What to do if split system flows into the room. the reasons for breakdowns and ways to solve the problem

Modern technologies not only simplify the life of a person, but also make his house more comfortable and cozy. That is why diverse household appliances have long been “spelled” in almost every home. But, no matter how sad it is, it’s all early or late fails, and the exception is not the air conditioners that are due to improper operation or not enough high quality cease to cope with their main functions. However, it is not necessary to panic and run into the nearest workshop, since the repair of the system of the system is quite possible and performed.

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How to eliminate leak

The method of eliminating leaks directly depends on the cause of the breakage.

Lack of refrigerant

In this case, freezing of the external part of the evaporator with further melting is frosty after the system is turned off. Usually such a problem is accompanied by atypical sound and minor ice blowing.

Damage to the drainage highway

Such a breakdown most often happens in the process of testing the system with poor quality installation. The reason for the malfunction becomes mechanical damage to the pipeline. It must be replaced. soldering, winding with a tape and gluing is extremely undesirable.

Clock drainage pipe

If the outer tube is not equipped with a grid, over time it turns out to be clogged by web, insect cocopus, dust or mud. In winter, it can take its full icing. To correct the situation, you need to clean the pipeline with a wire or a vacuum cleaner, you will have to carefully disconnect in frosts.

No pressure supply regulator

Most often takes place in winter when there is a significant discharge of pressure and temperature circuit of the entire system. The heating of the evaporator of the indoor unit decreases, condensate is formed and, as a result, found. With an increase in the temperature of the evaporator wall, the leakage occurs and occurs. Only installation of the pressure regulator can be solved.

Application of pseudosifones

Often when installing equipment for preventing penetration of unpleasant odor, a waste drainage pipe bends. This leads to faults, so the deformed area will have to be replaced, while it is best to use original siphons.

Installation of the drainage highway without slope

As already mentioned, this error takes place when you try to independently install the air conditioner with a self-enea. In this case, the internal unit turns into a large water tank and becomes extremely dangerous for people located. To eliminate such an error, you will need to dismantle the entire system and its integrated re-equipment.

In a situation, if the output of water into the street for some reason is impossible, set air conditioners with a drainage pump, for example, in basement or underground structures. Such equipment can also leak.

Breakdown of the drainage pump. the condensate is not completely absorbed. Such equipment must be repaired or completely replaced.

In case of unintentional turning off electricity or voltage drop in the network, a minor leakage sometimes appears. Do not worry. when renewing current supply, the problem is quickly eliminated.

Do not drip condensate from the external block

Condensate does not eat from an external block in cooling mode, since the radiator of the external block is hot. In cooling mode should not be.

Condensate must drop only in the operation of the split system to heat during defrosting. At low temperatures, the outer radiator is covered with a layer of snow, which reduces its performance. To solve this problem, the defrost mode is provided. which is switched on occasionally, melting snow on the lamella. Then that starts dripping water from an external side.

Air conditioning “Pot” after several years of work.

If the air conditioner, who worked to you faithfully for several years, suddenly. The reason lies in the absence or improper maintenance.

  • The drainage tube clogged. Dust, insect and t can accumulate in the hose.P. What will lead to a decrease or overlapping of water flow. There were cases that in the tube, in the search for water in a hot period, crawled Juke, who later stuck and blocked the entire drainage canal. Solution: Clean the drainage channel.
  • Freon leakage. By freonofroduction circulates quite volatile refrigerant. Freon, who is enough microcracks to destroy from the refrigeration circuit. Round refrigerant leakage 6-8% per year, even if the system is sealed. With a decrease in the number of freon in the system, the evaporator of the internal unit is frost. It is formed by the similarity of Inea, in severe cases, a snow fur coat. In this case, the condensate does not flow into the tray of the pallet, and drips right on the blinds, with them to the room. With an air conditioner, it often looks like “sparing” with water. Water can not drain into the pallet, the drop under its own weight, it takes away from the edge of the heat exchanger, falls down, falls on the fan of the inner block, which ejected it outward. Solution: Check the air conditioner for the leakage of Freon, if necessary, to remove air conditioning. This procedure requires certain knowledge, skills, tools. Trust this work to professionals.

