Washing machine “Hyer” with steam. features and principle of work

Washing machines with steam processing function are gaining more and more popularity, as it is a relatively new-fashioned device that greatly simplifies the washing process. The peculiarity of such a machine is that steam in it replaces washing chemicals, which first should interest allergies. For the first time, such a washing machine released a household appliance company LG in 2006. What is the function of steam in a washing machine, and which model is better to buy, we will tell about this in more detail in this article.

Structurally washing machines with a couple function resemble ordinary household models, but have an additional device. steam generator. It serves cold water from the water supply system.

Due to the operation of a powerful heating element, there is an intensive boiling of fluid with the supply of superheated steam on a special tube directly into drum with linen.

The machine control unit gives commands to open and closing the valves in accordance with the selected program. It is possible to regulate the temperature of the jet, which allows you to handle the most delicate fabrics.

Couples better water penetrates into dense fibers, speeds up the process of dissolving the washing powders, quickly displays unpleasant odors and has a disinfecting effect.

The use of the steam allows you to reduce the flow or do it without using chemical reagents. With it, it is possible to implement various processing modes from intensive washing of severely contaminated linen, to the gentle refreshment of the fabric.

What is this feature

It should be distinguished by the concepts of washing ferry and short-term processing of things converted to the “fog” with water. In the first case, pollution is exposed to ferry, a mixture of water and washing powder. The second processing method is designed to eliminate the unpleasant odors and increase the humidity of the material without filling the drum water.

Advantages and disadvantages

The best household washing machines with a couple function with pleasure use households, since they have a wide range of features. As with any other technical devices, they have their own positive and negative sides.

  • Low water consumption consumption, powder savings, moderate energy consumption;
  • The ability to do without prior soaking even with the most severe pollution;
  • Full disinfection of linen, which is especially important for families with young children and sick people;
  • The minimum humidity treated with ferry fairs that will quickly dry even at room temperature;
  • The laundry extracted from the drum does not have odors;
  • After exposure to the pair, folds and chances are not formed, which in some cases it allows you to do without ironing;
  • the ability to choose a sparing mode for the most delicate fabrics, including silk and wool, which is not always implemented in ordinary machines;
  • Course disinfects not only underwear, but also a pot of washing machine, which guarantees the absence on the walls of pollution and harmful microorganisms;
  • Direct drive steam models are less noisy than most ordinary automata equipped with belt transmission;
  • Combined units can be used in normal mode with subsequent processing for disinfection.
  • Soased pollution is better abandoned with conventional wash with pre-soaking;
  • A limited range of steam models, not all well-known manufacturers reoriented to the release of which;
  • High

Other modes involving steam

Steam “chips” of the washing machine are not limited to one program. Modern automata offer users a number of other functions and algorithms. The most popular of them. Fresh Care technology and Steam Hygiene. Let’s describe each more.

  • Fresh Care. This technology allows linen to keep freshness within 6 hours after washing. Due to the steam processing and special rotation of the drum, the tissue is smoothed out, gets rid of unpleasant odors, and fibers are protected from re-contamination. An important nuance. option does not work when starting the “delicate” and “blankets” programs.

When activated Steam Hygiene technology, up to 99.9% of bacteria is removed from the fabric.

  • Steam Hygiene. Literal translation for “steam hygiene”. The name reflects the essence of the mode: after the launch, the washing drum is filled with steam heated to 70-80 degrees. High temperatures are supported for 20 minutes, due to which the fabric is completely disinfected. up to 99.9% of bacteria is destroyed. Such an eco-friendly option is the perfect solution for washing things of allergy and newborns.

Some models of washing machines with a steam generator have additional modes and options or modified variations of popular. To understand the capabilities of the machine, it is recommended to carefully examine the factory instruction. In it, the manufacturer leads and describes all the provided “buns”.

In which cases the algorithm is useful?

What is generally invented with the function of the steam treatment of linen? What are the advantages of such technology? Is it worth overpaying for a washing machine with a built-in steam generator? Answers to these questions can be obtained by sobering the main advantages of washing the ferry. The reasons why the steam processing function is needed, sufficiently wells:

  • Couples are harmless even for delicate fabrics, while perfectly copes with different kind of pollution;
  • The option is suitable in order to simply refresh clothes that are enjoyed in the closet;
  • Steam paper helps to cope with the unpleasant odor away;
  • Couples can bring fat stains, traces from cosmetics, wine, herbs, berries, blood;
  • With the help of steam cleaning, you can perform antibacterial underwear. destroy malicious microorganisms settled in fabric fibers.

Couples perfectly copes with washing both natural and synthetic tissues, without damaging their fibers.

As can be seen, the function of steam treatment is not useless. With the help of a couple, you can perform a lot of tasks: refreshing things, fight with compound stains, destroy bacteria and microbes from clothes. Therefore, if such a program is provided in your washcloth, be sure to deal with how to use the option.

Are Steam Washers Worth it?

Popular models

Top 8 washing machines rating with steam on the advice of experts and specialists.

