What is in the refrigerator No Frost, Smart Frost and Low Frost and how they work

Not so long ago, when people did not know that the NO Frost technology will ever appear, the poor hostels had to defrost their own refrigerators each month. It was really difficult and unpleasant: I had to pull out numerous products for a long time, fighting inner and ice rages, accompanied by thorough movements of the rag. Fortunately, in our time, cute women (and somewhere and men) do not have to spend half a day on such things, because in every store equipment now it’s easy to find a refrigerator with the function “no frost”. Today in our article we will analyze what is “no frost” in the refrigerator, as this system works and which variations can be found, as well as a little more.

I think it’s no secret that the operation of the refrigerator with a massive snowy fur coat is dangerous for the work of the technique itself, for products inside it and for your wallet, because the energy begins to spend many more. The system “NO Frost” and its variations help the refrigerator not to build up. But it is important not only that this is, but also how the refrigerator “Know Frost” works.

In the first refrigerators who tried to fight with the fuck, there was a drip system that worked with the cooling of the rear wall evaporator and the freezer. I worked this system with some stops to which the system allowed to start the water flowing again to keep defrosting again. “No frost” solved the problem differently: he installed a special fan-cooler.

This fan is constantly circulating cold air inside the refrigerator itself. This allows you to leave Animes exclusively on the evaporator, which calmly merges the water with a separate tray. Such technology helps keep your savings and your products. An important addition is that the drip system is usually present only in the refrigerators, however “no frost” you will calmly find in freezers and refrigeration cabinets.

The basic concept and features that such a drip defrost

The system contributes to the defrosting in an automated mode using an evaporator on the rear panel, so there is no need for manual cleaning. He, in turn, cools the air flow. The temperature inside always remains the plus. Such an approach contributes to the formation of condensate on the surface.

The defrost controls the presence of ice, which accumulates in certain places of the refrigerator. When his layer becomes the biggest possible, the system automatically turns off the compressor.

Pros and cons system

NO Frost function in the refrigerator, the pros and cons of which it is worth weaving to all buyers, is capable of not only to significantly increase the safety of products, but also create some inconvenience. Here is its main advantages:

does, frost, freezer

Why is My Frost Free Freezer Icing Up?

  • Products are quickly surrounded by cold air, which reduces the probability of breeding bacteria and damage.
  • Continuous circulation of cold air in all parts of the refrigerator gives a uniform temperature on each shelf, which facilitates the placement of soft and solid fruits, beverages and perishable products.
  • With a frequent opening of the door, the process of restoring the optimal temperature takes less time.

Of the shortcomings of the modern function, the following are allocated:

  • Similar refrigerator models are much more expensive than analogs without a ventilation system.
  • The fan and additional channels occupy a useful space in the inside, which affects the reduced sizes of offices or on large external parameters.
  • If we put poorly packaged products, then they will dwelling faster thanks to the constantly moving air.
  • The ventilation system has more power consumption.
  • Since the fan works continuously, even at the moments of the pause of the compressor from the equipment constantly issued noise.

Frost Function in the refrigerator. how it works

What are the defrost systems

In fact, the choice of existing options for implementing the defrost systems is not so large, it is not difficult to deal with them. Currently, the main technical solutions are only two:

Before giving any recommendations, for a better understanding one should consider them all more.

Drip defrost

Currently, such a system is the most common in refrigerators, especially in budget models.

The principle of operation is simple. In the back of the equipment, an evaporator is installed, which is a thin snake tube, mounted in metal radiator plates. The evaporator performs the function of the cooling element. In the process of work, it is heated and, thus, formed on the inner rear wall of the unit, Flame is melted at the time of the compressor stop and gradually (a drop of drops. from here and the name of the method of defrosting system) flows into a special tank.


The main pluses of the drip system can be attributed:

  • low cost;
  • ease of device;
  • convenience of service;
  • work in full automatic mode without human participation;
  • Long trouble-free operation.


A drip method of defrosting refrigeration equipment also has a number of flaws. They must be considered when using devices built on this principle. First of all, these are the following factors:

  • The system turns out to be inoperable at the negative operating temperature of the camera. Because of this, on freezing equipment, such devices do not work, while they are necessary to defrost manually.
  • Increased humidity inside refrigerators due to periodically flowing down moisture.
  • The temperature between the upper and lower compartment in the vertical type refrigerators can differ significantly. Sometimes this difference can reach 5-6 ° C values. This feature is often used by practical hostess: perishable foods are set up, and those that need to be stored with a slightly higher temperature (for example, vegetables and greens). down.

The most common malfunction of data modifications of defrost devices is to clog the drain hole. Eliminates this defect is quite simple on its own. the accumulated dirt is neatly removed by a thin soft wire.


The defective and complex, which includes a complex of separable devices, whose work allows you to use refrigeration equipment for a long time without downtime. The need to disable the devices equipped with NO Frost systems arises for their cleaning and washing, and not due to the needs of the removal of ice and frost.

The principle of operation of such systems is much more complicated than drip analogues.

The evaporator is a separate unit, which in most cases is installed at the bottom of the device or between the refrigeration compartment and the freezer. With the help of special fans, air circulation is achieved inside working chambers. Moisture contained in the air is injected into the evaporator and, instantly cooling, settles in it in the form of the finest ice crust. At a certain time defined by the electronic relay, the compressor stops, and the heating elements, melting ice and evaporating water turn on.

