of a new dishwasher.

Overview of the most frequent malfunctions

In general, the dishwasher of the Swedish brand is considered qualitative quite deserved. Usually, the products of the Polish assembly are cheaper and break more often. However, it is noted that the vehicles of the electrolyc differ in a solid body and a reliable circulation pump. Details such as filters, gaskets, wiring terminals and other little things are traditionally completed at a high level and deliver trouble extremely rarely.

Typical breakdowns of this technique usually include the following faults:

  • clogging of drain elements and water supply;
  • Wrong water heating during the execution of a predetermined washing cycle;
  • Failure when executing the selected program and T.P.

Very often, reasons for such faults are violations of recommendations for the use of the device. If problems begin shortly after the start of operation or arise too often, you need to check whether there are no such violations.

To the machine of the Electrolux breaks, it is necessary to use it correctly: to put the dishes well, apply high-quality detergents, to clean the filters in a timely manner

In addition, it does not prevent make sure that the dishwasher is properly installed and is connected to the sewage and water supply without disorders. Subtleties of installation and dishwashers are considered in another article.

Cause # 1. Plum / Water Drowing

Low water water quality. a characteristic problem for many regions. Increased rigidity, the presence of mineral inclusions and pollution affects the state of household appliances, and dishwashers are no exception. For this reason, a filter is installed before the water entrance to the device.

It needs to be regularly rinsed, clean, and also to replace it in a timely manner. If there is no damage in it in it, you should not ignore them, you need to immediately put a new filter. Otherwise, all pollution will come inside the dishwasher mechanism. Do not think that cleaning with chemicals will help to eliminate such an effect. Reliable filter needed.

A drain filter in such a technique you need to constantly clean, it can easily clog out food residues and other pollution

To clean it, you need to perform the following simple steps:

  • turn off the device from water intake using a locking crane;
  • Find the bay hose with a filter from the dishwasher pipe, as well as from the crane;
  • extract filters;
  • rinse filters and nozzle to remove accumulated contamination;
  • Install all items in place and perform back assembly.

If dirt is too much, you should use a brush for cleaning. Some owners believe that you can do with one cream filter, but the practice shows that another additional filter before the feed hose will never be superfluous.

In addition, preventive cleaning of dishwasher drainage should be carried out periodically. To do this, you also need to use high quality tools recommended by the manufacturer. Cleaning is performed only with this tool, you do not need to add other chemicals, rinse or salt into the dishwasher, and dishes there, of course, should not be.

With the features of cleaning dishwashers at home.

Replacement of the dishwasher heating element is a relatively simple operation if the wizard has a new serviceable element with the corresponding characteristics

To prevent breakdowns, you need to clearly follow the rules of operation.

Here are the basic recommendations for the use of dishwasher Electrolux:

  • Before installing items in the baskets, it is necessary to clean them from the remnants of products;
  • Use only high quality tools for washing;
  • Do not exceed or underestimate the number of chemicals required for the machine;
  • It is necessary to monitor the presence of a sufficient amount of salt in the corresponding container;
  • Regularly check the status of all filters and to clean them in a timely manner.

detailed recommendations for the operation of dishwashers are given in the following material.

water, does, come, dishwasher

Cause # 2. Problems with water heating device

If there are problems with water heating during a cycle, most likely, this is to blame the malfunction of the TEN, sensors or incorrect operation of the control unit. Weak spot of many Western household appliances models. high sensitivity to sharp voltage changes in the network. Such jumps can damage the simistor of the control board, this item will have to replace.

To correct the situation, you need to turn off the dishwasher from the power grid, water supply and sewage. Built-in car will have to completely dismantle. After that, with the help of a tester, you need to check the serviceability of the TENA, as well as all electrical circuits. If it is not possible to determine the fault yourself, you will have to contact the SC, where there is an appropriate diagnostic equipment.

To reflash or replace the dishwasher control board, you need to contact the service center, the amateur in this case can greatly harm

Prevent such a sad situation is easy, it is enough to put a voltage stabilizer. Extra equipment costs will pay off, because the control board will be significantly more expensive.

