The effectiveness of wax for depilation in cartridges. all the pros and cons of the procedure

Wax depilation, as a way to remove unwanted body hair, has been known since antiquity. Even in ancient Egypt, women removed hairs using a liquid composition from bee products. Wax for depilation in cartridges. an invention that has a lot of advantages, makes it possible to comfortably carry out depilation at home.

Wax cartridges. an innovation in the world of depilation. Areas that can be rid of excess vegetation with their help:

Outwardly, the cartridges look like a container with a wax composition inside. On top of them is a special device for even distribution of heated wax over the body.

There are 2 types of cartridges. They differ in nozzle. It can be wide or narrow. The first one is more comfortable to use for depilation on the legs (a large area on the body is freed from hair in one procedure). Narrow is suitable for underarms, classic and deep bikinis.

Wax containers can be bought both individually and as a set, where there is everything for home depilation. It is correct to take a set right away, so that later you do not need to buy additional tools and everything else, for example, wax cassettes.

If you purchased a cartridge from a well-known and reputable brand, then the quality of the product will be 100% consistent with the type of skin, t. to. the structure of hairs on different areas of the body may differ.

When wax is just beginning to be used, it is consumed quickly (for complete depilation of the lower extremities, one cartridge is enough for 2-3 procedures). However, with practice, it will turn out to be more economical to spend the composition.

Criterias of choice

The first thing that everyone pays attention is the price and the names of the brand. You can pre-read reviews on the Internet, find out everything about the device you like, and only then go shopping.

The body of the device must be reliable, durable, made of high-quality plastic. Power should be enough to heat the entire volume of cassettes. It is good when there is power both from the mains and from batteries. A compact device can be taken with you on a trip, so a bulky unit that often travels somewhere can create some inconvenience.

The most important thing is that the wax can maintain the desired temperature throughout the entire epilation session. The existing regulator will allow you to control the heating process and eliminate skin burns.

Built-in handles on the sides provide mobility, and suction cups on the bottom prevent slipping and possible fall of the unit. There are many more parameters to take into account.


Major varieties of waxes for epilation:

There are also combined devices, which is preferable, especially if a woman travels often, is on the road. The price of such devices is not high, they are compact in size, easy to transport and store.

With or without base

Voskoplav with a base on the principle of operation is similar to an electric kettle. That is, it cannot work on its own. It must be installed on a base that is connected to the network. The heating element is also located in it, but it is absent in the wax melter itself.

The advantage of such devices in reliability and solidity. They are able to heat up several cassettes at once, and there are models that are connected to each other. Usually they are chosen for a beauty salon, although such a wax can be purchased for personal use by choosing a compact model.

With temperature controller

Wax epilation has many advantages, but there is one significant drawback. the risk of getting a burn. It rises if a woman warms the wax in improvised ways:

Each time you have to test on a small area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe skin in order to understand whether the composition is ready for use or not. Cartridge voskoplav facilitates and simplifies the warm-up procedure. And if it is equipped with a temperature controller, then waxing at home becomes safer, and at the same time effective.

Number of cartridges

The larger the area of ​​the treated surface, the more cartridges in the device, heated at the same time, should be. However, only one is enough to work from home. For mass use. in a clinic or beauty salon, as a rule, they purchase wax with 2-3 simultaneously heated cartridges.


There are units on sale designed to work with both wax and sugar paste, which is convenient for those who combine different types of hair removal.

Additional functions

In addition to the main function of heating adhesive mass, wax can also be performed by a number of others:

  • The LED indicator signals that the mass for epilation is ready for use.
  • Equipping the bottom with suction cups securely fixes the device on the table, preventing it from moving.
  • Handles on the sides allow you to carry the wax from place to place.
  • Wax level sensor ensures that the amount of material does not exceed the norm. If this happens, it will automatically disconnect the unit from the network.

