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Deep bikini waxing at home

If waxing is done at home, it is not very easy to get rid of hair in a deep bikini. The bikini area is considered the inner thighs and pubis. Deep bikini also includes the surface of the vulva and perineum. During the deep bikini epilation procedure, the hair is most often completely removed. In some cases, a small area of ​​pubic hair may remain. The main advantage of waxing is significant cost savings.

bikini, hair, removal, home

Many girls are concerned about the question: how do? The procedure for hair removal with cold wax is the most simple. It does not require the use of additional heating devices.

The product is sold in a jar or tube. It is warmed up in his hands, on the heating device or in a glass of hot water, then applied to the skin.

For bikini hair removal to be successful, the wax mass must completely cover the hairs. A strip of paper or non-woven material is laid on top of the composition. She is torn off with a sharp movement. Removed hairs will remain on the strip.

Wax strips

You can use ready-made strips with cold wax applied to them. To remove hair from a deep bikini area, you need to use a product specifically designed for depilation. Strips for the bikini area take into account the anatomical features and the direction of hair growth in this area of ​​the body.

On the video, deep bikini waxing with wax:

The strips are warmed up in the palms and glued onto the area to be depilated in the direction of hair growth. It is not necessary to heat and rub the strips for a long time before use. Overheated wax will become too liquid and partially lose its properties. It will remove little hair and stay on the skin.

The glued strips are strongly pressed with palms to the skin to ensure the best contact with the hairs. They are torn off by a sharp movement along with vegetation.

Hair removal with cold wax is accompanied by painful sensations. Therefore, for a deep bikini zone, this procedure is rarely used.

The link describes in detail how to do hair removal at home.

What else should you pay attention to when choosing

Introducing the rating of waxes for depilation 2020. Top 12 products selected by our experts based on user ratings and reviews.

bikini, hair, removal, home
Rating (2020) Prices, ₽ Country
The best warm waxes for depilation
one. Depilflax Wax “Ivory” in a cartridge from 140₽ Spain
2. Kapous Professional wax “Chocolate” in a cartridge from 120₽ Russia
3. Veet Warm wax with essential oils from 320₽ France
4. ItalWax White Chocolate Warm Wax Cartridge from 110₽ Italy
The best hot waxes for depilation
one. Depilflax Wax hot “Pink” in briquettes from 560₽ Spain
2. Beauty Image Hot Wax Standard Natural in Discs from 1200₽ Spain
3. Starpil Wax hot “Cotton” in briquettes from 950₽ Spain
4. Kapous Professional Hot wax yellow natural in discs from 730₽ Russia
The best film waxes for depilation
one. WHITE LINE Film wax Italwax “White chocolate” in granules from 350₽ Italy
2. Depileve Film wax for intimate depilation in a jar from 900₽ Spain
3. Cristaline Rosa mosqueta film wax granules from 1000₽ USA
4. Depilflax Wax film blue in granules from 350₽ Spain

What does the epilation kit consist of?

The epilation kits include several items:

  • Wax heater or cartridge wax melter. Has 1 or 2 applicators. The device is necessary for heating and melting wax. Due to the fact that the action is based on thermal insulation, the hairs are removed quickly and safely. Price from 600 r.
  • Cartridge. Cassettes have heads for different parts of the body. For a bikini zone, a narrower nozzle is designed. The whole cassette is enough for 2 epilation procedures of both legs. Cost from 100 r.
  • Stripes. convenient for storage, because sold already sliced ​​or in whole rolls. Quite acceptable price is 200 r. For 200 stripes. Cheaper can break or inefficiently remove hairs.

Bay wax for depilation can be hot, warm and cold. The first view has a solid structure and can be used several times. Only hot wax requires strict control over the temperature and time to keep means on the skin to avoid burns. The second form is more optimal for home use. In its composition has a pine resin and softener in the form of honey or bees wax. The last variety is less effective and more painful, so it is not recommended to choose it for use on the face, in the bikini zone and armpits.

How to make wax at home for epilation

The easiest way to use the finished wax, but if you wish, you can make a product yourself. There is a wide variety of wax recipes for depilation at home. The most common. with the addition of paraffin and rosin. For his cooking home will be required:

Place all the components on the water bath and melt until a homogeneous state. Cool up to 40-50 ° C and use for warm or hot wax methods. The recipe provides a cleansing effect and allows you to painlessly remove hair with sensitive places.

Wax epilation at home: step by step instructions

At home, it is recommended to make rossing warm waxing from cartridges or tablets. To carry out the epilation procedure, wax will need:

  • means itself;
  • Voskoplav or Pots for Water Baths;
  • Plastic spatula for applying fused wax;
  • fabric strips (better all dense cotton white color);
  • Two mandatory means: for skin decontamination (alcohol, special lotion) and after epilation (spray, vegetable oil, better olive);
  • powder;
  • wax removal napkin.

Contraindications and precautions

So that the wax depilation has passed successfully, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules and recommendations. If you have diseases of the genital organs and urinary tract, then it is desirable to refuse the procedure. In this case, you can use other ways, for example, shugaring, depilatter or razor machine. It is not recommended to conduct a procedure if there are small wound on the skin.

In what cases is contraindicated to make depilation in intimate places with the help of wax:

  • diabetes;
  • appearance of neoplasms;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • skin diseases;
  • inflammation of vessels;
  • oncological skin diseases;
  • If there are volumetric moles and papillomas.

It is recommended to perform epilation after the end of menstruation for 4 or 5 days. It is during this period that the skin is less susceptible to painful sensations. Also that the procedure is less painful need to be held in the morning.

