Check and replacement of the press service in the dishwasher

All dishwashers are mandatory equipped with such a device as a water level sensor that is still referred to as the press space. Thanks to its installation, the boiler unit determines the automatic fluid level, the device is easily adjustable for subsequent washing dishes.

As long as the dishwasher works normally interference in its functions, it is not required, this refers to modern model.Electrolux models and others. If the device for washing the kitchen utensils began to gain excessive water or the dishwasher does not gain water at all, what is needed for high-quality washing, initially check whether the press service should be checked. In the event that the device gives failures when operating, other nodes of the device are incorrectly started, then you should contact the services of professional masters.

How to check the water level sensor in the dishwasher?

All dishwashers are mandatory equipped with such a device as a water level sensor that is still referred to as the press space. Thanks to its installation, the boiler unit determines the automatic fluid level, the device is easily adjustable for subsequent washing dishes.

As long as the dishwasher works normally interference in its functions, it is not required, this refers to modern model.Electrolux models and others.

If the device for washing the kitchen utensils began to gain excessive water or the dishwasher does not gain water at all, what is needed for high-quality washing, initially check whether the press service should be checked.

In the event that the device gives failures when operating, other nodes of the device are incorrectly started, then you should contact the services of professional masters.

Types of sensors

2 types of pressostats are installed on the machines:

Mechanical type devices. In case of appearance on the steamer, the relay of small holes have every reason to assume that a similar element can pass liquid. But if this happens when you are heard characteristic of switching modes, clicks, problems will not appear. If such clicking sounds do not hear, the relay should be checked on the imposition of contact groups.

Electronic sensors. Produce switching modes through an electronic structure operating under low voltage conditions. Checking the functionality of the working electronic board cannot be performed using instruments having a high voltage. If the device fails, the dishwasher will notify the error code.

In any case, when a malfunction appears, regardless of the type of item, the repair or replacement it must be done as soon as possible.

How to learn about breakdown?

The main function of this device installed in the Bosch dishwasher is the permanent monitoring of the required level of fluid. In the case when the device begins to work incorrectly, it means that the worker tank of the unit probably redested out, which will lead to a poor quality sink of kitchen utensils and flooding

In order to avoid such problems, it is necessary to closely monitor the fluid level in the working tank. If you notice that it exceeds the norm, this signals the failure of the pressostat.

Usually breakdowns of the water sensor in any dishwasher occur for the following reasons:

  • Wear to the details of the device.
  • Contacts for compounds of the device underwent oxidation.
  • Low quality dishwasher nodes, which limits the service life of the press.

How to replace the device in the unit?

Before starting the process of replacing this device, it is necessary to consider that each separate dishwasher brand is installed its unique device. This means that when choosing a new item, you must carefully read it with its parameters for the proper selection of the part. After purchasing the desired device, it should be replaced.

  • Initially carefully removed the rear wall of the machine.
  • After the level sensor is dismantled by the compound hose.
  • The part is removed from its location, the connector is also removed to connect.
  • The design is collected in reverse order.

After installing the new part, it is necessary to check whether the installation is carried out correctly, for which you need to start the unit. With proper assembly, the level of fluid in the working chamber should be optimal.

Operating safety and high-quality sink can only provide a good device, so it should be checked for health. In any case, the best to warn its way out of ordering than to continue to waste time and cash on its replacement. Therefore, be sure to follow the rules of operation of the dishwasher and clean the plums from the ground and 2-3 times a month.

The dishwasher aggregate greatly facilitated the work of the hostess having lost it from daily washing dishes. Downloading dirty dishes into the car and running it you can give time to other things, and the kitchen utensils, meanwhile, will be high quality and dried. But sooner or later, the indicator flashes on the table of the machine, which draws the attention of the user to breakdown or failure of parts.

What does E24 error code on the dishwasher screen. read our article.

Most frequent reasons

High quality and cost dishwashers are flagged by flashing indicator when filter cast. Similar troubles usually happens if the hostess does not clean up the kitchen utensils in front of the bookmark to the tank from food residues. By passing some time, the remains of food clog the filter element. As soon as the filter is filled immediately, the water supply indicator flashes.

Also, disorders during the operation of the dishwasher may occur due to the following reasons:

  • Malfunction of power supply socket.
  • Loosely covered door transmitting liquid.
  • Uneven and illiterate bookmark dishes in the tank.

But there are cases when none of these reasons approaches a specific situation, when the crane indicator is blinking, other reasons to which may include:

  • The failure of the plumbing hose connected to the dishwasher unit.
  • Pollution of the filter element of the fluid release valve.
  • Defects input valve.
  • Incorrect connection of the drain hose.
  • Unauthorized activation of the function “Aqua-Stop”.

