Recommendations for the operation and repair of the boilers Immergaz Eolo

Gas boilers Immergas. two hundred heating horses, says company slogan. The company placed its production facilities in Italy and over the 50 years have won trust, respect, and recognition of quality predetermining exceptionally positive feedback from its consumers.

North Italy has long been famous for technical innovations in all spheres of industrial production. The company has not been an exception and largest in the European market, the company specializing in the release of wall gas boilers under the world-famous brand Immergas.

Using in their developments only the latest technology and modern design. the gas boiler of Immergaz is distinguished by reliability and high quality. The company is so confident in its products, which provides an unprecedented extended warranty for a period of 5 years!

Offering the modern heating market. Immergaz gas boiler, the company took care of expanding the model row equipment so much that boilers can be operated not only in residential buildings, but also in industrial facilities, offering mini boilers for large areas.

Our review is devoted to wall-mounted boiler modifications called Nike Star 24 3 R, Nike Mythos 24 3R, and EOLO STAR 24 3R. by the sealing hits of sales of the domestic market. Consider their features, principles of operation, specifications. Let’s try to create your opinion on the advantages of engineering solutions of Immergaz specialists, let’s talk and leave a feedback on possible shortcomings.

The advantages and disadvantages of the “Immergaz” boilers

That they are special

Products “Immergaz” is expensive, but if you relate position in the formula “Price. Quality”. this is exactly the option that many. The manufacturer offers:

  • One-connecting and two-door versions.
  • Single-mounted with built-in 40/60 L boiler.
  • Classic and condensation.
  • With open (atmospheric) and closed (turbocharged) furnace.

Condensation devices are scared by high prices. Gas is cheap, and the main plus of condensation versions. high efficiency. Fuel economy in 20-30% weakly attracts our buyers, so few people are ready to overpay for a gas boiler. But in Europe, where gas is more expensive per hundred percent, “condensate” is very popular.

Pressure in the boiler Heating. What should be?

Heating boiler. unshaotable equipment created for heating at least some room. And how at least what equipment, the boiler has its own well-established mechanism and works on certain principles. One of the fundamental components when working is pressure. A good level of pressure is the one in which the boiler can work without emergency stops and failures. In order to ensure that interruptions are, fundamentally produce constant control. What should be the pressure, how to raise it and throw it off, we will analyze in this article.

Before raising pressure, you need to analyze the state of the entire system. To do this, it is necessary to inspect all devices. Often, difficulties are detected in the places of attachment with a pipe or between individual compartments.

In order to increase the pressure in the system, you should look under the boiler and open the fuel tap (the place where the heating system is filled). After that, the supply of the coolant will begin, and the pressure will start climbing. It will be visible on the manometer. The boiler does not start working.

Boiler Immergas Victrix Tera, How to use the Boiler, Manual Reset the Error code.

Usually under the boiler there are two control levers. One is responsible for resetting the coolant, and the 2nd to raise. It is necessary to open one of the handles, slightly wait until the discharge of the pressure will be discharged, and then spin it back. When performing these actions, it is fundamentally watching the limit indicators on the instrument.

Lift the pressure of the boiler with various methods. And it will depend on the prerequisite on which the pressure decline occurred. So, when leakage appears, it is raised by the suspender or seal, also replacing the node.

On the left below the blue color is shown in the boiler

When the crack appears, their repair is done by sealing a damaged area. In some cases, the complete replacement of components or some parts is required.

pressure, cotelet, immergaz

Grows pressure in the heating system. how to find out the cause

Verifying from time to time testimony of pressure gauges, you may notice that the pressure inside the system increases. This can happen for several reasons:

  • You raised the temperature of the coolant, and it expanded,
  • The movement of the coolant stopped for some reason,
  • On any section of the contour, the valve is blocked (valve),
  • Mechanical clogging system or air traffic,
  • Additional water is constantly entering the boiler due to a loosely closed crane,
  • When installing, the requirements for pipe diameters are not met (larger at the output and smaller at the entrance to the heat exchanger),
  • Excessive power or flaws in the pump. Its breakdown is fraught with destructive for contour by hydroudr.

