Which shine is better to choose horizontal or vertical

For sewing clothes without sewing equipment can not do. Sewing machine is widely used at home and workshops. Another 30-40 years ago this unique unit was the subject of necessity in almost every home. Women coming from work turned into home tailors and sewed clothes for their family.

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फुल शटल और हाफ शटल मै फरक | difference Between Full Shuttle and Half Shuttle Machine

The machine does not lose popularity and now. Tailoring dresses, shirts and other textiles with your own hands allows you to reduce the cost part of the family budget and implement your designer things. However, that the process does not stop in the event of a breakdown, it is necessary to understand the work of the main design elements of the sewing machine. One of these is a shuttle mechanism.

How to choose

First of all, you need to decide for what the machine will need. If for simple operations: to grab the pants, sew curtains, remake children’s clothes, make a suit on the New Year tree, then you can do the basic set of functions that every modern machine has.

If it is planned to withdraw your passion for a professional level or please yourself with embodied fantasies, then it is worth considering options with a large number of operations and additional features.

After the purchase assignment is defined, it will not prevent to know how to choose.


Deciding with the type of sewing machine, go to brands. At this time, quite a lot of different brands are presented on the market. Some of them are real legends, so to speak, fashion lawmakers. These include Janome, Elna, Brother, Bernina, Singer, Pfaff, Protex, Veritas. Also presented a lot of developing brands. Jaguar, Husqvarna, Family, New Home, Leager, Comfort, Chayka, Bernette. Need to understand that good does not have cheap. Sewing machine. one of the most complex household appliances in the house. And incorrectly determining their needs, you can spend money in vain. If you want to purchase a truly reliable sewing machine. pay attention to machines such as Janome (absolutely all models have cast frame inside), Brother (not all models, there are frankly unsuccessful cars), Elna, New Home, Family (all three brands belong to Janome, the same factory), Bernina (cars are quite expensive, but also quality, respectively, at the height). In a cheaper segment, it is worth paying attention to Jaguar (good price / quality balance), Singer (of course, the Zinger “is no longer one”, but the quality corresponds to the price), Bernette (Bournina’s budget segment). The rest of the brands are a pretty controversial choice. Not everyone has a good service (Husqvarna), not always the price corresponds to the quality (PFAFF) and T.D. Still the sewing machine is not bought for one year, because the brand is needed seriously.

Now you need to define another important parameter. the engine of your future machine. In the electromechanic, the principle is simple. the more powerful, the better. Powerful motor will provide you with good weld quality on any type of fabric. Optimal power. 60/70 watt. Very good if there is a stabilization force puncture fabric. In a computer machine, the motor power is moving into the background. IMPORTANT EXECUTE ELECTRONIC PURPOL. Recommended engine power. not less than 30 watts.

Horizontal shuttle

This type of shuttle in domestic sewing machines is the most modern. For the first time, the horizontal type of shuttle has developed and applied BROTHER. She is subsequent and engaged in improving the design. Over time, this type of shuttle mechanism has become widespread among other manufacturers of sewing machines. The cost of production machines with a horizontal shuttle is slightly higher than cars with a classic vertical shuttle. However, as technologies and reduced production improvement, the machine with a horizontal type of shuttle device began to prevail among the total number of cars in the global sewing machinery market. Horizontal shuttle does not have a bobbing cap, the bobbin is inserted directly into the shuttle, which is incredibly convenient and just. Another advantage is that it is always visible how much thread backwardness on the bobbin, what color is it and even how the thread from shuttle is removed. Such a machine works quieter, softer and performs its work very high quality. No pass, looping and other problems that significantly affect the accuracy of the shuttle configuration, it usually does not happen. The horizontal shuttle is made of a particularly durable plastic, to this you need to take seriously lovers to sew everything without a universal needle. Also, this type of shuttle is more capricious to the type and the composition of the thread. Use only those thread types that the manufacturer of the sewing machine recommends. No “thirty” and “forties” from grandmother, especially cotton. Plastic shuttle quickly wear out of such threads and then the machine will begin to make both skips, and looping, and rubbing threads. No settings here will no longer help, only replacing the punk liner. The benefit of the cost of the liner of the horizontal shuttle is not high, it is easy to remove and replace even independently. It is also necessary to take into account that quiet operation of the machine is achieved through the use of belt transmission for shuttle. Therefore, it is necessary to respect the car and do not try to sew “roofing iron” on it, it’s not a “zinger” before last. Using this type of shuttle device, the machine function is significantly expanding. Maximum line width increases, operations are becoming more difficult. Lubricate and clean the horizontal shuttle on their own not more difficult than vertical. However, if not confident in your abilities, it is better to apply for this to a specialist. Just as in the case of a vertical shuttle, neglected the maintenance of the car is not worth. This will allow you to extend the service life of all machine mechanisms.

