How waxing is done? Walkthrough

About the benefits of depilation, composition, effectiveness and ways to increase the intervals between depilations, read the introductory article about waxing. Below we will discuss only the methodology of the procedure.

The tools needed for waxing depend on the type of wax and the release format:

Hot wax warm wax cold wax
Temperature 42-60°C 40-45°C 36°C
The form Banks, discs, granules banks, rollers wax strips, tuba
Application method spatula, fingers (some types of wax) spatula, roller, tube gluing strips, tube
Warm up method temperature controlled wax oven wax oven, microwave or water bath warm up in your hands
Stall method hands or cotton napkins against hair growth cotton towels against hair growth cotton napkins (if in a tube) against hair growth
Additional effect hot wax opens pores, reducing soreness less inflammation compared to hot wax No
Area restriction any do not use in the bikini area used mainly on the face, legs, arms.
Hair length 2-5 mm 5 mm from 5 mm
Complexity high average low
Risks burns No No
disadvantages risk of burns, greater skin irritation breaks off hair (≈shaving) climbs her hair (≈Ber)
Cost (on the example of two legs of a full bikini classic) ≈80–100 ≈500 ≈1500 (almost 3 packs).

Preliminary preparation

For the procedure, the hair must be long enough. The greatest efficiency is shown for hair of about 5 mm, but hair over 8-10 mm is more painful to remove, so they need to be shortened with a trimmer or scissors.

If you have a tendency to ingrown hairs, exfoliate the skin 2 days before the procedure to reduce the number of ingrown hairs.

One day before the procedure, you can not bathe, sunbathe, do peelings. Do an allergy test the day before your procedure.

Skin and wax preparation

Heat the wax according to the manufacturer’s instructions (this temperature depends on the composition, so it is different for different waxes). Usually, special furnaces are used for this, which allow you to specify the temperature of heating, but manufacturers of “home” warm waxs write instructions and for a microwave / water bath.

Skin should be dry, clean and not oily. If you anesthetized the area (and if you don’t know how, then the instructions are here), then it’s time to wash off the anesthetic (with a damp cloth). Then blot the skin with a tissue and disinfect with salicylic alcohol. (There are professional pre-depilatory products, the task of which is to remove excess fat and disinfect.)

When depilating with hot wax or shugaring with classic caramel, cosmetic talc is sometimes additionally applied to the area with a sponge, napkin or hand. This is done in order to reduce the adhesion of wax and caramel to the skin and thus protect it from damage. However, when using talcum powder, you will not be able to reuse the wax from one strip.

Then check the temperature of the wax by applying a little to the back of your hand. If the wax is too hot, wait for it to cool slightly.

The order of the procedure

If the wax is ready, proceed to the procedure:

  • Apply a thin layer of wax with a cartridge or spatula in the direction of hair growth (warm wax: 1-2 mm; hot wax: 1 mm). The amount of coverage depends on the width and length of the strips, as well as the direction and density of hair growth: sometimes it is more convenient to work in small portions.
  • Apply a special strip on top and smooth over hair growth 3-4 times. If you use hot film wax or sugar caramel, then depilatory strips are not needed. you can work with your hands. over, the depilatory composition is not torn off immediately, but kept a little on the skin (according to the instructions, 10-60 seconds.).
  • After a few seconds (5-10 sec. for warm wax or 10-60 sec. for hot wax) with a sharp movement, tear off the wax strip in the opposite direction of hair growth, holding and pulling the skin at the end of the strip that you are pulling (otherwise bruising may occur). Note, you need to tear under the maximum sharp angle to the skin (less than 20 ° C), that is, parallel to the skin surfaces, so as not to break the hair and not injure the skin.
  • Skin stays oily.
  • Too thin layer of wax.
  • Wrong direction of wax removal.
  • Slow wax removal.
  • Too short hairs (can be removed with tweezers).