Accordingly, it is necessary to find out which of the listed causes led to a violation of the working standard and eliminate it. But it happens that the system has worked successfully for months and suddenly there was a sharp jump, and the manometer arrows went into the red, emergency zone. Such a situation can provoke the boiling of the coolant in the boiler tank, so it is necessary to reduce the fuel supply as quickly as possible.

Modern instruments of individual heating are equipped with a mandatory expansion tank. It is a hermetic block of two separations with a rubber partition inside. In one chamber, a heated coolant arrives, the air remains in the second. In cases where water overheats and pressure begins to grow, the expansion tank partition shifts, increasing the volume of the water chamber, and compensates for the difference.

In case of boiling or critical jump in the boiler, mandatory reset safety valves are provided. They can be in an expansion tank or on the pipeline immediately at the outlet of the boiler. In an emergency, part of the coolant from the system through this valve is poured out, saving contour from destruction.

In well-thought-out systems there are also bypass valves, which in the case of a blockage or other mechanical blockage of the main circuit, open and start the coolant in a small circuit. This security system protects equipment from overheating and breakage.

Is it necessary to explain how important it is to monitor the health of these elements of the system. With a small volume or impaired pressure inside the expansion tank, as well as leaks of the coolant through microcracks, even significant pressure drops are possible in the system.

Street Aksakova and LCD East

Our reader is interested in what should be the pressure in the Gas Cotelet Nova Florida. We answer:

As a specialist on connecting the NOVA Florida Vela Compact gas boiler, the water pressure in the water supply system is about 1.3 bar, a working boiler is already 1.6 bars, well, and then it all depends on the operation mode. For example, at a heating temperature of about 55 ° C, the pressure is 1.9-2 bars.

It is important to remember that if the pressure approaches the mark of 2.9 bars, then this is a great reason to start panicing.

Pressure in the gas boiler fell to 0. What does it mean?

Most often, it means depressurization of the heating contour. In other words, the water flows somewhere. If the pipe cracked in the screed, then the search for leakage turns into very unpleasant. Sometimes a drop to 0 can occur due to a barometer breakdown. In this case, consider you lucky.

How to reset the pressure in the gas boiler?

If the pressure approached the dangerous mark, immediately turn off the boiler and use special screws on the batteries to drain the excess water.

How to lift pressure in the gas boiler?

To do this, use the filling valve on the boiler. It is usually hidden, but according to the instructions for the boiler you will easily find it. Just do not cease, because high pressure and excess water can lead to emergency water emission!

Non-working pressure should be from 1.3 to 1.5 bar

Good people, please tell me, I sit alone without gas? Is there 133 gas? And where to turn?

what happened to you? In general, the gas is not not in the boiler not on the stove? If so then 2 options. or worked the KTZ valve or electromagnet.

Press the black button (emergency gas disconnection) above the gas meter.

I understand, now the whole house is in turn will be without gas. Bitter and offensively, of course, did not have time to settle, so immediately the problem. A month ago, gas was disappeared, the water was not hot, too, called an accident, they came to say the CTZ should be changed, but they have no available. Husband bought in Baucente for 250 (gas workers it costs 450) And in two days the gas workers came and changed it, all this cost 1200 p. A month later, our neighbor has the same story, and now I understand the same problems with other residents. In general, it is necessary from the metropolis all the losses to “shake” poor-quality equipment put, and the tenants change at their own expense.

and we have gas sensors flee. In the Criminal Code, they said yes, cut them out of.sockets and all (((

This is happy often that the KTZ valve works.

I understood it) was a voltage jump, at night. Sensors were powered. I thought the end of the world came (turned off their outlet. And I could not run anything. Did so: and the socket is the sensors, then the valve, then the boiler. After 20 seconds, the valve (click) works, the sensors are arched and the gas is cut down ((((((in the Criminal Code they said they have already transferred us to the gasification balance. and there they said that there are no contract for payment yet and they will not come. Kapets shorter. I’m sitting with off sensors. And in the Criminal Code, I was gently hinting that for the disconnected and the sensors removed would be fine ((

Maybe I’m not in that sequence everything turns on. Who will tell?

