Vacuum cleaner with bag or container??

Hello!Here we want to buy a vacuum cleaner, and I will not define.Who says Take only with a bag, with him Soroki less and cleaning faster, who is only with a container, such as Aquabox, is now very popular and fashionable.I buy myself for 10 years at least, so I’m waiting for the Council!

Such as before with a good bag, no one does. Even “Rovent” is no longer. Some synthetic bags, pepper with it 100%. So take with aquabox.

Now hell will you understand what better. Would have the opportunity to look different, it would be possible to choose. Previously, the bag was super, now not very. About the containers, too, to say good enough.

What a strange question. you want to mess with these bags, shaking dust. The container is unequivocally more convenient and hygienic to use

I have a bag, it has been many years old, with a container, and washing with aqua filter. My choice is unambiguous: with a container. The bag is soothing to shake, in the container immediately see what the necessary major things sucked, and shake and wash it much convenient. And the washing weighs so much that I don’t cope with him, only my husband (although it is a plus, 2 years the floors wash only he)))

I have both with bags and with containers, everyone worked bad for some reason and quickly broke, although it was worth it decent. now I have a house with a built-in vacuum cleaner, such a hole in the wall where the hose is inserted))) in beauty. It works just super, and clean the container is necessary once a year or two

Was with a container, he was crawled to wash every time, dried and collect back. Otherwise, power drops. Therefore I bought a small vacuum with bag. With the same capacity characteristics, he sucks so that the men’s husband envies. And shake it after several cleaning easier than to catch with the container.

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Parkside PNTS 1500 C4 VS Kärcher WD 5 P Which one is better?

For only dry cleaning, you need to take a good vacuum cleaner with a bag. Miele, for example. Do not need to shake the bags)) they just take out when they are filled, without a single dust in the external environment and all!

For only dry cleaning, you need to take a good vacuum cleaner with a bag. Miele, for example. Do not need to shake the bags)) they just take out when they are filled, without a single dust in the external environment and all!

With bags (if disposable) there is one nuance. Over time (and with frequent cleaning, it is a small one) you understand that the total value of the purchased bags is already equal to the price of the vacuum cleaner))))). Reminds the situation with inkjet printer cartridges or capsular coffee makers, where the manufacturer makes profit not on the technique itself, but on the consumables to it

We had with a container, for some reason I was poorly sucking, probably the bad model was chosen, bought with a bag, everything is fine, but after 2 years, the spare bags ended, went into technosyl, there is no for such a model of bags of bags.Here we will go on our weekends, and this time, and I don’t want to spend it on such a nonsense.Next buy with a container, according to reviews on the Internet I will scour.

Vacuum cleaner with bag. device features

Each apartment or house, regardless of the surface and type of floors, the number of residents or the time we spend in it, at least once a week you need to vacuum. When buying, we have a dilemma, which model of household appliances to choose. A few years ago we had no choice between the types of vacuum cleaners, and we made a decision only about choosing a bag type. The traditional vacuum cleaner with a bag is the oldest type, which still dominates among this type of household appliances. To date, we have a choice between two types of bags:

  • Paper, which should be regularly changed when they are fully filled;
  • textile, which can be reused, because it is enough to simply throw their contents to be able to use them again.

The use of textile and paper bags has its pros and cons. It is worth knowing them before making the final choice, because it affects both the cost of buying and operating equipment and the comfort and quality of work.

Bag should be cleaned quite often. This is not a difficult job, but certainly not the most pleasant. We often lazy, do not clean it systematically, as required in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Paper bags seem much more reasonable choice because they are more hygienic. However, we are standing in a dilemma for further expenses, since they have to regularly buy.

Textile bags relatively rarely require replacement, but such a decision is not only nonhygienically and inconvenient. After some time, dirt accumulates in them and small damage is formed, while the dust does not fall into the bag, part of it penetrates the device inside. At best, the device is simply dirty, and at worst. pollution can penetrate in large quantities, the device can work worse or even break.

In modern models, regardless of the type of bag is often there an additional filter (HEPA), which protects people suffering from allergies from the smallest dust particles that pass through the bag. This filter cleans the exhaust air to 95 percent.

