Quickly remove the unpleasant odor from the refrigerator: 36 ways from our readers

The theme of the unpleasant odor from the refrigerator does not stop worrying the responsible hostesses. Even the owners of new.fangled models with a self.modification system are not safe from this trouble. You can’t let everything go on. Something needs to be done so that all the food is not saturated with unpleasant aromas. It is possible to remove the smell from the refrigerator, but first you need to figure out what caused it.

You can remove the bad smell from the refrigerator without even turning it away from the network. For this, unpleasant odors or flavorings are used. Many of them are always at hand in the kitchen of every housewife. To remove the unwanted smell from the refrigerator at home, they use:

  • pieces of black loaf;
  • rice cereal; onions, potatoes or apple. The selected flavor is cut in medium pieces and changed every 2-3 days;
  • spices;
  • zest of citrus fruits, slices of lemon or orange;
  • coffee thick or fried coffee grains;
  • sugar or salt;
  • Crimean traffic jams. to effectively eliminate the smell, several pieces are needed;
  • crowded activated carbon;
  • container with a solution of soda;
  • oat bran.

There are industrial products against bad aromas. Some of them not only eliminate the unpleasant odor, but also the very reason for its appearance is putrefactive bacteria. This includes the ionizer for the refrigerator. This is a small device that carries out the air. As a result, the odor molecules are eliminated, and the products are stored longer than usual.

Mineral-salt absorbers will eliminate a specific smell and excessive damp from the refrigerator. They look like crystals that need to be washed as they become dirty. But with a strong smell, for example, from rotten fish, they cannot cope. Be sure to read the smell of rotten meat, fish, eggs about breeding.

Helium granules have proven themselves well. They completely save the refrigerator from the smell of plastic or pronounced aromas of products in 1 day. But they must be changed every 1.5 months. Cheaper absorption options are balls with silica gel and a defender of activated coal odors. Enough of them for 3 months. They cope with their task effectively, but longer-in 5-7 days.

The main condition for the absence of amber in the refrigerator is to maintain it clean. If everything is in order with this, and strange smells still appear, choose the absorber of aromas to your taste. And industrial and home remedies effectively remove unpleasant odors. They differ only in price and ease of use.

The reasons for the unpleasant odor in the refrigerator

Even good owners sometimes face the fact that in their refrigerator begins to stink. The source of the problem is not always easy to find. often the causes of the smell from the refrigerator are as follows:


  • poorly washed food containers;
  • the remains of food on the walls of the refrigerator, which got there by chance;
  • mold; device. problems in the ventilation system;
  • incorrectly set temperature regulations;
  • The refrigerator is new. production standards were not observed, and there was a strong smell of plastic; in the hole for draining melt water.

Finding out the cause of the unpleasant aroma, we proceed to its elimination.

Methods of cleaning the refrigerator from dirt, yellowness and fat

Wash the refrigerator with folk remedies, it is necessary in stages. this will remove dirt, yellowness and caustic aroma.


  • Mix vinegar with water in the same proportion. For example, you can take 100 ml of warm water and the same amount of essence. It is not worth it to breed a solution where there will be more vinegar, because then the details will smell unpleasantly.
  • Mix the liquids in a small container.
  • We take a soft cloth or sponge, dip it in the solution and begins to wash the refrigerator. First, the stains from fat are removed, and then the whole camera is wiped. Even if there are clean areas in the device, they should also be processed in order to remove the smell, as well as disinfect plastic.
  • Let the camera dry. for this, doors remain open.

If drops of water remained on the plastic, they are removed with a dry rag. Containers and lattices are laundered by vinegar solution separately, after which they are dried and installed in the previous places.

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The most famous and common product that removes dirt and relieves smell:

  • We take 2 tablespoons of this bulk substance, after which we mix them with half a liter of clean water.
  • Stir the powder thoroughly until the grains that have settled to the bottom will completely dissolve. To do this faster, it is recommended to take water water.
  • Wet the rag in the liquid and begin to wipe. The door and the back wall are wiped last.
  • The final step is considered to be wiping the unit with a dry cloth.

