A washing machine with direct drive, who came up with her, reviews of specialists

First you need to understand exactly how this type of actuator works. The implementation of the standard version of the part is obtained thanks to the installed belt, it means that the engine is located at the bottom of the “Washing“, forcing the belt through a special pulley to rotate drum. In fact, this is the same transmission inherent in the belt type. Often it is built into vehicle mechanisms.

Another design does not provide a special belt, which would allow the drum to spin around its axis. Here the engine and drum are connected with each other, without the use of additional elements directly.

Such a technology was invented by the already satisfied for a long time, and it is used in the creation of most household appliances and other technical means. It is worth noting that similar devices for washing appeared relatively recently, but this time is more than enough to gain popularity among technology buyers. The first firm that took up the production of “Washing” using such technology is “lg”. They actually started a whole advertising company, declaring its invention. washing machines with the DIRECTDRIVE system. To confirm the reliability of this technology and conquer confidence among buyers, the manufacturer gives a guarantee of the service life of the Motor at ten years!

Principle of Live Drive

The drive is a power transmission system from the power supply to the actuators. In direct drive automata, the motor is attached directly to Baku. In this case, there are no details that rub each other (for example, brushes).

Korean company LG first created a washing machine with direct drive.

Direct drive (Direct Drive) is designed from a permanent magnet and located at the same distance from it 36 ​​AC coils. From the control unit alternately transmitted signals to each coil, and they rotate around the core. All items are located in one case, which can be disassembled if necessary.

Everyone knows that such a technique is more quiet, but erases at times better.

Now you know what drives can be used in different washing machines. It seems that in the future it will greatly facilitate you choosing such a device. From now on, you understand what the drive is able to serve for many years, guaranteeing the almost complete absence of the probability of contacting the service center over the coming years.

What drive is equipped with your washing machine? Or you never thought about it? Share your thoughts in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Differences of the washing machine with direct drive from the device with a belt transmission. what is better?

Rotation of the drum washing machine. automatic (SM) attached to the electric motor directly or through belt transmission. Depending on the method of transformation of the energy of the motor in moving the executive body of the device, a certain type of engine is set and each of them is good in its own way. With a belt-driven, asynchronous and collector models can work, and direct drive forces only inverter.

Belt Drive Vs Direct Drive Laundry

The washing machines with direct drive there are many advantages compared to mothers that are equipped with a belt transmission, but at some positions superiority is doubtful. To deal with the same version of the drive is better, information about the advantages and minuses of each will help. Nevertheless, direct drive machines gradually replace in the Smya market ordinary with belt transmission. And it is not only the products of the founder of the new technology LG, but also other plants. Confirmation. rating for sales last year.

The drive belt binds the pulley of the drum with the electric motor and is responsible for the transmission of torque. Life life depends on the quality of the material from which it is made. Elasticity is ensured by the tissue basis of the inside of the rubber ring and promotes the smooth move of the drum.

Replace the belt that came to the dissent is easy and the price of it compared to the cost of the engine is low.

  • one. Asynchronous. today they are made compact on 3 phases with the possibility of regulating the number of revolutions. Consist of a fixed part of the stator and rotating. rotor. Install in simple budget models of SMI with drive belt.
  • 2. Collector. Mounted for 80% of household appliances. Unlike the Motor of the first type, the rotor is made in the collector design, equipped with brushes for removal of current and equip the taogenerator that controls the number of revolutions.

For washing machines with direct drive, a special clutch is used, which replaces the pulley and the drive belt, connecting the rotor shaft directly with the axis of the drum. Direct Drive Design. DIRECT DRIVE SYSTEM. Inverter brushless motor, in which the rotational speed is set by electromagnetic waves. It is able to determine the load from the washed linen and, depending on this, change the power consumed.

direct, drive, washing, machine

To understand the difference between SMA with traditional belt transmission and direct drive, it is necessary to compare the advantages of each of the options. The positive aspects of the usual models are well known:

  • lifetime without breakdowns 10-15 years;
  • Repair is often performed independently and is inexpensive. a 20-minute replacement takes 20 minutes;
  • The effect of amortization of the drive belt is manifested in cases of uneven loading of linen in the tank.

On the advantages of a direct drive of information are much more thanks to a set of advertising booklets and rollers calling for a costly technique. Sumy with a belt lower than that of straight machines of the same class.

The very fact of exclusion from the design of the intermediate link drive is estimated positively and entails many advantages, but at the same time the loss of good qualities of ordinary performances occurs. First on the declared advantages of a direct drive:

  • one. High reliability is confirmed by a warranty for 10 years, but only on the engine. The service life of the SMA itself depends on the quality of the entire device as a whole: the breakage can occur and outside the drive.
  • 2. Noise level due to the absence of a belt below, but slightly. The same applies to vibrations. The collector engine of the usual drive when wearing brushes is heard their rustle.
  • 3. The quality of washing is better than that of ordinary machines. This is achieved by the extended possibilities of a uncoolette inverter motor, which is controlled by electronics and is able to dramatically stop and start, rotating the rotor in the opposite direction. Due to this, it is also reduced by washing time.
  • 4. Energy saving is achieved by the exception of the gear ratio: the drum is naked on the motor shaft, and rotation controls by means of an inverter that controls power depending on the machine loading.

