Why does not drain the water washing machine indesit

The reasons for the lack of water drain several:

The most particular reason for the absence of plum is clogged filter

When washing bed linen, clothes, woolen things in the machine can fall a pile, threads, paper, coins and other items. In modern windows, indesitis water from the pump is sent to the drain hose through the filter, designed to capture all extraneous particles. When the filter is clogged, an error is displayed on the machine display. Cleaning the filter can be performed independently. However, the user in this case will have to find out where the filter is located, how to open it, clean. If the filter is found, it is necessary to prepare for its discovery to prepare for the fact that the water located in the tank rushes outward. If it does not pour, it means that there was a clogging of the nozzle, which combines the tank with pomp. this is also one of the reasons when the washing machine Indezit ceased to merge water. Clear it can only master. If the filter is not unscrewed, it means clogging within the maximum strong as possible, and it affected not only its walls, but also thread. In this case, you will have to disassemble the typewriter, remove the filter, clean the thread, the landing socket, install a new filter. If the filter is cleaned, and the water does not merge, it is necessary to inspect the impeller. Need to try to bring her hand. If it is easily amenable to the efforts of the hand, it means everything is in order. If the impeller does not move or rotates tight, it is possible to make a fabric, thread wounded on it. You can see the problems visually, highlighting it with a flashlight. To free the impeller, in some cases it is enough to move it in different directions.

To check the performance of the pump itself, you need not installing the filter into place, and without pouring water into the tank, turn on the machine and put it on the draining. If the pump rotates, it means that it is good. Otherwise, the pump needs to be replaced.

The drain hose in modern machines Indesit performs the function of the block, which does not allow the water independently during operation. It connects to the sewer of the loop at a certain height. To check the hose, it needs to be disconnected from the sewage and put a horizontal end in the pelvis. The machine is included on the washing so that it can dial water. After that it must be switched to the draining. If the water went, it means that the hose is not clogged, but if the plum does not work, you need to adjust the height of finding its inflection. If the water did not go, you need to disconnect the hose. It is quite difficult to make it quite difficult, because in many models the location of the connection is located in the bottom of the closed design, then you have to call the wizard to the house so that it can be able to repair the typewriter Indesit. If water does not go through the disconnected hose, it needs to be replaced. If all these options did not help, the problem may be in electronics machine. Problems such as the above defects can only eliminate qualified master. His call will cost much cheaper than independent attempts to improve the drain of water in Indesit, so when forming a breakdown, you need to immediately contact the repair service.

If you encountered such a problem as the lack of drain of water in the washing machine Indesit. contact us. the master will come to your home and eliminate the malfunction.

The reasons why the washing machine does not merge water

The drain mechanism of the machine is extremely simple. The pump and the drain hose are answered for the water shutter.

When starting the machine picks up water. After completion of the washing, the water from the drum passes through the corrugated tube with the filter, then falls on the pump, which under pressure pushes the liquid in the drain hose.

If the washing machine does not drain water, the reasons may be as follows:

Most of the faults from which the drain does not work depends on the service life of the machine and the features of operation.


Common reason when the washing machine does not merge water, is a blockage.

Vomor arises from the drum to the drum washing pins, nails and coins from clothes s. Favoring items are washed together with spent water.

Modern machines at the outlet of the drum are installed a protective net filter. The trash does not pass through the small cells of the grid, so stuck in the filter.

Small porcelines fabric, threads, hair, animal wool from clothes are capable of passing even through the filter grid. In this case, the block scores the drain hose, so the washer can not drain the water.

Clogging and stop lowering the liquid machine can from the operating time or inattention.

Incorrect selection of the program

The machine will not merge water if the washing mode is selected without draining.

Spin and delicate washing, for example, do not use the drain mechanism. To shut down the water you need to install this program manually.

In most models of eraser, the pump will not pump water in manual washing mode.

water, does, merge, washing

To correctly select the washing program, the hostess should be explored by the instructions with the description of the features of each mode.

Pump breakdown or other details

Long service life, blockage and rigid water are able to deal with the drain pump. Faulty pump will constantly buzz or put it on.

Cleaning the electric pump can cause work without water. This usually happens when the impeller is jammed. Detail with blades is inside the pump. The impeller rotates, converting energy from the engine to the pressure for mixing the liquid. Stucking threads or hair block the blades of the impeller, and it stops twist the water in the washer. As a result, the pump works dry and burns.

Can break the electronic control board. The reason for the failure in its work is usually short circuit. Capacitors, contact contacts of microcircuits.

Washing machine does not merge water: what to do when the breakdown occurs

Some problems arising during the operation of the erasing machine can be solved without the involvement of the service center specialists. This will significantly save money, time and nerves. Consider how you can eliminate the breakdown of this household appliance, in case water does not merge.

To repair your home assistant, it is better to call a specialist

Motor, Tab, Brushes

To check the engine, the indesit washing machine and brushes, will have to get into the washing machine through the bottom. However, if you have already checked the pump, it means that the car lies in a horizontal position, and part of the parts are removed, including the drain pump with a nozzle. We have to remove the check with a bunch of wires from the engine of a washing machine, unscrew the screws that keep the engine “in the paws” and pull out the motor itself.