7 steps and refrigerator is perfectly clean.

Soda does not leave caustic aroma and divorces, so you can often use it to cleanse parts from yellowness.


My refrigerator with alcohol 1-2 times a month. with more frequent use of the product, it can damage plastic parts.

This tool disinfects the surface, removes yellowness, as well as spots of different origin.

Attention! Before the first use of the refrigerator, it is treated with this tool.

Lemon juice or citric acid

  • We take 2 tablespoons of juice or powder acid, mix with water (0.5 l).
  • Mix the product well. Water is warm.
  • Wet a rag in the solution and proceed to wiping. The rag is squeezed strongly so as not to accumulate moisture on the details.
  • We carefully wipe the camera with a dry cloth so that it remains completely dry.

We leave the refrigerator open to evaporate the smell. To extend the effect of disinfection, you can put a cup with zest from lemon on the shelf. In this case, rinse the device less often, especially if it is always in a “neat” state.

To destroy the smell, as well as wash the glue from the sticker, you can use this method.

How to remove unpleasant odors after rotten meat and other products

To eliminate the smell in the refrigerator, it is also recommended to use folk remedies. They easily remove the unpleasant aroma of rotten meat, marinades, alcohol and spoiled food.

An effective method of getting rid of odor in the refrigerator.

You can also use non.aggressive modern means, for example, a tool for washing dishes. It will be able to clean the pollution, and also give the unit details a pleasant aroma. To quickly remove the unpleasant odor, as well as clean various kinds of pollution, you need to put a rag moistened with a dishes, in a place where the product has deteriorated. After 15 minutes, wipe her processed section.

How to wipe the refrigerator to get rid of an unpleasant odor:


To get rid of unpleasant aroma, it is recommended to use any soap that will be at your hand.

  • We take any soap (it is better to use the household, since there are no flavorings and fragrances in it) and foam it in warm water.
  • We apply foam to the inside of the refrigerator and wait 15–20 minutes.
  • Then we wipe it with a damp cloth until the foam is completely removed (wash the new refrigerator especially well).

If the parts of the unit are too dirty, you can grate the soap on a grater, and then add a little water to it to get a thick gruel. This tool is good to process hard.to.reach places, as well as rubber seals. 30 minutes after applying the gruel is completely removed, and the camera is wiped dry.


Old pollution and strong unpleasant odors can be wiped with a toothpaste.

  • We take paste without dyes and flavors, after which we apply it to the sponge.
  • We distribute the product on its surface and proceed with the processing of parts. At the same time, it is worthwhile to pull out all the boxes and shelves that interfere with the processing of the camera.
  • After 15 minutes the pasta is removed with a damp cloth.
  • Boxes and lattices should be washed separately.

Pasta perfectly removes any smell the first time, so if you need to quickly remove the unpleasant aroma, you can use this tool.

Apple cider will help to qualitatively cope with the unpleasant aroma of rotten meat or other smells, as well as carefully remove the glue from the sticker.

  • We take a glass of cider and dilute it in a liter of water.
  • Mix the solution thoroughly and moisten the sponge in it.
  • We wipe the boxes, shelves and door door.
  • We wipe the inside of the refrigerator with a damp cloth to remove the remnants of the cord.

Important! Rinse the details of the refrigerator and its components with hot water are prohibited, since you can significantly damage their surface. Also, before washing, it is worth using the No Frost function, which will help defrost the refrigerator before cleansing it.

Ways to get rid of the problem

To put the equipment in order, you need to know how to wash the refrigerator in order to get rid of the smell, and perform a simple algorithm of action. To do this, you will need several steps that will lead to a positive result and help to eliminate the stench in the refrigerator.

Devastate the refrigerator and freezer.

Cleaning can be carried out with fully released from the contents of the chambers. Even if they stores sauces in containers with tightly dull lids, sealed fish and meat canned meat, juices. all this should leave the storage places.

Wash all shelves and boxes.

