Water heater. a household appliance, which in some cases is a harsh necessity. This is more related to country and private homes. However, the equipment is no less relevant for urban apartments, where hot water is disconnected every year due to planned operations and repair of water supply. In other words, it is always better when there is a reliable water heating system, even just for the safety net.

Today, there is a flow and accumulative water heaters operating from the network. The latter are a well-sealed tank for several tens of liters. The most compact and heating water in real time are flow-type models. Both types of technology are in demand, despite their pros and cons. Which one to buy depends largely on the composition of the family and the number of points in the home that require water heating. (Read more about choosing at the end of the article).

In fact, there are a lot of electric models of heaters, so choosing the right heater is becoming increasingly difficult. The editors of the Technoexpert website decided to help their readers by providing a rating of the best instantaneous electric water heaters that are in great demand in 2021 and 2022. The TOP-10 includes models from different price classes. Therefore, you can choose the right model with any budget.

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Flowing electric water heater which company to choose

Of course, when choosing a water heater, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer. Often this allows you to determine in advance how reliable and user-friendly the equipment will become. To date, the most popular around the world are:

  • Ariston. a company from Italy offers a wide selection of high-quality equipment, and is mainly focused on the budget segment. Affordable price combined with high quality and beautiful design make them one of the most popular in our country.
  • Thermex is another Italian company offering particularly durable and reliable equipment. The heat exchangers have an anti-corrosion coating, which, together with high-quality parts and a multi-stage safety system, provide a significant service life.
  • Electrolux is a Swedish company that is rightfully one of the leading manufacturers of water heaters in the world. Yes, it’s not cheap. But it is under this brand that some of the most advanced models are produced. after all, the manufacturer constantly introduces the most advanced technologies, creating high-quality, easy-to-use and elegant equipment.
  • Stibel is a manufacturer from Germany that relies on the efficiency of water heaters. True, they are not cheap. But due to the significant service life, high efficiency and low electricity consumption, the technique is quite popular.

So, you can be sure. by purchasing a tankless water heater manufactured by any of these companies, you will not regret your choice.

Pressure or non-pressure instantaneous water heater?

In addition to the energy intensity of the instantaneous water heater, you also need to decide whether a pressure or non-pressure device is needed specifically for your needs.

Does Size Really Matter?. Water Supply Pipe Flow Rates

Pressure-type heaters, the so-called system heaters, make it possible to receive hot water from all taps in an apartment or house.

Such a water heater is mounted directly in the water supply pipes. This is definitely preferable if the central hot water supply is turned off. Such a heater is activated automatically when pressure appears in the pipe, that is, when the user turns on the tap.

Non-pressure devices are produced with a power of not more than 8 kW. They are often immediately equipped with mixers, that is, they can serve a single point of water intake. Such electric heaters are especially convenient to use in the summer season and in guest country houses.

Another pole of such devices is a relatively low cost, therefore, for each water intake point, experts advise installing their own heater. It is also beneficial from the point of view that there is no need to heat water in pipes, that is, electricity consumption is reduced. They are quite easy to mount and remove, so they are preferred to be used in summer cottages.

How to choose an instantaneous water heater

Flow-type electric water heaters are compact devices designed for instant hot water preparation in city apartments and cottages, where the issue of saving free space is especially relevant. In our article we will tell you how to choose an instantaneous water heater and not make a mistake with the choice.

“Protochniki” work on the cold water supply line, and the amount of hot water that they can produce is determined by the power of the heating element built into the device. The more powerful the heating element, the higher the performance of the water heater. When choosing an instantaneous water heater, remember that for its successful operation it is necessary to have high-power electrical wiring, otherwise it may fail when connecting the “flow-through”. If your house has an electric stove or a network with a three-phase power supply for 380 V, great! If there is neither one nor the other, it makes sense to install a boiler, or, in extreme cases, a low-power instantaneous water heater.

The main advantage of electric instantaneous water heaters is the ability to prepare an unlimited amount of hot water without unnecessary time costs, as when using storage-type water heaters. Also, there is no need to carry out regular maintenance of devices of this type, which once again proves the convenience of their use. Minus water heaters-“protochnik”. high connection power and rather intensive power consumption.