Making sure the need to acquire a washing machine with a steam feed function, you can move to the selection of equipment. Overview of popular models from the best global brands will help to cope with this difficult task.

WeissGauff WM 4947 DC Inverter Steam

A classic model that will appeal to its ergonomics, optimal functionality and sophisticated design.

Detached unit with an inverter engine operating with a minimum level of sound power.

For thorough cleaning in the model, 14 wash programs are provided. by selecting the best option, the user will be able to get perfectly widespread linen after half an hour. Quickly, simple, and most importantly. qualitatively.


  • loading. 7 kg;
  • Management. sensory;
  • Pressure degree. 1400 rpm;
  • Water costs for washing. 50 l;
  • Parameters. 59.5 × 49.5 × 85 cm.
  • Improved security system;
  • high quality assembly and durable materials;
  • program preventing the appearance of folds on the tissue;
  • high sprinking speed of wet linen;
  • 10-year warranty on the inverter engine.
  • The sensor may not work the first time;
  • the need to study in detail the instructions in detail;
  • Small things fall into the rubber seal.

Electrolux PerfectCare 600 EW6S4R06W

An attractive device in which everything is provided for the absolute comfort of the user.

Elegant model concluded in a miniature snow-white case, supplemented by a digital display for convenient selection of programs.

steam, function, washing, machine

To quickly purify the high-grade linen, the manufacturer complements the electrical appliance of the spin removal program. now it is not necessary to apply no effort to eliminate them.


  • Loading. 6 kg;
  • Management is intellectual;
  • Express degree. 1000 rpm;
  • Water costs for washing. 43 l;
  • Parameters. 60x38x85 cm.
  • anti-allergenic cleaning of clothing;
  • Minimum water consumption per cycle;
  • Pre-wash program;
  • simplified management system;
  • Absolute security use.

Haier HW70-BP12969A

Functional device, which has high technical indicators and is distinguished by a long operational period.

Thoughtful electric device with an innovative function of automatic closure of the door, significantly improving the safety of operation.

The equipment is equipped with overheating protection system. this gives the owner confidence that the device will last for a long time without breakdowns and failures.


  • loading. 7 kg;
  • Management. electronic;
  • Pressure degree. 1200 rpm;
  • Water costs for washing. 56 l;
  • Parameters. 59.5 × 37.3 × 85 cm.
  • automatic weighing of things;
  • The presence of adjustable legs for a convenient installation;
  • Simple selection of the optimal temperature mode;
  • Elegance and laconicity;
  • Convenient loading of things in the tank.

LG F-1296HDS4

High-tech equipment without which it does not do in a large bathroom or in the kitchen.

A productive steam device equipped with a special stain removal program and an option that allows you to prevent filling fabrics.

Despite the rather impressive sizes, the design is characterized by economical consumption of electricity and belongs to a high prescript class. Washing is carried out in 13 different modes.


  • loading. 7 kg;
  • Management. electronic;
  • Pressure degree. 1200 rpm;
  • Water costs for washing. 56 l;
  • Parameters. 60x44x85 cm.
  • belonging to the high class of power consumption;
  • Highly efficient purification of the ferry;
  • low sound power;
  • Improved pollution elimination program;
  • Ability to choose a suitable temperature.

Electrolux PerfectCare 600 EW6S3R26SI

Excellent well-thought-out device from a widely known Swedish company, who has deserved many positive feedback from experts.

Ultra-modern gadget with a powerful inverter engine, which will last for many years without failures and breakdowns.

The unit carries out its work in 14 modes, has an intuitive sensory control system and a pleasant appearance.


  • Loading. 6 kg;
  • Management is intellectual;
  • Pressure degree. 1200 rpm;
  • Water costs for washing. 48 l;
  • Parameters. 60x38x85 cm.
  • thoughtful functionality;
  • Effective stain elimination;
  • delicate liner care;
  • automatic control of the appearance of foam;
  • Economic Washing Program.

LG Steam F4J6TG1W

High-class washing unit highlighting economical electricity consumption and affordable price.

Detached washing-drying design with a built-in steam generator, intended for high-quality cleaning of all kinds of things not only during standard washing, but also with a couple.

Device has a long warranty period, reliable and safe.


  • Loading. 8 kg;
  • Management is intellectual;
  • Pressure degree. 1400 rpm;
  • Water costs for washing. 45 l;
  • Parameters. 60x56x85 cm.
  • Harmonious combination with any interior;
  • anti-allergic program;
  • creating your own regime;
  • Fast drying of linen for residual moisture;
  • Minimum water consumption.

Advantages of the steam typewriter

A washing steam machine has a number of positive qualities that cannot be noted. with the advantages of this technique, namely, the good wash steam in the washing machine.

