How to choose an electric kettle?

The kettle is our faithful friend at home and in the office, the most popular electrical appliance in the kitchen. What you need to pay attention to when choosing and how to properly operate a kettle so that it serves for a long time? Experts answer questions.

The results of the study of electric teapots see here.

Today there are electric ketters from different materials on sale: plastic, glass, metal, ceramic, stainless steel.

“The choice of material is everyone’s personal business,” said Tatyana Ivanova, a certification manager of electrical appliances, “it depends on the needs of the buyer. Personally, I would choose the one that will fit better into the interior of my kitchen.

Why Americans don’t have electric kettles

“If you are afraid that over time the kettle begins to flow, choose a whole, monolithic case, without seams,” warns Alexander Kolmakov, chief specialist of Rembit equipment Pay attention to the stand. It is more practical if you can put a kettle on it at any angle without bothering yourself with the choice of proper fixation.

“Low.power electric kettle will warm the water longer, more powerful. faster,” Tatyana Ivanova notes most often choose kettles of higher power. Again, you need to consider the condition of the wiring in your apartment. If the house is new and the wiring is good, it will withstand the load of a powerful teapot. In old houses, wiring may not withstand the greater power of the teapot or other electrical appliance, provided that several electrical appliances are used in the kitchen, such as a toaster or multicooker.

Expensive teapots can have advanced functions. So think before you go to the store, whether you need them. Maybe you will be completely arranged by a kettle that can only boil water and maintain its temperature for a certain time. Not everyone needs a timer and a programmable display, which will be equipped with expensive models. However, the double walls of the case, for example, would be a necessary addition if the family has a small child: the walls of such a kettle will not burn, since there are always absolutely cold outside outside.

What other additional functions can be provided when choosing:

The duration of his life largely depends on how you operate the kettle.

“To extend the life of the electric kettle, first of all, it needs to be regularly cleaned,” Tatyana Ivanova advises The main enemy is scale. It can be removed as it is formed with special means, or by the folk method, for example, the same citric acid. Scale reduces heating speed and reduces the life of the kettle. It is also important to understand that the formation of scale does not depend on the quality of the steel manufacturers used. Scale is formed due to poor quality water. If you use filtered or bottled water, scale will be much smaller.

It is necessary to monitor the level of water in the kettle. On its case there is a scale of water level on which this can be done, or, if a case without a scale, there is a mark of the maximum water level inside the kettle. You can’t ignore the recommendations for the volume of water. If the volume is below recommended, the heater may burn. If there is more water, when boiling, it can splash out and get to the boiling sensor, which is unsafe.

“Mechanically cleaning the kettle of the thick layer of scale, you can damage the water level of the water level with the body, which will lead to leaks,” explains Alexei Sviridov.

As a rule, consumers do not really like to read instructions, no matter how manufacturers want to warn them about something. People believe that the teapot is a simple and familiar device, so watching the instructions for it is not necessary. And in vain. Each model has its own nuances: warranty period and operating rules. Therefore, before buying and starting to use a new device, read the information prepared for you by manufacturers.

What hides the danger of many electric teapots sold in us electrical teapots every day, but few were seriously thinking about their safety. When choosing a kettle, as a rule, first of all, they pay attention to the appearance, price, volume and power. The material from which the kettle is made, as a rule, is looked in the context of the appearance or reliability of the device, while the material is a determining factor and in the safety issue of the device.

In the design of almost all electric kettles available for sale, plastic is one way or another in one way or another. In the most affordable (and therefore popular) models, the inside of the body, in contact with water, is most often made of plastic. Is it safe? Unfortunately, not always.

To give plastic strength and heat resistance to its composition, melamine resins are often added to its composition. The latter are widely used in industry, for example, as a plasticizer of concrete. Several unpleasant stories are connected with melamine (not to be confused with melanin), the most famous of which is the “Milk Scandal” in China in 2008.