Popular brands

Here are the wax melters that have received the most recognition from users:

  • Voskoplav Shape by ItalWax. Wax cartridge 100 ml. Compact, mobile, easy to use. Equipped with a temperature sensor that automatically disconnects the device from the network when the operating temperature of the adhesive mass is reached. Wax heating is carried out in 15-20 minutes, and the reached temperature is maintained throughout the entire epilation session. The transparent window allows you to control the material consumption process.
  • Voskoplav Global Fashion. Has a power of 40 W and a volume of 100 ml. Includes 4 gifts. sticks for mixing the composition, pumice stone for cleansing the skin, a brush and cloth napkins. All you need to do is install the cartridge in the device, turn it on and wait 15-20 minutes. After this time, you can use the heated wax for its intended purpose.
  • Voskoplav White Line. Cartridge wax melter with base, compact and convenient. Heats wax in a standard container in 15-20 minutes, maintains the temperature reached throughout the epilation procedure. The power button is located on the base, and the indicator light is on the unit itself. Has a temperature sensor. The manufacturer recommends disconnecting the device from the mains before starting the epilation procedure.


Models with a base cost from 1000 and above. Aggregates for several cartridges, as well as combined, having the opportunity to melt wax in a cartridge and a glass cost from 1500.

What form of release of wax for home depilation to choose?

Well, you have already chosen the right option for you? In fact, there is another classification of wax for depilation. according to the form of release. If you come to the store and contact a consultant, he will offer you several options for wax: in a jar, in granules, in cartridges or in cassettes. The cosmetic industry does not stand still, and there will probably be wax in some form soon. What to choose in the store? To do this, you need to know the features of the products presented in cosmetics stores.

Film wax in granules

Film wax is a kind of hot wax that has the advantages of warm waxing. How to use film wax for depilation? Such a wax layer is applied by a special spatula on the processed portion of the body, and after frozen, it breaks down with extra hairs. the sequence of actions is almost the same as when working with hot wax.

  • Delicate smooth skin as a result;
  • Low risk of burns due to lower melting point;
  • Low consumption, as it is applied in a fairly thin layer;
  • When removed, it does not break, as it contains rubber;
  • It is evenly distributed and has time to warm up the hair follicles before cooling;
  • Suitable for hard to reach and sensitive areas.

Film wax is often available in the form of granules. You take several granules from the package according to the instructions and the area to be treated, melt them in a wax melter to the consistency of sour cream and apply to the skin. After hardening, quickly remove the wax. Then a cooling and antiseptic should be used.

Film wax is also available in cartridges: in this case, the wax is placed directly into the wax melter. The only inconvenience of such wax is that they will not work very comfortably at large areas of the body.

There are usually several brands of wax for depilation on store shelves. Among film waxes, the brands “Depilica”, “White Line”, “Beauty Image” have earned a good reputation. The latest brand produces wax both in jars and in the form of discs, and in the form of granules. Film wax in granules of the brand “Beauty Image” has a very attractive name “White Chocolate”. Film waxes from the brands “Cristaline”, “Depileve”, “Rica” and “Tessiltaglio” also have good reviews. In fact, there are no significant differences between film wax in a jar, in granules or in a cartridge. it’s just a release form. Here everyone chooses what is convenient for him.

How to use wax for depilation in granules is quite clear. The advantages of this type of film wax abound. But there are also disadvantages. In the use of such wax, you need experience: you need to correctly calculate the number of granules, melt them to the desired temperature, so that and do not overpay the substance to the liquid state, and do not make it so that the wax when applied will crumble. Film wax still refers to professional depilation products and requires skilled hands.

Next, we will answer the question of how to use depilation cartridges? The sequence of actions is similar to the previous algorithms. The only difference is that wax is applied not with a spatula or spatula, but with the help of the cartridge itself, on which the nozzle is put on.

First, the wax cartridge is placed in the wax melter, heated to the desired temperature, then a nozzle is put on it. Then, through the nozzle, you apply a thin layer of wax on the surface to be treated, and after a few seconds you remove it along with the hairs.

  • Very convenient and safe. you do not have a jar of hot wax nearby, which you can accidentally knock over yourself;
  • Very economical. the cost of funds is very small;
  • Available for all skin types and for hair of any thickness. you can choose a product based on your characteristics;
  • It happens different in the structure of the substance:
  • gel wax is hypoallergenic;
  • cream wax is suitable for owners of sensitive and dry skin;
  • classic wax with fine consistency recommended for sensitive areas.

In addition, wax in cartridges is also available for narrow roller applicators. How to use roller wax for depilation? Here everything is the same as with a conventional cartridge, just instead of a nozzle, a small roller. This procedure is suitable for removing excess hair in delicate areas.

