The pump washing machine: what you need, how to remove and change yourself, do it yourself

If the washing machine is flored with bay or water drain, the cause of the pump can be. Broken pump for washing machine can be independently replaced or repaired. Consider the reasons for breakdowns, questions on independent repairs and tips on maintaining the machine in working condition.

The article is relevant for the following brands and models: Ardo / Ardo, Beko / Bake / Veko; Bosch Logixx, Maxx / Bosch Logic, Max; Brandt / Brandt, Candy Grand, Holiday / Kandy Grand, Holiday; DAEWOO / DAEWOO, ELECTROLUX EWS, EWT / Electrolux; Gorenje / Signing, Haier / Hayer, Hansa / Hans, Hotpoint Ariston Aqualtis / Hotpoint Ariston Akvaltis; Indesit / indesit, lg / lg / lzh; Panasonic / Panasonic, Samsung Diamond / Samsung Diamond; Whirlpool / Wirpool, Zanussi / Zanussi, Atlant, Vyatka, Fairy, Ocean and others, including models automatic (SMA), vertical loading and direct drive.

Where is the drain pump in the washing machine

Pomp, she is a drain pump of a washing machine, may fail because of the hopping of foreign cats, clogging of the pump by unclean, as well as because of the solemn electromagnetic core. Because of this breakdown, you will not be able to drain the water after washing your favorite felt boots, in such cases you will have to pull the water from the washing machine using a bucket with flowers, which, sure, have any mistress. It’s a troublesome thing, so we decided to tell you how to do it quickly, as well as avoiding the renovation from the neighbors from the bottom.

Unscrew the pump filter, drain the water residuals from the washing machine. After that, we turn off the machine from the outlet, check the presence of a new drain pump (otherwise, after disassembly, nothing to replace the old one):

We take a screwdriver and proceed to the disassembly:

After we all disassembled, make selfie for the Instramp on the background of the skeleton:

Havitown to look at the pump inside disassembled washing:

With the help of pliers weakening metallic clamp from the drain hose:

Pollution from the landing place gently remove with cotton sticks. Joke, you will clean it for 3 years. use the rag:

Insert a new pump on the purified place:

Fix the pump and put the clamp back into your place with the help of pliers:

We proceed to the back assembly of the washing machine:

We screw the screws back using the chisel turnover:

Now we should work pride from the work done. Yes, there is, I did it, Yu-Huuu:

drain, pump, washing, machine

Of course, the guy in this article is not so charismatic, as in the article about the replacement of the belt in the washing machine, however, we do not have a beauty contest here, but we are engaged in serious affairs! We hope that you could help you! If I liked the article, subscribe to our page. we will panic buns there!

How to understand that the pump is faulty

In the absence of injection or output of water at the corresponding stationary stage, the question arises as to check the pump in the washing machine.

Signs of malfunction Details are:

  • Increased noise at plum or water pouring;
  • deficiency of the volume of injected water;
  • Very slow drain;
  • the inability to enable the pressure mode;
  • interference or shutdown of technology in the process of a set of fluid;
  • lack of reaction to manual programming.

When the mentioned alarms are detected, it is necessary to diagnose, eliminate the pumps for the pump, if necessary, work on repair or replacing parts.

How to check the pump washing machine. 4 ways

Depending on the signs of breakage, we use one of the four methods of checking the washing machine.

The check should be conducted on the principle “from simple to complex”. First check for zamor.

Check preferably, without removing the drain pump from washing. This will save time and effort, if you find out another cause of a malfunction. Some models of cars are quite complex in the device and with unusual will be quite difficult to even get to the pump.

Types of pumps

Last time spreading pumps synchronized with a magnetic rotor They have a synchronous rotation speed of the rotor.

The main advantage of such pumps of pumps is simplicity not large size power.

But there are also disadvantages at the time of the start, it should be synchronized for a certain period of time if it does not have time to “power” drops the engine stops.

To facilitate the moment of starting the impeller on the shaft, it is not hard and through the coupling that gives the rotor 180 degrees of free move.

Typical characteristics of the pump

Max. Water temperature: not more than 90 degrees.With.

The winding of the electric motor is protected from overloads by built-in thermal protection, opening contacts at a winding temperature of about 150 degrees.With.

There are also pumps with an asynchronous motor and a short-circuited rotor. They have a power of about 100 W, usually they have an impeller cooling.

They are common and change in place in place with snail, but they usually stand more reliable in expensive cars I will not consider them.

