Repair of the heater Aikos

If IKKOS is non-compliance with the IKOS, as well as on a number of other reasons, the heater breakage occurs this device. One of the most common causes of this malfunction is the use of Aikos at temperature differences.

With some breakdowns, the device user may understand independently. complex faults require access to specialists. Consider how to diagnose the aikos heater breakdown and what can be fixed on its own.

Common breakdown of IQOS

If there is a problem, it is required to conduct a device diagnostics, identifying a malfunction.

  • Checking charging in the battery, repetition of the actions algorithm;
  • Restart while the device cools;
  • Demolition of garbage from heating element.

If the measures taken did not proper effect, the appeal to SC is required.

What do indicator signals mean

The signals of the indicator give the owner to understand that the button smelled on the battery. If you easily knock down the key, it is possible that the problem may be corrected, and the indicator flashes. If the problem is not solved, you can try to reboot Aikos and check the performance. Smoking devices Fragile devices needed attentive approach, cleaning and constant inspection of elements. To Aikos work qualitatively needs to be observed. The performance of the device directly depends on the owner and if malfunctions occur, immediately subjected to repair.

When using Aikos, it is necessary to comply with all safety measures and replace. Regular charging checking and cleaning the device will only give a positive result with long-term use of smoking aikos. Therefore it is very important to be neat and attentive to each damage.

What are the faults of Aikos and what to do with them?

If any faults occur, you need to contact the service center. DIY repair is fraught with the danger of damage. Consider more Main Faults Aikos.

Fast discharge holder

This malfunction occurs in many of the electronic devices. The main sign of breakage. a cigarette smokes one minute, after which Aikos turns off. Repair such a holder will not be able to change the heating element.

Begging with smoking

The feeling of bitterness in the mouth while smoking Aikos testifies to the need to clean the device. Do it follows twice a week. Complete with this smoking system go special brushes for cleaning it. If the brushes did not turn out, ordinary cotton wands will be suitable.

The cleaning process is described in the Aikos instructions. It can be performed in manual and automatic modes.

The device is not charging

Ikos charging process is very simple. The device is connected to the charger and closes. After that, the charging indicator will flash. As soon as the flashing stops, the device will be fully charged.

However, this device has one feature. after each use it is necessary to recharge for five minutes.

In the situation of malfunction Aikos can stop charging. It will not blink and the corresponding indicator will flash. This happens for the following reasons:

  • The occurrence of disorders in the firmware of the device.
  • Elements of Aikos beat garbage due to non-compliance with the owner of the rules for the care of the device.
  • Burned board or wire. In this case, professional repairs will need.
  • Use of the device in the cold.

If you have problems with charging Aikos, it is necessary to conduct it diagnostics. To do this, the owner of the device needs:

  • Check the charge in the charger and try to charge again.
  • Restart the device.
  • Wait until Aikos cool.
  • Clean the device.

In a situation where these actions did not lead to a solution to the problem, you will have to go to the repair workshop Aikos. In the case when the causes of charging problems are not related to one-time failures in its work or non-compliance with the care of the device, it is usually necessary to carry out difficult to repair with the replacement of device parts.

Why indicators flashing?

First of all when the indicator light occurs, you need to check the battery compartment. Often this Ikeos malfunction is associated with the cloth of the button on the battery. This is corrected by mechanical exposure to the button and the restart of the device.

However, if such actions do not help, have to contact the specialists.

Since the principle of operation of the Aikos is based on the heating of tobacco in the device without the exit of smoke, due to which this kind of smoking does not harm others, Aikos is equipped with a number of indicator light bulbs to control the user over the heating process.

If the red light is rhythmically blinking, it testifies:

  • About the discharge of Charrew. So, the charge device is not enough to smoke one stick.
  • The user is too often delayed.
  • The flashing of the bulb after turning off the device indicates an incorrect shutdown of Aykos.
  • Flashing red when turning on in winter. the indicator is too low air temperature at which the operation of the device is prohibited.
  • When problems with the firmware, the light bulb can also flicker.
  • Long absence of cleaning device. Another reason for flashing indicator.

The most dangerous cause of the Aikos malfunction is the abnormalization of the board or contacts of the device, as well as their damage when falling.

Turning off the Aikos during smoking may indicate problems with its charging. This will also flicker a red indicator. In such a situation you need:

  • Check whether the device is charging. If when connected to a charger, charging does not go, and the light bulb flashes, it means that the problem is not in Charger.
  • With blinking light bulb conjugate with the inability to smoke, you need to try to make some short tensions (up to 5 seconds) with an interval of 30-40 seconds between them.
  • Turn on and turn off Aikos. If the indicator flashes the flashlight, it means that it was in incorrect disabling device.
  • In the cold season, you can cope with this malfunction. That is, enough to make it in the room and wait until it warms.
  • When removing blockages from the device holder, the flashing light bulb also often disappears.