Advantages and disadvantages of paper bags

  • Comfortable and easy replacement, just throw away the filled package in the garbage and replace it with a new one;
  • No need to clean the bag significantly reduces the contact of a person with dust.

Advantages and disadvantages of textile bags

  • direct contact of a person with dust and dirt during emptying and cleaning the bag;
  • Over time in the bag, holes may appear through which part of the dust will penetrate outward.
  • lack of costs associated with regular purchases of new bags;
  • Best quality bags have a coating that protects against dust and dirt scattering when the bag is removed from the vacuum cleaner.

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Features of vacuum cleaners with bag

Vacuum cleaners with a bag of many are already familiar with one decade. Unlike container, dust in these devices is collected in a special bag. Such devices are very “hardy”. You can not be afraid to load them: curtains, carpets, chairs, car salon. Big front work. not a hindrance.

It is interesting! Not everyone knows that vacuum cleaners with a bag can be both horizontal and vertical.

There are also disposable, and reusable bags. Disposable. thick paper. Their use is convenient, but not too nice financially. Reusable made from dense and durable fabric. After each cleaning, it is not necessary to get rid of such a bag.

  • Simple and understandable operation;
  • The ability to adjust the power of the device;
  • A huge selection of models in the market;
  • Easy to use bags: Disposable replacement, and cleaning reusable;
  • The possibility of irregular washing (no need to wash after each cleaning, in contrast to the container)

Vacuum cleaners with dust collection bag

About half a century ago, the first model of the vacuum cleaner with a dust collection bag was invented. It is in the bag that the whole absorbance garbage falls when cleaning. Such models to this day remain well in demand. Since the invention of the first models, the bag vacuum cleaners were improved, became more convenient and functional. Now, such models can not only spend the floor, but also to clean the carpets, furniture, curtains and even windows.

Disposable bags made of synthetics or paper. They are good because you can easily clean the vacuum cleaner, for this you only need to throw out the filled bag. Reusable bags made of fabric. It will take a little more time to clean, but they can be used an unlimited number of times and some even wash in a typewriter.


To begin with, it is worth noting the advantages of bag vacuum cleaners for dust collection. No wonder these models remain in demand so far, as many positive sides are quite a lot.

  • Easy operation. Thanks to a simple design, care for and repairing such models is easy. After use, the vacuum cleaner does not need to wipe or wash. Enough to clean the bag and remove into place. As for the repair, it will be able to figure it out with her, not even extremely experienced, master.
  • Hygienic. Oddly enough, bagnotes are still considered the most hygienic. Provided that everything is made according to the rules, the bag will not pass dust. In addition, if you paid attention to the application of manufacturers, you probably heard about several filtering steps. Most of them relate to bags.
  • Light cleaning. In the case of a selection of a model with disposable bags, cleaning will not take a long time. It will be enough to just throw the used bag in the garbage and replace it with a new one.
  • Power. When comparing vacuum cleaners with bags and containers, it can be seen that the first possesses the stronger suction capacity. This happens because the bag passes through itself the air, while the cyclone models are inevitable power loss. True, it is worth considering that as the bag is filling, power will decrease.
  • Low noise. Unlike container models, bag vacuum cleaners work much quieter. This is due to the increase in the distance when passing inside the air.


Do not forget about the minuses, about which, as a rule, manufacturers and sellers of technology are silent.

  • Expendable materials. When using disposable bags, you will have to constantly buy them. The problem lies not only in the waste of money, but also in the difficulty of their location. Each model requires special consumables. This is especially problematic if the model is rare and bags for it are not particularly popular.
  • Power. As already written above, despite the good suction power, it decreases as the bag fills.
  • DISTRIBUTY. This applies to reusable bags, as they can break through with time. It is necessary to be neat when operating and have an additional bag in stock, in case of failure of the main.

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Customer Reviews

To facilitate the choice, it is best to refer to the reviews of other buyers. They can tell about the operation of bag vacuum cleaners, based on personal experience.