Even if the hostess believes that they are perfectly clean, they will have to behed them again. Shelves and boxes must be taken out, washed each container and surface well, wipe with a dry cloth and completely dry out. You can use various dishes for washing.

My camera.

Before proceeding with the washing of the refrigerator, it must be completely defrosted, remove all products, even in a strong air.proper packaging, free the cameras from shelves and boxes.

Look into all corners, do not ignore the walls and side panels is the task of the hostess who wants to eliminate the poor smell. Depending on its resistance, various means can be used. It can be a special gel, dishes for washing, folk remedies. What to choose. the hostess decides.

“White”. This bleaching contains large chlorine. It really can wash the refrigerator well, but along with cleanliness in the cells, the smell of chlorine may appear, which, in turn, will have to be weathering. After applying this tool, it will be possible to use the technique only after completely getting rid of the chlorine spirit. In families where there are children, its use is undesirable.

Any detergent is the simplest and most affordable opportunity to save the refrigeration and freezers from the stench. To do this, just apply a few drops of the drug to a wet sponge, wash the chambers, thoroughly remove foam with water.

Laundry soap is an effective and safe way to remove pollution. If liquid soap is used, it is used as a conventional detergent. Cups need to be well soed a wet sponge, and then start cleaning.

means, wash, refrigerator, smell, rinse

Folk remedies are the simplest and most safe. The practice of using the unit offers many means to help solve the problem of how to remove the unpleasant odor from the refrigerator.

Saline solution effectively copes with the eclipse. After the complete dissolution of the substance in warm water, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse all the surfaces with the solution, then with clean water.

Vinegar, diluted in water in a 1: 1 proportion, will help get rid of persistent unpleasant odors, including remove the smell of fish. Wash in the usual way. If unwanted aromas could not immediately be eliminated, you can use a simple technique. To do this, moisten the napkin in the solution, put in the camera and leave for several hours.

A universal and safe tool is food soda. It will help to wash even old spots, remove an unpleasant odor and return the initial whiteness to the surfaces. Soda can be used in the solution and in dry form.

The same properties as soda, has dry mustard powder. But, unlike it, mustard is not used in the solution.

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To eliminate an unpleasant odor in the refrigerator, citric acid, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide can be used.

A positive effect has a regular toothpaste. It is applied to contaminated surfaces, withstand for half an hour, removed with a damp cloth.

Rinse the drain hole.

To free the drain hole from the dirt, you can use a cotton swab moistened with a solution, a rubber pear or a disposable syringe with a volume of 10 cubes. In the container, you should type the solution used for cleaning, insert into the hole and enter the composition. Repeat the procedure 2-5 times. Then, in the same way, clean water should be introduced into the hole. Dirt and unpleasant odor will be eliminated.

I ventilate and dry the camera.

I ventilation and drying are mandatory procedures after washing the refrigerator and freezer. To be confident in a positive result, it is important to leave the equipment for ventilation and drying for at least one hour.

Put on the shelf a natural absorber of the smell for prevention.

As a prophylactic, protecting from the appearance of unpleasant aromas in chambers, manufacturers offer neutralizers, smell absorbers. They are harmless to the skin and respiratory systems, effectively cope with the task. Installed in a cleanly washed and ventilated refrigerator.

And a little about prevention

The best prevention that allows you to avoid serious problems is regular cleaning: washing and ventilation of cameras, as well as:

Getting rid of expired products, including rotten meat, fish, cheese;

Storage of dishes and products with a pungent odor in closed containers or industrial packages.

means, wash, refrigerator, smell, rinse

Compliance with these simple rules will provide clean air in the refrigerator and safe storage of products.

How to quickly remove the smell from the refrigerator after a rotten

The smell from rotten meat is difficult to eliminate from the refrigerator. After all, molecules and particles of a spoiled product fell on the upper layer of plastic and firmly eaten into it.