If you are going to go to rest, it is better to make a procedure a few days before departure. During this time, minor redness will be held, and the skin will look smooth and silky. After the procedure, it is desirable to give the body to “Raise” not to wear underwear for 3-4 hours or dined, but not from synthetic materials. And to slow down hair growth, you need to apply a special cream every day. It is impossible within 48 hours after epilation go to the solarium, sauna and take hot bath.

Pros and cons of wax epilation

Wax epilation is attractive in that it does not leave irritation on the skin characteristic of shaving. Yes, and hairs, which eventually begin to be sorting, with each procedure, they are still softer and thinner. This method of removal of undesirable vegetation does not require considerable time and effort. when mastering the equipment to get rid of the hairs on the legs, for example, will take no more than half an hour with all preparatory procedures. At the same time, waxing gives a lasting effect, the duration of which, of course, depends on the individual characteristics of each person.

On average, you will have to repeat the procedure every month. during this time, the hairs usually grow to the required 3-4 mm.

At Home Underarm Brazilian Wax Routine! Detailed Step By Step | Amazon Wax Kit | Naturally Sunny

Hair removal with wax, not only in the salon, but also at home, provided that the technique is properly performed, does not give complications, for which this method received many positive reviews. If there is no allergy to wax, side effects such as acne, itching, redness and irritation will not appear. The skin will be smooth and delicate, especially if you apply a moisturizer at the end of the procedure. That is why this technique can be used by sick and even pregnant women, provided that it does not cause severe pain.

There are few disadvantages to such waxing. Among them are the relative pain of hair pulling, but it all depends on both the individual characteristics of the body and the correctness of the procedure. In addition, this method is difficult to perform on a short hair hedgehog, so you have to expect when they grow a little. Well, finally, the wax is not suitable for those who have an allergic reaction to it.

Features of the epilation of the face, feet and bikini zones at home

The use of vaccines on various areas of the human body has its own characteristics and caution. Especially carefully need to make hair removal, armpits and bikini regions. We picked up several recommendations and video tutorials on how to make the wax epilation of each of these parts of the house.

The simplest and painless is the procedure for hair removal on the legs. It is available even for those who have never had previously resorted to Vaxing. Therefore, it is recommended to start with it. The more procedures will be carried out, the less painful they will be and the softer and less often it will become hair cover.

Before epilation wax at home, legs should be dry. The shower should be taken two hours before the procedure. In order to be good to dry, they need to be treated with a sprinkler, a talc with menthol. Especially one should pay attention to the zone under the knees.

For hair removal, you can use warm and hot wax. It is melted, stripped 10 cm wide, put strips of fabric apply to them. Themes are then waiting and breaking strips against hair growth.

Detailed Epilation Instructions Wax at home can be viewed on the video, where it tells how to remove the legs.

Unfortunately, unwanted hair can cover the face of women, which delivers special discomfort and is the cause of complexes. Wax epilation is also suitable for this part of the body, but it is necessary to conduct it carefully, especially in the area of ​​the upper lip, which is part of the nasolabial triangle. the most sensitive area.

To carry out this procedure it is better to use the method of cold epilation using wax strips. It is with the help of it that it is good to get rid of thin and short hairs.

The problematic area for hair removal is the bikini area. Firstly, the skin here is also very delicate, while the hair grows tough. And secondly, the site is difficult to access. Therefore, most often for this procedure, women go to the salon.

If you already have experience in waxing yourself, have a low pain threshold and all the necessary tools, then you can decide on hot or warm waxing of the bikini area. The skin after it will delight you with its velvety for a month.

When epilating the “classic bikini“, the hair that protrudes from under the swimsuit is removed. When epilating “beach bikini”, the hairline that is not covered with swimming trunks is destroyed, including on the buttocks.

Wax depilation at home the bikini zone is recommended after 3-5 days after the end of menstruation. It is believed that at this time there are the lowest pain threshold. The highest pain threshold. in women during ovulation and 3 days before the start of menstruation.

Special attention deserves epilation of deep bikini or Brazilian epilation, which implies hair removal from the outside and inside the bikini line. Hair in the area should be released to a length of 4-6 mm, for this they need to shave in 5 days. If they are shorter, it is not captured by wax, if longer. the procedure will be more painful.

A couple of hours before the procedure it is necessary to take a shower. Bikini zone is well dried by a towel. Grasp the talc, powder, oatmeal either. For depilation at home it is best to use solid varieties of wax. The procedure will take at least an hour. It must be done at least two days before visiting beach zones.

The procedure is most convenient to spend in a lying or half-sidia. You can use a mirror to have an overview of hard-to-reach areas. Heat the wax to a temperature of 40 degrees, spread a thin layer on the skin, cover with a fabric strip, press. After hardening, tear off the strip against hair growth. Pull out individual hairs with tweezers.

Remove the remaining wax with cotton swabs with olive or other oil. Apply an ointment to the skin with the addition of herbs: chamomile, sage, arnica. Underwear should be worn from natural materials without seams.

Overview of the best waxing products, prices

A good wax provides maximum effect and does not cause discomfort. In addition to its direct purpose. hair removal. the wax mass must have skin-caring properties. In addition to beauty salons, it is convenient to purchase such products in specialized online stores selling hair cosmetics.

There you can also read the detailed characteristics of goods and recommendations on the use of one or another composition. DEPIFLAX, ITALWAX and Depileve remain among the most popular brands. The table makes it possible to compare the characteristics and for some of the most sought-after waxes.

Suitable for delicate skin of the face and face-skinned people.

Newbie in epilation can purchase a set that includes everything you need. For example, a cartridge set for wax depilation from the ITALWAX brand includes two types of wax: azulene and white chocolate, wax and strips to remove compositions. Set cost of about 900

Epilation wax make millions of girls and women who want to have smooth skin and look impeccable.

It is absolutely difficult to master the necessary skills to cope with this procedure on your own and make it at home, forgetting about hiking in expensive beauty salons.