Frequently asked questions about wax epilation and shigaring

During the first procedure of wax epilation or shugaring, the hairs can not be removed until the end, if you used a razor machine before depilating. Since when shaving, hair dishes and often several hairs are growing from a single hair follicle, the shortest hairs, as a rule, is not visible, since its length is less than 1 mm. In this case, it is extremely difficult to capture this hair with wax or sugar.

In order for the effect of depilation to please you for 3 weeks and more, it is desirable that the hair length is from 5 millimeters. This length is achieved 2-3 weeks after the last depilation or 1.5-2 weeks after the last use of the razor. If necessary, our wizard will adjust the length of the hair with a trimmer for grass before the shugaring procedure or wax epilation.

Types of sugar depilation

Shugaring today is carried out in two ways:

  • Sugar Waxing. This method is largely reminiscent of wax depilation. Pre-molten sugar solution is applied to the skin on the skin, which can only be purchased in specialized stores. Then the body strip is superimposed on a lubricated solution. When the sugar mass on the skin is frozen, the strip of a sharp movement is broken from the treated zone in the direction of hair growth. This procedure is rather painful, and its holding is possible only after buying in the store of specialized sugar paste and fabric strips.
  • Sugaring. Actually, the shugaring itself, the procedure conducted with the help of sugar paste, which any woman can independently do in its kitchen from ordinary products. To do this, do not look for special ingredients or use narrow-product equipment. Love here and fabric strips. All that will need is only sugar.

What can not be done after. Features of skin care

Subsequent skin care is as important as the preparatory stage. To avoid unpleasant sensations after a session of Shugaring is not recommended:

  • Water skin (within 12 hours after)
  • to visit the sauna, bath (within 1-2 days after the session);
  • sunbathing. in solarium or in natural conditions (it is recommended to refrain from this for 2 days, so as not to cut the skin and give it time to calm down after hair removal);
  • use deodorant (day. after the imaging of the axillary depression);
  • Sleep in underwear (up to three days) after epidalization of a deep bikini zone.

It is recommended during the first days after depilation not to play sports, because the sweat can cause irritation in the skin areas from which hair was removed, and to visit the pool.

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The main advantages of Shugarring

Undoubtedly, such a simple and accessible procedure has an impressive list of advantages:

length, hair, epilation
  • Depilation is equally possible both in the Cosmetologist’s office and at home.
  • Sugaring pastes consist of three main components: water, sugar and lemon juice. These products are easily accessible to each girl, and the low cost of the finished composition makes the product especially popular among the fans of Shugaring.
  • The holders of sensitive skin may not worry about the consequences in the form of all sorts of allergic reactions, because the simple composition of the paste speaks about the product hypoallery and the shugaring procedure itself. And yet, when choosing paste in specialized stores, pay attention to the composition of the product. It should not have pauded fonders, dyes and chemical elements.
  • Ladies with sensitive skin type may not worry that after depilation on the treated area, a large number of microtrams or hematomas will remain. The peculiarity of Shugaring is to be careful pulling hairs without skin damage.
  • Unlike wax, not all sugar paste requires heating, which eliminates the likelihood of getting a burn when used.
  • After depilingation, sugar is easily flushed with water with water, so there is no need for special lotions to remove excess paste. And the skin as a result becomes soft and moisturized.
  • In the process of shugaring, the hairs dome down with the root, and the new vegetation on the body will appear at least 1-2 weeks. With regular depilation with sugar, new hairs will eventually become lighter, weaker and thinner.

Features of training

Shugaring is a popular and effective epilation procedure. For this, a special sugar paste is created, which is most careful, but carefully removes unnecessary elements. At the same time, the composition is distinguished by safe effects, high efficiency and easy use. For successful epilation of sugar pasta, it is important to comply with some requirements and rules that is a pledge of smooth and beautiful skin.

The preparation process and features are as follows:

  • The duration of the period between other methods of epilation and shigaring should be at least one week;
  • Optimal is the length of hairs 3. 8 mm;
  • The length of the hair for the procedure after applying the machine must be at least 5 mm;
  • It is possible to use special painkillers, such as cream or spray;
  • Skin cleansing is carried out using a degreasing lotion, and then a little talc is applied. It is recommended to use a soft cleansing scrub.