But it can be minimized in this way:

  • Remove all products from the refrigerator and freezers
  • Throw away spoiled or causing suspicions
  • Wash all surfaces, shelves and elastic bands with a detergent or soap solution with the addition of soda
  • Wiped dry, do not close the door

Most likely, the smell after such procedures will not disappear. Remove it in one of the subsequent ways:

Grut from soda is rubbed into the surface and polished it, removing part of the molecules that have come into plastic. Such cleaning removes more than half of the smell, but it is too early to load the products into the refrigerator. Use one or more folk remedies. Когда аромат станет не очень сильным, устанавливают в холодильник продукты и поглотитель запахов.

If the aroma remains strong, you may need to disassemble the refrigerator by removing all the elastic bands and cleaning them from the inside.

How to get rid of the fish smell in the refrigerator

Fish stopped in the refrigerator without sufficient packaging can leave an unpleasant odor. Especially in cases where it connects to the aroma of other dishes. Before you remove the smell of fish from the refrigerator, remove the product from the camera. Then the surfaces are washed, wiped them dry and install one of the absorptions of the smell.

  • Take a half of the lemon, sprinkle with a pinch of salt and covered with gauze. Holding the peel, wipe the walls of the chamber, the inner string of the door, the ceiling.
  • You can wipe the surfaces with a cotton pad moistened in a liquid vanilla extract. Its aroma quickly displace the smell of fish.
  • Orange crusts are well removed from the fish. They are laid out for 2-3 days, then removed so that they do not turn into a smell source.

If the fish has drunk in the refrigerator, getting rid of the strong and unpleasant from the smell is much more difficult. Before getting rid of a rotten smell in the refrigerator, they thoroughly wash it and wipe the dryings dry. Perform the same procedures as to get rid of the aroma of rotten meat.

Correct defrosting to eliminate an unpleasant odor

Initially, when defrosting, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of the stench. a spoiled product. But the main catalyst is the propagation of bacteria, which in large quantities appear on elastic bands and plastic.

Before defrosting the refrigerator, you need to remove all its contents, remove the grilles, shelves, pull out the boxes. The temperature controller should be turned up to 0 degrees and only then turn off the unit out of the outlet. Such defrosting will take a lot of time if it is cool in the room. You can accelerate thawing using the following methods:

  • Place a container with hot water on a lattice in the refrigerator;
  • put a thermal fan or heater opposite the equipment;
  • use a hair hair dryer, starting warm air.

After defrosting it can be cleaned. Use special cleaners. If the smell does not go, it is recommended to grate the surface with a peel from citrus fruits. All additional details must be cleaned separately (trays, egg stands), then rinse in warm water. After the procedure, it is necessary to thoroughly wipe the entire surface with a clean dry cloth to eliminate the sneakers and stains.

Products should be placed back only after the equipment has cooled to the desired temperature (from.1 to 6). To do this, you need to wait some time after turning on.

How to store products to exclude an unpleasant aroma

The main storage rule is the sorting of products. Milk and dairy products need to be placed on a separate one from others, they absorb smells well. Broken foods (meat, fish) should be postponed further from others. It is recommended to store them in containers, bags, foil, so as not to spread the aroma.

Fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator should be put already washed and dried. Boxes for them should be dry. Wet spots, condensate should be immediately eliminated, they contribute to the development of pathogenic microorganisms. The same applies to traces of jam, syrups, juices. It is important not to leave products in the refrigerator for a long time, monitor the expiration date and timely remove spoiled products.

So that the refrigerator serves for a long time, it is necessary to care for it correctly. These rules relate to correct defrosting, timely cleaning and storage of products. After all, it is the abundance of microbes that affects the high.quality operation of the equipment, can disable it and ruin all the products stored in it. Just wipe the refrigerator from smells is not enough. It is necessary to use special tools to neutralize them, with antiseptic and adsorption properties.

How to eliminate the smell in the refrigerator

The new refrigerator sometimes has a technical smell. According to the instructions, the household apparatus before operation and loading with food products must be washed. Rinse the factory and store dust inside, and wipe it out with a soap solution.

Long storage of perishable products. The first thing to do is to find the source of the unpleasant odor. It can be rotten: cabbage, herbs, onions or garlic, open banks of canned salads. To avoid further unpleasant odors, you need to remove all spoiled products from the refrigerator.