Wax in cassettes is also, in fact, a roller wax for depilation. Wax cassettes are a relatively new form of release of this product for removing excess hair, so there may be problems with its acquisition, since cassette wax in simple cosmetics stores may not be among the assortment.

How to use wax for depilation in cassettes? First you insert a cassette into a heater and warm wax for some time. according to the instructions. After the wax is heated, you run the cassette roller over the skin prepared for depilation. Then apply the paper, iron it and tear against the growth of the hair.

Description of the procedure

We take a cassette with a base melted to the desired condition, and then draw it with a roller on the treated area, along the direction of hair growth. Next, apply a paper strip to the place and smooth it, trying to make it stick to the skin as tightly as possible.

Having achieved this, with a sharp movement of one hand we tear off the paper. over, at the same time, with the other, free hand, we stretch the adjacent place, from the opposite side, so that the epidermis would be maximally stretched. Tear off should be done in the direction of growth. In this case, it is impossible to process one area more than 2 times (for example, when shugaring, the procedure in one place can be carried out up to 3 times).

In the event that the desired result is not reached and after the second time, a cosmetic tweezers can be applied to the exact result. Usually one cassette, despite the fact that it is disposable, enough for depilation several times, although it all depends on how thick you apply and how extensive areas are processed. One thing can be said for sure. never spare the wax, as in this way it will be better to catch up and tear off the unwanted pro.

How wax depilation is held? Step by step guide

On the benefits of depilation, composition, efficiency and methods of increasing the gaps between depies, read the introductory article on Vaxing. Below we will discuss only the methodology for the procedure.

The tools needed for wax depilation depend on the type of wax and the format of release:

Hot wax Warm wax Cold Wax
Temperature 42-60 ° C 40-45 ° C 36 ° C
The form Banks, discs, granules Banks, rollers wax strips, tube
Application method Spatula, fingers (some types of wax) spatula, roller, tube gluing strips, tube
Warm up method temperature controlled wax oven wax oven, microwave or water bath warm up in your hands
Stall method hands or cotton napkins against hair growth cotton napkins against hair growth cotton napkins (if in a tube) against hair growth
Additional effect hot wax opens pores, reducing soreness less inflammation compared to hot wax No
Area restriction any do not use in the bikini area used mainly on the face, legs, arms.
Hair length 2-5 mm 5 mm from 5 mm
Complexity high average low
Risks burns No No
disadvantages risk of burns, greater skin irritation breaks off hair (≈shaving) breaks off hair (≈shaving)
Cost (on the example of two legs of a full bikini classic) ≈80–100 ≈500 ≈1500 (almost 3 packs).

Preliminary preparation

For the hair procedure should be long enough. The greatest efficiency is shown for the hair of about 5 mm, but the hair is over 8-10 mm deleted more, so they need to be crushed by trimmer or scissors.

If you have a tendency to spread hair. make skin peeling 2 days before the procedure to reduce the number of ingrown hair.

During the day before the procedure, you can not bathe, sunbathe, make peelings. Spend an allergy test a day before the procedure.

Skin preparation and wax

Preheat wax according to the manufacturer’s instructions (this temperature depends on the composition, so it is different for different waxes). Usually, special furnaces are used for this, which allow you to specify the temperature of heating, but manufacturers of “home” warm waxs write instructions and for a microwave / water bath.

The skin should be dry, clean and not fat. If you painted the area (and if you do not know how, the instruction here), then it’s time to wash off anesthetic (damp cloth). Then get into the skin with a napkin and disinfection with salicylic alcohol. (There are professional predeterpilation funds, the task of which to remove excess fat and disinfection.)

When you depilation with hot wax or shigaring classic caramel to the area sometimes apply to the cosmetic talc with the help of a sponge, napkins or hand. This is done in order to reduce the adhesion of wax and caramel with skin and thus protect it from damage. However, when using a talc, you will not be able to use the wax from one strip re-.

Then check the wax temperature, applying a little on the back of the palm. If the wax is too hot, wait until it gets cool.

