What is the control of the imbalance in the washing machine?

Frequent problem after installing the washing machine. a strong buzz and even “bouncing” in the process of pressing the linen. Most likely reason. Balance Balance. Malfunction needs to be quickly eliminated. it is not only about discomfort due to noise and knocks, but also about increased wear of components. Balancing washing machine for restoring normal working conditions. You can do it with your own hands, but to get the guaranteed result it is better to contact the specialists.

The danger of an imbalance is high when violating the rules for transporting the unit, with an incorrect installation, when placed on an inappropriate surface. If the problem has already arisen, and you need a re-balancing of the drum of the washing machine, to deal with the masters “Repair and”.

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Principle of operation of the system

During the execution of the washing program, the drum washing machine is constantly rotating by moving underwear in it. Thus, things are well impregnated with water, and friction about metal walls with peorated allows you to get rid of pollution. But in the process of motion, the underwear is sometimes knocked in one lump. Most often it is observed in the process of washing bedding.

In this case, in the drum of the washing machine, an imbalance occurs. a malfunction of equilibrium. Uneven linen distribution fixes a special sensor. It sends a warning signal to the control module.

If the washing machine continues to work, spin at high speed (1000-1200 revolutions per minute) provokes strong vibration. It’s not just an unpleasant phenomenon. Vibration during spinning can lead to serious breakdowns, especially with a big boot loading. Bearing node is being subjected to great risk, but other details can be left out of order, for example, shaft or drum cross. Washer repair will cost its owner into a large amount. The imbalance of the drum often leads to a damage of the elements of the depreciation system.

The system of control of the imbalance is designed to prevent the premature exit of the apparatus. Special vibration sensor instantly fixes the deviation from the norm and reduces the spin speed. Rotating drum in different directions, the device is trying to distribute the underwear. If the attempt fails, the execution of the program stops, and the washing makes a warning signal. Special code is displayed on the machine display.

The instructions for the washing machine describes the recommendations for the elimination of the imbalance. As a rule, you just need to open the door and distribute underwear inside the drum manually, then re-run the spinning process.

What Are The Main Causes Of An Unbalanced Washing Machine Load?

The system of control of the imbalance is available in all models of washing machines at a press speed of more than 1000 revolutions per minute. You can buy a wash from famous brands at all inexpensive in our online catalog. Delivery of technology is carried out throughout Russia.

Why balancing is broken

Typically, the breaking of the drum balancing occurs when the automatic control system translates to the prescript step. Bounded in com laundered leads to an imbalance, the equipment is subject to a strong shaking. The problem of unbalance occurs for the following reasons:

  • If bedding is erased, small things fall into large. for example, in a duvet cover. This leads to the formation of a large coma.
  • In the drum is too many or few things.
  • When washing with a temperature regime, more than 60 degrees machine takes extra water for rinsing, which can lead to a small deterioration in the balance.
  • Technical Plan Problems. Shaft Rust or His Mechanical Damage, Bearing Wear.

In many modern models about the appearance of an imbalance, you can learn about displaying an error with the appropriate code. To prevent problems, it is impossible to load the machine more than the instruction is provided. Filling. up to 70 percent. If there are volumetric things, with wets, they will become heavy, will cause overload. it must be considered when loading a tank. Things of different sizes preferably to wash together. this will distribute the load evenly.

Conjugation with the application

Different manufacturers use their own applications and services that allow you to connect Wi-Fi washing machine. LG works with Smart Thinq, Bosch. Home Connect, Samsung. SmartThings.

Since Samsung is a well-known household appliances manufacturer, consider setting a remote control for smart WW6100R smart washing machine:

  • Download the SmartThings application on the smartphone from Play Market.
  • Register an SAMSUNG account or log in to your own account in this application if you have registered it earlier.
  • Make sure your smartphone is connected to the router wireless network, in the access area of ​​which is washed.
  • Run the application on the smartphone.
  • If a new device found window appears, click “Add”.
  • If there were no notifications, click “” and select your model from the proposed list.
  • If your model is not in the list, select “Device Type”. “Defined Device Model” and make the name of the washed.
  • Add the device to the application and wait for the end of the pairing.
  • After the wash will be displayed in the application on the smartphone and it will be possible to control it.

