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Having bought a new washing machine brand Indesit, users on the first pairs fall into a stupor looking at the abundance of signs shown on the control panel. In such a situation, Icons on the washing machine indesit must first decipher, and only then use the “home assistant”. Otherwise, the search for the necessary programs by trial and error may be fatal for your clothing. We will deal with the decoding of the icons of the eraklock of this company, and at the same time we will see the marking codes of this technique.

The modes of the washing machine. the machine (SMA) Indesit is divided into basic and additional. The program decoding is indicated in the instructions for the unit and on the powder container panel.


The list of mandatory modes includes cotton washing programs, synthetics, wool and delicate fabrics.


For washing things from cotton, the manufacturer provided 4 modes:

With soaking. Designed for severely polluted linen, which must be whiten or processed by a stain remover. The duration of the cycle is 150 minutes, and the water temperature is 90 °.

In the “Cotton” mode, the drum machine must be loaded at the limit value allowed by the manufacturer.

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Synthetic things are erased in one of two modes:

Loadingma is recommended no more than half the volume of the drum.


The mode is intended for careful cleaning of woolen and cashmere products. The duration of the cycle is 55 minutes, water temperature. 40º.

Before loading things, it is necessary to study the labels, because some wool products can be erased in cold water or manually.

The program is suitable for all types of delicate tissues, thin linen, clothes with membranes and down (in the absence of a corresponding mode). Washing lasts 55 minutes at 30º.

The program does not include rinsing and pressed, so after the washing is completed, it is necessary to gently flush clean underwear with a dry towel. Weight of things from wool or delicate fabrics should not exceed 1.5 kg.


The mode is an analogue of the previous program. Heating up to 30 ° provides careful cleaning of the fabric, but by increasing the duration of the cycle up to 80 minutes, things are dispersed more carefully.

As a rule, the main modes are located in the first positions, but in SMI with an electronic display (for example, Indezit BWSA, NWSK) they can stand after special.

The list of standard programs includes:

  • “White cotton with pre-soaking” (duration. 200 min., water heating temperature. 90 °);
  • “Cotton 60º” (190 min.);
  • “Cotton 40º” (175 min.);
  • “Synthetics”. only for firmly colored fabrics (110 minutes., 60 °);
  • “Colored fabrics” (125 min., 30 °).

For everyday cleaning of things from natural tissues and synthetics, the “Pushwash” function is suitable, which is turned on by a separate button. The washing cycle lasts 50 minutes, the maximum load is 3 kg, and the water heating temperature is 30 °.

In some models (for example, WISL 105), the list of the main includes the washing modes of cotton, synthetics, wool and silk. This wholema has 7 standard programs. Special for her are only regimens of quick cleaning, washing sports shoes and clothing.

InDesit WIUN 105 washed cars, programs are divided into 3 categories: for cotton, synthetics and delicate tissues. The first category includes 5 modes:

  • “Preliminary wash”. at 90 °.
  • “Intensive”. ​​at 90 ° (for severely contaminated bright things).
  • “Normal washing”. at 60 °.
  • “Delicate cleaning”. at 40 °.
  • “Washing colored things”. at 30 °.

Modes 6-9 are designed for synthetic tissues. Intensive wash (6) is carried out at a temperature of 60 °, standard (7). 500, delicate (8). 40º, and everyday (9). 30 °. Programs for delicate fabrics are only two: “Wool”. 10 (at 40 °) and “silk”. 11 (at 30º).


A set of special modes depends on the model of the washing machine.


Denim fabric easily lines and stretches with a frequent wash in the “cotton” mode. Reducing the temperature to 40º and a decrease in the frequency of revolutions during annealing prevents discoloration and wear. Duration of the cycle. 70 minutes.

Dark fabrics

Gentle temperature (30º) retains the color of black and other dark things. Cleaning cycle lasts 80 minutes.

Removal of smells

This function of the washing machine Indesit allows you to refresh clothes without strong contaminants.

The temperature and duration of washing depend on the type of fabric:

Express 15 (Refreshing Wash)

“Express” and “refresh” modes are suitable for removing the shaft smell and minor contaminants from clean linen. The first program lasts 15 minutes at 30º, and the second is 20 minutes. at 20º.

Sports (Sportswear)

Fabrics from which sew sports clothing have special properties, so require more careful cleaning than ordinary synthetics. When the “Sport” and “Sport intensive” programs are turned on, water is heated to 30º. The duration of the cycle is 70-80 minutes.