Procedure procedure

If the wax is ready, proceed to the procedure:

  • Apply wax using a cartridge or spatula in the direction of hair growth with a thin layer (warm wax: 1-2 mm; hot wax: 1 mm). The volume of coating depends on the width and length of the strips, as well as the direction and glove of hair growth: sometimes it is more convenient to work with small portions.
  • Apply a special strip on top and smooth over hair growth 3-4 times. If you use hot film wax or sugar caramel, then depilatory strips are not needed. you can work with your hands. over, the depilatory composition is not torn off immediately, but kept a little on the skin (according to the instructions, 10-60 seconds.).
  • After a few seconds (5-10 sec. for warm wax or 10-60 sec. for hot wax) with a sharp movement, tear off the wax strip in the opposite direction of hair growth, holding and pulling the skin at the end of the strip that you are pulling (otherwise bruising may occur). Please note that you need to pluck at the most acute angle to the skin (less than 20 ° C), that is, parallel to the surface of the skin, so as not to break off the hair and not injure the skin.
  • Skin stays oily.
  • Too thin layer of wax.
  • Wrong direction of wax removal.
  • Slow wax removal.
  • Too short hairs (can be removed by tweezers).

Let’s take another look at the video. The girl shows the procedure of depilation with warm wax:

Method of self-depilation with warm wax (from 1:30):

In this video, depilation with hot wax on the armpit is performed:

Here, hot wax is applied over the lip (note that after a breakdown, the beautician puts his hand. this relieves discomfort):

Completion of the depilation procedure

After the hair removal is completed, you can perform an enzyme hair removal procedure, or at least apply an agent that slows down hair growth (for example, according to this instruction). This will increase the time between depilations, but is an optional step.

Wax residues must be removed with any oil (or special post-depilation agents). it is possible with the effect of inhibiting hair growth (mint oil, fennel oil have this effect. this will be a separate material).

After the procedure, redness occurs in the form of paints of red dots. This is especially true when using hot wax. The red dots usually disappear after 3-24 hours.

Hair removal with cassette wax

Shaving is the most popular home depilatory remedy. Its obvious advantage is the speed of the procedure and low cost. However, the hair grows back quickly, and the risk of skin injury is high. When using canned wax, it is difficult to independently control the heating temperature. Sugaring is not always effective in the case of coarse hairs and is inconvenient for home use.

Advantages of hair removal with cassette wax:

  • wax is in special cartridges (cassettes) with rollers. this ensures economical use and eliminates the possibility of accidental spillage;
  • To warm up, the wax is used. the miniature apparatus with the controller, in which the temperature rises to 50-60 ° C (zero risk of thermal skin burns);
  • the roller nozzle on the cassette allows you to evenly and correctly apply wax along the working area, including hard-to-reach and embossed axillary or intimate areas;
  • the whole process of depilation does not take much time, the instructions for implementation do not require special skills, which allows you to independently remove all the hairs from the problem area;
  • the wax method is effective for all types of skin and hair, is not accompanied by cuts, mechanical damage to the skin;
  • the correct order of execution ensures a reliable result. repeated depilation will be required no earlier than after 3-4 weeks, depending on the rate of hair growth.

Removal using shugaring is best done not at home, with the exception of Sandra paste, but in salon conditions. Depilation with cassette wax. the perfect home option. Unlike the epilator (depilator), no burdensome costs for expensive devices will be required.

Consumables are produced by manufacturers in a wide range, are inexpensive and allow each consumer to buy the right product.

Review: Waxing. How to assemble a wax depilation starter kit types of wax detailed PROCEDURE PROTOCOL

In today’s review I want to talk about my experience with waxing.

I started out like everyone else. my best friend the machine did not give me enough smoothness. As I remember the constant torment every two days. Horror…

Although the machine has advantages. fast and cheap) But constant shaving also leads to thickening of the hairs. Yes, and shaved areas are tired, constantly increasing in size. I think you also know this.

cassettes, depilation

Decided to try waxing.Introduction to waxes began with SkinSystem products.

But first, let’s tell you how to assemble a START KIT for waxing or waxing.

Of course, you can go to the site with cosmetic products and order a set there. But for more economical users, I will share information about what you really need in the first place, and what you can save on.

WAX Depending on which area we are going to depilate, we choose cassette wax or wax in a jar. Read more about the types of wax in the review of SkinSystem products.

