Simple step-by-step instructions, how to turn on the refrigerator after defrosting

Suitable freezer camera is an excellent helper for any mistress. Thanks to her, you can make reserves for the winter and buy a large number of products about the stock. This greatly saves time, because the products have to ride much less. But so that the freezer has worked without failures, and the products in it were kept really long, behind these devices it is necessary to correctly care, which means periodically defrosting, correctly clean and wash.

After reading this article, you will learn how to wash the freezer after defrosting.

Electricity overrun

Any refrigerator has a built-in temperature sensor. It affects the frequency of inclusion and intensity of the compressor. When you put a hot or warm food in the refrigerator, the temperature in it rises sharply. And he is forced to work more intensively.

The refrigerators with the compressor of the inverter type increases the speed of the latter. In ordinary. it begins to work continuously. Due to this, the electricity consumption of the refrigerator increases. Let’s look at it on a simple example:

You put in a refrigerator with a saucepan of hot soup with a volume of 3 liter temperatures of 90 degrees. To cool it up to 5, you need to “select” 255 cywloalories of thermal energy. This is the equivalent of 0.296 kW.

COP of modern climatic equipment is 3-4 units. That is, the refrigerator consumes 74-99 watts of electricity more.

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In principle, not such a large amount of electricity must be expensive. But if you constantly put hot in the refrigerator, per month can get a tangible amount.

Are there any exceptions

Household appliances owners believe that it is still warm in the refrigerator. And the instruction is only a recommendation, not a requirement. Therefore, many manufacturers have improved their devices, and now supply the aggregates are more adapted. Technique has become less susceptible to a sharp change in temperature. Therefore, the risk of equipment is out of order below for models:

Technical characteristics of devices with such stickers allow you to eliminate the recommendation of hot dishes from the instruction. Multiple compartments for different products are installed in such models. In addition to the standard freezer and refrigeration chamber, there are “Cases” for cooling alcohol and closed boxes where you can leave hot broths. Vegetables and fruits are stored separately from other products. The more specialized compartments, the more reliable and adapted refrigerator to different conditions.

In the closed boxes, the cooling element does not output excess heat outward. Due to this there is no risk of icy crust formation. And the temperature in other refrigerator compartments does not change. But the cooling process is just a welded dish is not as fast.

Important! But still it is not recommended to experiment. There is a big difference between a plate with a warm soup and a 10-liter chute chute, which has just been on the stove. The higher the meal temperature and more of its volume, the worse it transfers the technique.

happen, putting, warm, refrigerator

It is forbidden to remove hot in the refrigerators of Soviet type, as well as devices with a drip cooling system. They have no separation of temperatures as in modern refrigerators. And the freezing element is often covered with ice and snow even with proper operation. If you periodically put mugs with boiling water, then some of the refrigerator will cover ice and snow, which can only be removed when defrosting. Too frequent defrosts reduce the service life of the equipment.

Than dangerous hot products for refrigerator

If you put a hot pan in the refrigeration chamber, then the temperature in the chamber will increase dramatically and the compressor will have to work continuously for a long time.

It is dangerous for the device, it can automatically turn off due to overheating. Several similar experiments can lead to a breakdown of the unit and failure of the entire system.

It should be remembered that the motor of household appliances cannot be operated for a long time under load, the engine must relax.

Also, the premises in the refrigerator warm dishes leads to an increase in electricity consumption and voltage jumps in the home network, which can output other electrical appliances.

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Hot pan or frying pan can damage and melt plastic lattices or refrigeration door s, glass shelf can burst under the heated dishes due to temperature difference.

When you can put hot in the refrigerator

In some refrigeration instruments, you can clean the hot dish. But only if there are specially adapted for this, dense chambers in the design. There may also be departments for rapid freezing.

A separate hot nutrition chamber will not give to lean the warm air into other compartments. There will be less problems, but electricity will be spent more.

Placed in the freer freezing compartment of hot food, cool quickly. Warm air flows will not disperse by the rest of the main refrigerator departments. But again, the compressor will start working at the limit and the overrun of electricity is provided.

