Washing machine. Bosch or LG?

We went yesterday with my husband behind the lady, with a solid conviction that nothing is comparable with German quality and we will choose our choice on Bosch. But the girl consultant persuaded us and we surrendered. Today we will be brought to our Algish. Why we stayed on it? We were convinced that Eldji is a Moscow assembly, but Bosch. Maximum Turkish and they break at least Elji. Secondly, Bosch is taken only for the brand and practically do not improve. What I liked in Elji? silent. Weighing linen and recalculation of water, which is missing in Bosch. The obvious advantages of Bosch we did not see, but nevertheless, I was tormented by vague doubts about the correctness of the choice. Who is the owners of styroklock data stamps, please leave your feedback.

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Country Mom → Washing machine. Bosch or LG?

We went yesterday with my husband behind the lady, with a solid conviction that nothing is comparable with German quality and we will choose our choice on Bosch. But the girl consultant persuaded us and we surrendered. Today we will be brought to our Algish. Why we stayed on it? We were convinced that Eldji is a Moscow assembly, but Bosch. Maximum Turkish and they break at least Elji. Read completely

Compare prices

When searching for a new washing machine, the price tag is of great importance. To finally decide, Haier or Bosch, you need to look at the average value of the models and evaluate the value for money. In both brands you can find both budgetary, and expensive automata, but the difference is still noticeable.

  • The cheapest washing machine is 18989, and most expensive. 129990 Most models are estimated at 25-35 thousand and for 90-100 thousand. Sold machines with drying by 10-12 kg.
  • The cost of boshev automata begins from 26700, and the maximum price reaches 124 thousand. On average, 30-45 thousand will have to pay for the washing machine. The most expensive model does not have drying and is designed for only 10 kg, but equipped with a mass of unique features and technologies.

Unambiguously say, the washing machine of which brand is better, it is impossible. Chinese Haier cheaper and more economical, but the Russian-German Bosch remains more reliable, functional and technological. But it all depends on the model. it is necessary to evaluate a specific washer.

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Washing and spin quality

When choosing the best washing machine, we definitely look at the quality of washing. You can take into account the test results conducted by the domestic society for the protection of consumer rights “Roskontrol”. As part of the test, 6 well-known trademarks were checked at once, among which were LG with Siemens. The experiment was carried out as follows:

  • 6 different types of spots were applied to the cotton fabric, including berry juice, fat and grass;
  • Washing up 80% of the laid capacity;
  • The program “Cotton” with heating up to 60 degrees;
  • The quality and time of overturning was evaluated.

As a result, Siemens wore underwear 20 minutes earlier than LG. The quality of the disinfect was almost the same: for each type of pollution, “good” or “excellent”. With berries, I coped with “German”.

At the same time, the quality of the press was also evaluated. The maximum number of revolutions on the models varied, but it did not affect the test results: both machines showed excellent results. The machine from Siemens spoiled somewhat better, the percentage of residual moisture on things. 41%. LG has moisture left by 44%. Test from “Roskachka” clearly showed that Siemens was a little ahead of a competitor for the quality of washing and spin. Also, as a result of the experiment, it was revealed that Lg vibrates more strongly, which indicates a smaller stability of the machine gun.

Technique Bosch

Before purchasing technology, you need to determine which washing machine is better. To do this, choose several models from the range of two brands. After that, you need to compare the characteristics of the units. It is worth considering that the products of one price category may differ significantly to the level of functionality and parameters.

The advantages and features of the Bosch brand products are as follows:

  • BOSH economically consume electricity and water; in many models there are protection against children, control of the imbalance and the level of foaming;
  • The model range includes machines of different dimensions, better colors and appearance;
  • BOSH devices have many washing programs, which makes them functional; all the details, of which cars are collected, reliable and durable.

Low noise distinguishes the model of the highest price segment of the brand. Middle cost equipment is also convenient during operation and does not require special care.

The advantages of Bosch aggregates are complemented and disadvantages. The cost of some models can be exceeded, which proves comparison with similar devices of other known brands. At the same time, high quality provides durability, and the machines work over the years, subject to compliance with the rules of operation.

In the range of devices, models are presented with both frontal and vertical loading. In the first case there is a parking function, which makes the installation of equipment convenient. Front loading options are presented in both budgetary and higher price segments.

Bosch offers users a few basic series, whose devices are distinguished by maximum load, implemented technologies and other features:

Each series presents a large number of models that are characterized by functionality, dimensions, appearance and cost. This gives consumers to choose the best option depending on the desired functional and other parameters.

Compare appearance and prices

All Bosch equipment is distinguished by high quality for which it is necessary to pay and sometimes quite a lot. If we talk about lg, then this manufacturer appeared on the market relatively recently, therefore, not all consumers know about it. for products of this company are quite affordable. If the family budget allows, it is better to purchase an expensive, but high-quality washing machine that will last for a long time.

If we talk about the design of these aggregates, it is impossible to say here, what better is the case of the taste of each person. To date, the market can be found Bosch washing machines in white, silver and black color gams. LG manufacturer machines can only be bought in white and silver colors, and not so long ago, the aggregates of the red shade were on sale.

If we compare for washing machines, then recently it was possible to state that Bosch equipment is much more expensive than similar devices from LG. But after the production of both firms appeared in our country, the price level is almost equal. It does not apply to the machines that were brought from abroad: they were at a high level on them.

