Error SE (5E) on the washing machine Samsung: reasons and ways to eliminate

Typically, the notification appears on the display at the moment when the device finished washing and should go to rinsing mode. Dirty water is poured for this, and the tank is filled with clean. When malfunction, the washer cannot remove the waste fluid. This problem is denoted by code 5E, SE, 5C, E2 on different models.

  • the most common. clogging of the drain filter. The module is clogged so hard that water does not proceed through it and does not fall into the drain hose.
  • The hose itself clogged. Typically garbage. wool, hair, threads, accumulate at the siphon connection and a hose filter. Vomor is a loose, but this is enough for the controller to file an error signal.
  • Failure of the drain pump. when interrupted or breakdown, the device is repaired. If the pump has blocked, it is replaced. If the pump contacts are disseminated, the same message is reflected on the display.

Malfunction is easy to warn if the keys and a trifle from s are flushed before washing, fasten.

What does 4e error mean (E1)

Error with code 4e appears on the screen only in the only case. The car gives it if it does not work in drum water. This will also testify other signs: there will be no sounds of sparing fluid, in the drum underwear and the window will remain dry.

There is a problem not only at the very beginning of washing. The problem is capable of will appear at its end when the device merged soap water, and tries to dial clean for rinse mode.

Error processing occurs as follows. The time counting begins, and if the washing machine did not gain the volume of water to the first level in 2 minutes, or for 10 minutes the amount required for washing. is given 4e code. At the same time, old models can produce another code. E1 (or UE).

Often the cause of the impossibility of a water set is a banal human inattention. So this problem will be able to solve their own efforts.

Samsung washing machine error codes with digital display

For easy definition of malfunction, Samsung engineers have come up with display various codes on display. Each code means any malfunction.

We decided to collect all the well-known codes in one material and give them a description. This instruction is useful primarily to the masters so that they can quickly and accurately determine the malfunction.

5E / 5C / E2. no water from the washing machine does not merge. Causes:

To eliminate the error, you will need to dismantle the drain system and clean the nozzle. The pump and the control module is also checked.

HE (1/2) / HC (1/2) / E5 / E6. water can not be warm. Causes:

It is necessary to inspect the TEN for mechanical damage. In case of detection. install a new part.

4E / 4C / E1. water does not go to the washing machine. Causes:

  • blocked water supply valve;
  • damaged by the bay hose;
  • faulty water level sensor;
  • Broken valve vehicle AFM;
  • Water leakage was formed in the pallet.

We always recommend first checking if there is no leakage. Also make sure that the water supply fauce is not blocked.

4C2. Connection Error. You probably connected the filling hose to the hot water water supply. Temperature sensor fixes water supply with a temperature of more than 50 degrees.

SD / 5D / SUD. elevated foaming. Causes:

It is recommended to drain the water, turn off the washing machine. Then be sure to remove the tray for detergents, rinse it and insert it back. After that, you need to select rinse mode to remove foam residues.

E4 / UB / UE. Baraban Unbalanced. Causes:

washing, machine, samsung

Most often, the problem is solved by the abolition of washing, followed by restarting.

E9 / LE / LC. water dice from a tank occurs. Causes:

  • improper connection of the drain hose to sewage;
  • tank damage to the formation of a crack (in this case, the water will fall into the pallet);
  • Fault Valve “Aqua Stop”.

Diagnostics and visual inspection of the tank.

3E (1-4) / 3C (1-4) / EA. does not rotate the drum. Causes:

Contact the service center for additional advice.

9C / UC. there is no stabilization of voltage in the power grid. Causes:

Try turning off the washing machine for 30 minutes. If the problem persists, contact the service center.

DE / DC / ED. means that the door is not blocked. Causes:

Sometimes the problem lies in the faulty door fixing mechanism. Diagnostic required.

D C3. Door of AdDwash is not closed. Causes:

Restart washing after closing the roof.

D DC. the door Addwash was opened at the time of launched washing without pressing the pause.

LC1 / LE1. worked the aquastop sensor due to water in the pallet. Causes:

  • Water follows from the drain filter;
  • It follows water from under the door of the hatch;
  • There was a depressurization of internal compounds;
  • Watched water distribution hose from detergent dispenser.

This error indicates a leakage, it means it is necessary to find source and eliminate it.

TE (1-4) / TC (1-4) / EC. Invalid Temperature Configuration. Causes:

A power circuit is checked connecting the elements of the heating system.