The capabilities of the model

This question is most acute when choosing a specific computer sewing machine model. It is at this type of machine that the number of lines frequently translates over a hundred and causes ripples in the eyes and dizziness. You need to start your choice at all from the number of lines. There are more important parameters that should be decided primarily.

Type type, to work with which machine is intended. There are cars to work with any types of fabrics, there are models intended for lungs and medium, or vice versa for medium and heavy tissues. If you definitely know that the main area of ​​your activity will be, for example, dance dresses from silk and chiffon. take the machine for light fabrics, it will work with them better than universal. If your choice is coats and jeans, consider models for medium and heavy tissues. We usually have more gap between the paw and the needle plate, which allows you to put a thicker layer of fabric under the paw, and a more powerful engine that can flash this layer.

The maximum stitch length (happens to 5 mm) and the maximum zigzag width (up to 7 mm). Than these parameters more. the better: expands the field of opportunity.

type, shuttle, sewing, machine

Type of shuttle: The shuttle is vertical, with a removable bobbing cap, as well as horizontal, where there is no bobbing cap. The second option is modern and easier to refuel.

type, shuttle, sewing, machine

Loop can be automatic and semi-automatic. “Full” automatic allows you to perform up to 12 different types of loops, to one operation to take out the loop exactly under the size of the buttons, remember the size and repeat the idle of the identical size you need the number.

Semi-automatic loop usually perform simpler models. Here the size is determined by you, focusing on the markup on the foot, the loop cohesive in 4 consecutive operations. It is easy and not even for quite a long time, but if you multiply 10, 20, 30 buttons on a suit. the difference is decent.

Not binding, but very convenient features are a built-in threader, the possibility of sewing a double needle, the needle positioning button and a point pinch button. If you are going to sew a little, it is worth paying attention to the possibility of working without pedal and external speed adjustment, it is very protecting your foot, which after four. five hours of continuous pressing on the pedal begins to complain, besides, the pedals fail faster than the machines themselves, and they do it, as a rule, at the most inopportune moment.

On this general recommendations end and remains to choose from the mass of the proposed lines, fonts and flowers, the set that is useful to you personally, and I will finally talk about another very important point.

The ratio of the characteristics of the sewing machine and shuttle

Sewing machines represent a separate full-fledged class of techniques, which includes a classic version of models and devices, they are intended for sewing products from knitwear, embroidery and similar functions.

There is a large selection of sewing equipment by Gianome and other manufacturers. You can find highly specialty and multifunctional techniques for professional use, as well as multifunctional household models even the simplest.

Main types Machine:

Shuttle on sewing machines Gianome, Juki and other manufacturers are a key working part that provides quality quality and range of features.

Choosing between price and high-quality characteristics, the consumer must buy equipment, focusing on the second criterion.

Modern models with great functionality differ sufficient fortitude. Therefore, it is important to comply with all rules of operation and maintain technique on time, for this you need to contact professional masters with extensive experience, which are thoroughly dealt with any sewing equipment models.

And remember that any kind of shuttle device you choose, it will serve for a long time with the right approach to the conditions of its operation.

Possible malfunctions and their elimination

Instructions are not always available. Especially if the model is old. But most of the faults are characteristic of all machines. If the thread in a strong tension, the screw must be sent. When checking seams, check the needle positioning. If the handle is bad. be sure to add lubrication. In difficult cases, it will be necessary to repair which can produce a specialist. models often fail without correction. This is their main drawback.

Repair when faulty

Manual machines gradually improve. Their functional gradually expands, dimensions decrease. But it remains an important advantage. the ability to work without a network and easy to transport the device. Choose a purchase worth considering the goals and fabrics to be taken to work.