Where to fall asleep the powder and fill the air conditioner in the washing machine

Each washing machine of the front load, for example, from the BOSCH company, is equipped with a retractable tray for erasing agents with three compartments, and they differ in both the shape, and the size and even arrangement relative to each other. Purpose them as follows:

  • Department for falling asleep bleach and powders intended for soaking linen. It is small and usually denoted by the letter A or Roman number
  • Department for powder used for the main washing. This compartment is indicated by the letter in or digit. It is the biggest and used constantly, as the washing powder is falling asleep on any mode;
  • Department for air conditioning. This is the most narrow compartment, since the rinser is a means concentrated and it must be poured quite a bit, literally a third cap. The fact that this sealing softener compartment can be determined by the image in the form of a flower next to it. in models from this department, it is always indicated that way. It can have a blue color, and maybe just white. Also, this compartment can be equipped with a removable tray, but also this option is present in the models far from each company.

It is worth noting that the flower is not the only icon to designate a compartment intended for the air conditioner in a washing machine. In LG models, this compartment may be marked with an asterisk.

When the optional assembly of a particular model does not provide for a third compartment intended for the air conditioner, it can be pouring it right into the drum, but only after the completion of the main washing cycle.

To do this, select no rinsing mode, open the door upon completion of the washing and send the cap with a small amount of air conditioner to the linen.

Pour it directly to wet things is not recommended. spots and divorces can remain on clothes.

Among the models of washing machines there are such, when you first get acquainted with which you can easily get confused in solving the issue where you need to pour air conditioner. Here are some of them:

  • In the ELECTROLUX EWW51486HW model, the rinse compartment is an extreme right office in the chemical tray. It looks unusual, since it is necessary to pour the tool through a hole covering the cover compartment.
  • You can also get confused with vertical loading machines, and the Bosch Wot24455O model can be confused, since the container for funds is located directly on the lid, and the linen softener compartment.
  • The machines are equipped with a tray in which the air conditioner compartment is on the right, while the agent is poured into a small hole in the middle of it.
  • Samsungecobubble is also able to surprise the average man with an unusual view of a container for erasing. It has only two compartments, the right of which is blue and broken into two additional compartments. That compartment that is closer when opening the tray is designed to pour the rinser.
  • Some models with vertical load have four compartments in the lid container. The one is on the right is intended for the rinse.
  • Siemens washing machines are very practical in this regard, since compartments for the air conditioner and the bleach in them are covered with lids. At the same time, the top compartments are indicated by a flower and a bottle, respectively.

If you follow the elementary logic, then determine which container the air conditioner will not be difficult.

It should be noted that in each model of the washing machine marked the maximum allowable laying of the rinsing liquid tool.

At the end of the washing, the tray must be obtained and washed out so that the holes for which powders and liquids are supplied are not clogged by their residues.

That’s all the recommendations on where the rinse is required when washing.

The branches in the tray confused is difficult, even in the absence of labeling. all of them have different size. just remember that the smallest compartment is intended for the air conditioner.

We suggest familiarizing yourself with the instructions, or where to fill the air conditioner in the washing machine Samsung

Being to be afraid that the remedy will fall to the linen at the very beginning of the washing, it is not worthwhile. a good washing machine uses air conditioning for its intended purpose and on time. The separation with the rinse will not empty until the main washing cycle is over.

Use air conditioning for washing machine or not. everyone chooses himself. There are special wool liquids and delicate fabrics, there are hypoallergenic rinses for baby clothes, and there are concentrates. In any case, where to fill a softener for lingerie, it does not hurt to know, because with your home appliances you need to be on “you”.

Rinsers for washing: pros and cons

To understand whether you really need air conditioning for washing before use Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of funds and study their composition.

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Advantages and disadvantages

  • Linen becomes softer and fragrant;
  • The electrostatic effect is reduced;
  • facilitated ironing;
  • The color of the fabric will not fade;
  • Things are less dumping;
  • On the clothes less often appear.
  • It is not recommended to use for washing children’s things;
  • poorly tolerated by people suffering from allergies or diseases of the respiratory tract;
  • The lowest budget means are dried by harmful chemistry capable of causing hazardous diseases.