As for me, it is best to use a model with disposable bags. There really does not arise any problems, easily throw out the bag after cleaning and all. I initially used reusable bags, but quickly refused them. Too much dust while it is wicking up, especially uncomfortable if you do not have a balcony or yard where you can do it. My advice to spend a little, but purchase disposable bags.

A year later, the use of a vacuum cleaner with a container, replaced it to the bag. With the container more MOROKA, while everyone is shaking, you donate and dry. And here we spend several times, I lookedched out the bag and everything.

Main characteristics

This model of the vacuum cleaner boasts reduced energy consumption, low noise and high suction power. CYCLONE MAX Technology during cleaning filters air. HEPA 13 filter detains almost all small dust particles. The control of the vacuum cleaner focuses on the ergonomic handle and adjust its power can not bend during cleaning.

Vacuum cleaner “monitors” for the filler of the container, and if necessary, the replacement of the HEPA filter will notify its owner. In addition, the bucket for cleaning carpets is included in the package of vacuum cleaner, as well as a brush with natural horse hair for gentle cleaning of the floor massif.

Vacuum cleaner with bag and container: advantages and disadvantages

Vacuum cleaner for garbage collection and dust. an indispensable thing in the house. Another 20-30 years ago, consumers did not have a special choice, because in household appliances stores 2-3 models of vacuum cleaners could offer, and all of them were equipped with dust collectors in the form of bags. Nowadays, the choice of an aggregate for cleaning the apartment was much more complicated. Every month, new models of vacuum cleaners appear, differing from each other not only by size and design, but also the principle of work. Constructors of the cyclone type aggregates assure that their development effectively cope with the removal of dust and dirt, and you do not have to spend time and strength to clean the container. Today, for cleaning the house, you can choose the traditional, proven decades model with a bag or a modern device with a garbage collection container. Each type of instrument has its advantages and disadvantages that need to be studied before going to the store.

Traditional models of vacuum cleaners with a garbage collection bag have undergone a number of changes. On the household appliances market, you can find both expensive devices issued by branded firms and budget options available to families with income below average. All of them are distinguished not only by the design, but also the quality of materials used and composite elements, the presence of additional functions.

As a dust collector, manufacturers often offer two options:

  • Use a tissue reusable bag and periodically release it from dust and debris.
  • Give preference to disposable paper bags and replace them with new as it fills.

Work with baggy vacuum cleaners and care for them is easy and simple. And if you buy a costly model, equipped with special features, it can be used not only to spend the carpet, but also to carry out wet cleaning with shampoo, clean the contaminated surface ferry or wash the windows.

The main disadvantage of the classic vacuum cleaner is a nonhygienic and unpleasant procedure for cleaning the tissue bag. But here there is an alternative. to acquire a set of paper dust collectors and change them as needed. This will require additional expenses from the family, but will facilitate the cleaning process.

Replaceable bags can not be found on sale, and universal can simply not approach a specific model. Therefore, 2-3 years after the purchase of the instrument, the search for new dust collectors can turn into a difficult task.

Despite the listed disadvantages, modern bags of aggregates have a mass gain:

  • Almost every consumer is able to purchase a high-quality model for small money, while cyclone type vacuum cleaners or with aqua filter is relatively more expensive.
  • Before working, it does not need to be in any way to prepare (rinse, dry or pour water), it is enough to insert a plug into the socket and click on the “Start” button.
  • Fabric dust collectors have a long service life, and they are not necessarily cleaned after each cleaning: for a standard apartment release the bag from the garbage will not have more than 1-2 times a month.
  • If you wish, you can use paper single or two-layer bags that, as it is filling, you only need to remove from the instrument and throw it into the trash can.
  • In the process of recycling paper bags, the ambient air remains clean, since even the smallest particles remain inside.
  • Bag dust collectors have sound-absorbing properties, so traditional models work quieter cyclon.

The power of the unit directly depends on the degree of compatibility of the bag: the power of suction falls as the dust and garbage is accumulated inside.

Each modern vacuum cleaner is equipped with a special indicator that notifies with the maximum permissible bag filling. The device will serve much longer and save the characteristics declared by the manufacturer if the dust collector is changed or cleared in advance without waiting for the sensor signal.