What are the specified details?

Drain pumps, mostly differ in power and type. The latter is two: circulating and simple. Consider each type of Read more.

  • Standard pumps are installed on most of the automata from the budget segment. Their task is to just pump dirty water from the drum.
  • Circulating pumps equipped with premium-segment washing machines. Such devices go in a pair with simple pumps, differing in water supply directly to the washing zone with subsequent circulation on the system. This improves the quality of overtaking and extends the service life of technology.

Collapsible pumps are rare, more often their body is solid, which excludes their repair. When breakdown, the pump is not cleared, but changes to the new. By the way, the cost of the device is small, if we are talking about “simple” type. Before replacing the pump, make sure of its malfunction. Often there is no such breakdown, and the banal and easily eliminable blockage is to blame. In this case, it is recommended to pre-conduct drainage diagnostics: to de-energize the typewriter, clean the trash filter, get to the pump, inspect the impeller, and after. to call the contacts by a multimeter. If the deviation is fixed from the norm, dismantle the old and install a new device.

Replacing the drain pump in the washing machine

When the pump breaks, you need to replace it. It is important to choose the item suitable for a specific model of the unit. for this, before purchasing the pump, you will be consulted by the seller.

Works on replacing the drain pump of the washing machine are carried out like this:

  • Pull out the washer from the outlet, overlap access to water.
  • Get access to the part in accordance with the design of the unit.
  • Unscrew the pump, pre-twisting its screws.
  • Separated wires going to it.
  • Remove the hose and nozzle, drain water.
  • Install a new pump.

Varieties of pumps

If there is a desire to go deep into this question, you can figure out what kind of pump is installed in the automatic machine. Distinguish only two types. It can be:

  • circulating pump. It puts in a pair with a standard pump on modern premium-class lacquers in Indesit, Ariston and others. In this case, water is constantly circulating in the system, due to which the washing efficiency increases;
  • Standard pump. Such a pump is equipped with most styras. In this case, dirty, soap water is simply merged from the tank into the sewer.

If the pump installed on your SMA, the brave, repair the item will be impractical. In such a situation, you need to buy a new pump and install it instead of the old. Fortunately, finding and ordering components for automatic machines most brands are now quite simple. If the item just clogged, you can clean it yourself. This follows:

  • male cargo;
  • overlap the valve responsible for water supply;
  • drain the remnants of the liquid from the system through the trash can;
  • put the machine on the side;
  • Remove the pallet if it is available;
  • knock off the element of the connected nozzles;
  • Remove the pump from the housing by unscrewing its bolts;
  • Disassemble the pump housing, clean the “inside” from garbage and dirt, remove threads wrapped on the impeller, pile and hair.

Then the pump is going and installed for the previous place. Remove the garbage from the impeller can not remove the pump from the case. To do this, it is enough to unscrew the garbage filter, and to get everything on the resulting hole that wounded on the blade.

Clean the drain pump

Cleaning the drain pump of the washing machine is that you need to clean the impeller of this pump. So the question arises how to remove the impeller from the pump machine. Everything is quite simple screwdriver. You need to unscrew a pair of screws connecting between two parts of the pump housing. And you will see the head (impeller), which in working condition rotates.

From the impeller you need to remove all the garbage, as a rule, threads, hair, wool are wound on it. Act neat. You also need to wipe snail inside.

Next, the drain pump is collected and installed in its place. All actions are performed in reverse order. When the whole process of assembling the washing machine will be completed, you must run the machine on the washing. If the wash passes without noise, water leaks and end as usual, it means that cleaning the drain pump has been done correctly.

Pay attention! If the pump cleaning did not give results, then it is necessary to replace the drain pump to the new.

Causes and prevention of clogging of the drain pump

Why can a drain pump be clogged, which leads to a failure of the washing machine. These are the main reasons:

  • rigid or dirty tap water;
  • incorrectly chosen detergents;
  • garbage, washed off from things (hair, wool, thread and t.P.).

To prevent clogging of the drain pump, you need to stick to simple rules of operation and setting the washing machine:

How to Diagnose Washing Machine Drain and Pump Problems

  • apply only powder for automatic washing;
  • If possible, erase things in the bag (grid) for linen;
  • Install the filters for water purification before the filter hose;
  • timely clean drain filter.

So, the task, how to clean the pump in the washing machine, it is quite realistic to solve yourself. Acting on the instructions should not have problems. If something seemed not completely clear, we suggest a detailed video, how to change the drain pump.