What to do if split system flows into the room. the reasons for breakdowns and ways to solve the problem

Modern technologies not only simplify the life of a person, but also make his house more comfortable and cozy. That is why diverse household appliances have long been “spelled” in almost every home. But, no matter how sad it is, it’s all early or late fails, and the exception is not the air conditioners that are due to improper operation or not enough high quality cease to cope with their main functions. However, it is not necessary to panic and run into the nearest workshop, since the repair of the system of the system is quite possible and performed.

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How to eliminate leak

The method of eliminating leaks directly depends on the cause of the breakage.

Lack of refrigerant

In this case, freezing of the external part of the evaporator with further melting is frosty after the system is turned off. Usually such a problem is accompanied by atypical sound and minor ice blowing.

Damage to the drainage highway

Such a breakdown most often happens in the process of testing the system with poor quality installation. The reason for the malfunction becomes mechanical damage to the pipeline. It must be replaced. soldering, winding with a tape and gluing is extremely undesirable.

Clock drainage pipe

If the outer tube is not equipped with a grid, over time it turns out to be clogged by web, insect cocopus, dust or mud. In winter, it can take its full icing. To correct the situation, you need to clean the pipeline with a wire or a vacuum cleaner, you will have to carefully disconnect in frosts.

No pressure supply regulator

Most often takes place in winter when there is a significant discharge of pressure and temperature circuit of the entire system. The heating of the evaporator of the indoor unit decreases, condensate is formed and, as a result, found. With an increase in the temperature of the evaporator wall, the leakage occurs and occurs. Only installation of the pressure regulator can be solved.

Application of pseudosifones

Often when installing equipment for preventing penetration of unpleasant odor, a waste drainage pipe bends. This leads to faults, so the deformed area will have to be replaced, while it is best to use original siphons.

Installation of the drainage highway without slope

As already mentioned, this error takes place when you try to independently install the air conditioner with a self-enea. In this case, the internal unit turns into a large water tank and becomes extremely dangerous for people located. To eliminate such an error, you will need to dismantle the entire system and its integrated re-equipment.

In a situation, if the output of water into the street for some reason is impossible, set air conditioners with a drainage pump, for example, in basement or underground structures. Such equipment can also leak.

Breakdown of the drainage pump. the condensate is not completely absorbed. Such equipment must be repaired or completely replaced.

In case of unintentional turning off electricity or voltage drop in the network, a minor leakage sometimes appears. Do not worry. when renewing current supply, the problem is quickly eliminated.

How the drainage system of the air conditioner is arranged

During the operation of the air conditioner in cooling mode, the evaporator of the room unit of the Split system is cold, about 0 ° C. Air passing through it is rapidly cooled to temperature 2. 8 ° C, water steam condenses and flows into the structure provided by the design. From the pallet, the water Self-drainage hose is given to the street, into the sewer, the drainage system and T.D. To do this, the drainage hose must be laid with a slope in the direction of the drain, if for any reason it is impossible, then special drainage pumps are used to remove condensate.

Drainage pump air conditioner benefits and disadvantages

The drainage pump of the air conditioner consists of two main parts. the pump housing and the float chamber. Connecting to the 220V network is carried out on the terminals of the split-system unit itself, it is not required to bring a separate power cable.

The float chamber is located in a structural cavity inside the air conditioner unit and connects to the drainage hose. In the wall types of air conditioners, there is not enough space to accommodate the housing of the pump itself inside the block, it is taken out or for it a special deepening in the wall, as in the photo.

If there is an opportunity to pave a drain hose with a bias, whatever efforts it requires, then it will work better. Apply pumps only in cases where there is no possibility to remove drainage gravity. This is connected with some disadvantages.

  • First, the drainage pump of the air conditioner is an additional cost of its acquisition and installation, the average cost with the installation of a qualitative pump of such brands, as “Sauermann” (France) or “Aspen” (England) will cost about 6,000
  • Secondly, the pump may fail to entail costs for its acquisition and replacement.
  • Thirdly, the work of the pump is accompanied by not long, but additional noise (buzzing), which annoys and leads to the rabies of particularly sensitive users, especially at night.