Inserted bag. And the vacuum cleaner is ready for work

Since the emergence of household appliances on the market and until today, vacuum cleaners with containers for garbage collection are considered the top of engineering thought. When viewing commercials, praising such aggregates, many people have a false impression that innovative developments are much more convenient and more effective than their bags “fellow”. This is not entirely true, since the cyclone vacuum cleaners have its drawbacks.

The absorption of garbage and dust in cyclones occurs due to the centrifugal force of the vortex air flow generated inside the container. Large particles of garbage are delayed in the container, and small shafts are captured by several additional filters.

The last step of cleaning the contaminated air is a non-filter capable of delaying dust microparticles. It can be a weighty plus for allergy and asthmatics.

An important criterion for choosing is the power of suction. To remove the apartment qualitatively, you should give preference to aggregates with an indicator of 300-400 W, and if there are pets or high-pile carpets in the house, the optimal suction power must be 450-500 W.

However, many owners of such a device are disappointed after a while after purchase. Judging by numerous reviews in online stores and on the forums, serious disadvantages have been found in the vacuum cleaners of the container type:

  • The power of the retracting is weakly acting on light and long fragments. hair, thread, feathers and t. D. Therefore, in the process of cleaning, additional filters are clogged with garbage.
  • The design of many models is far from the ideal, since almost all the garbage does not fall into the container, but is going at the entrance to it. It significantly reduces the speed and quality of cleaning: after working on several square meters of space, you have to remove dust collectors and clean manually.
  • Also often have to clean all filters made in the form of foam or synthetic liners, harmonic, colodes and cups. If this is not done, the thrust of the vacuum cleaner decreases several times.
  • Acquisition of consumables A few years after buying a vacuum cleaner can become an impossible task, as manufacturers of stamps new units with a new filter configuration. The same problem may occur if the plastic container will crack. it will be almost impossible to find a replacement.
  • Large and solid garbage particles During rotation in the container scratching its walls, and through time through the speed plastic it is difficult to consider the degree of fullness of the dust collector.
  • Plastic parts accumulate static voltage created by vortex air flow. After turning off the device when contacting with a facing or container, you can feel an unpleasant discharge current.

What are the dust collectors and what they differ

For this parameter, vacuum cleaners can be divided into three varieties. In each of them, there are leaders, filtering simply canceled, so that neither the dusting remains. However, in all types there are outsiders who do not cope with their task. We’ll talk about it later, but so far I find out what the three main types of vacuum cleaners differ from each other.

Bag dust collector for dust collection. Classic in modern processing

About 50 years ago, a classic model of vacuum cleaner was invented. Over time, it was improved, becoming more comfortable and ergonomic. Developers equipped new aggregates with high-quality filters, quiet engines and various additional features. They worked out and above the design. the models exhibited today in the store shack originality and diversity.

Many modern vacuum cleaners have built-in additional functions. They can wash windows, clean the surface by steam, make wet cleaning with detergent. There are those who knock out and combed carpets with a long pile. Naturally, positive changes affected dust collectors, and filtering systems.

Vacuum cleaner with dust collection bag.

Dust collector with a dust collector in the form of a container. the so-called “cyclone”

“Cyclones” Manufacturers Painted vacuum cleaners having a transparent dust collecting container. In this tank, a real hurricane is formed. a air jet together with dust and garbage taking the strongest swirl. During this hurricane, dust is tightly pressed against the walls of the container and its bottom. And as soon as the vacuum cleaner turns off, the whole garbage falls into the lower part of the tank.

Improved this system engineers of the British company DYSON, they equipped vacuum cleaners with several degrees of cleaning. The first is a cylindrical tube in which the vortex flow of the absorbent air is created. As a result, all major garbage remains on the walls of this pipe. The second filter is a cone, in which a vortex is also created, removing fine dust. And this is not all. the third seal filter cleans the air leaving the vacuum cleaner.