The composition of the air conditioner

The substance underlying all air conditioners presented in the household chemical market is capable of creating a special protective layer on the material. It is represented by cationic compounds that are split and settled on fabric fibers. As a result, the material becomes softer and less dirty.

Also, the rinsers may include:

  • chloroform;
  • ethanol;
  • camphor;
  • Torpineol;
  • acetic ester;
  • Limonen;
  • benzyl acetate;
  • A-Terepineol.

Some listed chemical compounds refer to the 2nd class of danger and toxicity.

How to choose?

If you have not yet decided on your opinion, think why the air conditioner is needed for linen. Our theses will help to figure out faster.

  • If you are categorically against any “chemistry”, it is not necessary to use the reinforcement. You can prepare a means of independently from natural primary ingredients (as you will learn later).
  • When buying an air conditioner in the store carefully study the composition. Do not buy funds with hazardous chemical compounds. It is better to prefer rinsers with active biological components that can fall into simple substances under the action of external factors.
  • Air conditioners are concentrated and non-concentrated. In the first version, the consumption of funds will be less, which means that it will be used longer.
  • Ease of use. When choosing, pay attention to the packaging. The presence of a dispenser lid or watering can be a pleasant bonus, as it will be easier to measure the required amount of money for one application.

Adhering to simple selection rules, you can buy a really good tool that will provide a qualitative result.

Read the instructions

A manual is attached to each washing machine where it is necessary to have information about where to fall asleep or pour. If the instruction is lost, it can be found on the Internet, where there are guides almost for all existing styral models. Usually the relevant information is made in a separate section of the manual, and they are very easy to find.

It happens so that the machine is old, and the instruction to find it is impossible. In this case, you can contact the manufacturer (every company producing household appliances, there is a website on the Internet, where there is contact information). But usually it is not required. the desired tray is easy to find independently.

The video shows how the tray cells are located in one of the models of washing machines:

Where the rinse tray is located

The location of the air conditioner container can be standard and non-standard. The second option is characteristic of new models of some household appliances manufacturers.

Standard location

Such a location of the compartments is characteristic of the overwhelming majority of stylasses. Measures the presence of three containers of various sizes. For the convenience of users near each of the trays there are conditional signs. Custems can be indicated by numbers or letters.

About the first compartment is the Arabic digit i or letter a. This compartment is poured for preliminary wash and soaking in a washing machine. It is somewhat less than the second compartment, but more than the third. If the washing mode does not imply soaking, this tray remains empty. By the way, it is his hostess and confused with a tray for air conditioning.

The second compartment is wider and indicated by the Roman number II or letter B. Washing powder is poured into this cuvette. Regardless of the washing model, this department is always the most wide. Used with each wash, and the hostess clearly know why it is needed.

The third compartment in different machines looks different. It can be a long narrow tray or removable square design with a small grid. Sometimes the rinse container can be made in blue. Conditional designation for cuvette most often flower. However, in separate models, the tray is marked with an asterisk.

Non-standard location

In separate models of Washing, the air conditioner compartment is located unusual way. Some tray is a closed cap compartment with a small asterisk in the middle. To pour the rinser, you need to lift the cover.

In other models, the rinse tray is between the powder compartment and the means for pre-wash. This happens very rarely, meets mainly in Bosh washing.

The most non-standard location in some vertical loading machines. In such models at once 4 compartments for various means, which is misleading some owners.

The fourth compartment is designed for a bleach and is indicated by a number III or an asterisk. Here you need to show attention, since the rinse tray is indicated similar in the form of a flower.

Track care

If the softener is too thick and water does not wash the agent to the end from the compartment, the tray accumulates on the tray walls. Over time, it is compacted and acquires an unpleasant smell. Therefore, periodically tray is removed completely and thoroughly washed.

