How to make depilation with wax strips

Attilation with wax strips is simple, convenient, practical and relatively cheap. Benefits as they say, there is. That’s just not to use them. Wax strips must be tasteful to understand, you can use you or need to look for something else.

Wax strips are produced for depilation at home and in the cabin, so there are several of their varieties on the market. Professional needs to remove hair hot wax. They are made from dense cotton fabric and produced in the form of rolls wide no more than 5 cm. Since every part of the body is more convenient to depilate a strip of some kind of defined length, the master cuts out so much fabric from the roll as needed. Hot wax is applied in advance to the skin, then such an empty strip is glued on top. it’s easier to capture the wax layer and remove it together with hair. Similarly, the depilation of hot wax is carried out at home.

In finished strips, the wax is already deposited on paper (or x / b fabric, but they are less common). They produced in standard cutting. 20 cm long for depilation of hands, legs, abdomen, backs and 7 cm for hair removal from face and in the bikini zone. The most convenient to use are strips from cellulose, spandback or on another non-woven material.

Easy to make stripes yourself. For the base, paper will suit (parchment, tracing) or natural fabric (flax, cotton). It is not worth the synthetics. it is badly removed and can cause irritation. Wax is cold in tubes, it can be used immediately, or dry, in tablets or capsules, which must be melted before use.

How to use it right?

Inside the box, in addition to the wax strips themselves, sachets are embedded with small napkins impregnated with oil composition. They are used when it is necessary to clean the skin from wax particles adhered to it.

To remove all the hairs at the epilac area, they must be 4-5 mm long.

To epilation with wax strips should be prepared in advance. A couple of days before the procedure, use the soft comprehensive composition. This will remove the dying cells of the epidermis, increase the efficiency of the rossing and reduce the likelihood of the subsequent rustling of hair.

Immediately before removing hair, skin should be cleaned from the residues of cosmetic drugs using a lotion. The attilored zone must be treated with antiseptic composition (Mirismine, chlorhexidine) to avoid inflammation.

Wax is applied to clean, extremely dry skin. To ensure its maximum adhesion with hairs, you can use a small amount of baby talca.

Every strip before applying should be slightly warm. It is enough to confuse it between the palms within 10-15 seconds or put on a warm battery.

The finished strip is separated into two parts and apply them to the skin, smoothing out the growth of hair. Wax must be carefully pressing to the body surface so that it carefully captured all the hairs.

Delete striped leather follows with a sharp movement, strictly against hair growth. To do this, it takes it for the free edge and disappear. The second hand needs to hold the skin below the area to which the strip is glued to reduce the painful sensations and avoid skin injury. If a woman in the process of epilation does not use talc, wax strips can be used several times. To re-apply them, it is enough to add them to wax inside and warm up between the palms.

Specialists are not recommended twice to apply wax on the same skin area to avoid strong irritation or appearance of bruises. If separate hairs remained on the epilacable surface, you can delete them using the tweezers.

After druxing, the skin must be cleaned from the seals of the wax mixture. Here enjoy the cooked manufacturer with napkins or food vegetable oils. To remove irritation, which inevitably appears after the rolling, also applies caring compositions in the form of lotion, milk, cream.

Hair removal

Using strips, get rid of gun over the upper lip, remove unwanted hairs in the eyebrow area, on cheeks. It is important to carefully clean the skin before starting the epilation, remove the makeup and handle the skin with the antiseptic drug.

There are small strips of small size, which are convenient to use in small areas of the body. As a rule, they are produced for sensitive skin, so pulling the hairs with maximum delicacy.

How to remove hair strips in the area of ​​the axillary depression

As with the depilation of other parts of the body, the axillary depressures before applying the wax should be cleaned from the traces of the antiperspirant, wipe dry and process the antiseptic. It will be necessary to consider that the growth of hair here goes in different directions, so they will have to remove them in several stages.

The skin of the armpits is very sensitive, so its depilation turns out to be painful than rone hands or feet. The procedure complicates and the uneven surface of this body area. Not every woman can independently do the necessary manipulations, so to remove hair in the area of ​​the armpits, it is worth calling for the help of someone their friends or households. Those who are not confident in their own skill, better contact the depilation salon, where the master will fulfill this procedure quickly, confident and professionally.