Sport shoes

The mode is suitable for cleaning the sneakers of fabric and suede. For one cycle, it is advisable to upload no more than 2 pairs of shoes. The duration of washing is 60 minutes, and the temperature is 30º.


The mode is designed for washing:

The washing cycle lasts 110 minutes., Water heats up to 30º. So that the filler does not fall, it is necessary to use special plastic balls.

When washing in “Eco” modes, “jeans” loading the drum should not exceed 2-2.5 kg.

After the listed modes can stand rinsing icons, press, water drain, etc. They allow you to adjust the existing program or switch machine manually when you hang.

Key icons

In most cases, the designations on the washing machine are pretty simple and understandable. To begin with, consider the most common options that are available on each unit. To turn on the device, just click on the On button./ OFF.

All major characters are taken on the front panel and are located around the central handle.

To select the mode, you just need to turn the joystick in the right direction and run the unit. However, this is not all the designations that are available on the washing. They are also located near the indicators and indicate the currently included option. For example, water temperature, pressure intensity and so on.

  • Wash. The marking of this mode is the same for all models of aggregates. capacity. If the container is depicted with hand, it means the choice of manual washing. Also there is an option for washing jeans, baby clothes, silk clothes and so on. As a rule, these signs themselves indicate their purpose, they are intuitive (in the form of trousers, children’s sliders and butterflies).
  • Rinsing. This function can be indicated in different ways. Rinse mode can be referred to in the form of watering can with water, semi-empty pelvis.
  • Otch. Spiral spiral in the form of a snail. this is a decoding of the hieroglyph of pressed clothing. To squeeze underwear, you need to select this function and set the required amount of drum revolutions.

It’s time to consider the designations on the styles of the most popular brands.

Indesit Start IWC6165 Washing Machine : All programs and options


On the machines of the electrolyks, there are symbols with decoding and without. They are deciphered like this:

  • Small capacity displays cleaning cotton fabrics. color or white. If there is an ECO inscription with this box, in this case the program is suitable for things made of cotton, which are subsequently washing;
  • The image of the flask chooses the mode of cleaning of synthetic linen;
  • Flower is a delicate wash, suitable for silk things;
  • Cleash wool is a mode for woolen and especially fine things;
  • The butterfly pattern is a particularly delicate washing, suitable for silk things;
  • Picture in the form of flap fabric. washing down and other types of blankets;
  • Picture trousers indicates the possibility of cleaning cotton things;
  • Spiral. spin;
  • Triangle. synthetics.

On the aggregates of this brand, you will see a fairly standard labeling of available options:


On the BOSH brand laughes, there are the following labeling of existing modes:

  • Figure T-shirts with clothing Indicates cleaning of cotton fabric. Also in some models, the drawing indicates the accelerated cleaning of certain things;
  • The pelvis with short lines indicates the large volume of water in the process of cleaning the linen;
  • Empty pelvis. fast cleaning;
  • Image of the dial. super fast cleaning;
  • Iron. careful washing at which there are no races and folds on things. Update in this mode is carried out on low drum speeds;
  • T-shirt. synthetic linen;
  • pajamas. delicate cleaning function;
  • pelvis with hand. hand washing;
  • Pants. Denim Cleaning.

What do badges on the Bosch washing machine


On Samsung units, the icons may not be at all, since the manufacturer describes the appointment of a particular program with the words. You can also meet models in which the available icons are intuitive and do not cause any difficulties when decoding:

  • T-shirt is a particularly intensive cleaning or synthetics;
  • watch. launch of a pending type;
  • T-shirt on the background of soap balls. Eco Bubble mode;
  • Multiple Line Tasik means soaking.

It is worth noting that, as in previous models, Chinese LG Washings have decryption icons as a brief description.

Rotary central joystick you can choose the desired washing function.

Standard designations of this brand are the same as on other laundry, with the exception of some minor differences:

  • Flask. synthetics;
  • Tazik with lines. ordinary washing;
  • Updated hand in pelvis. manual cleaning;
  • Cotton box. jeans;
  • Cleash wool. cleaning woolen things;
  • Pries denote delicate cleaning and so on.


The developers of the Washing Republic Indesit take care of their consumers. Next to each designation and washing mode you will see a brief description of the option and its number.


Zanussi washing machine icons made in standard style. They have the following decoding:

  • Figure flasks. cleaning synthetic linen;
  • An image of a flower. beefish of those types of fabrics with which you need to handle carefully;
  • Box. cotton;
  • Motok threads. woolen things;
  • Castle. protection from children and so on.