Another important point that you need to know when choosing a water heater: flow models differ in the type of installation. Those devices that are installed directly on the line for the cold water trimmer (water riser) are called pressurized water heaters. Non-pressure appliances are installed near the draw-off point (kitchen faucet, bathroom faucet, etc.).P.) and most often they are recommended to be installed in the country.

Before you buy a device, consider in advance why exactly you need a flow-type water heater. It is from these data that the power level of your future water heater will depend. If you plan to use the “test” for washing dishes and soul, a model with a capacity of up to 8 kW. But a hot bath is another story. Here you will already need a water heater with a power of at least 13 kW, which requires a three-phase power supply with a voltage of 380 V. It is important to remember that it is not provided for in ordinary city apartments: in order to supply such voltage to a house or city apartment, you will need to consult a specialist about the maximum power of the network.

Now you already know how to choose an instantaneous water heater, thanks to our short theoretical course. Now it’s up to practice to buy a water heater and forget about the problem of hot water forever.

Overview of the best offers on the market

Low price, compact size and no need to change the wiring of the house qualitatively distinguish single-phase water heaters.

Today, a huge number of domestic and foreign manufacturers are engaged in the manufacture of instantaneous water heaters.

The most popular companies in the domestic market. Atmor, NIBE-BIAWAR, Clage, Redring, Stiebel Eltron, Bosch, ELECTROLUX. produce products aimed at the European consumer.

Even low-power instantaneous water heaters of their production will be able to provide homeowners with hot water of the same quality both in summer and in winter.

Let’s study the products of these companies in more detail.

  • Israeli manufacturer Atmor. Basic models. non-pressure water heaters. The Inline series are devices with a power of 3-8.7 kW. Their cost is lower than analogues of other companies due to the presence of electronic control instead of hydraulic. At the same time, this company also has devices with a power of 7 and 12 kW. They can be connected to both single-phase and three-phase networks. Cost: 4700-15100
  • NIBE-BIAWAR (Poland). Oscar model with a power of 5 kW. without a flask, but has a spiral. It provides fast heating of water and less heat loss. There is a check valve at the inlet. simple design. The cost of such a model is 4500
  • Clage (Germany). CRH series: automatic pressure regulator, copper heater, suitable for bathrooms (protection class IP25).
  • Redring (UK). Powerstream model. without heating flask, has a “snake”, with a diameter of 14 mm with two copper heating elements. Comfortable design. flat design.
  • Stiebel Eltron. German manufacturer. Stiebel Eltron appliances. 3-8.8 kW. Made with German reliability. sealed flask with a heating element, copper supply pipes, brass adapters.
  • Bosch (Germany). All models are certified and equipped with reliable protection devices. Distinctive features of the ED series: two copper heating elements, maximum pressure. 10 bar, power 4.6-6 kW.
  • ELECTROLUX (Sweden). Feature: spiral heating elements. Model NPX Sensomatic. 7 temperature settings, touch control, stainless steel heating element.

Please note that devices from different manufacturers that are identical in technical parameters may differ in units of measurement.

You should not choose a water heater solely on price, it is better to focus on the technical characteristics of the water heater:

  • power;
  • component materials;
  • instrument control system;
  • duration of the guarantee;
  • ease of installation;
  • security.
water, heater, flowing, pressure

Also consider the technical capabilities of your home: the pressure in the water supply network and the load on the electrical wiring. If the manufacturer has provided for everything, a high-quality instantaneous water heater on the tap will serve you for more than one year.

You are solely responsible for the correct use of the device, and careful reading of the instructions will greatly help you in this.

Control options for water heaters

The efficiency of their functioning largely depends on the quality of control of water heaters. There are the following implementations of this function:

  • Devices using hydraulic type automation. In this case, a special sensor is located at the inlet of the system, which controls the appearance of the flow of sheath fluid and turns on the heating element. The disadvantage of this design is that it connects only one level of heating power. In some models, it can be changed manually by push-button switching.
  • Using an electronic microprocessor. It controls the operation of the heater with the help of monitoring sensors and allows you to maintain the same temperature regime of the heated liquid.