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Bosch car

Bosch’s first washing machine saw the light back back in 1914. Today, the machines of the German manufacturer are produced on more than 40 factories located in Eastern Europe, in Turkey, China, Russia and Germany. All products are tight quality control, regardless of the country of production and assembly.

Features of Bosch washing machines

The first thing to mention. the company produces both vertical and front-loading machines. Horizontal analogues are usually cheaper, less noisy and easier in operation.

Advice! Washing machines with top download are more compact and suitable for installation in small rooms.

Capacity and size

Capacity. one of the main criteria for washing machines. Buying mothers, you should focus on the approximate volume of washing and the number of living in the house. On average, 3-4 people have enough aggregate with “loading capacity” 5 kg.

The more capacity, the smaller the amount of styricas need, and therefore, the savings are evident. Therefore, Bosch cars with a roomy drum. the optimal choice for families, and compact models with vertical loading. for owners of small apartments.

Full-size widths from 55 cm wide equipped with a drum capacity of 6-9 kg. Standard models have a width of 45-55 cm and a capacity of 5-6.5 kg, compact. respectively, 35-44 cm and 3.5-5 kg.

As for height, it does not exceed 85 cm in the front, and the vertical. 90 cm.

Class SMA and Pressing Speed

In the model range of the German manufacturer are present as models at a speed of 900-1000 revolutions per minute and over 1000. The higher the speed, the land of the outlet underwear, however, it is necessary to understand that different types of tissue require different spin speed. As a rule, this indicator is already laid in the algorithm, so choosing the wash program with the type of tissue, the spin speed is automatically displayed.

According to generally accepted standards, energy consumption classes are marked with livids from A to G, where is considered the best indicator. All the latest models of Bosch washing machines have an energy consumption class A, or or.

Used technologies

Bosch washing machines are, according to the manufacturer, the optimal balance of quality and price.

better, bosch, washing, machine

German technique boasts the following technologies:

  • Active Water. a system for controlling the weight of the linen and adjust the wash parameters under it;
  • Vario Perfect. high quality washing with economical and standard mode;
  • Aqua Spar. cascading soaking of linen through the drum cuff;
  • control of foaming and elimination of imbalance (uniform linen distribution by drum);
  • Blocking from children;
  • Allergy Plus. washing mode with additional rinsing (for children and people with increased skin sensitivity);
  • 3D-aqua spar. triple water supply to the drum;
  • Aqua Stop. Water overlapping in case of leakage;
  • preservation of individual washing programs;
  • Active Oxygen. Antibacterial underwear.

If we talk about structural features, the latest models are equipped with an Eco Silence Drive contactless engine, as well as two types of drums:

Bosch washing machines are highlighted among competitors the richest functionality.

Comparison of the best LG washing machines with 6 kg download

We reviewed the machines individually and familiarized themselves with their main characteristics. I suggest you compare LG washing machines with 6 kg downloads in a pivot table:

Model Number of programs Turns on annealing Size (SHGV) Peculiarities Price,
FH-0C3ND nine 1000 604485 Washing 18080-21296
F-10B8ND thirteen 1000 604485 19960-24815
FH-2H3ND0 thirteen 1200 604485 Sensory control 19990
F-1096ND3 thirteen 1000 604485 Energy Efficiency A 20890-26153
FH-0M7NDS0 thirteen 1000 604485 steam 21600
FH-0C3ND1 nine 1000 604485 Energy Efficiency A 22990
F-2J5NN4L thirteen 1200 604585 bubble drum 25290-27416
F-2J6NM1W fourteen 1200 604585 drying 27989
FH-2G6NDG2 nine 1200 604485 Drying 3 kg of couples 29990
F-1296CD3 thirteen 1200 604485 Drying 3 kg 34990

Features of LG washing machines

If we talk about the South Korean manufacturer LG, then its financial position is only improving, and the volume of sales worldwide only increase. This brand boasts a large range of models from which you can choose the appropriate option for any type of housing. And you can also make an Accent on small-sized washing machines.


Among the advantages of this brand of household appliances can be allocated automatic determination of the weight of the laundry before washing and the more it will be, the greater the water consumption. The squeezing process occurs almost silent, and the machine will notify the audio signal. Even in the equipment of this manufacturer there is a special sensor that estimates the level of foam.

If we talk about disadvantages, then in LG machines there is no large selection among washing modes. But there are also no separate options for pressing and rinsing. And in some models it is not even manually to set the washing mode.

The vulnerability of aggregates from the manufacturer from South Korea lies in the drain pump. It is impossible to say exactly what a washing machine from two firms presented will break faster. But specialists make accent on the fact that the repair of the device from LG will be much cheaper, and it is easier to carry out.

Top 3 Best Washing Machines LG


So, to say, what car is better from the two brands considered by us quite difficult. If you compare the washing machines of the Russian assembly of a low price category, then the richer choice among the LG machines. However, most indicators and characteristics suggest that the Bosch washing machine is still better. As for the quality of washing, we would not fully become 100% relying on the experiment described above. The fact is that the German assembly model can show itself in this test quite differently than the Russian.

In our opinion, from inexpensive washing machines within 25 thousand. rubles you can choose a typewriter from LG, especially since you choose from. But if the question is not worth the money, it is better to give preference to the car of the German assembly than the Chinese. However, the choice remains for you, successful purchase!