For what is needed?

To control the washing machine, it was convenient and efficient, the manufacturer places on the panel Special Icons. Each of them indicates some important function. Designers try to understand the meaning of options as clearly as possible. For example, the butterfly is associated with ease and tenderness. Therefore, it is easy to guess that such an icon is selected to designate the delicate washing mode.

Place a full verbal description next to each button usually fails. the dashboard is too small for this. The icons are more compact. At the same time, they carry a certain semantic load, without overloading the design and allowing the technique to look attractive.

Of course, it is not always the first time you can understand what is meant. Therefore, a detailed instruction is attached to each unit, which explains the rules for using the technique and the revealing meanings of the characters on the case of the model.

Download rules

Before choosing a wash mode, it is necessary to paint things in colors, fabric types, degree of contamination. Do not put white things with dark. possible coloring of light linen. Return the color of the fabric after that it is impossible.

Before using the washing machine “Indesit” when washing with cotton knitted clothes, you should not set a high temperature. Rinse is also made with cold water. When temperature drops, things can lose form or decrease in size.


If the first start has passed successfully, you can use the car in the future by the usual scheme. The procedure will be such.

  • Open Luc. Perform loading of linen according to limitations by weight for a specific model.
  • Remove and fill the dispenser for substances used when washing. Place it in a special compartment, plug down.
  • Close the hatch of the washing machine until it clicks inside the door. This is triggered by the block.
  • Press the PUSH WASH button and run the express program.

If you need to select other programs, after closing the hatch, you can go to this step by using a special handle on the front panel. Also asked additional personalization using the buttons intended for this. An option with starting through Push Wash is optimal for cotton fabrics or synthetics, underwear is processed 45 minutes at a temperature of 30 degrees. To start any other programs, you first need to use the “On / Off” button, then wait for the appearance of the display on the control panel.

Recommendations for users

The washing machine of the Indesit brand does not contain excess electronics. It has both voice and remote control. It is also equipped with touch panels and color displays. The washing machines of this brand may seem like old-fashioned people who love modern gadgets. But at the same time, the lack of extra electronics makes such a technique more cheap, and therefore more attractive for buyers.

It is also important to learn to learn how to correctly start and configure the washing machine of Indesit. In other words, to obtain a high result you need to learn how to use the washing machine Indezit.

Several recommendations that will be needed to each user:

  • Lingerie laid in drum must sort. It is necessary to do it by type of fabric, color of linen, paint resistance, as well as by the presence of weakly fixed elements on the underwear.
  • Before washing new things you need to check their labels. The manufacturer usually indicates a label, is it possible to wash the thing.
  • Before bookmarking clothes in the drum, it is important to check all s. Any small object that fell into the washing machine of Indesit can cause serious malfunctions. No less problems may occur if accidentally wipe the important document (passport, credit card and t.D.). Therefore, it is better to immediately get this useful habit.
  • Check the reliability of fastening buttons on clothes before washing. It is also necessary to fasten the zipper on clothes. And if clothes contain plastic zippers, it is better to wash it in a specialized bag.
  • Clothing before washing it is advisable to turn inside out. Then she is detained better.
  • Do not wash at a lot of things of large size, it will worsen the balancing of the drum machine. It is better to mix small and large things, and wash washing in several parties.
  • Big things should not be washed one. The result will be an order of magnitude higher, if you put a few small things in the drum with a big thing.
  • Do not use powders used for manual washing, because in this case too much foam is formed.
  • Each detergent must be put in the corresponding tray. Each means has its own powder receiver compartment.
  • If the underwear is emitted without heating water, then you need to use two times less powder. After all, in cold water, it will not completely dissolve and will be deleted upon completion of washing with dirty water.
  • Washing program can only be chosen after stopping washing machinery Indesit. Failure to follow this rule may result in malfunction of the control module.

About marking code

Now let’s talk about the labeling code of the washing machine of the Indesit brand. In each country where this washing machine is produced, its marking designation, and the differences are quite significant. We will be interested in, first of all, models released in the CIS countries, talk about them and talk.