Calculating Chinese decided to save, simplifying the English cyclone model. Their engineers worked hard, trying to reduce the vacuum cleaner, having a bag. After all, the demand for such aggregates has constantly increased. more and more consumers did not want to mess with removable dust bags, preferring to them a neat plastic container. Yes, and find a dust collector to your model of the vacuum cleaner was sometimes failed.

But in Europe, manufacturers for a long time to classic, honey with the release of cyclone vacuum cleaners. The reason for this was some disadvantages inherent in such devices. Yes, and consumers in these countries believe that it is more practical and hygienic to use classic vacuum cleaners. And they do not have problems with the purchase of the desired dust collector. However, European manufacturers began to issue container models. True, mostly sell them in the market of developing countries.

Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner and Dust Collection Container.

At the very beginning of the production of such models, the vacuum cleaner of the cyclone type has dreamed to have every mistress. He seemed a miracle of modern technology, and people did not see flaws in it. If you ask any, what a vacuum cleaner is better. with a bag or container, the second option was invariably. Have such an apparatus meant to be “advanced” and fashionable, keep up with the century. The prestigious novelty immediately raised her owner’s self-esteem. he was proud that he owns the device made on the latest technologies.

Several years have passed, and it turned out that there are also plenty of minuses in such models. Perhaps even more than pluses. And they are noisy too much, and the air is disgusting disgusting, and the filters that are behind the cyclone, they need to be cleaned constantly. And when you clean all these filters had to constantly swallow dust.

Cyclone models gradually came out of fashion, and euphoria from possession of a technical innovation disappeared, replaced by disappointment. The owners slowly get rid of such vacuum cleaners, sending them to the eternal reference to the cottage or in the shed. The disadvantages of the design did not work out, and the model gradually rents its position.

Aqua filter dust collector

There are models of vacuum cleaners in which the dust collector container is filled with water. It is called aqua filter. When passing dirty air through such a reservoir, large dust particles are drown in water, and small and lungs pop up to the surface. When cleaning is completed, it is enough to pour dirty water, and then rinse the tank and dry it.

The first aggregates, high-quality air cleaning with water tank, had industrial scales. They were used in hospitals, laboratories, in food enterprises. where purity was required and sterility. These devices were big and heavy, cost expensive and had a rather complicated design. Several nozzles sprayed water, forming a small suspension, captured by the dust from the air passing through it. The remaining dust absorbed the water whirlpool coming down the next level of cleaning.

After finalizing and cheapening such a unit and a household vacuum cleaner with aqua filter appeared. He, of course, was not able to purify the air to sterility, but it had a completely reasonable price and small dimensions. Alas. and this model has many flaws. Especially many complaints in consumers cause cheap vacuum cleaners of this type.

The longer the owner uses such an aggregate, the more disappointed in it. Therefore, buyers have now lost interest in devices using a water filter.

Aqua filter.

Lists best

We present to your attention a list of the best vacuum cleaners in three frequently purchased categories:

Let us dwell on the specified groups and describe on one leading model in it.

Best price

Karcher WD consumes 1000 W and effectively collects construction trash. The model is equipped with a dust collector type “bag”, which accommodates as many as 20 liters of debris. It is easy to get and clean it. Equipped with only 3 nozzles, however, with their help you can perform a fairly wide range of works. The length of the cord is 5 m, and the radius of the vacuum cleaner is about 7 m.

Gabarits 53x37x38 cm
The weight 7.1 kg
Power cable 5 M
Volume of dust collecting 20 L
vacuum, cleaner, better, container


The most powerful

Samsung SC-20M251A Classic Powerful Dry Type Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner is represented by a popular South Korean brand. The power of 2000 W provides effective cleaning of surfaces of different types. The power of suction in 460 W allows you to cope even with impaired pollution, large garbage and fine dust.

Power suction 460 W
The weight 4.3 kg
The size 39x28x25 cm
Noise level 83 dB


Reusable bag

Karcher WD 6 P Premium effectively collects garbage of different origins: ranging from pinch, metal chips, pebbles, and up to water, construction or gypsum dust. The filtration system is equipped with two filters: one flat fold, and the other is a bag filter.