To the motor easily come out of the attachments, first push it to him so that he moves a little back, then jerk a little down, and then pull on yourself. All this is done without extra effort not to damage the mount.

Having removed the engine, we find a small sensor on it, which looks like a ring, remove it and check the resistance to the multimeter. If everything is in order with the sensor, remove the brushes and check visually the degree of damage to them. Change brushes, if required, and at the end, check the winding resistance of the motor. If necessary, you can change the brushes or a tip if there are problems with the winding, it is advisable to change the engine entirely.

Washing Machine Operation Rules

In order to avoid problems with a washing machine, it is important to properly exploit it.

    Each model is designed for a certain amount of linen, it is clearly spelled out in the instruction manual. If you download more. the unit will work on wear and the probability of breakage will increase at times.

If you have discovered a non-working part when inspected, it is worth replacing it with a new.

Check the contents of clothes s before washing.

Do not pull the power cord while working.

water, does, merge, washing

Do not interrupt the work of the washer when the mode is executed.

How to resolve washing machine drain and pump problems | by Indesit

Periodically, clean the drain filter and the hose.

Use a special hard water mitigation agent.

Unfortunately, no one is insured from the breakdown of the washing machine. And, justice it is worth noting that sometimes it does not depend on the user. And yet, attentive and neat attitude to household appliances will allow minimizing risks of breakage. If the unit broke, and you do not have the necessary skills for repair, do not experiment, trust the repair of the washing machine by professionals.

Compliance with the recommendations will increase the service life of the parts and will retain the draining mechanism in working condition for a long period of operation.

Master call: where and how much?

Not in all cases eliminate the malfunction and establish the work of the washing machine you can independently. If you can not handle the problem with your own, you need to contact the company engaged in the repair of washing machines.

Search for such a company can be carried out on the Internet by specifying the name of your city. The site of the company has contact information, a list of work performed and price.

Rates companies have differences even within one city.

  • Pump replacement. from 1 600
  • Troubleshooting in the drain system of the machine. from 1 100
  • Diagnostics and repair of the control module. from 2 000
  • Repair or replacement of the press cost. from 1 600
  • Replacement of the loop, the diagnosis of electricians. from 1,500 and t.D.

A serious company that supports its market reputation has a good reputation. Find Reviews Perhaps on the Internet by company name.

After completing the work, the master conducts a trial launch of work. If the functioning of the washing machine is restored, a warranty is drawn up on the executed repair.

It is recommended in the event of a breakdown of a washing machine to seek help in profile companies and not trust technique to random masters that may be fraudsters.

A perpetuation should be a prepayment requirement, lack of information about the company on the Internet or, on the contrary, the presence of a large number of negative feedback.

Many important and useful information on the repair of washing machines Indesit is presented in this section.

How to fix the washing machine yourself?

Before repairing the washing machine, it is necessary to de-energize it. Do not neglect security rules. And so, at first we turn off the machine from electricity, pulling the plug from the power supply.

Clean filter

After that we will check our filter. It is located at the bottom of the case with the front side. During the work, some water can be poured on the floor. Therefore, it is better to prepare a rag in advance or a small empty container. If you see that the filter is clogged, just clean it from outsiders. This procedure can solve the problem.

For clarity, we will demonstrate the entire process of removing the filter washing machine on

Checking the pipe

But what to do if the filter is removed, and the problem remains? That is, the washing machine does not merge water? In this case, go to the next stage of repair. Namely, to clean the nozzle connecting the tank of the washing machine and the pump (pump).

In order to get access to it, you must unscrew the bolts that fix the attachments of the plum node. After that, remove the nozzle, remove the locking clamp. Then drain the water from the nozzle in the pre-harvested packaging.

After that, it is necessary to check whether our nozzle is scored by any sort. For this slightly squeeze it in different places. If you click block, it must be removed. After that, we collect the whole design in the original condition.


If it did not solve our problem, then go to the next possible malfunction. Now we will check whether the pomp’s impeller missed. It is located right behind the filter. If some even a small thing got into it, it can cause malfunction. So first try twist the impeller. If she rotates, and not visible any other things, it means everything is in order. And if you found something unnecessary, for example, a coin or a button, remove it. If it did not help, then it remains to check the drain pump (POMPU).


Nothing forever, any technique sometime breaks. The main thing is not to panic and reasonably. After all, it is always worth checking uncomplicated nodes yourself not to throw money into the wind. And if the problem is in electronics, then there is nowhere to go, you will have to seek help to professionals.

We hope that the information set out in today’s article was useful to our respected reader. Any questions if they stay, you can ask in discussions below. The editors will be happy to answer them as soon as possible. There you can also share our own experience in the repair of washing machines, it will be useful to novice home masters. Write, communicate, ask questions. And we, according to the already established good tradition, we suggest to see a very instructive video on today’s topic.