In the picture, which we can see above, we are given an example of the labeling code of a particular model of the Washingage of the Indesit, which was collected in Russia. Brief decryption is already shown in the figure, we can only make some explanations.

buttons, washing, machine, indesit

The first two letters of the semantic value for the user do not have. The third letter indicates that this model washing a narrow body, and it has a front load. If you get a washing machine with a vertical load, then in the first part of the code there will be not 4 letters, and 5, the letter T is added. The fourth letter, in the first part of the marking code, determines the type of control (electronic or mechanical), as well as the indication type.

The second part of the code consists of 4 digits and one letter. In our example, the first figure 8, it means that the washer has a loading of 8 kg. The following two digits 1 and 0, it means that the drum machine rotates at a speed of 1000 revolutions per minute. The last digit of the code indicates which design and color has this machine. And finally, the last letter of the code, which is worth a mansion, indicates the country of assembly, in our case it is Russia.

, We note, modern washing machine brand Indesit can have dozens of various programs, subroutines and useful functions. For each program and function there is a special icon that encrypts a lot of useful information. Each user just need to know what a particular badge means, otherwise it will be necessary to use the machine to use the machine.

Instructions for use

The launch of the washing machine Indezit passes through the following algorithm:

  • Turn on a household appliance to the network, press the “On” button.
  • Open Luc. We load dirty linen.
  • We take out and fill the dispenser correctly selected for washing. Dry powder fall asleep in the tray for basic or additional washing (marked with 1.2 icons), air conditioning is poured into the compartment with the marking “”.

Select the washing mode.

If the “Start” button is missing “in a particular model, the launch of the washing occurs by pressing the” On “button (all the necessary temperature parameters, press, washing mode are pre-set). Where to fall asleep the powder in the washing machine Indesit, this article will tell.

Detergents and Types of Lingerie (Indesit IWSB 5085 (CIS) F062908)

A good result of washing depends on the correct dosage of the washing substance: the excess of the washing material does not guarantee more efficient washing, on the contrary, contributes to the formation of raids inside the washing machine Indesit IWSB 5085 CIS and environmental pollution.

! Do not use detergents for manual washing, as they form too much foam. Remove the distributor and place the detergent or additive in it in the following order.

Department 1: detergent for pre-wash (powder) Before loading the washing powder, make sure that the separation 4 for the bleach in it is not installed. Office 2: detergent for washing (powder or liquid) Liquid detergent is filled directly before starting the machine. Department 3: Additives (softeners, flavors, etc.) Do not fill out a separation of the rinsers above the lattice. Additional compartment 4: bleach and delicate bleach ! Do not use detergents designed for manual washing. the resulting abundant foam impairs the result of washing and can output the washing machine Indesit IWSB 5085 CIS. Whitening ! The usual bleach is used when washing durable white tissues; Delicate bleach can be used for color, synthetic and woolen fabrics.

Tray 4 for the bleach is inserted into the separation of the dispenser of detergents. Do not fill the tray 4 above the MAX marks (see. rice.). To implement only bleaching, pour bleach into an additional 4 insert 4, select the “Rinse” program and use the Whitening function.

For whitening during the washing process, add a washing powder and softener, select the desired program and use the “Whitening” function. Using additional insertion 4 eliminates the possibility of applying pre-washing.

buttons, washing, machine, indesit

Lingerie Divide underwear on the following features:. Type of fabric / label designation Color: Separate colored underwear from white. Remove all objects from s and check buttons. Do not exceed the maximum drum load specified for dry linen: Durable fabrics: Max. 5 kg Synthetic fabrics: Max. 2.5 kg delicate fabrics: max. 2 kg Wool: Max. 1 kg Silk: Max. 1 kg how much linen weighs? 1 sheet 400-500 gr. 1 Pillowcake 150-200 gr. 1 tablecloth 400-500 gr. 1 Bathrobe 900-1200 gr. 1 Towel 150-250 gr. Products requiring delicate wash Wool: In the program mode 7, the washing machine Indesit IWSB 5085 CIS can wrap any wool products, including products with a label “only manual wash”. To achieve the best results, use a special detergent and do not exceed 1 kg of washing download. Silk: Use a special program 8 for washing all silk things. It is recommended to use a special washing material for delicate tissues. Curtains: It is recommended to collapse them and place in the attached bag. Use the program 8. Jeans: Remove the product inside out before washing and use a liquid detergent. Use the program 9. The linen balancing system before each spinning to avoid excessive vibrations and for uniform linen distribution in the drum machine produces rotation at speeds, slightly exceeding the vending rate. If after several attempts underwear will not be properly balanced, the machine will spin at a lower speed compared to the provided.