There are several other disadvantages in which the indicator flashes on the control display occurs. If it is impossible to independently detecting and solving the problem, the best way out of the situation will call the wizard for the repair of this equipment.

Modern dishwashers have not only standard programs, but also additional functions to which the automated sink of kitchen utensils also includes, thanks to the “Aqua sensor” mounted.

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Signs of sensor failure controlling water level

How can you recognize that the sensor responsible for the fluid level refused in your dishwasher? We will have to carefully trace the water, gaining in the dishwasher. About malfunction will be claimed by certain signs:

  • The water level inside the washing compartment will be either lower or higher than the installed norm;
  • It happens that water fence does not occur at all;
  • The dishwasher is gaining an excess of water that begins to go into the sewage drain;
  • In the process of the working cycle, the dishwasher can stop, water pumping will not begin.

Sensor varieties for dishwashers

The level sensors used in the designs of dishwashers can be divided into two groups: mechanical and electronic.

The principle of the functioning of the pressostat

The device (sensor) of the mechanical action works on the principle of transmitting water pressure on the silicone membrane. Pressure force from the membrane is transmitted through the rod to the contact device (usually relay).

From the effects of this force, the contacts of the control device, which, in turn, affects the water supply element, are mechanically closed.

The reason for the malfunction of the mechanical action system, as a rule, is a silicone membrane. more precisely, its physical damage in the form of a breakdown of the surface.

Accordingly, in this state, this element stops working. perceive pressure. As a result, the user receives a disruption of the water level inside the bathroom bath.

Electronic type sensors work around the same way. Only in this case are not used relay components. Instead of relay, the switching function (worker, emergency) is performed by semiconductor components.

Electronic devices are inherent in additional functions. automatic definition of malfunction and output error messages directly on the machine display.

It is clear that the diagnosis of malfunction in the case of the presence of an electronic device is greatly facilitated. The owner already on the error code on the display can first understand for himself what needs to be taken in terms of repair.

However, repairing electronic systems is more complicated than mechanical. Therefore, here you are most likely not to do. Professional intervention will be required.

Constructive design element

The constructive design of the sensor allows the most unusual scheme. For example, in some machines of the famous brand, the electrolyc module Pressostat is made on the basis of two individual sensors.

One of the pair of such devices is controlled by a low water level, and another, respectively, high. Therefore, it is not always possible to do with simplified dismantling when repairing.

And in another case. when, for example, on the budget model of the Bosch brand there is only one sensor tracking the overall water level. In this embodiment, the disassembly is accompanied by less difficulties, but there are difficulties with access to it on the machine chassis.

That is why it is not always possible to replace faulty sensors on their own. often you need to attract a master from the profile service workshop.

Meanwhile, on a dishwasher from Electrolux, where two sensors are involved, a device that follows the high level is used as a duplicate control element.

If a low-level control sensor does not work during the operation of the device, then the drainage pump is turned on when the upper limit is reached. The signal for this gives the top control device.

The main function of tracking the volume of water is placed on the sensor, intended to monitor the lower level. This device is activated at the initial stage when the process of filling the dishwasher working fluid starts.

Nuances check sensor service

The sensor switch is associated with the device itself and as soon as the container, called the bathroom, is filled at the installed lower boundary, the pressost press membrane affects the rod moving the contacts of the switch.

With a possible malfunction at this point, make sure you can make sure you can check the lower level relay.

How the dishwasher press service works?

The press service of the dishwasher performs the following functions, on which the established and uninterrupted operation of the entire device depends:

  • Each machine program implies a set of a certain amount of water, determine which without a good sensor will be absolutely impossible;
  • When the water inside the machine typed in sufficient volume, the sensor sends a signal to turn off the water supply, which actually prevents leakage.

Although the water level sensor in the Electrolux dishwasher, it would seem to have a simple design, in which special complex technologists are not used, but without this item to use in normal dishwasher will not be possible.

Types and principle of water level sensor

All dishwashers of famous brands. Electrolux, Bosch, “Ariston”, “Samsung”. equipped with a level sensor (press cost). For each sink program, a different amount of water is required. To control the set, and this element provides. It reacts to changing pressure in the chamber.

Inside the rubber membrane sensor. The stronger the pressure increases, the more the membrane increases, drives the switches. So the e-board receives information about the amount of water in the tank.

