Silent or Iron. What is better and faster smoothes folds on clothes?

Most textile articles will occur after washing and storage in the rolled form. To look neat, you have to regularly allocate time for ironing.

You can get rid of the folds using two devices. iron and steamer.

Each of them has its own characteristics that you need to know in order not to make a mistake and to know exactly what is better in each case when choosing equipment.

Editor’s Choice

Steamone St70sb

Steamone. leader in the category of saparisters, and therefore the brand takes the “palm of championship” in the ranking. Minimalism is combined with “rich” design, high-quality materials and new technologies make the process of evaporation easy and pleasant.

ST70SB is a vertical stationary swap. Automatic steam feed due to built-in infrared sensors. This technology is called Start and Stop, and Steamne has a patent for her. By the way, it applies so far only on the ST70SB model, which emphasizes its uniqueness.

When the sweep head is fixed on the holder, the steam feed automatically stops. it is possible to describe the principle of operation of this technology in a nutshell. The use of such technology consumes 40% less water compared to other manufacturers.

With the power supply of steam 42 g / min, there is enough to smooth the chairs on any fabric.

Steamer can start using less than 1 minute after switching on. No need to be afraid to forget to turn off the device. The sapper driver will turn off if it is not used for 10 minutes.

The unique Anti-Calc system is another feature that has steamone premium. It makes it easy to clean the device from scale. you only need to dry the steamer and clean the special cap.

Steamne pair of 98 degrees recognized by the Swiss Laboratory Scitec Research SA effective when combating coronavirus infection. this property can be applied to disinfection of reusable fabric masks.

Of course, a single paarer cannot achieve the perfect “ethnicity”. Do not try, for example, disappear linen shirt to perfect smoothness. But thanks to the supply of steam by heating, and not under pressure, even delicate tissues of the type of silk, embroidery or fatey are perfectly smoothed, and the costume fabric will not glisten. Also, using Steamone, it is impossible to smear the color or burn the hole on the fabric.

  • Hook for things
  • Hanger-trempel
  • brush
  • glove (so as not to burn)
  • Board for excavation of collar and sleeves

Aluminum is a very lightweight material, it quickly heats up and does warmly well. With such a surface, the iron is quickly ready to start its work. The only and large minus is its softness. Over time, the aluminum sole can be covered with scratches or have micro chips. And they in turn can form tightening and even cuts on clothes. Strong blows leave dents on such a surface.

To improve the quality of products, manufacturers have found output. They complement this metal with a special coating that protects the device from premature wear.

4 LELIT PS 09 / D

In the fourth place, the Lelit PS 09 / D steam generator. The model can be used both at home and in the professional sphere, providing high-quality smoothing with continuous work up to two hours.

Top 5 Best Steam Iron In 2021

The device is equipped with a pressure gauge that allows you to control the pressure in the boiler, and the external valve with the regulator of the number of steam. Inside the aluminum soles are smeared heating element and 32 steam chambers. Due to this, the appearance of condensate on the surface of the iron.

The steam generator can be used for large volumes of fabric, while wonderfully copes with silk, knitwear, jeans, and even the upper clothes.

The household handle has a cork coating that creates an anti-slip effect and prevents hands.

The technical characteristics of the device are: Power 1800 W (steam generator 1000 W, Iron 800 W), Couple capacity 140 GR / min, 2,5 bar (maximum 5.5 bar), limit temperature 160 degrees. Length of the steam hose 1.7 meters, the length of the power cord is 1.8 meters. Total weight 6.5 kg (Iron 1.6 kg).

The features of LELIT PS 09 / D include the presence of the display of the readiness of the steam and the completion of water in the boiler, the steam generator switching button with the control indicator and the steam feed regulator.

good, iron, house, steamer

Additionally, the package includes: silicone rug for iron, teflon sole and stand under the device of the steam generator.

Manufacturer Country ITALY. Waiting time of readiness 5-7 minutes. The housing and boiler are made of stainless steel, an external heating element of copper.

  • Professional device.
  • Parable power.
  • Indication system.
  • Steam feed regulator.
  • Anti-kapl system.
  • Iron knob cork coating.

3 LauraStar Lift

In the three leaders among steam generators with aluminum sole, model LauraStar Lift. The stylish device is simply and convenient to use, it can be used not only for horizontal smoothing of almost all types of fabric, but also vertically disappear your favorite things.

This universal means is equipped with a boiler for 1100 ml. Thanks to the perfect smooth aluminum surface, a professional, lightweight iron provides a light, fast and comfortable sliding.

Among the main characteristics of the device: Power 2200 W., Steam punch reaches 200 GR / min, steam pressure of the maximum 3.5 bar, the length of the hose connecting the iron and the steam generator 1.9 m and the network cord 2.3 m. The package includes: stand under the iron and nozzle for delicate tissues.

Additional features of LauraStar Lift are: the ability to add water during ironing, self-cleaning device from scale, temperature adjustment (2 mode), automatic shutdown of the device after 10 minutes of inactivity, automatic winding cord and storage compartment.