The advantage can be attributed to the condition allows you to select any place to accommodate the room unit of the air conditioner and remove the condensate from it forcibly, and, when the condensate is pumping, the sewage will not require a special siphon or hydraulication to prevent the appearance of unpleasant sewer odors of human life.

How the drainage pump is working

All drainage pumps for air conditioners have the property of dry suction, it means that the pump starts to dry and does not require filling with water. However, the long-term operation of the pump on the dry will result in its breakdown, since the pump in the process of operation is cooled by the pumped liquid.

The principle of work is as follows. Condensate from the plot of the split-system unit flows down the drainage hose in the float chamber. As it filling the float floats and closes the contacts, thereby launching the pump motor. Due to the small volume of the float chamber, the pump turns on only for a few seconds, the float is lowered, blur contacts, the pump turns off.

Air conditioning “Pot” after several years of work.

If the air conditioner, who worked to you faithfully for several years, suddenly. The reason lies in the absence or improper maintenance.

  • The drainage tube clogged. Dust, insect and t can accumulate in the hose.P. What will lead to a decrease or overlapping of water flow. There were cases that in the tube, in the search for water in a hot period, crawled Juke, who later stuck and blocked the entire drainage canal. Solution: Clean the drainage channel.
  • Freon leakage. By freonofroduction circulates quite volatile refrigerant. Freon, who is enough microcracks to destroy from the refrigeration circuit. Round refrigerant leakage 6-8% per year, even if the system is sealed. With a decrease in the number of freon in the system, the evaporator of the internal unit is frost. It is formed by the similarity of Inea, in severe cases, a snow fur coat. In this case, the condensate does not flow into the tray of the pallet, and drips right on the blinds, with them to the room. With an air conditioner, it often looks like “sparing” with water. Water can not drain into the pallet, the drop under its own weight, it takes away from the edge of the heat exchanger, falls down, falls on the fan of the inner block, which ejected it outward. Solution: Check the air conditioner for the leakage of Freon, if necessary, to remove air conditioning. This procedure requires certain knowledge, skills, tools. Trust this work to professionals.

User errors in which air conditioner flows

When choosing an air conditioner and its further operation, it is extremely important to comply with the recommendations of the manufacturers by the temperature regime: both on the street and indoors. Violation of the norms of operation leads to incorrect work, frost and leaks, both internal and external block.

Case from practice! Application from a flower shop. The air conditioner with a capacity of 7000 W does not work: an external block in ice, from the inner. water drips. Room area small. 6 m. Ruffy. On the street the temperature is about 0 ° C, indoors 20 ° C. Installation disorders not found. What could be the reason? In the instruction manual, we read: when cooled, the temperature on the street should be 18. 43 s, indoors 21. 32 s. Thus, the cause of the problem is in violation of operating conditions, as well as initially incorrectly choosing a split-system model for customer needs.

Drips water from air conditioning indoors: do-it-yourself repair

Without air conditioning in summer it is extremely difficult. Having installed this truly wonderful device, a person begins to feel truly happy. Exactly until it detects that water drips from the air conditioner indoors. and this happens quite often. Thought to stay without pleasant cooling scares to a trembling.

And we, let it be reluctant, but agree with the idea to call for the help of specialists. However, it is not necessary to hurry: when water drips from the air conditioner indoors, repair with your own hands is often quite accessible. It is only necessary to find out exactly what is caused by an unpleasant phenomenon.

And well explore the design of the Split system: if you go to it at random, with a great perceptibility you will apply to the air conditioner even big injuries.

Why dripping water from air conditioning indoors apartment

Let’s start with the easiest reasons. Split working at the maximum and long, as it happens in the July heat, drains a lot of liquid into the condensate container. As a result, it overflows and water begins to flow in any free direction. That is, in the room. The problem is solved elementary. you need to free the tank and do not forget to do it regularly. Including. with conservation for the winter, as well as (urgently recommended) after washing.

It happens that water is dripping from the air conditioner inside the room because of the big difference between the day and night indicators of the thermometer. When it falls “overboard” condensate turns into ice, and in the morning melts and flows where it fell. If the reason for this, the sector where the heat exchanger is located, you need to insulate. For these purposes, glass gamble is quite suitable. After carrying out such works, leaks will no longer.