In March 2011, the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BFR) published the results of a study of the danger of the use of melamine resins in dishes. According to the results, melamine dishes are harmless if it does not heat up itself and does not contact objects whose temperature exceeds 70 ° C. In other cases, the emission of melamine and formaldehydes (which are part of the melamine resins) exceeds the permissible values, which certainly does not benefit people.


This means that melamine does not have a place in the dishes for hot dishes, and even more so in electric kettle. At the moment, the use of melamine for the production of kitchen utensils is strictly regulated in most countries of the world. In particular, the EU Rules 10/2011 operate in the European Union. Based on his 5th article, not so long ago, a number of European countries banned the sale of a newfangled “ecological” bamboo dishes containing melamine.

Wide awareness of the risks that this compound carries, has not yet reached lawmakers B, and if its use in dairy products is prohibited, then the rest of the manufacturers are untied by hands.

Thus, there is no guarantee that the case of a plastic teapot produced for implementation in the territory will not contain melamine. Does this mean that you need to choose exclusively glass and metal teapots? Not really.

European matching of conformity (left) and a similar Chinese marking (right)

Many models of electric kettles, which are sold in, are also supplied to the territory of the EU countries. Before buying, you can check the availability of a kettle model you like on the sites of European stores. If you do not find it there, it is better to choose another model. It will also not be superfluous to make sure that the “CE” marking is available on the package, without which the goods cannot be sold in the territory of the European Union. But here you should be attentive so as not to confuse European marking with a very similar Chinese: the difference is only in the distance between the letters.

In what cases small household appliances can be returned

How to return a technically complex product? This can be done if the technique is detected, which arose not through the fault of the consumer.

Within 15 days, the buyer may demand to return the money for him for the purchase or replace the goods with a similar, but workable.

After 15 days, a refund can be required in the following cases:

  • A significant drawback has been discovered.
  • The maximum deadlines for eliminating the deficiency are violated.
  • There are many shortcomings, they were repeatedly eliminated, and as a result, the buyer did not have the opportunity to use the goods within 30 days or more in aggregate.

What can a manufacturer or seller offer?

The Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights” indicates that the manufacturer “is obliged to ensure the possibility of using the goods during its service life. For this purpose, the manufacturer provides repairs and maintenance of goods, as well as issuing and supplying to trade and repair organizations in the volume and assortment of spare parts necessary for repair and maintenance during the period of production of goods and after deregistration from production during the service life of the goods, And in the absence of such a period for ten years from the date of transfer of goods to the consumer “.

Therefore, if there are difficulties using goods related to factory marriage or other shortcomings, the buyer may demand that he be returned money or replace the goods. You can also require compensation for repair costs if it was carried out independently.

A warranty for a technically complex product can be from a year or more.

Instruction 24 on labor protection when working with electric kettle

one.5. Take boiling water regularly, monitor the level of boiling water in the collection, and prevent its overflow.

one.6. Set the vessels for the selection of boiling water on a special stand. It is not allowed to hang them on a water.cut crane.

one.7. Immediately disconnect the boiling water from the electric network during soaring or ejecting boiling water through the top cover and leakage from the water tap.

one.eight. During the operation of the boiler is not allowed:

done, electric, kettle, volume

Heating device

There are two types of heating elements for the kettle: open and closed. In a closed type, heating elements have a tubular shape and are hidden, they are sealed, so the electric current cannot pass through the water in the kettle. In open type, heating elements are attached to the bottom of the kettle and visible to the user.

Mineral deposits often accumulate on open.type heating elements. This is not aesthetically pleasing, and also interferes with the uninterrupted operation of the device. In addition, the formation of scale will add another inconvenience, forcing users to periodically clean the kettle and delete it. Teapots with a closed heating device are more expensive than open, but they fail much less often.

done, electric, kettle, volume

To date, most consumers prefer a closed type of heating element.

Boiling speed

When buying an electric kettle, you should pay attention to the rate of boiling water. If you are looking for the fastest option, you need to pay attention to the power of the device. Boiling speed at higher power. The standard teapot will take about 7 minutes to boil water, and powerful models from 2 to 4 minutes. For example, a kettle with a capacity of 1,500 watts. volume 1.5 liters will bring water to a boil in 5 minutes.