OE / 0F / 0C / E3. the tank is filled with water. Causes:

Check that the drain hose connection is correct.

E7 / 1C / 1E. the system does not receive a signal from the water level sensor. Most likely the sensor has failed. The continuation of the washing is impossible. Critical value.

BE (1-4) / EB / BC2. one of the control buttons. If you clamp any button, then the control module 5 seconds will issue a warning. Try to clear the contacts on the buttons themselves.

AC / AE / AC6. no connection between the control unit and the indication board. Requires power supply chain.

CE / RC / RC6. in the pump got hot water above 60 degrees. Invalid connection of the filling hose.

8E / 8C. The vibration sensor has failed. Replace the VRT sensor or choose the wash mode “delicate”.

EE. The heat pump temperature sensor is faulty (for a washing and drying machine).

FC / FE. the drying compartment fan does not start.

5DC / SDC. no Wi-Fi signal for automatic tray opening.

2H / 3H / 4H. information about the remaining washing time. H = HOUR / HOUR.

HOT. The maximum washing temperature exceeded. Causes:

We recommend waiting until the temperature drops and the error will disappear.

A0 (1-9) / BCDE (0). You entered the test mode with factory settings. To continue washing, you need to turn off the washing machine and re-enable.

POF. emergency disconnection from the network. The error could happen due to the trigger of the UZO.

Error codes for samsung washing machine with display

Did not merge water for a certain period of time. about this, I told here

  • First of all, you need to clean the filter, To do this, unscrew the cork, take the flashlight and dedicate the pump on the impeller, very often under it. If you can get to the impeller with your finger, then try to turn it out
  • Need to blow the drain hose, do not think right away. First you need to unscrew the filter pumps and only then blow into the hose. The fact is that in the pipe which comes from the pot of the washing machine to the pump housing, there is a plastic ball, so if you blow in the drain hose and at the same time not unscrew the filter, this ball can fly out of its nest
  • Need to clean the nozzle that comes from the tank to the pump housing
  • Check how the pump turns on, it is better to remove it, sometimes threads that interfere with rotation are wound onto its impeller. Be sure to look at the play on the impeller, if he is big, it is quite possible water does not merge, it is because of this

If all of the above did not help, call the wizard, rarely, but there are problems with the control module

In general, I wrote in detail in detail in this article

During a certain period of time, water did not flow into the tank of the washing machine

washing, machine, samsung
  • Unscrew the hose from the washing machine, lower it in the basin and check the pressure
  • In the valve housing there is a filter, this is a small mesh, it must be pulled out and blow it, as well as watch the mesh on the fill hoses, if it is also cleaned
  • Purge Pressost Hose
  • Check the pressost
  • Check how valves work

About all this, but you can read in more detail in this article

The water temperature that is filled into the machine exceeds 50 o C

How To Fix Samsung Washing Machine 5E/SE Error

Here as it says “Kina will no longer”. Learning to the challenge, I very often saw that the owners connect water to the washing machine, from the gas column. Now Lafa is over if the module sees what, the water enters the water above 50 degrees, he will stop washing. As you know, when the column is turned on, then first there is almost boiling water, but only then the temperature stabilizes. In general, now Samsung is not suitable, in order to connect water from the gas column to them

Too high foaming in the tank

From my observations, such a fault is observed when people erase with small portions of linen, like and powder the same, and dofig foam. In general, it is necessary to change the powder or lay a little less. If you look at all modern washing machines, I don’t mean only Samsung, then we see that they are so much stuck, every crap that I personally wonder how they can wash

No uniform linen distribution in the drum

It is clear that first of all you need to turn off the washing machine and see the lingerie uncomfortable. Usually such a problem occurs when the duvettes is erased, just in the middle there is a hole in which the lingerie is clogged, which is erased with them. If such cases have become frequent, then you need to watch shock absorbers, that is, they are no longer devastating vibration in the car

First of all, it is necessary to check how the drain hose is raised at what kind of the drain hose, in general about the formation of a siphon, I wrote a whole article. which, as I think you will be sure to read. This article discusses why in general the washing machine can constantly merge water

Washing machine does not see the rotation of the engine shaft

  • First of all, you need to remove the belt from the pulley drum, and try scrolling the drum if it rotates normally, then you need to look at the following details
  • Check the tachometer
  • Check how the motor shaft is spinning
  • Be sure to check the wires on the break and contacts for oxidation
  • Engine brushes

In general, check everything connected with the engine rotation, if everything is normal, then call the wizard, for sure the problem is in the module