Neighbors, please tell me whether it is normal that when the water is turned on, the pressure in the boiler falls from 1.5-1.6 to Earlier did not pay attention somehow, and here I saw and confused!

Indeed, the pressure drops if with the heating is turned on hot water. This is such a feature of the boiler. But not to 1.0, of course.

We drop pressure and with the heating on and off. Falls and rises instantly, it is only worth turning on or off the water. Pressure is always 1.5-1.6. Drops to 1.0. That’s what to do with it?(

Honestly, I do not understand how it can fall to 1.0, if the pressure in the plumbing network is 1.3. I would add to the specialists. Something is clearly not so.

This is to those with whom we had to conclude an agreement on the service of the boiler, on the recommendation of the Criminal Code?

Already solved the issue with the Master from Megapolis Service)

So what happened and how much did the “issue of the issue” cost, if there was no agreement for the provision of services?

I didn’t cost anything to me, I called the megalopolis service by phone 99-80-74, there was very politely and calmly explained to me that the pressure drop when the water is turned on, this is the norm. And then he explained how to make a boiler swollen, so that the pressure was 1.7-1.8 and then with the water turned on, it drops not up to 1.0 and to 1.4-1.3.

Weird. We have when the hot water is turned on (when the heating is turned off) the pressure does not change. Well, okay, it’s great that everything was resolved.

When the hot water is turned on, the pressure should fall, as the circulation pump of the heating system is automatically turned off (only when heating mode is turned on), it should be in these boilers, they are structurally collected. All it falls (Nova Florila), you can carry out an experiment, turn on the heating, so that the pump has earned, which drives water on the batteries to look at the pressure gauge, turn on the hot water and look at the pressure gauge, will see that the pressure fell. Do not worry, it should be.

What voltage stabilizer to buy for Florida boiler? There are some parameters? Tell me those who understand it.

We also wondered by this issue, listen.

The question is extremely relevant due to constant voltage jumps. Apparently because of the construction site. And we, simple inhabitants, suffer because of the cost of repairing household appliances. The boiler is of course the main topic with tension, but there is another equipment that also burns from such interruptions. What to do?

Put a stabilizer) some have already done.

Hello everyone, put a stabilizer for the boiler, but the boiler why began to turn off when the water is turned on.Why happened so? I had to turn off the stabilizer, everything came to normal

What do you call voltage jumps? In our homes with new wiring, driven from a new substation, voltage change will be normal, except for some emergency situations.

Under the term, the voltage stabilizer understand the device that is capable of output to produce the required voltage 220V with small deviations. Before buying a voltage stabilizer, you must make sure that in the outlet, the voltage is simply changing in unacceptable limits. If such a fact is fixed, then you are a direct road in the Criminal Code with a statement about the provision of power supply services not adequate quality.

Consider the main range of gas boilers Immergaz:

Star Series Immergas:

Let’s consider the characteristics of Immergas Eolo Star 24. This is the most popular model for Belarus:

For a complete set without installation.

Preparation of hot water at 25 ° C. 11.4 liters, at 35 ° C. 7.9 liters.

Overall dimensions: 75cm x 44cm x 24cm.

If you have a small house, small square, then you better pay attention to the less powerful model IMmergas Eolo Star 14. Here is the characteristics:

  • Power 14 kW.
  • KPD. 90%.
  • Closed Camera combustion.
  • Wall boiler.
  • Rosge automatic.
  • Expansion tank for 4.2 liters.
  • Performance of GVS. 11 liters per minute
  • Gas consumption. 1.47 m³ / h.
  • Boiler weight without box 29 kg.
  • Sizes. 756x440x240 mm.

Mini Series

These are small boilers and low power, they are designed for heating houses and apartments up to 250 square meters. Low power gives efficiency. All boilers of this series have smooth power modulation.