For laundering it is put in a deep pelvis with water to soften pollution. Then they are easily removed by washing with detergents. Another method of cleaning the tray implies the use of citric acid. In this case, in all separations of the detergent compartment, lemon is launched by a device, not laying in drum underwear.

Important! You can eliminate raid from the air conditioner of food soda. To do this, the department is flooded with a table vinegar concentration of 6% in the corresponding compartment. After a few minutes, soda powder sup. After 20 minutes of waiting, the liquid is poured, and the retardable connections are sided with a soft brush.

So that the flight is not formed, after each wash, the carriage with trays is pulled out completely and carefully clean. To start under the jet of water, the remnants of detergents are washed, in hard-to-reach places cleaned with a soft toothbrush. Such a simple procedure will help protect the tray from the formation of plaque.

Where to fill the air conditioner in the washing machine

Technique greatly simplified the life of housewives. Of all the wonders of the modern civilization of one of the most sought-after is a washing machine.

Not all people use all the possibilities of this household assistant to the maximum. Many know how to include the only versatile for all occasions of the wash mode, ignoring additional options. Meanwhile, the result of washing increases significantly, if you properly configure the operation of the mechanism.

One of the possibilities of improving the quality of washing is to use a special means when rinseing things on the final stage of washing.

Advantages of air conditioner for linen

In modern machine machines, 3 stages of washing are usually allocated:

Preliminary washing is used for very polluted linen and is an analogue of soaking.

The main wash is the actual getting rid of the contamination by repeatedly turning the linen in the washing machine drum.

Rinsing stage may include additional processing of things with a special agent. air conditioning for linen.

Such a means is made in the form of a fluid that is added to the machine-machine when washing.

It has a pleasant smell, softens the fabric and reduces the attraction of static electricity. Some hostesses note that things after washing with air conditioning longer remain fresh and not dirty, since they are covered with special compositions that repel dirt.

The main contraindication for the use of the rinse for things is allergic to the components.

The rinser balsam is recommended for the washing of bed linen, towels, native clothes (provided that there is no allergy), t.to. He softens the fabric, makes it nicer to the touch, makes it easy to iron.

Synthetic and woolen things when using air conditioner are electrified much less than usual.

Now the market has a wide selection of rinsing tools.

To increase the efficiency of their use, it is recommended to select a means depending on the composition of the fabric, for example, the use of marking products “for wool and silk” will allow for a long time to maintain the structure of the fabric and will not allow things to attract static electricity. Air conditioners for children’s linen are distinguished by hypoallergenicity and lack of outsiders.

You can use both ordinary and concentrated air conditioners. The recommended portion of the latter is usually less than 2-3 times, which makes them use more economical.

When filling the funds in a special container of the washing machine, it is important to clearly follow the recommended dose. Too small amount of balsam will not allow achieving the desired effect.

The surplus of the air conditioner is difficult to leave the underwear slippery, soap and cause allergies.

In addition, the excess of the level of fluid in the rinse container will lead to the washing of the part of the air conditioner in the process of the main washing and will reduce the action of the washing powder.

The location of the air conditioner compartment in the washing machine

The question where the air conditioner is in a washing machine often occurs when buying a new typewriter or using someone else’s equipment on vacation or visiting.

First of all, you should decide on the location of the tray for washing. In the machine machines of a new generation of such tanks usually three or four, they are near each other. The cleaning agent may be needed at different stages of washing, so different containers are used to load it. Air conditioning for linen is added to the rinse tray.

Different manufacturers containers for the rinsing balsam differ in color, size and location, so in each individual case it is best to explore the instruction manual for a specific model.

It describes in detail and drawn what compartment for which it serves and where is located.

If this is not possible due to the loss or complexity of access to the instruction, you can carefully inspect the device and use universal tips.

Machines with vertical loading containers for powder and other cleaning products are most often on the device lid.

At the models with front loading on the right or left of the drum there is a retractable container with multiple compartments, where powder falls asleep.