Water from air conditioning is not dripping: Ways to eliminate breakage

You need to choose a repair method in accordance with the detected fault, later, the water from the air conditioner does not drip. When clogging the hose in the upper part (adjacent to the tray), it must be disconnected and thoroughly clean. This can be done with a vacuum cleaner, car pump or plastic bottle. With very strong pollution, you can use the cable or special liquid for cleaning split systems. After processing the cleaning agent or cable, it is necessary to blow the tube.

If the plug is created by insects, use the wire to remove the slot. This problem can be removed by purging the pump, as well as when clogging the top of the hose.

If the drainage system does not work due to dirty filters, remove the clogged elements and wash them in the soap solution. Filters can be installed in place only after drying. When contamination of the coal filter will have to buy a new part. These products can not be washed or clean in other ways.

In cases where the problem is caused by an improper bias of the pipeline or a fragmented hose, a simple repair will not help. You will have to re-lay drainage, stroke walls and finishing work. Therefore, it is not necessary to trust the installation of the air conditioner of nonprofesionals. It is better to entrust this work to the Masters of the Service Center, which will take into account the recommendations of the manufacturer, and will continue to maintain the aggregate.

Installers with two left hands

Condensate discharge problems can begin shortly after installation of the air conditioner. In 99% of cases, this due to unprofessional (in some cases drunk) installers.

The fact is that the drainage tube must go under the tilt down. Sometimes when installing in the wall make a hole, which goes parallel to the ground, or at all directed up. In this case, according to the law of gravity, the moisture will not be able to drop and accumulates in the tray.

Identify the problem is easy. just look at the entrance and yield of drainage from the wall.

Output two. either punch a new hole, or outweigh the air conditioner higher. But it is best to call installers. They are simply obliged to fix their mistake.

How to fix water leaking or dropping from indoor of Split Air Conditioner explained by Emm Vlogs

If you put air conditioning yourself, you will have to arm a peuorator and choose. Naturally, it will be easier to break a new hole. His input must begin there, where and the old one, but the channel must be sent down.

Flowing conditioner, questions and answers

According to information about the flows of the air conditioner, the following popular questions and answers can be distinguished.

Is it possible to turn on the air conditioner if it flows?

It is possible, but the problem itself will not disappear. In some cases, you risk damage the air conditioner. For example, due to frost, the radiator nozzles may crack. So better look for the cause and eliminate it.

From the drainage tube water is uneven. it does not flow at all, it flows pretty much. What could it be?

Most likely somewhere in the drainage system there is a small inflection. It accumulates water, and when it comes to a maximum. it follows. It will not affect the operation of the air conditioner. But at the place of cluster of water over time there may be a traffic jam.

When I turn on the air conditioner, it begins to spit with water. Then it will work the hour and everything is fine. What is the problem?

In addition you have increased humidity. While the air conditioner does not work, moisture accumulates inside it. After turning on the air flow, it splashes outward.

Improper location of the drainage hose

Condensed fluid from the indoor unit is displayed out by gravity. For this, drainage tubes must be located with a small slope. If it is not or a bias too small, condensate will accumulate in the inner block. When filling the reservoir from the air conditioner flows water into the room.

Improper location of the drainage hose makes itself felt almost after several hours of continuous operation of the device after installation. In this case, the solution to the problem is only one thing: you need to re-install tubes in compliance with the correct slope.

Conclusions and useful video

Tips from their business masters will help to cope with dripping air conditioning:

An example of how you can clean the condensate bath and drainage hose. The author step by step shows how to clean the hose, as well as the types of possible pollution:

If you find that water is poured out of climatic equipment, then you should not panic. Take advantage of our recommendations and carefully check.

Each owner of the split system is important not to forget about regular cleaning of the main nodes: drainage, filters, capacitance for condensate, etc., and try to keep the technique clean.

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