Models Immergaz Series Mini Suitable for the owners of apartments and houses of a small square. Small size of the boiler will not take a lot of space, even if you install it in the kitchen. Such heating devices are available as closed combustion chambers and open. Users in their reviews of the boiler Immegaz Mini celebrate a stylish design. Built-in automation is economical and not demanding to user knowledge.

Technical parameters of the immergaz mini boiler 28:

  • Power. 28 kW.
  • Efficiency. 93.4%.
  • Two separate heat exchanger (copper main and steel extra on DHW).
  • Built-in recirculation pump.
  • Heated Square. 350 meters square (if the house is well insulated).
  • Heating hot water at 25 ° C. 13.4 liters per minute, at 35 ° C. 9.5 liters.
  • Different modes of operation for the summer and winter period.
  • Weight without a box. 34 kg.
  • Sizes Height 725 mm, width 450 mm, depth 310 mm.

Immergas Mythos

These are two-circuit heating boilers, designed to heat the rooms and for heating the water of DHW. This series is produced by three models of Mhytos 24, 28 and 32 kW power. Distinctive feature. These are two separate heat exchanger and a very quiet device. Little weight device.

  • Mass of the boiler. 29 kg.
  • Turbated boiler.
  • Heating and GVS. Two-round gas boiler.
  • Power from 24 to 32 kW.
  • Heating up to 320 m².
  • Water heating rate. 11 l / min.
  • Fuel consumption. 2.77 m³ / h.
  • Digital screen.
  • Built-in expansion tank 6 l.

Immergaz Major

This boiler is produced mainly in the turbocharged version

In this line only the turbine versions (except Maior Nike 28 KW). Sleeping option is more convenient for accommodation in the apartment, simplifies the installation and operation. Control simple, there are buttons on the panel. Temperature is regulated by mechanical regulators. In production, innovative composite materials are used, which were developed in the company’s scientific laboratories. An important characteristic of these heavy-duty materials is the maximum resistance to thermal influences.

Maior line is equipped with rapid water heating system. There is a two-liter reservoir, which always has stored hot water. As soon as the DHW turns on, hot water from this tank provides an instantaneous feed of heated water, the user does not have to wait until hot stream flows from the crane.

All versions of the line have electronic ignition. There is a reliable and multistage security system, preventing breakdowns and emergencies. There is a self-diagnostic system. the user is informed through the display on which error codes are displayed.

Wall double-circuit version. Maior Eolo 32 kW:

  • .
  • Heavy Power. 32,000 W.
  • KPD. 93%.
  • May heat 320 m².
  • Weight. 45 kg.
  • Dimensions. 800x440x350 mm.
  • DHW performance. 15.2 / 10.9 l (25/35 ° C).

Why do you need to contact Eventus

Complex heating equipment requires a careful relationship and knowledge of all its features. Therefore, ordering the installation of the IMmergas boiler is only at professionals. Eventus specialists have a wealth of experience with the equipment of this Italian manufacturer and regularly undergo advanced training. Thanks to this, we can easily cope with the most complex and extraordinary engineering tasks. At the end of the installation of the IMMERGAS boiler, we spend the setting so that in the future you can independently adjust the necessary parameters easily and quickly.

If you want to learn more about the features and order of installation of the immergas boiler, contact our company specialists by phone.

Tips and recommendations for the operation of the boiler “Navien

The main advice of specialists relate to the safe operation of the boiler:

  • The room where the unit is located must have good ventilation.
  • The unit must have a separate independent connection to the mains.
  • Work the boiler must be in full assembly and protective housing.
  • It is prohibited to the user independently repair the gas equipment of the boiler.
  • The boiler must be subjected to an annual examination by representatives of Gorgaz.
  • The owner of the boiler should periodically check the joints of the boiler and gas pipeline on the tightness of the soap solution.

Additional Information. When leaks appear, the gas valve immediately overlaps, the room is ventilated and the emergency gas service.

Navien gas boilers have long been applied by Russian consumers. They perfectly fairly deserved trust from buyers. Light layout with the widest modern water heating functions allow you to choose these models from a large list of offers on the heating technology market.