Cause # 3. Community Problems

Regarding electronics dishwasher, non-professional intervention can lead to the fact that the situation will only deteriorate, you will have to buy a new dishwasher.

The breakdown of the control module can be expressed in the periodic hanging of the machine during the sink cycle. To correct the situation, you just need to turn off, and then turn on the device again. If such a malfunction rarely occurs, it is not worth worrying. But when the car has to be restarted again and again, most likely, this testifies to the existing factory marriage.

The most common malfunctions of dishwashers and their elimination with their own hands

  • does not turn on;
  • The process of washing dishes does not start;
  • water is not recruited;
  • does not take the detergent;
  • water overflows (too much is recruited);
  • Heating problems;
  • problems with the drain after the end of work;
  • The hull beats the current;
  • The car stops during operation;
  • extraneous noises;
  • drying does not work;
  • Water leaks.

If the machine is on the outlet, but does not start work after clicking the Start button, you must check the availability of electricity. Then, if there are no problems with electricity, check if the socket works. You can also multimeter Check voltage in the network.

It is necessary to make sure that there is pressure, perhaps the problem is in insufficient water supply.

Another reason for which the dishwasher refuses to turn on may be a poorly closed door or clogged filters. Clear them with your own hands is easy.

First of all, turn off the car from the outlet. Next, remove the metal grid to which the dishes are put.

Filters, Actually, two are one rough cleaning with large cells, and the second with smaller cells, delaying small garbage. Here is this second part and clogs most often, as fat accumulates in it. This prevents not only cleaning, but also the normal passage of water, which ultimately can lead to leaks.

Dishwasher is included, but no dishes. Cause may be in clogging filter. It is necessary to drain the water, turn off the machine and clean the filter.

The second possible reason. zamor injectors. They are also quite easy to clean themselves.

Circulated pump broke. Replace the pump can be independently (the video is below).

If water does not go, it is necessary to check whether the water supply crane is separated, is there a blockage in bulk hose. In addition, the cause may be the inflection of the bulk hose. He can be shifted. All these reasons can be eliminated. If after that the problem remains, then most likely the case in the refusal of electronics. Such a repair is better to entrust the master.

The machine does not take the detergent cause. weak water pressure or nozzle contamination. Check pressure. Clean the nozzle.

Detergent is not washed away from the tank.

The reason for this may be incorrectly selected washing mode, damage to the valve, zoom of hoses or tubes, the failure of the algorithm.

Accordingly, you need to change the mode. Clear hoses.

water, does, come, dishwasher

If it is in the valve, then it needs to be replaced.

If the algorithm fails, turn off the car, after some time it can be started again. If it does not help, repair is necessary.

When water overflows, then the water level sensor is most likely broken. It must be replaced.

If there are problems with water heating (it is either overheated, or does not heated, or heating is too slow), then may be broken heating sensor. In addition, a vehicle breakdown is possible. Replace TEN or Sensor.

When the water does not merge after the completion of washing, then the pump can be broken or clogged the drain hose. Clear hose. Repair the broken pump can not be replaced, but it can be replaced.

If the hull beats the current, then definitely, the TEN is defective. It is not repaired, but you can replace.

Stopping a dishwasher during operation can be caused by a collection of electronics, engine overload, overflow of the safety pallet, as well as clogging of filters.

Foreign noise. breakage of pump bearings or engine.

The car does not dry the dishes. Most likely, the fan broke. Need replacement.

Leaky. Possible causes: Door seals are damaged, because of which it closes loosely.

Damaged pumping pump.

The clamps on the hoses are not sufficiently tightened, there are no seals in places of connection. Water tank is damaged. Seals can be tightened, but the water tank is most likely to be replaced, since it is not subject to repair.

Despite the fact that often breakdowns of all dishwashers are standard, each brand has its own, most frequent problems. What exactly the reason for breakdowns, dishwasher error codes report. After that it becomes clear what kind of repair is necessary.

Bosch Dishwashers Typical Faults

  • Bosch dishwasher does not include;
  • The dishwasher does not gain water;
  • No cycle of washing starts or the car hangs;
  • Dishwasher does not merge water.