Let’s take another look at the video. The girl shows the procedure of depilation with warm wax:

Method of self-depilation with warm wax (from 1:30):

In this video, depilation with hot wax on the armpit is performed:

Here, hot wax is applied over the lip (note that after a breakdown, the beautician puts his hand. this relieves discomfort):

Completion of the depilation procedure

After the hair removal is completed, you can perform an enzyme hair removal procedure, or at least apply an agent that slows down hair growth (for example, according to this instruction). This will increase the time between depilations, but is an optional step.

Wax remnants need to be removed by any oil (or special follow-up with means). it is possible with the effect of hair growth inhibition (mint oil, fennel dill oil, will be a separate material).

After the procedure, redness appears in the form of a scattering of red dots. This is especially true when using hot wax. The red dots usually disappear after 3-24 hours.

What else should you pay attention to when choosing

Introducing the rating of waxes for depilation 2020. Top 12 products selected by our experts based on user ratings and reviews.

Rating (2020) Prices, ₽ Country
The best warm waxes for depilation
one. Depilflax Wax “Ivory” in a cartridge from 140₽ Spain
2. Kapous Professional wax “Chocolate” in a cartridge from 120₽ Russia
3. Veet Warm wax with essential oils from 320₽ France
4. ItalWax White Chocolate Warm Wax Cartridge from 110₽ Italy
The best hot waxes for depilation
one. Depilflax Wax hot “Pink” in briquettes from 560₽ Spain
2. Beauty Image Hot wax Standard natural in discs from 1200₽ Spain
3. Starpil Wax Hot “Cotton” in Briquettes from 950₽ Spain
4. Kapous Professional Hot wax yellow natural in discs from 730₽ Russia
The best film waxes for depilation
one. WHITE LINE Film wax Italwax “White chocolate” in granules from 350₽ Italy
2. Depileve Film wax for intimate depilation in a jar from 900₽ Spain
3. Cristaline Rosa mosqueta film wax in granules from 1000₽ USA
4. Depilflax Wax film blue in granules from 350₽ Spain


No matter how quick and convenient the waxing procedure is, it has a number of contraindications. If you have any doubts about depilation, be sure to consult your doctor.

    Pregnancy, birth control, hormone replacement, antibiotics. In all these cases, the skin often becomes more sensitive, before the procedure, it is necessary to make a test on a small area of ​​skin. it is necessary to see how it will respond to the procedure within 24 hours;


Waxing has enough advantages, but it has a number of contraindications, which are conditionally divided into permanent and temporary.

Permanent contraindications:

  • varicose veins in the depilated area;
  • diabetes;
  • moles with hairs;
  • warts;
  • papillomas;
  • herpes rash.
  • lack of sensitivity in the epilation area;
  • wax allergy.
  • peeling and other procedures performed before depilation;
  • stress and nervous overexcitation;
  • skin damage in the area of ​​​​application of wax;
  • ARI, SARS;
  • recent tan.

Among the frequently asked questions on beauty forums: is it possible to do waxing during pregnancy? Not! Waxing is prohibited for pregnant women, including.h. early and during lactation!

Waxing: does it hurt or not??

Reviews of many clients indicate that wax epilation is a somewhat painful procedure, but, compared with, for example, by treatment with an electro-spray, pain is weaker, and the pain itself subsides literally for one to two seconds. Further, with each procedure, the hair becomes less, respectively, and discomfort too. After two or three treatments, the pain is almost gone.

Wax depilation: types

There are three types of waxing: hot wax, warm wax and cold wax. Each of them differs not only in temperature, but also in the method of application. Let’s sort it all out, let’s start with the cold.