Blame hose

If you drip out water from the air conditioner indoors when it rains, most likely, the drainage hose is incorrect, without adhering to the angle of inclination. It will be enough to refer to the instruction and place it correctly. the problem will disappear. Also, just in case it is recommended to install a visor on the outer part. It will reduce the likelihood that in the winter on the box will lie (and when blending to melt). It can also provoke leaks.

Much more unpleasant option at which water drips from the air conditioner indoors (LG) due to the incorrectly installed outdoor unit. If it is mounted without a bevel out, the precipitates will be seeded inside. Alone this problem is difficult to solve. But you can make a claim to settings. If the warranty is not expired, they will eliminate the problem for free. As an option, you can just shock the slot around the box, although it is not entirely useful for it.


Another reason for which water is dripped from the air conditioner indoors, the instruction indicates the weakening of the taps. They can be tightened with nuts, and for greater reliability to deceive the sealant. The main condition: Do not overpay when tightening. Otherwise, the threads and recovery will cost you more than you planned.

Problems with drainage

Very often dripping water from air conditioning indoors due to clogging of the filtering system. A tube can score, maybe a hole through which condensate is given. The whole drainage system must be cleared: it is purged, and shed, and chemical preparations manufactured for this purpose are used.

Ideally, the entire sector should be disassembled in order to clean and the pallet, and the drain container in which dust, wool and insects may well be discovered. If you decide to go this way, it is better to call the air conditioning: often after the reverse assembly remains extra details, and the system begins to work abnormally.

water, conditioner

To delay pollution, folk craftsmen fit on the outlet mosquito net. But it helps not very long.

When without a professional can not do

Unfortunately, not in all cases manage to cope with their own. It happens, water drips from the air conditioner indoors due to the failure of the drainage pump. His repair or replacement requires specialized knowledge and special tools.

Another option: with an excessive amount of fluid inside the contour itself, the pressure is excessively growing, which breaks individual units. Can flow the block itself. This is usually due to the hidden defects of the inside. cracks, deformations and chips. Homemade “wig” glue, maybe help, but not long.

In addition, it can entail even more serious problems. And therefore even more expensive repair.

Tips for knowledgeing people

According to experts, the most common cause of leakage becomes pollution of one of the elements of the drainage. To avoid problems, professionals insist: do not neglect the prevention.

At least spring when you are going to launch the air conditioner. In addition to cleaning, the wizard will check the settings and functionality of the most vulnerable nodes.

It is precisely preventive service is not so expensive: anyone can afford him to install a split system by means.

Another important recommendation: Do not move air conditioning yourself. During repair, many decide to move the block above / lower / left / right, and believe that the master is not needed for this. However, such amateurness leads to a change in the angle of inclination of the drainage tube (at least) and condensate leaks on freshly spend walls.

Another Good Tip: Watch out for the work on outdoor insulation, if you ordered the external trimming of highlifts. There is a mass of cases when the robust workers were covered with a drainage hole or bent up the tap tube. And you need to follow and then when you insulate the apartment under you: if the neighbors annoying a knock of drops from your air conditioner, they may well ask the climbers to eliminate sound source.

And most importantly. do not save on the installation. By purchasing air conditioning, view the average price, which in your region is requested for its installation. Stay at the average cost: if someone offers a service at a very low price, then this should cause suspicions. Having used to a seductive proposal, you will have a real headache instead of rest in the coolness.

It may be incorrectly broken hole, the drainage pipe is broken, deformed or cracked due to poor quality of the source material. It happens that the rolling was crooked, the result of which the flame leak was becoming and the heat exchanger frost. Frequent cases of low-quality heat insulation of the freon contour. And all this causes droplets inside the apartment.

Arctic cold in the inner block

Sometimes the reason for the fact that water flows from the air conditioner can be found on the evaporator. Open the outdoor panel of the internal unit of the air conditioner and inspect the radiator. If it has ice. the reason was found.

It may appear for three reasons:

  • Air conditioning is set to too low work temperature;
  • Indoors temperatures are below the working than the air conditioner and increased humidity;
  • Not enough freon in the highway.

Turn off the air conditioner and wait until the evaporator flaps. To speed up the process, you can blow it down by the usual hair dryer. After this increase the temperature and use the device.