Power and volume

The types of teapots in capacity are significantly different. Manufacturers tried to satisfy the needs of different categories of customers. There are models on sale, starting from miniature “crumbs” by 0.5 liters and ending with powerful units for 5-8 liters.

For a family of 2-3 people, there are enough containers with a volume of 1.5-1.7 liters. For offices, select models with flasks containing two liters.

Another important parameter is the power of an electric kettle. Do not chase too high numbers (2300-3000 W), since they are “high-speed” in terms of heating, they provide a serious load on the network.

For models with a volume of 1.7-2 liters, an indicator of 1800-2200 watts is quite suitable.


The reliability of the base, the location of the contact is very important points.

  • Type “Piruet”, where the contact group is mounted in the middle. The kettle is placed by any side, turning into all 360º;
  • Contact on the side. The device is put only in a certain position, which is very inconvenient. The design is used in cheap or outdated models.

It is desirable that the base be “heavy”, since light stands, when they remove the kettle, constantly cling to it.

True and lies about the dangers of dummies

Let’s talk about five facts, as well as speculations and misconceptions related to electric teapots. In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев you can write your opinion, whatever it may be.

Water in the kettle during boiling is saturated with harmful substances

This has its own truth! We will analyze in more detail. We are assured that this is true only for products of the lowest quality, and if the electric kettle case is made of high.quality material, then there is no danger, they say, there is no. But it is not for nothing that glass and ceramics are recognized as the most environmentally friendly. in fact, unable to enter into chemical reactions. over, contrary to the existing opinion, modern glass teapots are very durable and resistant to damage.

However, more reliable and safer than ceramic and glass electric kettle their metal brothers. Metal products are more durable, and high.quality stainless steel also does not emit any harmful components when heated (by. : By the way, now there are a lot of low.quality imported stainless steel in the dishes market. manufacturers and managers do not think about consumer health. see. Our articles about dishes. But this applies less teapots, In them with a stainless steel, just water is in contact, and not a sour environment, as in pots).

As for plastic models, for their production, theoretically, only safe food plastic should be used, the shelf life of which is about 3 years. In our opinion, metallic and glass electric kettles are still preferable to plastic, Though plasticizers, although in small doses, are gradually moving into water. And after these 3 years, the plastic kettle is certainly replaced with new ones, and then at once metal: it will turn out much more profitable than constantly changing plastic.

Electricians can cause a fire

Modern teapots have a capacity of 2-2.5 kW are designed for standard wiring, sometimes you can find 3 kW models, which can only be used if the wiring is in perfect condition. The use of the latter type of products for insufficiently high.quality wiring can cause a short circuit. The only thing that is worth noting is that there can occur due to poor-quality wiring when using any electrical appliance-not only a kettle. In any case, with electric kettle, you should be careful.

In electric keys with a “gilded” spiral, the scale is not formed?!

“Gilding” on the product spirals. titanium nitride. This is a compound resistant to the action of a variety of chemicals and protecting the spiral only from corrosion. Protection from scale is ensured by the use of purified or spring water, as well as the purchase of teapots equipped with filters. It is better not to buy teapots with a “gilded” spiral, since “gilding” gradually goes into the water you consume, and there is nothing good in it.

A small amount of water cannot be heated in an electric kettle?!

If the device has a function of auto shutdown when boiling and work without water, you can safely warm water for one cup in it. It is only necessary to ensure that the fluid completely covers the heating element.

Electricians are suitable for warming up soup and boiling milk?!

Which of the first users of electric dummies did not try to cook dumplings, sausages or heat soup in them? Remember the result? And also remember that in the guide to any product it is said that nothing can be placed in it except water, since food particles can stick to the heating element, and squeeze the lid of the device with the expanded liquid? Similarly, this should not be used by carbonated water to clean the kettle from scale. Our inquisitive minds have long found out that the same “Coca-Cola” or “sprite” contain orthophosphorus and citric acids that dissolve the plaque. However, along with them there are also dyes with sweeteners, easily eaten into the coating of the heating element and the inside of the device case.