Waxing with cold wax

It is the easiest and most affordable. Its advantage is that you do not need to heat the wax, apply it to the skin and glue the strips. Strips are sold ready-made, along with wax. Everything that’s needed. warm the strip with your palms to body temperature. Then the strip is separated into two parts and glued to the skin. This should be done very carefully and be sure to follow the growth of the hair, press it firmly against the skin. Then quickly and sharply pluck against hair growth. You need to repeat until the last hair on the selected part of the body. Wax from leather is removed very easily. simply swipe over the treated area with a cosmetic tissue. If there are single hairs that the wax has not captured, take tweezers and pull them out. To get the perfect result, properly inspect the depilated area for remaining hairs somewhere on the knee.

Waxing: warm method

This method is a little more complicated, but it is no less accessible than the previous one. The warm look of waxing is done with store-bought wax. It is easy to find on the shelves of household chemicals and cosmetics stores. As a rule, the product is made from resin (mainly pine), white beeswax or honey. Sometimes several bases are combined with each other. Often added ingredients that relieve irritation and soothe delicate skin. There is no need to strongly heat such wax, a temperature of 37-38 degrees Celsius will be enough. To do this, there are so-called “waxoplastes”. devices specially designed for this. Such a machine will maintain the desired temperature and consistency, but will not overheat.

Often the mixture is sold in special cassettes. this is very convenient, because there is no need to fiddle with a spatula and worry about the thickness of the applied layer. If you like the process of applying wax to the skin, the classic version in simple jars will suit you.

Remains of warm wax are easily removed from the skin with oil products. Others will be ineffective. Waxing at home with a warm agent is not suitable for all skin areas: bikini, upper lip and armpits, for example. This is a great hair remover for arms or legs.

hot method

The name came not from the fact that wax is applied to the skin very hot, but because it is heated in a special apparatus to a high temperature (about 45-47 degrees Celsius). After heating wax, they give a little cool so as not to damage the skin. You need to be very careful with this, especially in delicate areas (armpits, bikini, deep bikini). If you apply the mixture on the skin very hot, it is easy to get a nasty burn. But the procedure itself is less painful, unlike the two previous methods.

How to do waxing the right way:

    Heated wax is applied to the skin in the direction of hair growth;

Another advantage of this method is that you don’t have to worry about stripes. hardened wax is similar to plasticine and can be easily torn off by hand.

If you are afraid of getting burned, you can purchase special cassettes and wax makers. They will greatly simplify the procedure for waxing at home. The hot method is perfect for delicate areas (bikini or armpits), but it will also perfectly cope with depilation of arms, legs, abdomen or face. You can buy wax in solid form in granules (the fastest option, melts faster), cassettes, tablets.

Depilation of the bikini area

To the removal of hair in the bikini zone at home should be approached with special care, strictly observe hygiene. The skin in intimate places is especially delicate and the procedure must be carried out very carefully. Depilation of the so-called X-bikini zone (pubis, buttocks, labia) has its own nuances. To make the procedure less painful, follow the important rules:

Apply wax to small areas, cover with a clean cloth and smooth it well. After a sharp removal of the strip, press the treated area with your fingertips, and after a few seconds the pain will pass. The remaining hairs are best torn out with tweezers. After depilation, clean the wax. Have a wax cleaner such as GiGi, Depileve, White Line. If it is not there, heat the machine and remove the wax with a tissue, then with alcohol and a clean cloth.

Immediately after depilation, do not wear tight underwear, especially from synthetic fibers. The best option is loose panties and pants made of natural cotton or linen. Anyway, pain when removing hair in intimate places will be greater than on other parts of the body. However, for the beauty of the skin will require a little endurance and patience.

Waxing step by step guide

Waxing at home involves several successive stages, which include preheating the wax, distribution over the body, removal and subsequent skin care.

Heating up the wax

Before you start depilation at home, you need to melt the wax. If it is in a jar, it is enough just to warm up. When using a briquetted product, it will need to be thoroughly dissolved until a homogeneous structure is achieved. As mentioned above, wax or a water bath can be used for this. In any case, before heating, it is advisable to read the manufacturer’s instructions.