Hydraulic control allows you to get an increase in the temperature of the serviced fluid only by a certain amount. Which one depends on the power of the tubular electric heating element. It is believed that the temperature of the water at the inlet varies from twenty to twenty-five degrees. It turns out that in summer the hydraulic control allows you to provide hot water, but in winter the unit may not be able to cope with heating too cold water. Electronic control allows you to maintain the desired temperature of the heated liquid, regardless of the season. Such units are much more expensive and have more power, as a result, they require a separate connection line and the mandatory installation of a residual current device.

Flow heaters and storage (boilers)

The main difference between instantaneous water heaters and storage (boilers) can be distinguished from the name itself: a flow heater heats water “in real time”. while it passes through the heating system. Accumulative. accumulates water, heats it, and then gives it to the consumer as needed.

Structurally, a storage water heater is a sealed tank into which water is automatically supplied from the water supply. Inside the tank there is a heater (heating element), which brings cold water to the temperature set using the control panel and maintains it at the same level. When the water is used up, new water is added in its place from the water supply.

Flowing water heaters look much more compact: they are a box, under the lid of which the electric heater hides. In such a heater, there is no special water storage tank, water heats up directly in the process of passing through the heating element. Such water heaters are often used in small-sized apartments, where there is no room to accommodate a boiler, or where the boiler installation is inexpex.


Budget domestic flow water heater from the famous Scandinavian company designed to serve 1 water intake point. Assembly is made in China. Despite the compactness and mass of only 1.19 kg, it ensures the heating of water temperature to about 60 degrees. For water from well or well heating is not so effective. The device has a limitation in terms of the minimum incoming water temperature. 16 degrees. Installation method. horizontal, wall-mounted, with bottom connection.

  • power 6500 watts;
  • small size (27.2×15.9×11.2 cm);
  • good minute productivity from 1 to 4.5 l;
  • overheating protection (a special sensor is triggered);
  • impurity protection;
  • thoughtful equipment. In addition to the heater itself, the set includes: shower head, faucet, socket plug and hose;
  • copper heating element;
  • beautiful design (in the photo and in reality);
  • low cost.
  • the metal from which the bolts clamping the contacts are made is too soft;
  • the need to drill the wall during temporary installation;
  • At first, there is an unpleasant smell of plastic;
  • significant electricity consumption;
  • separate wiring is needed (given the power of the device, this is not surprising).

Good technical specifications, reliability and security make this model one of the best in its value category.

Hyundai H-IWR2-5P-UI073/CS

Universal model of a flowing electric water heater, with a faucet and a shower head included. The device is intended for only one point of water consumption and an open water supply circuit. The design provides 3 power levels, the maximum of which is 5500 W. The manufacturer declared the outlet water temperature to be 85 degrees. Actual figures are much more modest (up to 50 0 ). The specific heating result depends on the water pressure and the selected mode. The productivity of the device per minute is 3.6 liters. It’s enough to take a shower. Mechanical control, carried out using a switch handle. Pressure sensors and overheating protection ensure safe operation of the device. The material for the manufacture of heating elements is copper. Mounting method. wall-mounted, horizontal, with bottom connection.

In general, the model is quite satisfied with buyers. With proper installation (with separate wiring and automatic), the device is effective and completely safe. When turning off hot water and in the conditions of a summer residence, this device helps a lot.

Electrolux Smartfix 2.0 5.5TS

Practical and affordable model from a well-known brand, compact but powerful enough (5.5 kW). Copper heating element. This water heater, designed for 1 water intake point, can effectively solve the problem of lack of hot water when it is turned off. Installing the heater is easy. Within a minute, the device is able to heat up to 3.7 liters to 60 0. Adjustment method hydraulic. 3 power levels available. Overheating thermostat and pressure sensor and automatic shutdown ensure safe operation of the device.

As for the shortcomings, then, according to the buyers themselves, they are rather conditional. Especially considering the low price of the device:

Thermex Stream 500

Flowing 5-kilowatt electric heater designed for 1 water intake. Fastening Method. Wall Mounted, Vertical, Lowering. Lower. Mechanical management. Package standard. In addition to the device itself, the set has a crane and hose with a shower nozzle.

  • 3 power regimes;
  • small dimensions;
  • impeccable assembly;
  • Simple installation (with amendment to ensure that you need to pre-prepare all the infrastructure for safe installation);
  • effective water heating;
  • Official warranty 2 years.