Depilation strips on hand and legs

For vaxing hands and legs use large stripes. The removal of hairs occurs step by step until the entire skin is processed. Then, from its surface, it is necessary to remove traces of the wax mixture and apply a caring preparation.

Features of using strips for depilation in the bikini zone

Vaxing an intimate zone using strips only provides a classic bikini line processing. For total getting rid of vegetation in this area, only hot wax or sugar paste is suitable. Strips remove vegetation along the line of panties, they are treated with the inner surface of the buttocks. Also with their help epilac “Track” on the stomach. It is only necessary to consider that the skin in the bikini zone has a maximum sensitivity, so before the procedure it makes sense to take an anesthetic (paracetamol or ibuprofen) or to handle the skin of Emla cream, which is a local anesthetic.

Skin Care after Depilation

On the face is very gentle skin, so the procedure must be the most careful. This will avoid such undesirable consequences like bruises and irritation. Some redness of the skin is considered a normal response, but after depilation, the following rules are best followed:

  • Try to postpone the application of any decorative cosmetics, except for leaving;
  • We regularly apply scrubs to prevent the bustling of hairs (1-2 times a week, depending on the type of skin, but not earlier than in 2 days upon completion of depilation);
  • If irritation still appeared, use a special cream to remove it or another suitable means (for example, bepanten, panthenol, shipmorm);
  • After the procedure, do not sunbathe in the sun or in solarium 1-2 days, as well as refrain from visiting a bath or sauna;
  • Try not to calculate the peeled area so as not to make an infection and do not distribute irritation.

To remove redness after using wax strips, you can use the cream of Bepanten or any of the disinfecting and soothing skin of the drugs

Skin Care after Procedure

Common appointments after any epilation are that several days can not sunbathe in solarium or in the sun. And also it is impossible to carry out thermal procedures:

For a few days it is worth delaying sports, because the reinforced sweating irritates the skin. Very often on the site of hairs are formed red dots, which spoil appearance. Over time, they will pass, but their removal can be accelerated. Products for skin care after epilation:

    Moisturizing cream.

  • Face cream with sea buckthorn extract, chamomile and calendula.
  • Children’s cream.
  • Tea tree or aloe.
  • Salcossuril.
  • Chlorhexidine.
  • Hydrogen peroxide.
  • Cream or Spray Panthenol.

These tools help weaken or remove inflammation, as well as they accelerate the restoration of the usual state of the skin. They need to be applied immediately at the end of the procedure. Each person has its own skin perception of various means, so you need to stop your choice on those products that have been used earlier. If the means before it was not applied, then you may have to try any product before choosing the most successful.

Lotions and tonic, developed on the basis of alcohol, dried skin, so after their use you need to apply a moisturizing cream. The use of tea tree oils and aloe contributes to the rapid healing and the restoration of the skin after depilation. After the procedure, they cannot be applied in pure form. They are added to moisturizer or dissolve in oil. Only after that you can use. A few days after the procedure is performed, the skin must be processed by a scrub. Thus, it is possible to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs.

Very often the positive effect on the removal of irritation and acceleration of skin restoration is provided by the most ordinary products that are used under normal conditions. For example, children’s cream or face. Better if the products are with a moisturizing effect. How to remove the strip:

  • Remove wax need to grow hairs.
  • If this is not done, it will lead to impaired wholeness of the hair cover and, as a result, the rustling of hair under the skin and the formation of different inflammatory processes.

Advantages and disadvantages

When meeting with reviews about products, you can find negative, which are talking about bad hair removal. When using products with wax, it is better to stop your choice on special means, and use them only by appointment. For example, you should not apply the means to remove hairs on the legs for depilation of the bikini zone. In the manufacture of products, manufacturers maximize the features of growth and hair structure in various zones. In accordance with this, the density and components of the composition applied to the strips are assigned, and the thickness of the wax layer. Pros:

  • Gradual stop of hair growth due to constant injuries of bulbs.
  • The continuous effect that is preserved up to 4 weeks depending on personal features.
  • Economy. One strip is possible to use several times.
  • Availability and convenience: To perform the procedure, it is not necessary to apply special efforts, depilation can be held at home and behind its walls.
  • The likelihood of rigid coarse hair when applying wax on face.
  • Risk of hairstyles, because of which their growth can accelerate.
  • The probability of abrasion or bruises with unsatisfactory fixation during exhausting products.
  • It is not always possible to remove all the hairs, you have to be required by tweezers.
  • The feeling of stickiness due to wax residues.
  • Pickness of the procedure.