Waxing and hair removal

After dissolving the wax, you can start depilation at home. The whole process is carried out as follows:

  • Treat the skin in the rossing zone with a talc or baby powder.
  • Scoop a little product with a spatula and apply to the skin in the direction of hair growth. The swab should be about 4 cm wide.
  • Place a strip on top and wait until it sticks.
  • With one hand, press the skin and pull it slightly, with the other, grab the strip and tear it off sharply in the opposite direction to the tension of the skin.
  • Remove remaining hair with tweezers. Repeat the procedure on the adjacent area.

Similarly, you should act in cases where a petal or a ready-made (shop) strip with wax is used for waxing.

Skin care after the procedure

Use special wipes or a sponge soaked in vegetable oil to remove wax residue from the skin. After that, a lotion with a soothing and antibacterial effect can be applied to the treated area. Such a tool will prevent irritation and avoid the appearance of pustules. Try not to sunbathe and not be under right sunlight a few days after the procedure at home. If burns appear, use Panthenol or similar means.

How to use wax at home?

As we noted above, wax depilation happens:

What is each of the methods?

The sequence of the procedure of the VAXING such as wax looks like this:

  • Heat the wax in the wax (special device for heating wax) to the temperature specified in the instructions;
  • Preheated wax neatly applied on the skin of the site that processes. a bikini area, armpits, legs, hands, zone above the upper lip;
  • We are waiting for wax will freeze;
  • The frozen wax we remove, picking up my fingers and tearing against the growth of hair;
  • We carry out disinfection and calm the skin. we processes the surface with an antiseptic (chlorhexidine fit), we take a cool shower (you can wipe the skin with ice cubes) and apply a calming cream.
  • The hairs are easier to remove, as the skin is well warmed;
  • Lower pain threshold, so you can use even in the bikini zone;
  • Reduces the risk of irritation in the treated areas;
  • The result lasts for a long time;
  • This wax can be used over and over again.

The main disadvantage of hot wax is the danger of getting burned due to improper procedure. Therefore, it is very important here to read the instructions for using wax and follow all its requirements.

Important! Hot wax is best heated in a wax melter. this way you can track the desired temperature. It is not worth using improvised means, for example, a microwave or a water bath. you can overheat the wax and get a serious burn instead of beautiful smooth skin.

How to use warm wax for depilation:

  • We heat the wax in a thermostat to the temperature indicated in the instructions;
  • We apply it with a special spatula on the skin. legs, armpits;
  • We press the applied wax layer with a fabric strip;
  • After cooling the wax, we tear the strip along with the hairs parallel to the skin;
  • Remove excess wax from the skin with oil;
  • We disinfect the skin, soothe it with a contrast shower and apply a cream.
  • Safe when carried out at home. the risk of getting burned is very low;
  • It has a lasting effect. about one and a half months;
  • Often sold in the form of cartridges. this wax is very convenient to apply.

How to use depilatory wax at home? Probably everyone knows about cold wax, because at least once in their lives they used the “good old” wax strips:

  • We warm up the strip in our hands;
  • We apply it to the surface to be treated;
  • With a sharp movement, tear it off against hair growth;
  • We carry out soothing procedures.
  • Sold immediately ready-made in strip format;
  • Very easy to use, does not require special tools for heating and application;
  • Suitable for cases when you need to get rid of hair “right now”.

Among the minuses of cold wax, we note low efficiency compared to hot and warm vaccination. In addition, this method is mainly applicable for removing hair from the legs, it will be problematic and quite painful to remove unwanted vegetation from other areas using wax strips.

Important! Before waxing with any wax, it is necessary to conduct a tolerance test to the product! Apply a little wax on the forearm and wait about half an hour or an hour: if an allergic reaction begins to appear, then this wax should be discarded and another remedy should be chosen. If there is no reaction, depilation can be carried out.