VOSKOPLAVA device for heating wax. We also choose depending on what wax we will work with. I have a cassette URE. the cheapest option. Some girls heat wax in a pot of boiling water. I haven’t tried it like that, so I won’t advise, but if you want to reduce the price of the set even more, try. But take an old saucepan so that you don’t feel sorry for throwing it away if it gets dirty. Waxing is a very thankless task.

DEPILATION STRIPS I bought a set of 100 strips. You can also buy a large reel of strips that need to be cut before use. Bobin is much more expensive, but enough for you for a very long time. Since I only wax the legs, I bought a set of strips.

SKIN CLEANSER Special product is quite expensive. To save money, we go to the pharmacy and buy regular chlorhexidine. Both cleanses and disinfects the skin before the procedure.

OIL AFTER DEPILATION We look at finances. you can special. But it is quite interchangeable with regular baby oil from Johnson’s Baby. The oil removes wax residue from the body. The main thing is not to skimp and wipe well.

This is the required minimum for a home user)

✏ TIME The procedure takes me 10-15 minutes. Sometimes faster.And now, as promised, a phased depilation protocol.

✏PROCEDURE PROTOCOL✏1. We warm up the wax.We use wax melt. Depending on the model of the device and the rest of the wax in the cassette or jar, warming up takes 15-25 minutes.

We clean the skin in the area that we are going to depilate. We use cotton chloride chlorhexidine for this.

Apply hot wax to dry, cleansed skin.

✏IMPORTANT!Apply only for hair growth. If we are talking about the leg to the knees, then we apply from the knee and down. If applied with bald spots, it means that the wax has not been warmed up well.Apply in one stripe from knee to foot.

Applying a depilatory strip to the wax. Do not forget to leave a free edge so that you can comfortably grab the strip with your hand.✏ Apply below, closer to the foot.✏ Smooth it with your hand several times so that the wax grabs the strip well.

Remove the strip quickly.✏IMPORTANT!- remove against hair growth! That is, we move from the foot to the knee.- we try to move parallel to the skin, do not pull the strip up, otherwise there will be abrasions.- all movements must be confident and sharp. So it hurts less.- over TWO! once in the same area of ​​​​the skin we do not go through, so as not to injure it!

Thus, remove all the wax and apply the next strip.We do not try to apply wax immediately to the whole leg, as it will cool, and will not be captured with a strip.

After the procedure is completed, we clean the skin with an oil from wax residues.

That’s all))) Your skin is smooth and clean, enjoy the effect.

I remember about additional care!Scraping and additional moisturizing skin will not allow our hairs to grow.I use scrub.You can also use special tools that slow down hair growth to extend the smooth effect.

Rating top 8 waxes for depilation

ITALWAX Pool Wax Pour Homme

Granulated Hot Wax Designed for Husty Male Hair Growing. But many masters use granules for intimate depilation in women. He is able to accurately repeat the body contour and capture even short hair, since it is highly pile. Scope: Middle Pads, Eyebrows, Face and Bikini. Applied with a spatula and at the same time do not need to take into account the direction of growth. Therefore, the axillary depressures can be removed by one application, which is much more economical in comparison with the analogues. Working temperature is 42 C.

  • copes well with coarse hair;
  • practically no redness remains;
  • excellent adhesion and clean removal;
  • economical use.

I have a private studio and with this wax I depilate not only men, but also women who have very coarse hair. The material is plastic and they are comfortable to work with. And after removal, clean skin remains without redness and burning sensation.

If, after removing the application, wax remains around the edges, then this is the reason for its uneven application (thick middle and thin edge). Try to apply hot wax slowly, evenly over the entire surface and pressing the spatula.

Kapous Professional Fat Soluble

Kapous offers a fat soluble plastic material in 800ml and 400ml jars and cartridges. Consistency is like honey. Cartridges with different roll widths for use on the face, legs, arms and back. The operating temperature is 55-60 s. Suitable for people with sensitive skin types. The product is intended for the following types of hair: hard, medium hardness and short. Contains titanium dioxide and natural ingredients (beeswax, resin, vegetable oils). The technique of working with this product is bandage, that is, special fabric or paper strips are required. Does not require the use of talc.