  • Excellent Washing Quality, which is achieved with high temperatures. Ferry Processing Perfectly replace features such as boiling, soaking and pre-laundry. Hot steam easily penetrates the fibers of the fabrics, which allows you to cope even with complex pollution.
  • Even the thin synthetics, delicate fabrics and those that car wash are completely contraindicated in the steam vehicle. In most cases, the flow rate of laundry and dry-cleaners. In addition, bright stratified materials will not lose their brightness and the original color, which often happens to them when ordinary washing and boiling.
  • Some models have the ability to make the lingerie, which is very convenient. All of them have at least 14 wash programs, plus individual functions, such as weighing loaded linen and others.
  • Many have come across such a problem of typical washing machines as a breakdown due to overload. This can happen when the drum is often overloaded with linen. The car eventually begins to wash it badly or ceases to work at all due to the stretching of the drive belt. In the patterns of steam styrals, a typical belt drive was replaced with a straight line. This eliminates the possibility of most breakdowns, as well as vibrating equipment in working condition.
  • Erase in a steam type, you will save your time, electricity, water, as well as detergent costs.
  • You can always easily and quickly disseminate any item, ranging from underwear and ending with large bedding and soft children’s toys. By the way, it is also convenient when buying new things that do not want to wash, and get rid of possible surface dust and microbes.
  • There is an opportunity using the “Refresh” function to quickly put in order its stupid crumpled clothes. After washing, things are not required to iron, and they will quickly dry naturally. It is very convenient for residents of urban apartments, where there is not much a lot of free space for wet linen.
  • It is impossible not to note the fact that steam washing machines work very quiet. You can erase even at night and it does not hurt to anyone.

Couple function in washer

If you have acquired modern household appliances and it is equipped with a function of steam generation, then, undoubtedly, first of all it is necessary to figure out what it is intended for.

The steam function is aimed at careful removal of all types of contamination, such as:

Among other things, steam is capable not only to remove dirt from things, but also to disinfect material, destroying microbes, bacteria and even fungus. Also, the possibilities of this program include the removal of an unpleasant smell coming from linen.

Popular patterns with steam function

Of course, in addition to the built-in steam generator, the wash must be answered and other requirements. Therefore, when choosing a new machine, be sure to look at its technical characteristics. Imagine the rating of the three, most popular steam machines.

Focus on the washing and drying machine LG F1296CDS0. This is a detached “Frontalka”, which allows you to “scroll” to 6 kg of linen. Drying mode is also provided. when it is activated, it is allowed to lay up to 3 kg of things in the drum.

  • inverter motor;
  • electronic control;
  • 13 special washing programs;
  • Timer of a deferred start;
  • Maximum spin speed. 1200 revolutions per minute.


The washing machine is equipped with a convenient digital display, which all information about the stages of the cycle is displayed. Unfortunately, the leakage protection system is not provided. But the machine is able to prevent the drum to be prevented, monitor the level of foam. Thanks to the SMART Diagnosis technology, the machine itself reveals the breakdowns that occurred in the system and notifies the user about them.

Next interesting model from the Swedish brand. Electrolux PerfectCare 600 EW6S4R27W. This is a machine with a front load type, installed stationary. Main characteristics of the machine:

  • Maximum load weight. 7 kg;
  • extreme spin speed. 1200 rpm;
  • Timer for the start of washing. for up to 20 hours;
  • Noise. up to 77 dB during annealing;
  • full protection against leaks;
  • electricity consumption. 0.13 kWh / kg;
  • Water consumption. 52 liters per cycle.

In the intelligence programmed 14 modes, among which the steam feed, light iron, washing jeans, sports form, children’s and outerwear. Due to the special option “Anti-Allergy” you can destroy allergens with fabric fibers.

ELECTROLUX PERFECTCARE 600 EW6S4R27W users celebrate the cost-effectiveness of the machine, excellent build quality, stylish design, intuitive management and practically silent equipment.

Next in the ranking of a machine from South Korean brand. Samsung WW65K42E00W. The functionality of this model is more interesting. In addition to the technology of steam supply, the possibility of bubble washing is also provided here. When you start the EcoBubble option, the water in the tank is saturated with air bubbles, due to which better cleaning of clothes is ensured.

SAMSUNG WW65K42E00W can be controlled by the Wi-Fi network, through a smartphone.

  • Capacity of the drum. up to 6.5 kg of linen;
  • Energy saving class and washing efficiency. “A”;
  • consumption of water resources per cycle. 39 liters;
  • extreme spin speed. 1200 revolutions;
  • 12 special cleaning programs;
  • Noise level. up to 73 dB.

At the expense of ADDWASH technology, you can lay things in the drum after the start of the cycle. Paving linen is carried out through the main hatch. It is possible to install the ending time of washing.

The body of the machine is protected from leaks thanks to a special float sensor. During the work of Washing, the control panel can be blocked to prevent accidental push buttons. Also, intelligence can control the level of foam in the tank, perform, if necessary, automatic balancing the drum. Model cost. up to 37000

Machine with steam mode can be a real chopstick of any mistress. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to overpay for this technology, you should not save. The function will not become one of the “unused”, the owners of the styrel flew often often.