Before configuring and checking remote control, it is recommended to connect and adjust the washing machine by level.

With water temperature figured out. Let’s go to the next myth.

Almost everyone believe that children’s washing powders contain less chemistry and not so harmful. Parents are often experiencing and do not use simple powders for washing children’s things. Justifying your refusal by the fact that there are harmful substances that are not washed away. But the truth is not hidden in this. Children’s powder in composition differs only slightly from the usual, everyday. Children’s washing powder is, with the exception of rare cases, only thoughtful marketing stroke. That is why, if you have a child-allergic, it is recommended to wash it with baby soap instead of powder. In principle, you can try and option easier. rinse children’s things after the machine again to chemicals that could stay thoroughly.

Machine overload leads to accelerated wear of parts and makes it difficult to wash the. The maximum allowable weight loading weight of the drum is usually listed in the instructions or even on the machine itself. Standard bed linen set, for example, weighs about 1.5-2 kg, children’s set. 1.2 kg. Sports suit. near kilogram, jeans. 600-800 g, T-shirt. 200-300 g, dress. 300 g, bath towel. 500-600 g.

Linen or X / B things can be filled with a drum almost to the top, synthetics. about 50%. When washing the bathrobes, towels, wool is also enough half of the drum. Yes, and in other cases should not be stuffing the drum to failure. Between its surface and linen, there should be space about the palm, otherwise the wash will not be enough effective. Pretend drum too undesirable. This leads to strengthening vibration, increased noise and speeds up the wear of machine mechanisms.

Means for “idle” washing

Special attention should be paid to the detergent. Sometimes the residual lubricant is such a hardwater that standard powders cannot cope with oil and unpleasant odor. Then a special technical cleaner will come to the rescue, for example, Helfer Start Hlr0054.

As part of Helfer Start Hlr0054 Strong seals capable of degreased metal surfaces and clean the drum and internal parts of the waste from fuel oil, oil, nagar, lime deposits and many others. Thanks to this one cycle, it is enough to have an extra lubricant in the sewer. Pleases and versatility means allowing the use of powder in any model of the machine. Use it too just.

  • I fall asleep powder into the main branch of the tray (no need to measure the dosage, since one package is designed for one cycle).
  • I exhibit the mode of type “Cotton 60”.
  • Launch washing.

Additional cycle will not need. The main thing is not to hurry and do not include the mode quickly. After the program is completed, you can safely download a batch with linen and not worry about the quality of disbunning them.

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How to check the drum washing machine?

First open the hatch of the machines, pick up the drum and swing it lightly, then turn the left and right. If during these simple manipulations, you will hear not a soft rustling, but a knock or creaking of a decent volume, which means breakdown.

Durable operation of the washing machine leads to the loss of sealance of the gland. Water hits the bearings, the lubricant is washed away, they rust and destroy if the bearings are already “broken” the drum begins to hang much not only on the tick, but also with a light swing with hand.

What to do if the washing machine is noise in ticking?

The washing machine has long been a full-fledged place in a row of household appliances. Like any other technical device, the machine is subject to various kinds of faults and breakdowns. Due to the popularity of home life, the experimental base for its independent repairs continues to increase.

How to set a washing machine using the level

This process consists of several stages. To begin with, it is necessary to make sure that the surface of the floor is smooth. This is determined using a special tool. Ideal is considered to cover from tiles, concrete or marble. If the site is uneven, in the plot of slope “increase” with substrates.

For fastening on a wooden floor under construction, a small piece of plywood is placed, which will help balance the load on the shaky floor. If the boards are too old, it is recommended to disassemble them to a concrete base. Then the “podium” is poured from the concrete mix, on which the unit will stand during use.

Before setting on the selected area, connecting to communications: a plumbing hose, an electrical outlet and sewer plum. After mounting, connecting the connection will be problematic.

Next, twisted legs, a little. After leveling over the level gauge, the racks are spinning to the end.

The apparatus is then exhibited on the prepared area. If the test of the tool revealed the roll, the horizontal position of the washer is achieved by adjusting the corresponding reference points. Turning a leg with a key, which is complete, reduce the space between the floor and the design at this point. And on the contrary, wrapping the rack, raise the bottom of the washer.