  • melts quickly and keeps its properties for a long time;
  • excellent capture of hairs;
  • practically does not remain on the skin;
  • pleasant aroma.

Not the first time I take Capus for depilation. I really liked him the first time. Excellent texture similar to iris. Melt for 3-5 minutes in the microwave. Not liquid and perfectly captures hairs of different stiffness. But small traces remain after work. Rinse with vegetable oil.

Quality wax always contains titanium dioxide. It protects the skin from the effects of UV rays after the depilation procedure.

Depilflax Hot “Pink” in briquettes

Hot wax must be melted at a temperature of 60-80 C. The texture of this product is plastic. Designed for short normal to coarse hair. Contains: natural beeswax, pine resin, antioxidants, rose oil and titanium dioxide. Depilation can be done under the armpits, in the bikini area and on the face. The technique of work is manual, that is, strips are not required. Briquettes allow you to melt the material in a dosed manner. Gives skin elasticity, relieves irritation and has a weak wound healing effect. Suitable for sensitive skin.

  • melts easily;
  • copes with short hairs;
  • convenient packing by briquettes;
  • does not leave marks on the skin;
  • does not burn.

Bought for home use. Melted in a water bath. Smells great and is very comfortable to work with. First, dosed with briquettes. Put in the bank as much as required. Secondly, it is easy to apply and do not need napkins, which is economical. Thirdly, it removes short hairs and everything is perfectly smooth.

Depileve film for intimate depilation

Creamy structure warm wax designed to work in the intimate area. Suitable even for a deep bikini. The product works with coarse and short hairs, but is not suitable for fine hair. Contains natural pine resin, cocoa butter and oat extract. Moisturizes and softens the skin. Working temperature 39 C, so no burns on the skin. Technique: manual without strips. The texture is delicate and soft. Does not freeze completely, as it warms up to body temperature. It doesn’t matter to remove for growth or against growth. The main thing is to do it in the opposite direction from the application and in an even layer.

Depileve Film for intimate depilation
Type warm
Hair removal technique manual
hair type hard and moderately hard
Peculiarities underarms and bikini
  • works clean with proper use;
  • There are no strong painful sensations and irritations;
  • Very economical flow;
  • Comfortably apply.

Used at home for bikini and armpits. One banks 400 ml was 4 times. Excellent material for depilation. After it smooth skin and no irritation. Drown on the steam bath for about one minute the whole bank. I take wax from the edge. First used without a talca, but with him the process goes better.

Italwax Warm Wax “Azulene”

This product is designed to depilation of thin and light hair. Differs in a high degree of adhesion, which allows the procedure purely and with less pain. Applied thin layer. Requires warming up in cartridge up to 40 s. Natural composition: Pine resin and vegetable additives. Also contains a drawing of a pharmaceutical chamomile with antiseptic properties. The impact on the skin is careful, does not cause redness, burning and allergic reactions. Wax is designed to work on large surfaces: hands, legs and backs.

comparison table

The product’s name Application area Volume Country of Origin
ITALWAX Oliva Hands, legs, body 100 ml Italy
Depilflax Crystal Wax Natural Legs, hands, back, belly, chest 110 g Spain
ITALWAX FLEX FLEX Body 100 g Italy
Runail Cardi Med Back, arms, legs 100 ml Italy (Raw materials. Russia)
Cristaline Azulene For body and face 100 ml USA

Deciding on the depilation of wax in the cassettes, the following factors should be taken into account:

  • Composition. It is better to stop the choice on facilities with natural useful extracts without fragrances, preservatives and dyes. You can buy wax for sensitive skin so as not to attend the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Scope. Manufacturer Indicates a label to which zones can be applied. There are comfortable universal waxes that are suitable for the face and the whole body. There are more aggressive, which only apply to feet.
  • The width of the roller. there is a standard width, but you can find narrow (for the face and intimate areas), wide (for the back, chest).

Roller wax cartridges for depilation are simple and easy to use. They are suitable for professional and DIY use. Fast and comfortable procedure is almost painless. The main thing is to follow the instructions. It is better to purchase a wax melter to heat the cartridges to operating temperature. And this rating of high-quality and effective products will help you choose the perfect wax.

cassettes, depilation