Is it possible to put cold dishes on the glass ceramic slab?

For the glass-ceramic coating, you can not use dishes with aluminum or copper bottom. If after them traces will remain, they can burn on the cooking panel and spoil the whole view. Enameled saucepan can be used if it does not stand empty on the enabled burner.

Glass ceramics is not afraid of heating, but may suffer from a sharp temperature drop. Cold Water Contact Contact (which will immediately turn into pairs) can lead to cracks or change of surface color.

Is it possible to put a cold saucepan on a ceramic slab?

Glass ceramics is not afraid of heating, but may suffer from a sharp temperature drop. Cold Water Contact Contact (which will immediately turn into pairs) can lead to cracks or change of surface color.

The glass-ceramic plates are a variety of electric stoves. The first are suitable for cooking absolutely in any dishes with a smooth smooth bottom, but induction plates are intended only for products made of steel or cast iron. You can use and enamel dishes on the glass-ceramic plate.

Is it possible to put a cold saucepan on a ceramic slab?

Glass ceramics is not afraid of heating, but may suffer from a sharp temperature drop. Cold Water Contact Contact (which will immediately turn into pairs) can lead to cracks or change of surface color.

It is believed that the bottom should close the workplace at least than 70%. The smallest hill of the induction plate takes only 15 cm, so it can be put on a saucepan with a diameter of a minimum of 10.5 cm. When the circle is much smaller, the electronics does not recognize the subject, and the electric stove may not work.

Convenient functions of modern glass-ceramic panels

From electrical fellow, they differ from the perfect smooth surface and external design of the burners.

Manufacturers offer a wide selection of models that can be purchased depending on preferences: the number of burners with different heating elements, complete with an oven and different set of functions.

Ceramics: How to Make a Slab Plate

The stove heats the bottom of the kitchen utensils, due to which the heat is evenly distributed throughout the container.

What dishes can not be used on the induction plate?

Please note: for induction slabs does not fit what is fully made of aluminum, glass and copper. by the way, if you put inappropriate dishes on the hill of the induction slab, it simply will not turn on. The bottom of the dishes should be thick (at least 2 mm) and perfectly smooth, tightly adjacent to the surface of the plate.

Hygiene. a smooth surface of steel and the absence of some pores allows you to perfectly wash the pan and stainless steel pans. Although this does not mean that the dishes can be laid off with a metal scraper, leaving scratches on polishing.

Utensils for glass ceramics: what suitable

Cookware for glass ceramics must correspond to a number of requirements.


Choice of frying pan, potatoes directly depends on which heating element is installed in the stove.

dishes, glass-ceramic, slab

Standard panels made of glass ceramics are equipped with spiral heaters, which can warm the capacity from any materials having a flat bottom, simply using some not recommended by manufacturers.

  • Cans with enamel equipped with special labeling;
  • Capacities made of heat-resistant glass (Luminarc, Berghoff);
  • Capacities of steel, cast iron.
dishes, glass-ceramic, slab

Induction models are equipped with induction coils, they do not warm the burner, but dishes, or rather, her bottom. Instruments can heat only products with magnetic properties otherwise the device will not work. These include steel, cast iron.

To select the correct dishes you should use a magnet: if the bottom of the pan is magnifying, you can use it on the induction panel.

Items from cast iron (pancakes, hussy) should be used with. All because the material is heavy enough, has a great thermal conductivity. The product may damage the cooking panel, leave a crack, scratch. And the ability to remain hot for a long time can lead to disable device.

dishes, glass-ceramic, slab

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Emaleted coating pots are recommended for use in one case: if they are equipped with a special labeling.


Another important factor. Flat Rodyshko Pots. On gas stoves you can use tanks with any relief at the bottom, for the panels of glass ceramics it is unacceptable. For heating, direct contact is needed with the lower surface of the tank.

Kitchen utensils, which for a long time was used on gas burkers, often exposed deformation, so for a new slab will have to purchase a new kitchenware with perfectly smooth bottoms.

The desired diameter

Another factor is the right selection of containers. For quick cooking, the size of the bottom must match the size of the burners. The volume of the appeal should not be too big, the edges of the saucepan should not be in the edges of the burner.

Can I use induction dishes on a glass-ceramic plate?

Due to the principle of its work, induction plates are compatible only with stainless steel and cast iron dishes or with a special ferromagnetic bottom (the walls of the container can be made from any material). If the bottom of the pan or frying pan does not have magnetic properties, then the stove simply does not turn on.

Put on the cooking panel only with dry, clean bottom. Old pans are not suitable for cooking, pans after gas or ordinary electric furnaces. Avoid the ingress of the contents of the pan on the surface of the burner, and the burning.

Useful tips for the care and use of dishes for glass ceramics

In order for the dishes to prepare delicious and useful dishes and pleased with their appearance, it is necessary to care for her correctly.

Black matte bottom warm up better than glossy and light.

Several tips who can use the hostess.

  • When buying a new dish, it is necessary to rinse with a soft detergent and dry before use.
  • Keep kitchen attributes clean, this is especially important for coating the plates of glass ceramics.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning products that scratch the surface. Products with non-stick coating are especially sensitive to abrasives, scratches are formed on the surface, and it is impossible to use such dishes in preparation. Stainless steel saucepan will be dim and lost its shiny surface.
  • When cleaning surfaces, it is better to use folk care products. With the cleaning of almost all pollution, the food soda and mustard powder are perfectly cope with and for your cooking panel.
  • Do not allow the stove of empty dishes on the plate, the overheating is dangerous not only by your saucepan, but also. It is desirable that the saucepan is filled with 4/3 volume products.
  • Avoid setting on a preheated hob of a wet bottom of a pan or pan, ceramics resistant coating, but with such contacts may form microcracks that reduce the service life of the hob.

Some modern models simply do not turn on when there are inappropriate dishes on their surface. These include: glass, aluminum, brave items.

Correctly choosing kitchen attributes in the store, you will use your favorite saucepans for a long time and do not damage the beautiful surface of the glass-ceramic panel.

Before purchasing a sudine for glass ceramics, read the useful information in Internet resources or consult the seller before buying.