For security purposes and for ease of use, the steam generator is equipped with inclusion, availability and water availability.

Portugal Country. Weight 5.7 kg. Heating time up to 3 minutes.

  • Design.
  • Vertical excipation.
  • Self-cleaning from scale.
  • AutoCillion.
  • Water filter.
  • Fast heating.
  • Indication of lack of water.

2 MIE STIRO 1200

In second place, the steam generator MIE STIRO 1200. The model has an ergonomic and stylish design, capable of in a short period of time will provide smoothness of linen without races and unnecessary folds.

The volume of water tank at the device is 1200 ml, this is enough for 90 minutes of continuous operation. Overall capacity of 1950 W (steam generator 1100 W, iron 850 W), steam pressure in normal mode 3 bar, with vapor strike 6 bar. Productivity reaches 200 gr / min, temperature range from 35 ° C to 210 ° C.

MIE STIRO 1200 has a superproof aluminum alloy sole, the boiler is made of stainless steel. The set with the device includes: Teflon nozzle, heat-resistant rubber rug and a special funnel for water bay.

This model effectively copes with mints due to the vapor processing, but if necessary, can use the usual function of dry ironing. To align the hanging curtains or clothes on the hangers, the option of vertical excipation is provided.

Additionally, the device is equipped with an indicator of the end of water in a boiler and a pair of readiness indicator. There are an anti-drop system that allows you to control excess moisture, a hole for cleansing the heating element and separate buttons for switching on (iron, steam generator) with a control indicator.

Weight MIE STIRO 1200 4.8 kg. (Iron 1.4 kg.), cord length 1.5 m., The length of the hose in which steam 2 m arrives., Waiting time of readiness 7 minutes.

  • Interesting design.
  • Convenient management.
  • Ability to vertical evaporation.
  • Indication of lack of water.
  • Length of the connecting hose.
  • Dry ironing function.

1 Braun IS 5022WH Carestyle 5

First place in a powerful and high-tech steam generator Braun IS 5022WH Carestyle 5. German quality, modern technology and simplicity of management allow this product to turn the process of smoothing things into a pleasure pleasure.

good, iron, house, steamer

What to pay attention to when choosing an iron?

This technique is completely different. There are both for home and for the road. We used to be popular with wires with wires, but now in the market you can find wireless models. The peculiarity of these models is different in the pros and cons that later appear at work. In addition to all, it is necessary to look like the following features:

  • First of all, the quality itself is important, namely the power and weight of the device. Standard value to be seen is 1.5 kilowatta. But if the device is bought for frequent use, then it is necessary to look at the assembly with the value from 2.5 to 3 kilowatt.
  • An important factor is the sole material. Products are created from aluminum, ceramics, stainless steel, Teflon or titanium.
  • The shape of the sole is also indicator. Depending on the form, each iron will have its purpose. For example, if the device is equipped with a sharp nose, it will be easier when smoothing folds.
  • If the temperature indicator is greater, it will allow to iron several types of fabrics. Typically, the temperature level is within up to two hundred degrees.
  • The safety of the device does not allow to overheat, beat the current.

Top 9 rating according to KP

The first place in our rating is the steam generator of the company Morphy Richards, a well-known British company for the production of household appliances. Morphy Richards 332102/332100 is intended for home use and equipped with fully automatic cleaning from scale, significantly letting life device. Modes Settings Easily Select on an intuitive panel with highlighted buttons.

At the same time, the technical characteristics of the steam generator are comparable to industrial models. Record power of 3000 W and pressure of 7 bar allow you to quickly iron large volumes of things, folding them in several layers. Couples with feed 160 g / min. Easily penetrates the fabric, softening any folds and chances. For complex cases, you can use a steam blow with a capacity of 400 g / min. High water consumption compensates for a spacious 2l tank. At the same time, manufacturers took care of the convenience of use: the weight of the steam generator is 4.1 kg, which is almost 1 kg more easily than competitors.

A big plus is automatic cleansing from scale, which is the most frequent output of steam generators. Unlike most S-Pro models, equipped with a fully automatic cleaning system, which significantly prolongs the service life. All products of Morphy Richards are thoroughly tested in production. The warranty period is two years.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Fully automatic cleaning from scale, built-in pump for 7 bar, smooth slip, power 3000 W, long steam hose 1.8 m, auto power

good, iron, house, steamer

Top 9 rating according to KP

Intelligent Iron with built-in steam generator Saturn IntelliTemp 305 003 from the British company Morphy Richards. the leader of our rating. Iron combines iron madness and steam generator power. Built-in pump serves powerful steam to the sole with 485 holes, thereby creating a steam pillow. The pressure of 1.5 bars provides deep penetration of the steam and the perfect stroking of the fabric in several layers without effort. For complex folds there is a steam blow 230 g / min., A steam permanent feed is 50 g / min. IntelliTemp’s intelligent function allows you to forget about temperature settings, the device independently selects the temperature mode: Fold wool, and then tweed or vice versa. The device is equipped with a double self-cleaning system that is highly increasing the service life of the Iron. The cartridge collects scale, and the self-cleaning system in turn cleans the cartridge. For your safety, an auto power supply system is provided: after 1 min. standing on the sole and after 8 minutes. Standing on a heel. All products of Morphy Richards are a thorough production test, and the warranty is 2 years.