  • Mechanical. You can talk about his breakdown when damaged the membrane.
  • Electronic. Works at the expense of the built-in board, the error code is displayed during the display. For example, E3, E16 (Bosch); I20 (Electrolux). Al03, Al05 (Ariston), E3, E5 (Siemens) and others. List of all designations for your brand, see “Error codes”.

In dishwashers with a flow, a duct sensor (flow meter).

You can perform diagnostics and change the device with your own hands.

The principle of work “Aqua-Sensor”, its necessity

Aqua-sensor is a turbidity sensor for a dishwasher consisting of a phototransistor and an infrared LED located on the same board. Their location is protected by a light-proof box of the curved configuration similar to the letter “U”. The flow of infrared rays from the photodium passes through the water in the tank and reaches the phototransistor. If the water is clean then the control board receives a signal, the sink program changes the functions in which clean water is used again, the other does not pize and the additional rinse is canceled. When water is rather contaminated and the intensity of the light stream is not enough to trigger the phototransistor, the “Aqua sensor” processor informs the control unit that there is no signal that is perceived as water cloudscence. After each rinse, the sensor is calibrated and the liquid purity is determined. A similar automatic method of washing kitchen utensils makes it possible to save up to 4.5 liters of water with good quality laundering of loaded products.

Replacement of aqua sensor. water turbidity sensor

Electrolux Dishwasher Float Switch Replacement A00056504

It is necessary to know that the sensitivity of the Aqua sensor is directly dependent on the amount of scale and detergents in the liquid.

Thanks to him, it is possible to change the course of the program: its duration, water consumption, which makes it possible to significantly save electricity.

The main causes of breakdown

Replacement of the press service in the dishwasher

Dishwasher, like other automatic devices, is equipped with various sensors. Their work is aimed at monitoring water, temperature, the number of revolutions. All these readings allow the electronic board to adjust the operation of the machine. Press space dishwasher. this is another sensor. It controls the water level in the tank, and therefore it is an integral part for the normal operation of the technique. What to do if the press service does not work? Details in the article.

Device and principle of water level sensor

Machines of different brands (electrolux. Bosch. Krupps) consist of the same elements, only varieties and the principle of work of parts may differ.

The press service is a round item that measures the amount of fluid typed in the bunker. It does not contact with water. To control the level in the chamber, the tube is lowered, which responds to pressure drops. The larger the fluid is typed, the more pressure rises. Inside the sensor, contacts are switched to which the control module reacts. Therefore, the item is also called pressure relay. For details on the device, look at

Interesting! Dishwashes with flowed tenn are equipped with a flow sensor (flow) instead of a level relay.

How to understand that the PMT press service does not work? You will notice this on malfunction.

Signs of pressure relay malfunction

When the item fails, the control module “does not know” how much water is already scored in the chamber and when it time to stop the fence. Therefore, it can happen:

  • Pereliv. Liquids in the bunker more than need. The problem threatens to turn into a flood, so it’s not worth the repair with repair.
  • Non-Foam. The lack of water in the system can lead to the heater brave.
  • There is a fence and at the same time draining water.
  • Technique does not take fluid or stops in the middle of a cycle with a full tank.

All these features indicate the Press Transport Malfunction. And what causes the breakdown:

Whether the sensor setup is possible if his testimony has come down? Yes, it is possible to make in the factory. The bolts on the relay housing are tightened to a certain level to adjust the indicators.

How to check and change the pressure relay?

To begin with, decide whether there is such a sensor in your machine or it is equipped with a flow meterometer. In such models, PMM, like “Electrolux”, “Bosch”, “Ariston”, the press of the pressostate is located near the circulation pump.

  • Disconnect food dishwasher.
  • Embrend inlet valve. Disconnect communication. Prepare the container in advance, water is spoiled from the hoses.
  • Place the chassis of the Naboka.
  • If PMM “SAMSUNG” or “Ariston” has a panel at the bottom, dismantle it. Most often it is attached on latches, sometimes on bolts.
  • Near the tan and pump you will see a box. From him there is a pressure hose.
  • Remove the hose from the spot, unscrew the fastening screws and dismantle the press service.
  • At the place of the hose mount, install a short tube and jump into it. Under the working element inside, the contact switching clicks should be heard. If nothing is heard. the device is faulty.
  • To diagnose the electrical component, take the multimeter.
  • Apply Proven to Relay Contacts. If the part is working, the resistance will drop to zero.

There is no point in repairing the sensor, replacement is carried out. Choose only the original spare part for your dishwasher model. Track the work of technology, sometimes minor malfunctions lead to serious faults.