Preparation for sugar epilation is important. As a result of preliminary measures, the optimal removal of organized skin and fat is achieved. Thanks to such events, high-quality hair grip with sugar paste occurs, which leads to a good result of epilation.

Careful preparation for sugar epilation and the achievement of the necessary hair length are important moments on which the effect of the procedure depends. It does not follow the day before removing the hair to visit the solarium, and the scrub is best applying two days before the caregoing procedure. On the day of epilation, active physical exertion is not recommended, applying moisturizing and any other cosmetics on the skin. Optimal vegetation length is an important point for successful and high-quality shugaring.

length, hair, epilation

Hair length for epilation

Before going to the master, you need to understand whether the length of the hair on the body that the girl plans to epile. To make it easier, it is better to choose some one hair removal method and constantly stick to it. Otherwise, the abundance of numbers and requirements can confuse and create additional difficulties.

With wax epilation matters, the first is a trip to the salon or a woman visits it regularly. For the first time the magnitude of the hair should be 5 mm. In the following times enough 2-3. The main thing is that the bristles are not shorter than 2 mm and more than 8.

If the hairs are too small, the wax will not stick to them, and the procedure will not work. With a large length, there is a risk of their rustling and inflammation in the future. In addition, it enhances pain during the process.

Sugar (Shugaring)

Girls who came to see shugaring, hair in the epilation zone should be 4-7 mm. If the client makes the procedure regularly and for a long time, it can grow only 3-4 mm. In the case when the bristles are longer than 8 mm, the specialist may first cut it with scissors or machine to the desired level.

Risks when removing hair irregularity with sugar are the same as wax epilation. Skin problems may arise, the possibility of rotation or low-quality removal increases.


This modern method choose many women, because after the course of the procedures you can walk with smooth skin for a long time. To remove hair with a laser, it is necessary that they are 1-2 mm in size.

If the hair is too long, you have to endure pain, and with the correct value the process can be almost painless. At the same time, the laser may not affect very short hairs.

Photoepilation by the method of exposure to the hair is similar to laser, so the requirements there are almost the same. Minimum permissible length. 2 mm, maximum. 4.

Because of too much length there is a risk of getting burns. When exposed to hair, it melts and hurts skin, which causes unpleasant feelings. To avoid this, it is important to listen to the Master Soviets.


Electric epilator. a comfortable device, when using a weak charge in the bristle, and then it is pulled out by built-in tweezers. Better, if the length of hairs is at least 5 mm, otherwise the device will not be able to capture them.

With proper use, you can contact the epilator not more often than once a half or two weeks. But if you try to remove the guns them, the procedure will have to repeat in a few days.

Elos epilation combines laser and photoepilation. The impulse acts on the hair and destroys it. To get the result, you need to come to the salon with a bristle, 1-2 mm value.

If the length is exceeded, there is a possibility that the effect will not be, and the hike to the specialist will be useless, and the money will be spent in vain. There is also a risk of smears.

Features Shugarring

Shugaring. the type of depilation, in which a sticky paste based on sugar and lemon juice is used to remove unwanted hair. The procedure is suitable for hand processing, abdomen, hands and backs. For bikini-design, armpits and removal of vegetation on the face Used phytosmol. type of paste, which includes honey, pine resin, walnut extract, caramel, patok and other ingredients.

During Shugaring, the hair is not deleted forever, but with the help of this procedure you can significantly slow down the resumption of their growth. The structure of the rod after that becomes less dense. the hairs are brighten, and with each subsequent time the removal passes easier and faster. The results of such depilation are preserved within 2-4 weeks.

The main advantage of the use of sugar paste is the low probability of the manifestation of the folliclesis, since the sticky composition is applied against the direction of hair growth, and break. in the direction. This eliminates the damage of the rod and its improper location when growing.

To date, Shugaring is one of the most effective depilation procedures

Contraindications to the procedure

The use of sticky paste assumes an aggressive impact on the epidermis, so it is impossible to use this method:

  • for diseases and skin burns, tenders’ development tendency;
  • If you suffer from diabetes;
  • with the acute course of varicose veins;
  • on open wounds, bruises, hematomas and abrasions;
  • in epilepsy.

Removing hair with shugaring, go around areas with papillomas, major moles and warts!


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