Today they read:

What else to pay attention to when buying?

one. Volume. It can be from 0.45 liters (a “road” option that is easy and convenient to take with you) up to 5 liters. For one person, a 0.5 liter device is quite enough, a liter model is suitable for a couple, but it is better to buy an electric kettle with a minimum of 2 liters for a large family.

Примечание: также в современных магазинах довольно распространены термопоты. Это вместительные (до 8 литров), весьма габаритные агрегаты, которые способны не только нагревать воду, но и поддерживать заданную температуру. Они оснащаются насосом, позволяющим наливать воду в чашку, не поднимая агрегат. Стоимость таких устройств значительно превышает цены обычных электрочайников, поэтому отдавать им предпочтение не всегда целесообразно. Особенно, если речь идет о покупке домашнего чайника.

Мощность. У наиболее популярных моделей электрических чайников среднего объема она составляет 1,5-2,5 кВт. Такой показатель обеспечивает довольно быстрый нагрев воды, при этом вполне сочетается даже с не самой «сильной» и выносливой электропроводкой. Решая купить электрочайник мощнее, можно и вовсе сократить время ожидания до пары минут, но проблема выбитых пробок рискует стать повседневной. В том случае, если проводка в доме требует особенно трепетного отношения, рекомендуется остановить выбор на маломощных моделях – до 1 кВт. Как правило, это сравнительно миниатюрные модели, вмещающие в себя не более литра.

Нагревательный элемент. Как правило, это спираль из нержавеющей стали, по типу классического кипятильника. Она может располагаться прямо на дне резервуара (открытый нагреватель) или «прятаться» под металлическим донышком (закрытый нагреватель). В первом случае спираль имеет прямой доступ к воде, что может негативно отражаться на вкусовых качествах будущих напитков, а также способствовать регулярному образованию накипи в приборе. При наполнении чайника ее необходимо полностью погружать в воду, иначе спираль попросту сгорит. Закрытый тип нагревателя более практичен, безопасен и прост в уходе, поэтому именно им оснащается абсолютное большинство современных электрических чайников средней ценовой категории.

Примечание: в моделях электрочайников последнего поколения зачастую и вовсе отсутствует металлическая спираль. Вместо нее функцию нагрева выполняет дисковый элемент, к которому напрямую проводится электрический ток. Такой принцип способствует максимальной скорости работы чайника, позволяя ему не тратить время на прогрев дна, а также избавляет от излишних шумов в процессе нагрева, свойственных закрытым нагревателям.

Особенности подставки. Первое, на что здесь стоит обратить внимание – расположение контактной группы. Если она находится сбоку, ставить чайник придется в строго в определенном положении – это не всегда удобно. Большинство современных моделей оснащается подставками с контактами по центру, что делает процесс их использования проще.

Another important point is weight. Too light element can make the operation of the kettle problematic. Raising the device, you will automatically raise and stand. this is certainly not the most desirable “option”.

done, electric, kettle, volume

The presence of filters. In electric teapots, these elements play a special role. prevent the hit of salt sediment formed in the process of boiling, into the cup. They can also help softened water. Are a gilded grille of steel or a nylon grid equipped with small cells. The best choice is the product with a removable filter: it can be rinseed regularly without affecting the device itself.

Type of cover. It is worth deciding in advance what is more important to you: the maximum convenience and ease of using the kettle, or its durability. Simplifying life allow models that open only by pressing the button. it is not for nothing that they have been leading leading positions in the market for many years. However, this mechanism is very moody and is able to perform its work for a long time only on condition that the details are made of high.quality materials. Otherwise, it will quickly fail, and the kettle will simply cease to close tightly: as a result, the time to boil water will be spent more, the electricity account will be less pleased. The conclusion is simple: If you decide to buy an electric kettle at a low price, it is better to give preference to an old-food classic with a removable lid.