After the cycle repeated again and again to infinity.


  • full automatic defrost;
  • the ability to work at minus temperatures;
  • Fast temperature restoration;
  • Uniform cooling in all areas of the device.


The main consumption is due to the increased number of auxiliary equipment. From this flows:

  • appreciation of the whole design;
  • reduction of useful volume;
  • increased, in comparison with the drip system, power consumption;
  • Theoretically increased risk of fault (in practice no frost no less reliable drip defrost systems).

Some owners of the No Frost refrigerators marks the increase in the volume of work after some time. This is usually due to circulating fans. Functioning in conditions of high humidity and low temperature requires their additional maintenance. lubricants or even replacement. However, only a master skill wizard can perform this procedure as it requires partial disassembly.

No frost or drip system. what is better

If you are important savings and silent work. choose a drip model. Ordinary refrigerators are cheaper, and therefore, in case of repair, their maintenance will cost a more modest amount.

NO FROST system from the inside on the example of the refrigerator Indesit

In this case, you can pay attention to the model with the NO Frost system only in the freezer. Such models will cost a third of cheaper fully equipped samples.

How to wash the refrigerator inside to destroy the smell: the causes of the appearance and prevention, the use of chemical and folk agents, cleaning the freezer, smell absorbers with their own hands and industrial.

The service life of the refrigerator with the autoSmore

Indicator Individual: depends on the conditions of operation, the complexity of the design and other factors. For example, Soviet devices by virtue of the simplicity of the design still work, even if they are cooled no longer effectively, as at the time of release. If you guide these manufacturers, the average service life varies from 7 to 10 years (units, including Haier, for its models indicate 15 years).

According to the National Association of US House Builders (NAHB), the average service life of the two-chamber refrigerator is 13 years. A little less than that of gas plates (15 years), but more than the dishwashers and washing machines (10 years). At the same time, moral aging technology is faster. in 4-5 years.

For No Frost Refrigerators, the indicator can be slightly higher due to the closed design and regular evaporator defrost, but there is no fundamental difference in comparison with the usual refrigerator.

Do not confuse life with warranty service life. And the first and the second manufacturer indicates the technical passport of the device. All Haier refrigerators are purchased in official sales and online stores in the online store. Warranty separately on an inverter compressor can reach 12 years

Operating conditions partially determines the climatic class of the refrigerator (the manufacturer prescribes it in the serviceport). It happens four types: Sn. for temperate climate (10-32), ST. for subtropical (18-38), N. normal (16-32) and T. tropical (18-43). When using the refrigerator beyond the temperatures suitable for it, the compressor may be damaged.

Faults of refrigerators LG NOU Frost

Your refrigerator has ceased to work for incomprehensible reasons. First, make sure:

Users of refrigerators LG firms complain about outgoing noise from him. This can occur due to the consumer’s fault: incorrect installation, many products inside the chamber. Change it is quite simple. You need to push the fridge from the wall and do not put a lot of dishes and products on one shelf, but to distribute them evenly.

  • Compressor wear. You will talk about it periodic clicks of the non-working motor. In this case, without replacing the details do not do.
  • Failure to work thermostat or air sensor.

Is it worth buying a refrigerator no frost

Of course, in the department of household appliances, you will most likely offer exactly such a model. This is not surprising, because we have already found out that No Frost refrigerators are somewhat more expensive, and the sales manager’s salary is most often the percentage of goods. But perhaps you should pay attention to other models.

does, frost, freezer

When choosing, it is necessary to take into account all the flaws mentioned above, and decide whether they are critical for you. Weight argument in favor of acquiring the refrigerator “Know Frost” or a mixed type can be the presence of a fast dry frost system. If you like to harvest the brodie, fruits and vegetables, better than such a system you just do not find.

Sales Leaders with NO Frost System

What can be fixed independently

The refrigerator is not turned off

If you notice that the device works without breaks, and the hum has become more clear, then the reason lies in the compressor and the wear of its components. First, check out some details:

  • Refrigerator door. The density of its closure affects the penetration of warm air, and as a result, the operation of the motor.
  • Setting modes. Super freezing will not turn off itself, if you do not change the position of the regulator.
  • Location of the device. If there is a battery, a wall next to the refrigerator, the compressor will work worse.

If nothing of the above helped a malfunction, then the thermostat or temperature sensor may have broken. Such problems lead to failures in the electronic board, and cooling occurs without interruptions. The burned module, evaporator failures, Freon gas leakage. determine the exact cause of the breakage to you will be helped in the service center. To correct such problems can be unsafe.

Fan operations

The structure of the refrigerator without a fan is impossible. Typical problems of this detail lies in the following: either it works a lot either does not work at all.

Stop in the operation of the fan may be related to the freezing of its blades. If this really happened, it is worth defrosting the refrigerator, and the problem will disappear. Drainage block or refrigerant leakage can lead to fan idle. The defrost to carry out at least 10 hours. If such measures did not give a positive result, then make sure that the motor is working.

When the blades are spinning without stopping, this is due to the work of the evaporator, which is covered with ice. Poor air circulation leads to a decrease in temperature in the refrigeration chamber.Also uninterrupted operation of the fan can be related to the failures in the operation of the compressor, the control module and the fees in which the erroneous temperature data arrive. If you encountered any of this, then contact the service centers for the complete diagnostics of the device.