With an excess of linen in the drum, the belt of the usual drive burns or breaks, while SMI with direct drive will indicate the error. And thanks to the layout of such a system, there is an opportunity to reduce the dimensions of technology.

Sometimes the benefits of the product in one direction lead to omissions and minuses in another.

With listed pluses, direct transmission leads to the following disadvantages:

  • one. The bearing unit is subjected to significant loads due to the lack of an additional reference point, which is available during belt transmission. The imbalance and bias of the drum are moving to the rigid rigid; It entails elevated wear of the glands and bearings.
  • 2. The electric motor is located directly under the tank, and the leakage of the gland can trigger the motor breakup until its burnout. This case does not consider warranty, so the repair will cost a penny.
  • 3. The inverter control circuit is quite complex and sensitively reacts to voltage drops in the mains.

All disadvantages are related to the replacement of belt transfer direct drive without taking into account the changed conditions. As a result, the device was expensive and not a very reliable device in which any water leak will lead to the cost renovation.

For clarity of price differences in many times of ordinary performance from models with inverter engines, the characteristics of the washing machines with front loading of the drum in a cycle of 6 kg are given. All brands of devices have an energy consumption class. a, washing. a, spin. with (1000 revolutions per minute). All of them have a wide functionality and have 16 washing programs.

Cons direct drive

And is it really good direct drive, as they say about him? Or design, nevertheless?

  • The greatest drawback of such eraklock is that the engine is located in close proximity to the drum. If suddenly the car leaks, the motor can pour water. And it will end with his full burnout. Since this situation is not recognized as warranty, repair will have to do for your own money. And since the motor in the washer is not only his heart, but also the most expensive item, then with such a breakdown it will be easier to buy a new machine.
  • Another “disease” of washing machines with direct drive. bearings. These elements are installed in such “laundors” with a small gap, so they often fail. As you understand, replacing the bearing. the case is not cheap.
  • Some models with direct drive marks an increased noise level during the fence and draining water. This may be associated with the quality and technical characteristics of pumps.
  • Straight machines often stuffed with very “smart” and expensive electronics. So if one of such devices fails, the cost of repair will also not please.
  • Due to the fact that the engine of the direct drive in the “laundry” is located directly behind the drum, and not from the bottom or side, such machines may have large dimensions.
  • Well, perhaps the most important drawback. their value. Like any other wide advertised novelty, such aggregates are unnecessarily expensive.


The technology of direct drive is not nov and has long been used in LG washing machines, so you can safely draw conclusions about the work of this technology.

  • Quiet work. Straight-driven washing machines are better balanced due to which during operation less vibrations, which makes the washing really quiet. Here the manufacturer did not deceive, but it should be noted that the famous competitors of Koreans were able and without a direct drive to achieve enough work of their technique.
  • Wash quality. Due to the fact that the engine is located in the center and is connected directly to the drum in the washing machine it became possible a sharp stop of rotation and reversing rotation. Thanks to this, underwear, underwear is erased differently, which makes the process more careful in relation to clothing, and the quality of washing itself is the best.
  • Due to the asynchronous engine, it is really possible to achieve a small reduction in the energy used, however, the numbers are not so great to put this function as a direct advantage over competitors.
  • Life time. LG gives on its motors 10 years warranty, this is a very long time and manufacturer sure that this node in a washing machine will serve so many years. It was not possible to figure out this yet, but the fact that the problem of overwhelmed belts in LG is generally missing, really makes thinking.
  • Balancing. It was mentioned above. Washing machines from the LG brand really work quieter and do not vibrate. There is another plus in the absence of a belt. If the tank is overloaded or underwear is unevenly distributed, then the machine with direct drive simply will give an error and, by correcting the problem you can launch a wash. The belt cars will work, but at the same time the pressure on the tank will affect the belt, which will be subjected to additional wear, which will lead to it soon replaced.

Pluses of absence of belt transmission


High-quality direct drive cars produce such well-known brands.

  • LG. Looks great machines with electronic control, economical water and electricity consumption. High-quality equipment and durable, equipped with a large number of modes and programs.
  • Samsung. This brand offers durable and practical devices with an attractive design, large tank capacity, high level of comprehensive security.
  • Bosch. Releases high-quality direct drive cars having improved functional “stuffing”, good pressure power, economical consumption of water and electricity. Technique may have not only large, but also compact dimensions.

Which motor is better, or what is the difference in the motors of washing machines, look next.

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LG F80B8MD washing machine

LG F80B8MD. inexpensive model with low loading for a small family.

Washing machine LG FH2G6WD2

LG FH2G6WD2. a narrow washing machine with a bubble drum for gentle washing.

Washing machine LG F1096TD3

LG F1096TD3. a full-size model with a load of 8 kg and all the features of the model range.

Buying a washing machine with direct drive from the famous Korean brand, which has established itself only from the best side. this is an opportunity to get a reliable assistant, as well as the transformation of washing in a comfortable, fast and simple process.