Spilled and dried liquid. Fat spots from pots, spilled liquid further becomes source of smell. It’s easier to delete until everything is dry than to wait for the next cleaning for a long time to wipe the dried up products of products for a long time.

Placed products are not closed into separate containers. When food products are stored in open form, a strong specific smell is formed: smoked sausage, fresh meat or fish. For its elimination, it is necessary to revise, transfer to separate closed trays or cover with plastic film, thereby preventing the spread of the smell.

Electric appliance malfunction in the cooling system. Fresh products have become unusable very quickly, which means that the cooling system does not work, you need to urgently contact a specialist in equipment repair.

The drain tube or drainage hole between the freezer and the refrigerator clogged. Water flows along the tube along with particles of defrosted food, for this reason the tube and hole often clog. Gently remove the tube, rinse under the wastewater, clean the drainage hole with cotton wools.

Lack of proper systemic wet refrigerator cleaning. There are two types of defrosting: with the function of no frost and without it. Device with the No Frost system does not need special defrosting. Such a refrigerator is simply wiped, since it has no ice. The second type needs to defrost 1 time in 3 months, which is well affected by the refrigerator.

Why is an unpleasant odor in the refrigerator

It will be very difficult to deal with extraneous smells if the source of their appearance is unknown. The accumulation of organic residues is possible in any compartments, and the pollution of shelves, boxes and containers sooner or later begin to smell bad.

The main causes of odors are the following:

  • Damage of stored products. This usually happens when the expiration date ends. The most stink of rotten eggs, salads, meat and fish products.
  • The refrigerator is idle for a long time without work. Often this happens at the end of the summer season. Mold forms inside, it eats into the walls, and the air becomes musty.
  • The product arrived from the store in dirty packaging. In such cases, the smell occurs during the day.
  • Drops of spilled soups, borsch and other liquid dishes. With regular opening and closing the doors, they quickly deteriorate and spread unpleasant aromas.
  • The seal does not fully fit the door. A constant influx of warm air is created into the chamber, due to which damage to the products begins very quickly.
  • Blockage in the drainage for condensate. Different garbage is collected in the drainage tube, the refrigerator begins to work inefficiently. Waste decomposes and begin to stink. To punch blocking, hot water is used, supplied with sprinting.
  • A purely technical reason may be a decrease in the compressor’s performance, the failure of the fan, other malfunctions of the units and components.

Since the main causes are known, it is recommended to constantly check the contents of the refrigerator. All dishes should be stored in tightly closed containers. At the slightest smell, all suspicious products must be immediately removed and thrown away.

Sometimes unpleasant odors can spread new, just purchased devices. Products can purchase a plastic taste or smell. Then the question arises, how to wash a new refrigerator before the first use. It is recommended to carry out a thorough sink of the unit from the inside with any improvised means. Further, everything is wiped dry, and the device remains with the open door for 4-5 hours.

Features of cleaning different models

The solution to the problem, how to wash the refrigerator is significantly different for each model, depending on its design features. It should be noted that not only old, but also new, just purchased units, regardless of the presence or absence of specific aromas, are subject to hygienic procedures.

How to wash the refrigerator No Frost

Many modern refrigerators are equipped with a special No Frost freezing system that prevents the formation of ice inside the freezer. A similar effect gives an innovative ventilation technique that optimally distributes air flows inside the unit. Air movement removes all condensate from the walls, and they always remain clean.

Such devices are defrosted automatically, but at certain intervals of time. this must be done manually. At the same time, it is necessary to wash the refrigerator inside after defrosting, including in the freezer. If the defrosting was carried out recently, and the refrigerator requires unscheduled cleaning, cleaning can be carried out without defrosting the unit.

means, wash, refrigerator, smell, rinse

The procedure for washing without defrosting is performed quickly in a certain sequence:

  • The device is disconnected from the supply voltage.
  • The freezer remains closed.
  • All shelves are extracted, washed and dried.
  • The internal walls are cleaned of contaminants to eliminate the smell.
  • The external coating is laundered.
  • All moisture is collected using paper napkins or towels.
  • Shelves and containers return to their places, products are folded on them, after which the refrigerator starts into the work.