Elevated or low voltage in the network

The malfunction is very common, especially on the territory of the former Soviet Union, just recently traveled to the application. In the house where the repair did, the stress measurements showed 280 volts on the network, and this is not racing, but a constant voltage. Released from the establishment of a stabilizer for 3 kW. It is important to understand that the washing machine consumes about 2.5 kW, so it is impossible to install less. Stabilizer simply thoroughly burns

First of all, it is necessary to check the serviceability of the locking mechanism on the hatch itself, that is, how the hook will spring, which presses on the lock mechanism, and also pay special attention to the lock indicator, when the door is closed, it should flash not as when. If everything is fine with a hatch, then do the following procedure

  • Take a screwdriver
  • Turn on the washing machine into the outlet
  • Try a screwdriver to simulate the hook of the hatch, that is, you need to press on the lock mechanism so that it snaps down
  • If you hear a click and water will start to float, then you need to look for a mechanical problem associated or with a lock, or with a hook

I draw your attention to the safety technique, it is necessary to do all this in rubber shoes and in rubber gloves and in general, if you never did it. it’s better not to climb, and call the master

Much water in the pallet washing machine

First of all, it is necessary to check the nozzles, it is possible from under them I went to flow. Also need to pour water into the tank and see if there are no flows of water from it. In short, check all that is associated with water leakage from the system. There is another reason, the fact is that inherently aquastop, it is a plastic float, which in the event of water leakage rises and presses on the micrik, the turn turns off the washing machine from the water supply. In general, this float is sometimes clogged, some kind of nastyness, it is necessary to get to it and see if there is no something under it

It is necessary to check the wiring and contacts on the water level sensor. Of course the best way is to replace the press service. Here it is not necessary to forget that this sensor is electronic and check it with a simple person, without knowledge of electronics and the necessary devices, almost unreal. On samsunga sensors, though good, but still sometimes fly. In general, look for any SAMSUNG typewriter, substitute your sensor there and check the press service on this brand of the same type

How to fix the problem yourself?

You can try to find yourself and eliminate the cause of error 5e. If it appeared during washing, the water breakdown is performed to start.


  • Remove the hose from the pipe if it is connected to the sewer;
  • Place it so that it is below the tank level along the entire length;
  • omit its end to the prepared container;
  • wait for water out.

If there is a blockage on the way the stream of water, it will go out gradually, thin flowing. Provided that the liquid does not merge, the hatch opens directly. For this, the device is tilted back, with a stop in the wall, so when the door opening the door, water will not fall on the floor and it will be possible to delete the bucket.

When the machine will not remain liquid, proceed to eliminate the cause of the error 5e:

  • Check the patency of the hose, make sure that it does not bete. To do this, it needs to blow. If the air passes freely, there is no blocking.
  • Estimate the patency of the drain filter. To get to it, you need to open the hatcher, which is located in the lower right corner of the front wall of the machine. Before unscrewed the filter, you need to put a rag on the floor. From the filter remove the garbage, wash it under the jet of water and return to the place.
  • Check the patency of the siphon. Detect the problem will be possible at the stage of water drain. If it seems freely in the bath or in the pelvis, the reason for the siphon.
  • Try to restore the washing cycle, restarting the unit. Water do not need to merge. The typewriter is simply disconnected from the network, leave for 15 minutes, after which the power is supplied again. If the washing cycle continues, then the reason is a malfunction in the management module.
  • Check Controls Controls and Drain Pump Controls. If they moved away, this measure will help to cope with the problem.

If there are no blockages, and the wires are securely connected, it is necessary to call the masters, since it will not be able to cope with their own.

We inspect the pump and contacts

This device is a small electric motor. And all that is spinning and spinning. sooner or later breaks. It often happens due to overload, due to constant blockages or too long a drain hose length exceeding 4 meters. In another case, over time, after the development of the resource.

The easiest way to check the service is directly connected to 220 volts.

  • Turn over the machine Naboka. After that there will be access to contacts.
  • Making a partial disassembly. Need to remove the control panel and dismantle the front of the case. troublesome lesson, but less labor-intensive. See the disassembly of the washing machine “Samsung” here.

Use carrying with contacts. We join the pump and give voltage. If there is no rotation of the impeller. then it is damaged, and is subject to replacement.

I work in the field of repair of household appliances. Extensive experience in restoring washing and dishwashers.

Note that sometimes the destruction of contacts or wires occurs. With the health of the pump. this is the cause of the absence of drain and error occurring 5 Samsung washing machines. As a rule, it can be visible visually and can be fixed independently.