If you have a big family or you have a lot of home, it is better to take care of your convenience and purchase a steam generator to iron quickly and with pleasure.

Philips GC9682 / 80 PerfectCare Elite Plus

  • Power: 2700 W
  • Maximum pressure: 8 bar
  • Permanent couples: 165 g / min
  • Steamback: 600 g / min
  • Vertical excipation
  • Volume of water tank: 1800 ml
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Functions: protection against scale, steam blow, steam permanent feed
  • Couple Hose Length: 1.9 M
  • Network Cord Length: 2 m
  • Weight: 5.1 kg

A good, modern and effective steam station from Philips has a steam blow of 600 g / min, that is, this iron can be quickly and without much effort to smooth out even very mad and coarse cloth.

The T-Ionic Glide ultra-dive sole does not scratch and provides excellent tissue slide. In addition to the standard options, the model is equipped with a built-in eco-mode to save electricity, as well as the OptimalTemp function, with which the technique itself selects the iron temperature for each item.

  • Easy and fast slip, high-quality sweeping;
  • Auto production of the optimal iron temperature without risk burn the thing or fabric;
  • Maximum steam pressure 8 bar;
  • Large volume of water tank per 1800 ml;
  • stylish design.

Rating: high-performance model with a large set of additional features. Excellent copes with any fabrics, a significantly simplifying process of ironing.

Braun IS 7155 WH

Braun, of course, also stood out among competitors and developed their sole for iron. Eloxal 3D Plus. Anodized material Braun IS 7155 WH twice as fast as stainless steel.

Couple feed here is incomparable with conventional irons: 125 g / min. on average, 500. at maximum (power. 2400 W). The steam generator can try several layers of fabric at once. At the same time, thanks to the reservoir for two liters, it is possible to continuously iron within two hours.

  • Turbo. the sole is heated almost to 200 ℃. Such a temperature destroys 99% of microorganisms, not to mention the fact that absolutely any folds and races rectifted.
  • ECO. the milder mode. 130 ° С stood delicate textiles.
  • ICARE. intelligent mode for any tissue, in which the degree of heating is automatically selected.

Iron Braun IS 7155 WH is easily fixed at the station. Ten minutes without movement, it turns off automatically. To clean the steam generator from the limescale, you just need to remove the cork and drain the water out of the boiler.

Tefal GV9071 Pro Express Care

This Tefal model, if and lags behind Braun, then slightly. It is distinguished by:

High-pressure pairs softens the structure of any fabric, and the ceramic sole with the function of self-cleaning perfectly smoothes it.

Protect System reduces scale formation, prevents water leaks, so you can not be afraid of ugly white divorces on clothes. Copper is removed along with water drain.

The GV9071 Pro Express Care steam generator separately pleases that the cord is automatically drawn, and the unit does not take much space.

Bosch TDS 6580DE

  • Power: 2400 W
  • Maximum pressure: 6.7 bar
  • Permanent couples: 120 g / min
  • Steamback: 470 g / min
  • Vertical excipation
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Functions: protection against scale, steam blow, steam permanent feed
  • Steam feed adjustment
  • Weight: 5.05 kg

Innovative ironing system from Bosch with a capacity of 2.4 kW provides light and high-quality smoothing of any things. The sole of metal ceramics is not afraid of strikes and drops. For greater convenience, the model is equipped with additional features: automatic temperature adjustment when ironing, scale cleaning system (can be used by tap water), auto-power function.

  • Easy and fast ironing;
  • High-quality sweeping. permanent pairs: 120 g / min;
  • compact dimensions;
  • Large volume of water reservoir hectares 1300 ml;

Rating: The ironing system copes perfectly with the functions of ironing and sweeping, convenient for home use, and is suitable for solving professional tasks.


Model 2021. and somewhat unusual for MIE, which always takes to traditional and slightly axes of models. rectangular bases 28 x 31 cm, iron with cork handles. The steam generator looks modern and the place takes not a lot: the base size of the base is 25 x 38 cm. Operating pressure from 3.5 bar, with steam strike. up to 5.5 bar, steam blow. 150 g / min. Water tank is not very large. 1.1 liter, it makes it possible to iron about half an hour continuously. It is removable, but there is a topwork. Sole. Polished Stainless Steel. Power control automatic, but there is a swivel mode switch.


It is not very convenient that the pair readiness indicator does not light up, but goes out when you can iron. No auto winding cord. it has to put it in the storage compartment.