Products have different costs. For example, VIT for normal skin 12 strips costs 270 SHARY for hard hair 180 byly for face epilation 230 Most of the price depends on the number of strips in the package. Than them are more, the more economical it turns out. expensive products are part of which included various components that care for the skin. For example, strips are with essential oils. After using such funds on the skin, there will be less irritation, and it will restore faster.

How much does the procedure cost, it is difficult to say in advance because it depends on the number of hair and the area of ​​the treated surface. For example, when removing hairs from the face of one pack of wax out of 12 strips can be enough for several times.

Replacement strips for epilation

What can replace strips for depilation at home? To carry out such a cosmetic procedure in domestic conditions, you can use waterproof paper or a special WHITE LINE tape. Next you need to get wax, it must be heated to the required temperature. Next, the product is applied to problem areas, special paper strips are pasted on top of it. At home instead of wax, you can use honey or sugar for Shugaring. After honey, the skin becomes elastic and elastic.

Painless methods of getting rid of unnecessary vegetation include depilation cream. But at the same time, the method of bulbs are not damaged, but only the part is removed on which the cream is superimposed. As well as instead of strips you can use liquid wax. It is divided into the following types:

    Warm wax. Called to excellent options, they can replace strips for depilation wax. Roller applicator must be filled with liquid products, then the tool must be applied to the place with unnecessary vegetation. After that, the wax is removed using fabric or paper napkins.

  • Hot wax. Before depilation is heated to 50 degrees, it is not always safe when applied, may cause painful sensations or allergies.
  • Cold Wax. During the procedure it is not necessary to warm up, produced in special tubes for reusable.

Some Tips for Use

In order for the result from depilating you, the materials and funds were not spent in vain, you should know the subtleties, how to make strips for depilation at home, as well as some nuances of their use:

  • Before holding depilation, estimate the length of hairs. They should be at least 5 mm, otherwise. the results will be minimal.
  • Take into account contraindications in the process of execution of the procedure. Exclude skin diseases, various damage. It is necessary that the temperature of your body does not exceed 36. 6 degrees.
  • Carry out depilation during menstruation and in the first week after it is undesirable.
  • It is necessary to start a cosmetology procedure only in a good mood. Only then the strips will be well glued, and the hair is easier to pull out.
  • Do not save material. Purchasing paper, prefer popular brands. If you make strips yourself, then cut off the material without spare. with a margin. As mentioned above, for this you can use any dense fabric, except synthetics. it sticks to wax, it takes away very badly, it provokes irritation, jerny and redness.
  • Overlay paper with a small stock. Be sure to be a free edge of at least 1. 5 cm. It will give the opportunity to conveniently capture it and completely remove the hairs. Short strips are difficult to tear off, too long. comes and twisted.
  • Do not hurry when overlapping. If you apply a wax, with the chances and bubbles of air, then in this place the hairs will remain on the skin. So it is very important to smooth out the wax on the surface slowly.
  • Take off correctly. Too slow motion will not break out hair. Fabric or paper simply slip on them without removing follicles. Very sharp. injured the surface of the skin, leaving ugly bruises and bruises. Therefore, movements should always be smooth, but confident. For better separation you can pull the skin with your fingers. So the discomfort will be less, and the hairs will be careful.

All for and against depilation with wax strips. Table

  • The procedure is quite painful because the wax is removed against hair growth. People with sensitive skin is better to choose.
  • Wax from the strip every time remains on the skin, it needs to immediately remove a napkin impregnated with baby oil.
  • For one capture, not all hair is removed, one skin area needs to be processed several times.
  • During the procedure, the hair is sometimes clouded, then they are growing, so that you may need treatment.
  • Rarely, but is allergic to wax, butter or cream in the composition of the impregnating composition.
  • With non-compliance with wax depilation equipment after the procedure, red pimples or hematoma may appear.

