What digit to put the thermostat in the refrigerator

Selecting the temperature regime Even in “smart” modern models is adjusted manually.

The manufacturer sets the temperature range with the possibility of its change (usually from 2 ° C to 8 ° C for a refrigeration chamber, and from.16 ° C to.24 ° C for freezer). Users have the ability to change these parameters and adjust the temperature in the refrigerator. Therefore, before you begin to adjust the refrigerator under yourself, you need to understand: what temperature you want to get.

Temperature adjustment for modern and removed refrigerator models passes by one principles. The longer the refrigerator works, the more cold it will create. And vice versa. Therefore, increasing the adjustment value change the operation mode into the biggest.

temperature, ariston, refrigerator

Mechanical or electronic regulators are used to configure the mode.

Mechanical. in the form of a wheel, turning disk

temperature, ariston, refrigerator

electronic. digital scoreboard

The location depends on the refrigerator model.

  • inside the refrigeration chamber on the wall on the right;
  • on the top of the refrigerator panel;
  • Occasionally the regulator can be on the “ceiling” of the refrigeration chamber.

Overview of water heaters of the company Ariston. Scheme and principle of work

ARISTON water heaters are popular in the global market. This is due to the high quality of products and a long service life, if the technical requirements are complied with both the installation and operation of its operation.

Popular models of water heaters Ariston.

For what created Ariston Water Heaters

Ariston boilers are designed for heating and maintaining the desired water temperature. Technique is needed if interruptions occur in the supply of hot water. Installation of equipment can be carried out in the bathrooms (bath, toilet).

Models and litters

Due to product popularity, the manufacturer produces a large number of models with different characteristics. Models with electrical heating elements are characterized by volumes and presence of a storage tank, power, water temperature limit. The higher the power of the TEN, the higher the maximum heating temperature.

There is also a difference in dimensions, weight and installation methods (vertical, horizontal).

The list below shows the most popular brand model in the market of Ariston. Water heater and its brief description:

  • ABS VLS (Velis) EVO PW 50. Electric Cumulative Water Heater. The volume is 50 liters, is equipped with a fast heating function, an electronic thermometer to observe the water temperature, a protective device for protection against inclusion, if the drive is empty.
  • NTS 80V 1.5K SU 3700366. Electric Cumulative Water Heater. Volume. 80 l. Equipped with an external temperature regulator in the form of a circular scale.
  • ABS VLS EVO INOX PW 80 D. Electric Cumulative Water Heater. Volume. 80 l. The tank consists of 2 40-liter compartments. It has the possibility of accelerated heating, in stock 2 heating elements.
  • ABS Pro R 100 V. Electric Cumulative Water Heater. Volume. 100 liters. The model is equipped with overheating protection (ABS security system). Electricity savings are ensured by polyurethane foam thermal insulation. Provided vertical installation.
  • ABS Andris Lux 30. Electric Cumulative Water Heater. Volume. 30 l. The model includes the lower lining of the water pipe. The reservoir is made of steel, the inner coating. AG.

There are also low-fat models with tanks of 15 and 10 liters. All the mentioned products in G. Tyumen can be purchased in the online store of the company CVANTA.

Typical scheme of boiler ariston 50

Components of electrical storage water heater Ariston.

Electric accumulating water heater Ariston consists of:

  • external case;
  • bracket;
  • internal reservoir;
  • hot water yield;
  • magnesium anode;
  • input of cold water;
  • heat insulator;
  • thermostat sleeves;
  • heating element (TEN);
  • flange;
  • thermostat;
  • power cable;
  • knobs regulator.

How to connect a water heater ariston

To connect an ariston boiler correctly, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

First, fastening the water heater on the wall or support surface and ensuring the removal from the tap pipe (cold water). The most beneficial installation of the device as close as possible to the water supply source is allowed to reduce heat loss as much as possible.

In the case of a manifold in the system to the place of installation of the water heater, a separate cold water supply pipe is transferred. In the absence of a collector, the nearest segment of the plumbing pipe is cut, a standard tee is installed at the scene.

Hotpoint HBNF5517 Frost Free Fridge Freezer

The method of installing a tee depends on the material from which the pipes are made. On plastic fasteners are carried out with a special soldering iron, on metal. thread.

On a separate plot of water supply, a ball valve is installed, designed to overlap cold water.

Scheme Connecting an electric cumulative water heater ARIRISON.