The rinse compartment is characterized by the smallest dimensions among other trays. Often it is equipped with a grid, lid and noticeably different in appearance from other compartments. Sometimes manufacturers of technology highlight it with color, for example, make blue, whereas the remaining containers are left white.

The air conditioner compartment in various models of washing machines is indicated by the number III, an icon pictogram or a flower, less often marks the blue line.

To make sure in the correctness of the selection of the desired capacity, you can run the wash mode with rinse without linen, the bay of a small amount of funds in the alleged tray.

At each stage, the washing can open the container for the powder and watch, from which tray there was a watering of powder with water. Initially, the remedy will disappear from the pre-wash compartment, then. from the tray for the main, and the latest. air conditioning for linen.

This method is not suitable for vertical loading machines, since the washing mode will not allow opening the cover for observations of powder capacities.

In some models of washing machines from all containers with a wash tools, you can only remove the air conditioner tray, containers for washing powder fixed in stationary. This is an additional opportunity to make sure the rinsing tray location

Ways to fill air conditioner for linen in a washing machine

Deciding with the location of the air conditioner tray, you should deal with when you need to fill the tool, because it is required only at the very end.

For ease of use, the liquid is necessary before starting washing, simultaneously with the loading of the washing powder.

Where to fill the rinse

Air conditioner makes things soft and gives them a pleasant fragrance. But to feel this effect, you need to know how to use a rinser with machine washing. If you apply an air conditioner for the first time, you can not always immediately understand where to pour it, especially if the guide to the car is lost. Our instructions will help dealt with this issue.

First, it should be understood that the rinser should be used only for rinse in linen, but not during washing. Therefore, pour it into a section for washing powder is incorrect. the tool will be wooing when washing and will not give any effect.

For air conditioning in the machine, there is a separate compartment, the location of which is different depending on the model of the unit. If you got a machine with a vertical load type, then the cuvette for detergents will be under the lid. In the models with the front load, the tray of the retractable and is located at the top of the left (in rare cases. right).

We suggest to get acquainted why the washing machine does not erase

Read the instructions

A manual is attached to each washing machine where it is necessary to have information about where to fall asleep or pour. If the instruction is lost, it can be found on the Internet, where there are guides almost for all existing styral models. Usually the relevant information is made in a separate section of the manual, and they are very easy to find.

It happens so that the machine is old, and the instruction to find it is impossible. In this case, you can contact the manufacturer (every company producing household appliances, there is a website on the Internet, where there is contact information). But usually it is not required. the desired tray is easy to find independently.

Knowing where to fall asleep powder in a washing machine, you will improve the quality of washing and warn the appearance of breakdowns associated with the laying of detergents on the hoses and the “internals” of the device.

With normal processing (without soaking and using air conditioners) fill only 2 container (B). When washing with soaking. 1 (a) and 2 (B).


When processing, implying soaking, washing and softening clothes, put powder into large compartments, and in a small rinser.

washing, machine, conditioner, department

Modern women do not imagine life without a washing machine because it saves strength and time. However, purchasing a new unit, especially with the instructions in a foreign language, they do not know where to fall asleep powder.

Not only of its operation depends on the correct operation of the device, but also the quality of washing.

Consider where to fall asleep the powder in the washing machine of the vertical and horizontal sample, and where to fill the rinsers for a full washing.

The most popular manufacturers of automatic machines, are company: Beko, Bosch, Indesit, LG, Samsung Atlant, Classixx, Diamond, Eco, Electrolux, Virportul, Kandy, Ardo, Siemens, “Beko”, Ariston, Gorenje, Hotpoint, Innex, Zanussi. Most of them release devices 2 samples: horizontal (tray is located above the drum) and vertical (container is inside the washing hatch).

Any machine machine is equipped with a container for powders, bleaching and DR. necessary to wash funds, but the manufacturers cannot go in the designations of compartments, so before falling out air conditioning or powder, consider signs available near each branch. They can be drawn, pasted or more often “litim” on the plastic surface.