A more complex option. damage to the wire in depth. In this case, you need to unwind the loop and nick the tester, up to the control module.

Why an error occurs?

5e error is usually highlighted on the Samsung washing machine display at the time when the program has already completed the wash and tries to start rinse. At this point, according to the program, the machine must drain the dirty soap water that was used for washing, and pour clean for rinsing. Then there is a problem. The system simply cannot merge dirty water and the electrocontroller gives 5e error.

This error occurs due to the inability to merge water. This error is already decrypted. What are the possible causes of this error, which is why the system cannot drain dirty water? The main reasons are three:

  • The drain filter clogged so much that the water simply does not pass through it into the drain hose;
  • In the drain hose, a block formed, or at a place of compound with the filter or in a siphon connection site;
  • Water is not pumped out due to a malfunction of a drain pump.

note! In order for the typewriter, unpleasant breaks, check the s of things laid in the drum, pull out the trifle, keys and so on.

On some models of washing machines from Samsung, instead of 5e, the code of ND or SE can emerge, keep in mind that this is all the same error. Do not confuse with the code E5. It means a malfunction of the heating element of the washing machine.

We are looking for source of errors: the procedure

If the machine during washing suddenly hung up, and the code 5e was highlighted on the display, the first thing you should do is check the garbage filter, which is usually located in the lower right corner of the machine. This is the most common procedure that is described by the manufacturer of the washing machine in the instructions, and if you don’t know anything about it, it means that you never cleaned the filter. Clean the filter if the 5e washing machine error continues to pop up, then you need to look next.

Next, you need to check the drain hose, it may have been formed a blockage formed in it. Pull out all the lingerie from the drum, then remove the drain hose from the siphon or from the sewer pipe and throw it into a bath or sink. So it will be clearly visible. After that, launch the washing program and watch. If the pump is trying to sell water through the hose, but it barely runs, it means in the ground hose.

SAMSUNG washing machines work quite quiet, but if during the drain of water to listen to their work, then you can distinguish the specific sound published by the working drain pump. So, if you drove the end of a drain hose in the bathroom and from it after the completion of the washing does not run water at all, while not heard the specific sound of the drain pump. most likely the problem is in it!

Important! The breakdown of the drain pump of the washing machine is considered a rather serious problem. Its forces to solve it, most likely it will not be possible, and will need to contact a specialist.

Error decryption SE

If the Samsung Diamond machine (Diamond), Sensor provides SE code, on some models this code is comparable to 5e and this means that there are problems with water drainage. This code appears on the display. When the washing program is almost completed.

And the draining of soap water should happen in order for rinse and spin. But according to one of the possible reasons, the control board comes on the impossibility of performing this stage and the device shows this code.

Other widespread errors

Upon completion of washing, people open a hatch and get lingerie. Among all errors, DE1 is often found, or the hatch lock failure. This error is characterized by the following features:

  • In the process of the last washing, the smell of burner isolation or plastic felt, and at the end of the wash, the hatch did not open for an hour;
  • LEDs do not light up (the washing machine does not turn on);
  • The machine turns on, its LEDs are lit, but the hatch is not blocked, respectively, it does not start to wash.

Usually in this situation requires replacement of the lock device. Independently repairing not recommended, in order not to break the control module. Faulty module contacts result in error 3E3. Repair of the control module is always more difficult and more expensive than replacing the device for locking the hatch.

By the way, the error 3e3 arises not only due to the violation of the contacts of the module. Invalid Washing Truck Signals and Direct Engine Engine Clamps also lead to this error. In case of violations from the engine, an error occurs 8e. The main cause of this problem is incomplete rotation of the motor. The engine of the washing machine can be unstable and due to damaged control circuits or faulty motor contacts.

CE error signals about violations from the cooling side, then the washing machine does not merge water, or, on the contrary, drains to the reset level. Invalidly connected elements also lead to this error.

Short Motor Symistor

Tacogenerator error

Thermostat error

It is the tubular electric heater for heating water first. Error is usually characterized by the value of HE and indicates either the absence of water warming up, or on its overheating. In the latter case, to eliminate overheating of the tubular electric heater, the machine shuts off the power. If all the same TEN blocked, it is required to replace it with an identical model.

It is worth noting that when any errors or suspicious signs occur, you should pay attention to them in a timely manner. Perhaps repairing the car does not have to be able to eliminate the factors at the initial stage that can cause a breakdown of the machine.