ItalWax Film Wax Cleopatra

One of the best in our ranking. A product with a unique synthetic formula that effectively eliminates unwanted vegetation throughout the body, in particular, in the intimate area. Plastic texture makes it possible to perform large applications. The substance is applied to the surface of the body using a spatula (the direction of hair growth is not taken into account), is easily removed by the film. At the end of the procedure, there is no feeling of unpleasant stickiness. Due to the hypoallergenic composition, the wax can be used even on the most sensitive areas. The skin is well steamed and the removal of hairs, including hard and short ones, occurs with minimal discomfort. It is one of the best options for male body hair removal.

  • low melting point (40 degrees);
  • gentle hair removal
  • the possibility of using over talc;
  • ease of application, regardless of the direction of hair growth;
  • film removal without the use of a special strip. This allows you to save on consumables;
  • an excellent option for getting rid of short and coarse hairs;
  • hypoallergenic composition;
  • attractive price.

Starpil in cartridge

Universal warm wax in a cartridge with plant extracts, for bandage epilation. Can be used for all skin types. The tool gives the best effect when working with hard hair. Does not injure the skin, does not cause a sticky feeling. Has a natural composition. Its ingredients soften and moisturize the skin.

Using the cartridge is very simple: the wax is heated and applied to the body in the direction of hair growth. Remove the composition with a sharp movement, using a paper strip. At the end of the procedure, use a special oil.


Depilflax Wax in cartridge

Thick depilatory cartridge with talc and titanium dioxide, designed for especially sensitive skin. Among the main components of the depilatory composition are natural beeswax, olive oil and pine resin. The product is used very sparingly, because it is applied using a roller. Dense opaque film allows you to quickly and cleanly remove the shortest hairs.

Disadvantage: the need to use special paper for depilation.

WHITE LINE Italwax granules

Depilator containing titanium dioxide. Its distinguishes high plasticity. When using, no stretching threads are formed. The product does not irritate the skin. The application hardens very quickly, in just 6-7 seconds. After removing the polymer film, no hairs remain on the skin, even the shortest and toughest hairs are effectively removed. Low melting point (42 degrees) helps avoid burns. Apply the composition with a spatula, not taking into account the direction of hair growth. Due to its high plasticity, the film exactly follows the contours of the body, which allows you to remove hairs from the most inaccessible parts of the body.

  • economical consumption (30% less than for similar compositions of other brands);
  • low melting point, which reduces to almost zero the likelihood of injury to the skin;
  • complete hair removal with roots;
  • a minimum of discomfort during use, since with moderate heat exposure the skin is steamed;
  • hypoallergenicity;
  • removal of unwanted vegetation without paper strips;
  • nice smell.

Depileve Wax in a jar

Film wax in a jar designed to remove hard and medium hard vegetation. Ideal for hairs that are difficult to depilate. Does not cause irritation on contact with mucous membranes. Thanks to the natural cocoa butter in the composition, it has a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Active ingredients. vegetable oils:

Melting temperature of 39 degrees, which minimizes discomfort during the procedure. After heating the jar in the wax, the composition is applied in the direction of hair growth. Removing the wax film is done in the opposite direction. At the end of the procedure, a special lotion is used after depilation to eliminate discomfort.

In general, customers like wax, but there are also negative points:

Veet Warm Wax

Warm depilatory mixture containing essential oils. Designed for home use, but it provides professional depilation quality. Hair Removal Method. Bandage. After the procedure, the skin remains smooth up to 4 weeks. Preheating is produced in a microwave oven (the composition acquires the desired condition of about 40 seconds). Thanks to a special spatula with an indicator, you will find out that the hot wax. It minimizes the risk of random burn. The film is removed using a tissue strip, the remains of her without difficulty are washed off with water.

Before first use, be sure to test the skin on sensitivity. You can not use the means on damaged areas.

Contraindications for use: Elderly Age, Dermatological Diseases, Sugar Diabetes.

  • Effective depilation;
  • nice smell;
  • Easy use;
  • the possibility of using tissue strips several times;
  • Water washes well.