On the container of each machine (from the edge), symbolic images explaining where to fall asleep powder, bleaching, staineds and rinsers. For each compartment there are 3 types of identification signs:

  • Ι, 1 or “A”. This compartment symbolizes soaking. It’s not worth putting cleaning if the program used does not provide for pre-wash.
  • II, 2 or “B”. The main compartment. dry powder poured into it, pour liquid powder or washing gel, regardless of the selected program.
  • “Star”, or “Flower” (the smallest department in size). In this compartment you need to pour out products, softening clothing, “blue” or bleach. Identifying signs

If you got a device without identifying characters, try to recognize the destinations of the trays, by carrying out elementary experience:

  • Run the machine without lingerie and detergent in any mode that does not turn on the soaking cycle.
  • After starting, we open the tray and see where the water starts up.

As a result of these actions, we conclude: this department is designed for any wash, 2nd (large). for the means necessary for soaking and the last for air conditioners.

Note! Any model of the machine (“Indesit”, “Samsung”, Bosh, “Eco”, Candy, Whirlpool, “Vecto”, “Ariston” and DR.) even multiple carrying out this experience, so do not be afraid to conduct it.

The detergent tray is in the upper corner of the front of the washing machine. Having put forward it, you can see several compartments for different stages of washing. Most often their three. Dimensions and designations of branches may differ from various manufacturers. But in general, it looks like this:

  • Compartment for washing powder used in the main washing. This is the largest branch where the powder falls asleep or pour the gel detergent. Typically, this compartment is signed by the icon II or letter B.
  • Compartment to add funds intended for soaking. Here are stained fiftesers or bleach, if you plan to pre-soaked clothes in a washing machine. This separation is slightly smaller than the previous one. Sign it like this: i or a.
  • The rinse compartment. It is here that the air conditioner is poured. This is the smallest cuvette, often denoted by a flower or an asterisk. This compartment can be seamless, which indicates the maximum rinse bay level.

Reinforcement Container Service Rules

After the end of the washing, it is recommended to remove the entire carriage with containers and rinse them from the remaining means under the jet of warm water, if necessary, removing the contamination with a brush. This will make it possible to wash off the residues of the powder and avoid the appearance of a soap flying that interferes with a full-fledged washbasin in the detergent drum.

If the flare has already appeared, the tray must be cleaned with soda and vinegar. To do this, remove the container containers, pour it with vinegar, then fall asleep on top of soda and leave for 10-20 minutes. As a result of the chemical reaction, the dirt was easily removed, in addition, the plastic acquires the original white color, even if before this yellower is due to the effects of detergents.

Another way to return the initial type of washbasin for washing is to load it with citric acid instead of washing powder. After that, it is necessary to launch the usual washing mode in the cool. In the process of operation, the machine widespread containers and boot drum. After completing the work, it is recommended to remove the container and give it to dry in the air.

Air conditioning for linen. optional means when washing things in a machine machine. Its use softens the fabric and reduces the electricality of synthetic and woolen things.

To wash the funds occurred in the desired washing step, you should add it to a special compartment on the lid or front panel of the washing machine. It is located next to the tray for washing powder, but it has smaller dimensions and marked with an asterisk or flower. After completion of the washing, the tray is recommended to rinse with warm water.

Where to lay capsules with gel or washing tablets

Not so long ago, the household chemicals market appeared compositions for washing in the form of capsules or tablets. In the capsule, as a rule, there is a means in the form of a gel, and the tablet is a compressed powder, which gradually, layer behind the layer dissolves during the washing process.

Capsules and washing tablets are placed in a drum along with linen. If you put them in a tray, they will not have time to dissolve completely during the time the laundry is erasing and the quality of cleansing will significantly decrease.

So that the wash machine serve you for a long time, as well as high qualityly cleaned the underwear, follow the rules of its operation and you will free weight while your assistant will cope with stains and mud on things.