To connect the water heater to the water pipeline follows:

  • Pay attention to hot and cold water pipes. it is important not to confuse them. The reverse valve is installed on the cold, it can enter a standard set. Hot water joins with a nozzle. First, the cold water pipe is mounted, then hot.
  • A special tape is wounded as a sealant and seal on the threads; it is recommended by the manufacturer.
  • A tee is installed on the cold water pipe, at the bottom of which is the discharge valve. On the side of the crane for a complete drain of water from the reservoir in the event of an emergency, possible with abnormal pressure or heating. Under the tee at a short distance, an exfigging crane and adapter. Next Stage. Connecting to Waterproof.
  • Connecting to hot water is also made by installing a crane.
  • In the case of a connection of different metals, adapters should be used.

Connecting to the mains is carried out like this:

  • A separate machine (UZO) is installed in the camshaft, it connects to the central automatic fuse. From a separate UzO to the boiler, a three-in-room cable is stretched, which is placed in an external cable channel (or a special shit in the wall).
  • A fuse is recommended as a switch 16 A, since the socket and the plug are susceptible to heat and moisture. In addition, the cost of waterproof electrical equipment is higher than the cost of the machine. “Switch” Close to a compact cabinet with a removable panel.
  • Separate automatic RCO and “Switch” are connected by wire.
  • A trigger wire is connected to the TEN, the lower panel is removed from the water heater.
  • Then the output of the machine is connected to the boiler.
  • At the next step, grounding lines, phase and zero lines are carried out to the appropriate connectors.

How to adjust the temperature in the freezer?

Once you stabilized the temperature within 3-4 degrees, put the thermometer between the packages of frozen products in the freezer and wait a few hours. At temperatures below.25 ° C, turn the temperature control up, if above.18 ° C. down to reduce temperature.

Refrigerator of the old model without any auto-statement system, requires frequent defrost. approximately 1 time per month. If you have a modern refrigerator with the NO Frost, Frost Free or Full No Frost system (two-stage), then one duty defrosting in half a year will be enough.

How to adjust the temperature in the ATLANT refrigerator

The purpose of the refrigerator is to storing products for a long period. Some models are supplied with a regulator, correctly set which you can independently. Widespread models of the Atlant brand due to availability. They meet modern requirements, equipped with a regulator. Atlant’s refrigerator, the temperature adjustment can be carried out using an electronic or mechanical block.

How many degrees should be

The temperature in the refrigerator is maintained by combining various nodes, among which the compressor can be noted. The frequency of its inclusion and the duration of operation determine the temperature inside the chamber. Various products must be contained in different conditions:

  • Meat, fish and eggs are saved at 13 ° C.
  • Dairy products and soups are not spoiled in the medium with indicators from 35 ° C.
  • Culinary and sausages are stored at 58 ° C.

The harder the technique, the more widely the choice of settings. Under the brand Atlant is produced by a large number of refrigerators with the main and freezer, due to which products can be stored in various conditions.

In a refrigeration chamber

The main refrigerator is used to accommodate most products that do not need to be stored for a long period.

Temperature must be in the refrigerator in the range of 38 ° C.

Put the exact temperature for the stored products is difficult, t. to. Recommended conditions may differ significantly. With a decrease in the indicator, the device begins to work more, so much increases electricity costs.

In the freezer

The freezer is designed for deep freezing and long-term storage of content. Therefore, the cold is supported at the level.16-24 ° C. When considering how much temperature should be in the freezer, it is worth considering that it all depends on the task. Features are included in the following points:

  • At home is difficult to preserve vegetables and fruits. At the same time, deep freezing is not required, t. to. After defrosting, basic properties may change.
  • For fish and meat, the lowest indicator is selected. Such products are well tolerated deep freezing and do not lose their properties after thawing.

Technique of which manufacturer use at home?

Optimum temperature in the refrigerator and freezer

You need to properly configure optimal modes of operation to maintain the safety of the products required. At the same time, it is important. each has its own conditions. What temperature should be in the refrigerator in this case? How to achieve everything to be preserved? It is required to correctly adjust the optimal temperature of the refrigerator.

Features of the design assume that there are areas with different degrees of cooling inside the unit:

temperature, ariston, refrigerator
  • The lowest is the freezer. up to a minus 24 degrees;
  • Fresh zone. near Zolol. Milk, cheese, meat, greens, alcoholic beverages are stored here;
  • the nearest to the freezer regiment. 2-4 degrees. for sausage, semi-finished products, cakes, eggs;
  • The middle part is plus 3-6 degrees. preservation of loaf, soups, sauces;
  • Nizhny compartment. for fruits, pickles, vegetables;
  • The warmest place is the door where sauces are stored, juices, medicines.

Optimum temperature in the refrigerator

In addition to saving products, it was necessary to overpay for electricity, it is necessary to set the optimal temperature in the refrigerator. Figures rise when removing the freezer. The degrees are distributed:

  • Upper shelf. for perishable products. 1-3;
  • Average. cottage cheese, sausage, cheese. 3-5;
  • Lower. soups, salads, second. 5-9;
  • Vegetable boxes. 10.