Zanussi 3-Logic 3.5 TS (Dusty)

Device for heating the water flow type with a horizontal case. Power consumption 3500 W. Using 3 buttons on the front panel, you can set the optimal heating mode. In addition to the standard set of hose, soul and crane, the kit includes a filter. TEN is made of copper, which contributes to the best heat transfer. An important advantage is the presence of an electronic protective device against the lack of water in the system. When opening the crane, the electronics simply does not work.

Another advantage is easy to connect. Separate power cable is not needed. You can turn on the device directly into the grounded outlet.

The model took a worthy place in the ranking and due to the informative panel (there is an indication of the power on and water heating).

  • Insufficient efficiency in winter time (in order to get hot water, we need a thin jet of water);
  • short network cable;
  • Ability to use only for 1 point.

Rating of the best water heaters

In order for the device to serve for a long time, and its operation did not cause problems, you need to pay attention to the models of well-known manufacturers. Best flowing electric water heaters in 2020 are presented below.

Thermex Balance 4500

Thermex Balance 4500 is a good option for a small bathroom, as its dimensions are small. Width 190 mm, height 157 mm, depth 90 mm. It is easy to install by yourself, so the involvement of a specialist is not required.

  • productivity. 1.8 l / min;
  • power (kW). 4.5;
  • pressure (atm.). from 0.69 to 9.80;
  • built-in protection against overheating and from switching on without water;
  • the heating element is spiral and made of stainless steel;
  • fixed on the wall. When installing, you need to take into account that it has a lower eyeliner.
water, heater, flowing, pressure


Thermex Chief 7000

The device is suitable for a spacious bathroom, as its dimensions are quite large. width 235 mm, height 420 mm, depth 90 mm.

water, heater, flowing, pressure
  • productivity. 4 l / min;
  • power (kW). 7;
  • the unit can heat the flowing fluid up to a maximum of 48 degrees;
  • pressure (atm.). from 0.5 to 7;
  • equipped with a display, control. electronic;
  • built-in protection against overheating and switching on without liquid;
  • the manufacturer installed the heating element TEN. It is made of copper;
  • mounted on the wall (vertical mounting), bottom connection.


Timberk WHEL-3OSC

Compact model that fits perfectly even in a small bathroom. Unlike the previous ones, it has a more advanced package, which includes the following elements:

  • shower head and hose to it;
  • holder for fixing the shower to the wall;
  • adapter for switching the water flow;
  • tap;
  • sealing gaskets and spout rings;
  • filter.
  • small dimensions (mm). width 272, height 159, depth 112;
  • productivity. 1.9 l / min;
  • power (kW). 3.5;
  • can heat incoming water up to 85 degrees;
  • pressure (atm.). from 0.3 to 6;
  • mechanical control;
  • protection against overheating is provided;
  • in the Timberk WHEL-3 OSC electric water heater, a heating element made of copper is installed;
  • wall mounting (vertical installation);
  • lower eyeliner.

An important point. the instantaneous electric water heater is designed for operation in the summer, when the temperature of the incoming water reaches 18 degrees. Heating may be a problem in winter.

Oasis NP-W

Modern and compact device that can be installed in any room. Of the advantages. instant heating of water, large display, stainless steel housing.

  • productivity. 5 l / min;
  • power (kW). 3;
  • the ability to heat water up to a maximum of 60 degrees;
  • pressure (atm.). from 0.4 to 6;
  • installed electric heating element. heating element;
  • installation only vertical.

Electrolux NPX 8 Flow Active 2.0

The model is made in China, but its quality remains on top. Suitable for small spaces. Dimensions in mm. width 226, height 320, depth. 88.

  • productivity. 4.2 l / min;
  • power (kW). 8.8;
  • heating up to 60 degrees;
  • pressure (atm.). up to 7;
  • electronic control, there is a display;
  • built-in self-diagnosis function;
  • protection against overheating and switching on without water pressure is provided;
  • Installation vertical wall mounted.

Properly selected instantaneous electric water heater will provide a constant hot water supply. Popular devices included in the TOP of the best are easy to use, reliable and last a long time. Which one would you choose? Or do you prefer cumulative models? Share your opinion in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to choose an instantaneous water heater, pressure or non-pressure. see

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