If over time, the flow will appear again. most likely the problem is low pressure of Freon. Fix it yourself will not work, call the masters. At the same time, make sure that the repairman checked the freon highway on the leakage and finished the air conditioner.

The fact is that the refrigerant circulation system is closed. If the pressure fell in it, then it could be. But sometimes Freon goes through microcracks in pipes or fittings very slowly and to close them does not always make sense.

What to do if the neighbors are flowing

In the apartments of high-rise buildings, it is often a problem of flowing water from the air conditioner of the neighbors living above, and falls into the outdoor unit of the split system of neighbors from below. Drops can fall out the window, hit the windowsill or outdoor block, beat up the drum fraction.

In this case, you need to talk to the neighbors and ask them to turn away the drain tube a little to the side. If the neighbors refuse to help in solving this problem, you can install a protective canopy for the outer block of the split system.

Any malfunctions in the work of climatic equipment can not be ignored. If you notice a leakage of water from the air conditioner, set the cause of problems, but you cannot solve the problem yourself, be sure to contact the service center. Experienced specialists will quickly eliminate malfunctions and resume normal operation of the split system. Timely repair will exclude more serious breakdowns, preventing premature failure of expensive equipment.

Frequent problems and their solution


The air conditioner screen redirects air masses up

How to Fix Wall Air Conditioner AC Water Leak

Strong subdivination, directed towards people, increases the risk of colds. Cause. improper position of the air conditioner curtains. They are installed in a horizontal position and the problem goes. There is a function of self-oscillations blinds. The instructions describe how using the control panel to configure it in this model of the air conditioner.

A more complex way out of position. installation of a protective screen that is ordered on the Internet or buy in construction supermarkets in the department of climate techniques. Independently install the screen in the presence of tools. it’s 15 minutes.


From the inner block dripping. one of the most frequent complaints in service centers. Cause breakdown in clogging Drainage tubes. In this case, you can repair the air conditioner with your own hands. Usually the drainage tube is blocked by ice cork when equipment is turned on in cooling mode, when Frost on the street.

Repair of the air conditioner tubes may not be needed, if you wait until the plus temperature is installed on the street. Ice melts itself, the equipment can again use.


Weak cooling, water drops on the housing. signs of clogging filters. Careful and regular cleaning. all necessary manipulations.

Compressor problems

Freon and compressor problems are associated. When water gets inside the system, the components of the compressor are subject to corrosion. In addition. it overheats, what will be the black oil color. The acidity test of the oil will clarify that metal salts are present in the circuit.

Due to problems in the electronics system, the compressor also suffers, so the refrigeration circuit, electronic systems, and then the heart of the air conditioner is diagnosed.

Repair of the air conditioner it is impossible at the following breakdowns:

  • The leakage of freon, which is determined by the frost of the fps of the external block. The Master has specific equipment that is not available for most users with household split systems. If the four-way valve is damaged during overheating, it is changed.
  • Marriage when installing copper tubes. for example. chances. The highway reinstall that unable to make an ordinary person without tools. No vacuuming. a serious minus of installers. Blooding the system by Freon does not remove water vapors that cause corrosion parts of the compressor.
  • Incorrect switching of wires between exterior and internal blocks.
  • Incorrect wire connection leads to malfunctions in the electronic board, which sometimes requires its replacement due to the fault of the installers.

The replacement of the compressor occurs in two ways:

  • Without flushing an external block. If the oil during plum has a light shade, the acidity is not raised by analysis, unnecessary particles does not contain. The compressor changes, the system is evacuated and tested.
  • Washing an external block is needed when the oil analysis showed increased acidity, the presence of dirt in the circuit and the metal particles that hit there after poor-quality pipe cutting.
water, conditioner

Procedure Complex, repair Split system with your own hands is impossible in this case. It makes masters with special devices that remove strangers from all hard-to-reach places of freon highway so that the problem is not repeated.

Control board

Repair of the air conditioner. Task for a specialist. Places of various manufacturers differ from each other. In addition, even power supply to fees is carried out in different ways. Some are equipped with three-core wiring, others. single-core. Some problems notify the system of self-diagnosis, but in most cases special devices are needed, for example, oscilloscope. The control system is protected with a diode bridge, varistor and stabilion. Breakdowns are likely when overloading on the network.