Fast wear

The heart of the refrigerator is a compressor (some called the engine). It is the most important and expensive element. In the inverter refrigerators, it works constantly, but at low speed. In the non-reactor it periodically turns on and off. It is necessary to maintain the desired temperature.

When, due to hot food, the temperature in the refrigerator chamber rises, the compressor starts working with greater intensity. Depending on the type of refrigerator and the capacity of the compressor, it can last 1 to 3 hours.

At this time, the compressor is exposed to high load. Accordingly, it flashes faster, which can significantly affect his service life. For example, if the conventional refrigerator compressor works continuously within an hour, it will reduce its total work resource for 6-8 hours.

In addition, the following may happen from a sharp increase in load:

  • Breaking light bulb;
  • Due to elevated temperature, a freon highway may occur;
  • In NO Frost systems, fans may fail;
  • Because of the overheating of Freon, the refrigerator will consume a lot of electricity, but bad cool products.

What about the guarantee?

Many manufacturers of refrigeration equipment in the instructions indicate the maximum temperature of the products that can be placed in it. If you have a habit of putting hot products in the refrigerator, then the risk of breakdown. If it happens, and the device is warranty. problems may arise.

Specialists in the warranty center are highly likely to determine that the refrigerator worked at an increased load. The reasons are possible two:

In both cases, you will refuse warranty repair. In addition, the refrigerator will be removed from the warranty in general. If you have to face the replacement of the light bulb. it is not so expensive. But if the compressor fails. its replacement can pour half the cost of the refrigerator

Useful advice

Several specialists’ tips will help you to use the refrigerator correctly:. during transportation, without your control, ask the loaders, in what position the unit was taken, your further actions will depend on this;

When transporting, without your control, ask the loaders, in what position the unit was taken, your further actions will depend on this;

happen, putting, warm, refrigerator

When you turn on, do not fill it at once with all the range of products that you have, especially the freezer chamber.

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Install the unit to the place where the straight sun rays do not fall, away from heating radiators and other heat sources;

If your unit does not apply to an embedded technique, it must be specified in the instruction manual, it is better to put it as separately standing technique;

Many when adjusting the legs of the refrigerator, reject it a little back, it will not affect how to work, and the rapid closing of the door will improve;

Regularly defrost and wash the equipment, even with the NO Frost function, it needs to be careful at least two times a year.

Under all the necessary conditions for transportation, unloading and operation, your refrigerator will serve you for many years, even with frequent move.

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How to quickly cool the facilities for the refrigerator

Situations occur when just cooked food need to quickly cool. You can take advantage of the following recommendations:

  • If outside the window is the warm season, then the pan can be wrapped with a towel pre-moistened in water and take an open air (at least 15 minutes). Due to the evaporation of the fluid, food will gradually cool;
  • The pot can be lowered into a cold-water container, only one should remember that glass and enameled dishes can be covered with microcracks;
  • The pot can be simply left under the jet of cold water, only periodically the crane must be turned off to prevent the contents.

There are quite a few other interesting ways, among which ice blades. often it can be found in catering establishments. In appearance, it looks like a conventional shovel, only filled with water. As a rule, it is frozen for subsequent use. However, it is important to comply with security measures and take it into hand only in gloves, it will help exclude the moment of frostbite.

Such a spatula is interfered with soup or borsch.

Microbiologists agree that the answer to the inclusive question, and is it possible to put a hot pan in the refrigerator, it will be negative. However, they remind the fact that products that deteriorate pretty quickly should not cool slowly. In freshly prepared food there are microorganisms that are not yet active, but they are awakened with a decrease in temperature. Consequently, food must be cooled as soon as possible.

For uniform and smooth cooling, continuous admission to the larger water capacity with low-temperatures should be ensured.

Obviously, if the refrigerator does not provide a special system of rapid frost with a separate chamber, then such actions can lead to a quick breakage of it. When buying a new refrigerator it is worthwhile to ask about the presence of the necessary function. Only so you can confident that hot food and drinks will not harm the unit.

No need to forget that there are products that during sharp fluctuations of temperatures may simply spoil.