One package is usually placed from 8 to 24 strips, 2-4 wipes impregnated with wipes to remove wax and instructions for use (it is shortly duplicated on the package). Hair at the time of the procedure should be reflected by 3-4 mm.

How to determine the finished stripes:

    The day before the procedure, take the bath and make a peeling in the field of depilation. Scrub will suit any better, of course, if it will have a natural composition. Good cooking scrub houses from sugar or coffee grounds, mixing products with gel for shower. Do not neglect the preparation, she will relieve you from the problem of ingrown hair.

Hair is easier to germinate through soft skin, and so that they do not rotate inside, peeling needs to be done regularly

DIY WAX STRIPS | Zero Waste Reusable Wax Strips | Hair Removal Hack

When removing the wax strip it will be more correct to hold the skin at the bottom, so pain will be felt less

Hot wax depilation is done otherwise:

  • Preheat the wax in the microwave (30-40 seconds), on a water bath or in a wax for 20-30 minutes, check if a homogeneous consistency.
  • With the spatula, you jump up a small amount of wax and carefully apply it to your hand. If the skin is withstanding the temperature, you can begin depilation. Take the wax onto a wooden spatula and apply a mass on the skin into several layers (2-3, no longer needed).
  • Stick the strip from above, just do not forget to leave the free edge from below, it will be more convenient to remove it.
  • Bind the strip of the palm, capture the free edge and make a hair growth, not forgetting the other hand to press the skin. it will reduce the pain.
  • Wax remnants Remove with butter napkins.
  • Skin treat with oil or gel after depilation (it is relevant and after depilation with cold wax finished stripes).

Bandage strips for Shugaring: how to replace and what it is?

Reference. Bandage. these are special strips that facilitate the removal of sugar paste. Strips are of different sizes. for different zones.

  • Paper. the simplest, cheap and disposable. Paper is used durable, but still with a careless movement sometimes rushes.
  • Fabric. more durable and reusable. they can be loosen and used again. They are more efficient than paper. the paste is better penetrated between the threads, so the fabric is tightly connected with the affiliated area. Significant minus. part of the paste is absorbed into the cloth, so it is originally necessary to take with a reserve.
  • Polymer bandages for Shugarring are the most expensive, but also the most effective. Easy wash, reusable. One bandage can be used several times for the procedure. ARAVIA Bandage is popular for Shugaring Procedure.

3 Benefits of Polymer Bands for Shugaring

  • The first and most important plus. saving paste and simple cleaning. It is enough to rinse with warm water, wipe. and the bandage is ready to use again. It does not change the form and is not stretched with repeated use.
  • Through transparent plates can be seen, in which parts of the pasta it is well adjacent to the skin, and on what. not very.
  • They are made of a thin bent polymer, which takes the shape of the body, ensuring maximum adjacent.

Find out the pros and cons of Shugarring and compare with this method, perhaps, see you like more.

Film wax allows you to “forget” about unwanted vegetation on the body for 2-4 weeks. The drug is suitable for all skin types and for any body sections. The advantages include:

  • Efficiency (captures all hair) and a long result;
  • does not require high time time;
  • Safety (with normal vaccination, the wax is used hot, the temperature at which the film is melted. 37-40 degrees and, as practice has shown, they can be used, without fear of burns);
  • Negative consequences (irritation, allergies) are extremely rare;
  • less painful sensations (compared to other methods. due to slower frozen);
  • versatility (any hair on any parts of the body);
  • simultaneous skin peeling (cleansing from dead particles);
  • efficiency in use (a thin layer is applied);
  • Due to the rubber when removing it does not break, does not crumble;
  • does not contain preservatives;
  • the ability to spend at home yourself.
  • painful sensations (especially in intimate areas);
  • removal of powder hair, which leads to their subsequent flaw;
  • The optimal hair length for removal should be at least 5 mm;
  • Small red dots may appear (will disappear on the 2-3rd day).

Thus, the film wax is an excellent option for those who do not like to visit salons, as it is very simple to use them at home. The procedure does not take much time, less painful, has less unpleasant consequences.