It should be noted that Aikos malfunctional data is rarely found, and serious breakdowns are very rare. Employees of service centers serving the data of smoking devices, usually do without problems with the solution of any problems, because the atypical Aikos malfunctions are rare.

Repair or replacement of IQOS heating element

Aikos repair will be sold quite quickly, and inexpensive, even if the warranty period has already been released. It does not matter, you need to repair the heater of IQOS or you have broken plastic clamps. enough service centers and trained specialists to do everything perfect.

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Recently, in Yekaterinburg, too, IQOS service center. They eliminate any breakdowns and produce a replacement of broken items both under warranty and by the user.

Why it may break?

What are the causes of breakdowns? In most cases, this is due to improper use of a device expressed in:

  • Violations of the rules for cleaning the device. Pollution worsen taste quality tobacco sticks, accumulating at the heater. Cleaning performed by special brushes in a set or purchased separately. Serious malfunctions are repaired in the service center;
  • Fall in liquid. The electronic diagram of the device is affected, the heater fails. First of all, the device is disassembled and carefully sucked, after which its diagnosis and repair is carried out;
  • Replace the blade failed from improper use of the device. A new element is purchased, the replacement of which many smokers perform independently. The second option is to use the help of a specialist;
  • Overheating of the cabinet, filter melting. This is observed when the rechargeable battery breaks, in the future of the resulting heater.

Heating element. detail fragile, requiring careful circulation. All actions are accurately carried out, strong naughters are excluded.

What is the heating element in IQOS?

To begin with, find out what the device represents. IQOS. new technological equipment, the main principle of which is based on heating, and not the ignition of tobacco. This allows you to reveal the entire taste spectrum of the product, not polluting the environment and does not have a negative impact on human health.

In conventional smoking, the cigarette can be heated almost to 800 degrees Celsius. This distinguishes harmful ashes and smoke. The heater in the Aikos allows you to heat the tobacco to 350 degrees. This significantly reduces the level of excretion of harmful substances.

This discovery was made only a few years ago, but many studies have already been done. People gradually begin to refuse ordinary cigarettes in favor of the new technology.

heater, broke, aikos

What can break in Aikos?

It is important to understand that basic knowledge in mechanics and electricity is needed to parsing the device. Otherwise, if the breakdown is internal, it is impossible to understand the cause of the problem. If the user is not fulfilled enough in this kind of gadgets, it is recommended to attribute it to warranty repairs. But most of the “broken” electronic cigarettes are easy to fix.

  • The cover broke. the mechanical type of malfunction due to bad fasteners or incorrect use of electronic cigarette. Independent fixation Only a temporary solution, therefore it is recommended to immediately contact the service. In addition, visually fastening on the same isolate will look comical.
  • Fall into the water. if the device stayed in water for a long time, then it is simply impossible to dry it. Short-term stay can be smoothed with rice. remove the cover and disassemble the details, after which they dry them. If due to the gadget still does not work, attribute it to the service Aikos.
  • Damage to the sting (blade). the item will have to buy, but you can replace with your own hands.
  • Holder broke. problems arise if the user does not clean the Aikos from tobacco. To do this, it is enough just to remove the cap and remove the remnants, complete to the device there is a special brush for this procedure. The problem is also solved independently.
  • Blinking the indicator (either does not light up). the investigation of the stock of the battery buttons. If you can not fix yourself, you need to repair Aikos in the service.
  • High heating is often associated with a battery malfunction. Complete battery replacement.
  • Spontaneous shutdown. In this case, the repair of Aikos is impossible with their own hands. The problem can be sent immediately in several details: the battery, the button, the wrong indicator installed. To diagnose the device must be fully disassembled.

Other problems are associated with unpleasant sensations: little smoke (contacts), poorly stretches stycase (the heater is defective), it is gripped when used, stinks.

Even if a person turns completely to the heating system and completely refuses cigarettes, it will still harm health.

This is due to the release of harmful substances when heating tobacco. In addition, a person does not get rid of the dependence.

Smoking this device causes cardiovascular diseases. If a person suffers for vegetative-vascular dystonia, it is categorically impossible to smoke ordinary cigarettes and use tobacco heating system.

Before using the device, read the instructions that the manufacturer puts into the box with IQOS, however, if the device breakdowns failed to avoid contacting a specialized service center. It will perform high-quality repair and replacement elements. If you have questions, call the Customer Service Center at 8 800 200 3737, or on a hot fishing line for the company’s trimmer. manufacturer.