Frequently asked questions about laser hair removal

Pregnancy and breastfeeding period are absolute contraindications for laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal requires the achievement of adult age. Patients up to 18 years old (but not younger than 16) need written permission of a parent or official guardian. Elimination of unwanted hair in this case is carried out in the presence of a parent or official guardian.

How quickly hair falls after laser hair removal

Removal of unwanted vegetation with a laser is an impact on the hair follicles with a thermal beam that penetrates the skin and destroys the hairs with the root. Melanin needs to be removed, so it will not be able to take the device to the device. If compared with other depilation methods, LE gives the best results. To the question “After how much unwanted vegetation will disappear after the removal of a laser” can be accurately replied, in most cases they disappear after 1 visits. After 1 laser hair removal is 30% on the exposure area. For full deliverance, it will be necessary from 5 to 8 visits.

The heat beam removes the hair, which are in the growth stage. If the hair onion is in the rest stage, the ray of influence will not. Hallows grow on the body unevenly, so it is impossible for 1 session to destroy all the roots. With each subsequent session, the surface will become more smooth until all the hair will not fall.

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Laser hair removal on face: stages and nuances of the procedure

Laser hair removal will help get rid of hair on chin, cheeks, or top lip. They not only bring discomfort to women, but they can even lower self-esteem.

Especially with the fact that it is currently actually increasing the hair on the head and get rid of them in all other places by any available ways. The vegetation on the female face does not look aesthetically and spoils even the most attractive appearance. Therefore, in pursuit of beauty, women seek to get rid of unnecessary hair. One of the most effective methods is just laser hair removal.

There are, of course, other options. This shave, wax epilation, shigaring and plucking, depilators creams. These options are the simplest and tested, but, alas, the result will be preserved for a short time, besides there are restrictions on the use of face on the skin.

How to prepare for deep bikini epilation?

Laser epilation of an intimate zone causes many questions in patients, because he is quite intimate. Preparation for it Classical: pubis and crotch should be carefully chosen 1 day before the procedure or on the eve. Note that sessions do not coincide with the beginning of menstruation and its ending. It is these days that women have a pain threshold lower than on other days.

Important! Between procedures, it is possible to remove hair only with a razor. And better not touch them at all, do not irritate the follicles so as not to provoke growth. After completing the course, you will not need any depilation methods.

Myths on the consequences of laser hair removal for health

Some stereotypes concerning laser epilation appeared due to the fact that in the past the equipment used had a number of flaws. As modernization, the devices become more secure, which expands their capabilities and reduces the risks of negative consequences.

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Myth 1: The laser operation can provoke oncology

The consequence of laser hair removal. cancer. This is the most popular myth. From the point of view of risk of development of cancer, the most dangerous is the high-frequency ionizing radiation. X-ray and gamma rays. Laser radiation used in hair removal procedures is not ionizing.

Myth 2: After the procedure, the scars will remain, and the hair will start to grow

Scarns appear in electrical piping when needles are used that damage the surface of the skin and are entered into the top layer of the dermis.

Laser hair removal does not violate the integrity of the skin, so the scarring is simply impossible.

And ingrown hair is a consequence of unprofessional wax depilation. When the thinned hairs have no strength to pierce the skin, he simply grows under it. The laser is just aimed at eliminating such manifestations.

Myth 3: After the procedure, a large amount of hard hair will appear

After each treatment, the hair is growing more and more subtle, they are smaller and they appear more slowly. Paradoxical effect can only be observed once. after the second session. This is called synchronization and indicates the effectiveness of the procedure. The third session all this vegetation is removed, and after that the hair grows slowly, becoming softer.

Myth 4: Laser hair removal is a rather painful procedure

The cause of pain in procedures is the impact on the nerve fibers that are located in the skin. Each person has these fibers in their own way, so we all feel pain in different ways. Cosmetologists note that sensations during the procedure are comparable to a click on the skin and are usually transported normally. In addition, at the request of the client, a cosmetologist, of course, can apply anesthetic cream.

Myth 5: Laser hair removal can not be done in the summer

The time of year can not be an obstacle to the removal of excess vegetation on the body. over, in the summer it is especially important. In fact, the procedure can be planned in the holiday season, most importantly, know some nuances.

If you need to process zones hidden under clothing, for example, bikini zone, there are no problems here. The procedure can be carried out at any time. It is impossible to carry out laser hair removal on tanned and dark skin. It will lead to burns.

And one more myth. rather from the discharge of false positive. After the procedure, no additional care is needed. This is not true. The skin in the process of laser epilation survived serious stress and needs additional protection.

Possible complications after laser epilation

In advertising brochures, laser hair removal is often praised, it is said about its full safety and the absence of complications on the skin. Is it possible to believe it? Despite the fact that the procedure is careful compared to other ways to remove unwanted vegetation, it can cause complications in the form:

Burns may be provoked by the following factors:

A very high stream of energy is used;

The incorrect procedure technique is used;

Laser affects hypersensitive zones.

How to speed up shedding after laser hair removal |

After laser epilation, an allergic reaction may appear:

It happens that the skin responds with allergic rashes in response to caring means or anesthetic. It is not recommended to continue the procedure if the cause of allergies is not clarified. After the skin comes to normal, you can continue the epilation sessions. For the treatment of allergies, antihistamine drugs are used, as well as glucocorticoids (topical forms).

The most common effects of laser processing is considered folliculitis, which appears after 2-3 days after the procedure. The reason for this complication is a bacterial infection that manifests in the form of red dots filled with white content. Skin is irritated and hyperemic. In addition, folliculitis often accompany pain and itching.

If, during the passage of the epilation course, a woman attended a bathhouse, a sauna or pool, the hair follicle can inflame.

It happens that this disease is observed in people suffering from hyperhydrosis.

Important aspects of the treatment of folliculitis, which appeared on the heads after epilation with a laser: You can not touch the zones of inflammation, it is prohibited to open education, it is necessary to eliminate scrubs and other coarse. In addition, you need to use only clean towels, not to apply cosmetics for inflamed skin, put on freshness of natural materials from natural materials.

The surface of the skin is treated with creams and solutions with antiseptic effect: “baccoban”, “Miramistin”, Levomycetin alcohol.

If, after a few days, the inflammatory process will not stop either the state will be worse, you need to contact the doctor for the diagnosis and appointment of treatment. It is impossible to take antibiotics yourself.

In order to avoid complications, it is not recommended to conduct a procedure if there are any contraindications.

The consequences of improper skin care after the first epilation

Cosmetologists are not in vain recommend not to injure irritated skin after laser hair removal hot water, ultraviolet and incorrectly selected cosmetics. Otherwise, the epidermis has undergone illuminated treatment can heal much longer, and it will not look too beautiful.

So, non-compliance with the correct care after the first epilation by the laser may lead to the following consequences:

    The appearance of red or brown spots on the skin;

If the listed symptoms do not pass a week later, even subject to skin care rules after epilation, it is important to contact the beautician who has conducted a procedure, or a dermatologist.