Temperature in the freezer refrigerator

The lowest compartment where long-term storage of products occurs. freezer. Optimum term for such a content. month. How many degrees in the freezer are perfect? It depends on the filling of its products. The negative temperature of the freezer at a two-chamber unit is degrees Celsius:

  • If there are few products, with rare use. 14;
  • With good filling of the freezer, storing meat. 20-24;
  • optimal mode. 18;
  • Fast freezing. up to 30, but for several hours.

Temperature in the freezer

Big family, especially if there are hunters, fishermen or amateur gardeners, do not do without a stationary freezer. Several containers inside will help make reserves of mushrooms, fish, vegetables and meat. The temperature in the freezer is the same in all boxes, it can be customized from a minus 6 to 24. Popular stamps:

To preserve useful vitamins, substances at blanks, it is very convenient to take advantage of the function of quick frost products. To do this, recommend:

  • A few hours before bookmarking stocks set minus 24
  • lay containers with products;
  • withstand the desired time, according to the attached instructions;
  • Set the normal storage mode. minus 18

Differences in the adjustment of refrigerators firms Stinol (Stinol), Hotspoton Ariston (Hotpoint-Ariston), Atlant and Indesit (Indesit)

Not all manufacturers have a touch screen that shows you cherished numbers. Some models are equipped with wheels, levers, buttons and temperature adjustment switches.

Therefore, you need to familiarize yourself with some models of firms where difficulties may arise in understanding how to set the desired temperature.

Let’s start parsing with stynol (it seems it was the first two-chamber refrigerator).

Regulators in the model of the manufacturer Stynol

There we see two rotary regulators with numbers.

In Indisite there is an image of cameras and near the adjustor. There are no numbers anywhere.

Atlanta and some models Hotmail Ariston has two wheels that carry the temperature load of the upper and lower refrigeration chambers.

I also want to give advice when installing a refrigeration unit:

Now, I hope your technique will last long, and food will be in preservation.

Refrigerator zones

Household appliances manufacturers know about the storage standards of various foods and take into account this when creating refrigerators and the distribution of cold inside them. So, the coolest place is the topmost shelf near the freezer. And the closer to the rear wall, the stronger the frost. Here you can store meat and fish semi-finished products, milk.

The average shelf is designed for sausage cutting, fermented milk products and confectionery. The temperature here is 3 5 ° C.

On the bottom shelf, the temperature reaches 8 ° C. It is best to store ready-made soups, salads and canned food.

At the door and in the boxes of the refrigerator, the most heat. In the door compartments store ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard and other purchased sauces, as well as drinks. Fold fresh vegetables and fruits in the boxes.

With a frequent and long-term opening of the doors, the temperature inside the refrigerator is changing. In many modern models, this aspect is taken into account. They have a freshness zone: such a place in the refrigeration chamber, in which, regardless of external factors, constant temperature is maintained in the region of 0 1 ° C. Freshness zone is suitable for long-term storage of chilled meat (up to 3 days) and dairy products (up to 1 week).

How temperature control is performed. Methods of regulation on different models

Product storage temperature in the refrigerator can be adjusted “to manual” or mechanically, as well as through an electronic panel, depending on the model used. There is a technique in which a different type of adjustment is equipped.

Mechanical regulation

In obsolete models, adjustment is carried out due to the movement of levers or handles.

This type of temperature setting can be found in the following manufacturers:

  • Atlant. The refrigerator assembled on the Minsk plant is equipped with a mechanical type of switching. A special handle is built into the apparatus, which changes the following positions in which 1 is the highest indicator, 7 is the lowest;
  • Indesit. The adjustment knob is set to 5 different indicators: 1. the highest.
  • Biryusa. The temperature regulator is made in the form of a 7-mode handle, the switching of which is performed using turns.

What temperature should be in the refrigerator of this type, indicated in the attached instructions. Depending on the need, the indicator can be changed.

Electronic switching

Such a type of control is equipped with expensive brands of technology. The temperature in the refrigerator and the freezer is adjustable separately.

Such devices can configure the internal temperature automatically, depending on the air condition of the environment.

Different type adjustment

  • Temperature in the refrigerator Samsung, both in the refrigerator and in the freezer, is configured independently. In the refrigerator, the manufacturer initially recorded the figure in 3⁰. But it can be changed by pressing a special button;
  • The temperature in the Bosch household refrigerator freezer is adjustable using the keypad. The same system is also involved in the refrigeration chamber. In addition, Bosch devices are endowed with the function “superlapping”, as a result of which, after intensive cooling, the temperature indicator is fixed at 2 °;
  • LG. The overwhelming number of refrigerators of this brand is also equipped with separate adjustment;
  • Nord: The same principle of operation.