Build quality. How well the wires are isolated? The safety of using the device will depend on this. How tightly the housing and auxiliary details are combined with each other? This will directly affect the heating speed. Finally, the flask is tight? This will affect the consumption of electricity. When deciding to buy an electric kettle, each of these points should pay attention.

eight. Design. Ideally, electric kettle is a acquisition for many years to come. Therefore, it is important not to forget about the aesthetic side of the issue. The device should not only delight the look of its owner, but also organically combine with the overall style of the kitchen. So, for the most modern interiors, where clear lines and laconicism dominate, metal models made in the original color, or painted in a bright shade, are best suited. For example, such as Hottek HT-971 or Stadler Form 11 Smart, plastic plastic is also suitable. A glass electric kettle of Hottek HT-960 will always be appropriate in a light kitchen. A really warm and cozy kitchen space will always make a ceramic product made in soft colors and decorated with delicate patterns.

How to clean an electric kettle from scale? 3 effective advice

In modern realities, few can boast of the presence of clean, “soft” water in the water supply. Sometimes even filters are powerless and, pouring into the kettle, it seems to be cleansed, we simultaneously fill it with calcium and magnesium salts. In the process of boiling, they turn into a bright plaque so familiar to each of us, which is not from simple tasks to get rid of.

There are several effective and proven ways to clean the kettle from scale. The most popular of them is boiling water with citric acid. He is in demand at the expense of his universality, because can be used for any material, from metal and glass to plastic.

First you need to pour a liter of ordinary water into a kettle and turn it on. When the water boiled, add 4-5 teaspoons of citric acid and leave for about half an hour, letting me cool. After. pour the mixture, rinse the kettle well and boil several times to get rid of acid residues. Instead, by the way, you can use ordinary lemon, placing a quarter of the fetus in boiling water. If you perform this procedure regularly every 3-4 weeks, the device will always be clean and as safe as possible.

Примечание: кипятить воду нужно только в том случае, если стенки и нагреватель чайника сильно засорены (слишком жесткая вода, нерегулярный уход). Небольшой налет вполне можно убрать, залив в устройство тщательно перемешанный раствор обычной воды и лимонной кислоты (в той же пропорции) и оставив прибор отмачиваться на 4 часа.

Второе по популярности средство для очистки электрочайника от накипи – уксус. Он помогает даже в тех случаях, когда все остальные варианты не дают результата. Однако сразу заметим: уксусная кислота применяется только для обработки металлических и стеклянных приборов, минуя пластик.

Заливаем водой две трети колбы, оставшуюся треть заполняем уксусом (6% или 9%). Включаем, доводим до кипения, оставляем на пару часов остывать. Далее – повторяем те же действия, что и с лимонной кислотой. Иногда уксус добавляют уже в кипяток, оставляя примерно на час. Выбор зависит от степени запущенности прибора: чем толще слой налета, тем больше понадобится времени на ожидание.

Примечание: в качестве альтернативы уксусной кислоте многие рекомендуют использовать пищевую соду (две столовые ложки на литр воды). Однако этот метод далеко не всегда оправдывает ожидания, поэтому рекомендовать его не будем.

И, наконец, метод – очистка электрочайника с помощью…газировки. Метод нетривиальный, но весьма действенный, ведь привычные нам напитки содержат в себе жгучую смесь кислот, включая две вышеперечисленные. Использовать рекомендуется бесцветные составы – в ином случае есть риск ненароком придать стенкам чайника черный или, например, оранжевый оттенок.

Открываем емкость с напитком и оставляем в таком состоянии на несколько минут. Когда все газы выветрились, переливаем воду в чайник, заполнив 1/2 колбы. Включаем, доводим до кипения, ждем, пока остынет. Дело за малым – тщательно промыть чайник обычной водой.

Теперь, когда вы знаете про это чудо техники больше, можно без сомнений отправляться в магазин. Или сэкономить время (и деньги, впрочем) и купить электрический чайник в интернет-магазине. В это можно сделать быстро, с доставкой в любой регион title=”Sources:”] [/spoiler]