How to wash the refrigerator ordinary models

The procedure for cleaning and washing ordinary models is described in detail in the operating manual. It must be indicated here how often the surfaces should be processed in order to destroy the smell, and what means for cleaning are allowed to use.

Direct washing is performed with a sponge for dishes or a soft tissue cloth. The selected detergent is applied to the shelves and walls in the direction from top to bottom. The door, containers and small trays should be especially carefully cleaned, where pollution and food residues accumulate most of all.

Particular attention is paid to the rubber seal. To wash the sealant, you cannot use a wide sponge soaked in water. Under its influence, the rubber will stretch and strongly deform. Naturally, there will be no question of any tight fit.

Therefore, it is recommended to use the old toothbrush for cleaning the seal. An effective washing tool is pre.prepared. Laundry soap (50 g) is rubbed on a grater and mixed with dental powder (3 tbsp. tablespoons). Next, water, 2-3 drops of essential oil are added to the mixture, and the result is a homogeneous mass with a pleasant smell. The mixture is applied to the sealant and ground high.quality with a brush, especially in hard.to.reach places. After cleaning, all moist places are thoroughly dried by natural ventilation or using a hairdryer.

means, wash, refrigerator, smell, rinse

It should be remembered that vinegar and acids are not suitable for washing gum. To process the dried elastic band, it is recommended to use vegetable oil.

After removing all the surface pollution, you need to wipe dry and leave the refrigerator open until everything is completely dry. Next, it is turned on and entered into effect.

The better to wash the freezer after defrosting

Freezing Camera. the most important unit of the refrigerator. The thicker the layer of ice, the higher the energy consumption. It is very important to properly and efficiently defrost. Very often we do not attach importance to how, in what form and what products we will put there. Sometimes some of them can leak, others-grind. All these pieces spoil, settled on freon tubes and, in the future, can lead to an unpleasant odor. The process of purifying the freezer is practically identical to cleaning the cooling chamber. The main thing is not to damage the mesh of the freezer and tubes for the supply of cooling gas.

Sometimes a fragrance can be a regular grated chocolate as a flavor. Special suspended filters will help to spread the smell and not attract the attention of those households who do not mind enjoying sweets

The usual activated carbon also copes with this role. To do this, 40 tablets must be crushed into flour and poured into flat containers. You can store the pallet for a month. After this time has expired, coal is heated in the oven, and he will again receive his original properties. Activated charcoal effectively fights ethylene, which are distinguished during storage in the refrigerator vegetables and fruits.

Advice! If you place ground coffee in the refrigerator, it will not save the smell, but only disguises it!

In addition to natural remedies, you can use ready.made industrial smell absorbers. These include:

After you have cleaned your refrigerator, this is especially true for “absorptions”, do not rush to force it with products. For some time he should work out “idle”

Note! In large industrial enterprises (meat processing industry), freezers are cleaned with the help of a drug called Odorgon.

Prevention of the appearance of odors in the refrigerator

Wash and defrost the refrigerator better every 2 months

In order to prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odor, use our recommendations:

  • Do not leave open packaging from mayonnaise or sauces.
  • Wipe the surfaces weekly with a damp cloth (for this it is not necessary to defrost the refrigerator, in which case the main thing is to wipe the surfaces dry)
  • Make sure that the packaging of containers with food are sealed.
  • Take for the habit of keeping one of the “absorptions” in the refrigerator. It can be a banal bag with soda or angle.
  • Put the vegetables only on the prepared area in the boxes. it is better to pass the bottom with polyethylene.
  • Freeze only hermetically closed products, it is better to do this in special containers or bags.

Any pollution or spilled fluid must be removed immediately after the appearance

We hope that our recommendations will help to return and maintain truly frosty freshness in your refrigerator. And the better to wash your refrigerator and how to care for it, you can watch in this video.